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PERTH'S 28-POINT WIN. South Fremantle Badly Beaten. In a drab game. Wlayed in miserable weather. Perth defeated South Fremantle by .28 -points at Fremantle Oval on Sat urday. -The play was mediocre and of an unexcitjng character and the match was removei from the commonplace only by Perth's system in attack and soundness in defence. South Fremantle played well below form in the first half and, al though it made I determined effort after -half-time, i was unable to correct bad faults in tbeforward dine or to overcome the pace and marking - ability of Perth. South Fremabtle was below full strength, Dodd beingg.Unable to play owing to in juries, while -Prth was without Harry -Davey, who wasi ll and ZeIghtley (i jured). The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backse Back, Brown, Renfrey. Half-backs: White, Edgar, M. Hay ward. Centres: E. Hayward, Mills, Lewington. lIalf-forwirds: Smith, Ditchburn, Matthews. For wards: Whittaker. Prole, Orr. Ruck: Baird, Richardson, J. Doig (rover). 19th man: Pead (did not play). Perth.-Backs: Walsh, Love, Fitzgerald. Half backs: Wormald, Brown, Dewar, Centres: Trainor, H. Grigg, A. Grigg. Halt-forwards: Crooks, Headon, Hetherington. Forwards: O'Callaghan, -boo,- 'ooWso?7Rock- atis," Olphant, Batsn (rover). 19th man: Davenport (did not play). U- MPIRE.-4. N. Cook. A variable, gusty wind, which favoured the teams alternately, rendered com bined play almost Impossible and driving rain reduced the first part of the open ins quarter to a vigorous scramble for the ball. The half-back lines dominated the play for long periods and fourteen minutes elapsed before Oliphant scored the first goal of the game. Oliphant played well, frequently leading Perth into attack, while Lewington, the winger, was outstanding for South Fremantle. Gook goaled for Perth and Perth led at quar ter-time with 2.3 to 1.4. By the time the second quarter started. the conditions were miserable, The -ball was alippery, the ground was heavy and treacherous -and fine rain was falling. South Fremantle was sadly astray in the unusal --conditions Most of its players could not hold the ball and when in pos sepsiqn they became- flustered and almost Inva iably led wildly. Perth-pressed its advantage and, mainly. through Headon and Oliphant. - pinned down the soiuth Premantle defence. Crooks -goaled and Jarvis added the fourth goal. With Brown at, half-back -Perth was. sae from at tack,- for that player was in brilliant form and was rarely- passed. South Fre mantle's forwards were well beaten and Perth led at half-time with 4.7 to 1.4. In; an atteunt to stiffen the South Fremantle attack, White went to centre half-forward, but Perth continued to g ahead. It was yards faster and mu . more sure than South Fremantle and its kicking was long and effective. O'Cal laghan goaled from a running kick and oplaed Pera 8 pouats in the lead. South Premantle managed one goal but for most of the quarter it was outplayed. There was a good deal of vicious and unfair play during the quarter which ended with the scores at-Perth. 6.10; South Fremantle. 3.6. South Premantle threw out a brief challenge at the start of the last quar ter. but again its ruck broke down and its forwards failed to respond. Two quick goals--one by Robson and another by Headon--placed Perth 33 points in the lead. South Fremantle floundered and when it started to rain again the team was in even greater difficulties. Perth marked the wet ball well. South Fre mrantle fought on and launched a series of attacks only to-see them frustrated by the Perth backs, among whom Brown and Pilterald were prominent . Eght minutes from time South Fremantle ap peared to have a slender chance of sue cem but, although it got the ball to the forward lines it could not score goals, and Perth was able to hold its lead with- out dificulty. The final scoares were: TB.. .. .... .. 8.12 (60pts.) .S. FEEMANTLE ... 4.8 (32pts.) Goal-klckers--Perth: Hetherington Oliphant, Robson. Crooks, Gook, O'O. aghan. Beadon and Jarvis. South Fre mantle: Poole. Matthews. Smith and E. It was difficult to choose between Brown, Oliphant and Headon as Perth's bestplae?p, but probably Brown was the mustoutstanduing. He played faultlessly at ialf-hick. Olizplh t followed strongly and marked well, while Headon was the mainstay of the attack. In the centre H.. Grigg found good form and was promin ent in every quarter. Fitzgerald. Walsh. Gook and O'Callaghan were also out-' standing,-Most members of the team The young wingman, N. Lewington; we* hes south Fremantle's best player. He was fast, sure, good in the air and tenacious and he kicked well. Back gave good service at full back, and Doig. roved doggedly. Others who were prominent amon an iidfferent team were aE. aa-' ward. Edgar (although his marksmis beat him). Matthews (in patches) and W?hittaker (n the last quarter).