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WEST PERTU. OUTCLASSED. Fl.e Recover b: -$st Fruti4, While heavy rain held ofi at Leeder Vile Oval in Baturdn West Peith played superior football . and gained .a lead :ol. 21 point, but,.t pagadoical though it may seem, East Premaitlpe warmed up to its wrk once a shower fell. and, revealing excellent. judggent and speed -ln. the adverse conditions, outclassed its oppon ett -to win by 31 points. The second quarter was nearly hag-sp5nt whje Eqa Premantle began its recovery and r that stage all ugjts work effective. and harmoniously th delders espe daily adopting bet?er tactics. ?Tb half backs, Jarvis most noticeable, and full baqks got in front of their men. and }i.wi ong ..and the into ate ended Tt was in a stinging hailstorm that East Sthe third quarter 'West - Perth was completely rQ-l osn *; tag-e atFordham. C Ja21s. J. n rCe?ntrei : Mib'lro, Rat P .hio SeIber. In -arki:g keptZi'ec rthe eiury, in Dthe last quarter, but East (roemantle's. de eeth man: Lyongs (diand th gae ended aT ERTH. --Ba; Fteasg Bereton:- Flem .i 7 jalf-bac: O'Keef. DoIg,t Kenny, .:tilt atckn Fordliam. C. W anis. J. SLCentrwe, igro. RtchiAonne. Se.?rt lX rrd: in the er, Kinghsbury . Doig. Fotraaud: W. Jamen G. Doig. the in. Ruck: fiaut1aen; Donegan. Truecott (rover). 'ine tenetS man: Lyons (did not play). 'V$ T FeRTmm-Biack;. Fle. Benton, Flemo pag, $ali-barkn: ?cibe., O'Keeffe. Tetley. e : Coward. XeCerdler- L Walsh. .alt a :w Lewis. mel?iandl Anderson.' For. n ; Screaigb. TWes. Pearry . Rattk: l a uir1 .averidge. Raitldi -(rover). Nineteiath fltla (replaced' ee-·olt , isored e. in' 'Ear, in exthent form erHutchidge kepw ?t? moving fre helpey and the bacsluggish ialf tosto 'kuCp-Wbl t Perth at bay. Flemmnlg - tuade two good the thaBeveridgeast and Anderso deeno b . place W . centre ine crt atd a -ree-ic. Do, scored a good goal- In excellent form. Beveridge. kept Tom sourceful and quiker to dever opptpte for East Premadtl but the oy a were .slow and inaccurate in tht r kickan- At last G. Doig scored a goalm ;West Perth. rmoves broke 4down near the goal and 't 'PreMantle. tack ling better and ocitinger I -the ruck brighted uip. C. Dole scorig a goal ale . - beautiful pick-up and- dash. Azdegn and J. Mumnro were outstandten s,_. West Perth obotaned another o pm TgSon to Heard awi 3.2-t .2. at tu tster time. t rmiPdýlon 1kg, i gaffe 1S4realgh a . to.-score-? goal anmid hlie made .o -.East.k :'emantle rushed the. ball and twice Benton saved m . Thaen came-t.he best coar b yof the lLath - Beaton . ifter bad dashed through to kic a -klcked- off almost to the centre. oarba slcured the. ball and' punched :ttQoeverdg whose- long kick was n?.i-a .. d uTyson-?a goalt East Pipc goae thaen~imae a nice concerted s tta ?otdig'.a kick fell rhort. West Peirt suptrimr and kicking l- forced Et ? repantle on the d piypth and Tyson too?k another good m and lgoained. Heavy rain fell and at~pmantfe fought desperately. Jarvis and aeiny now keit- a close watch on their -men and Firdham battled hard n:.t$e unek. In- a stalitorm G. Doig ic good -goal and this seemed to gips the side encouragement. Men like uni'o. Truscott, McGliinn and Hutchin son hbandled the wet ball like champions on. - dine day, but the- strong cross wipd~mad `.goal-aseolng difficult. Denton and ,i."-Do1ig were having' great tussles and loming was dfending brilliantly. At li -tim- West. Perth had £ handy. lead-&-S to. &10. - After :the- interval West Perth made chanj"B with ?a? -vIew to strengthening its half-back line -and sent Beveridge to

the centre, where McGurdie and Ander son had played. East Fremantle resumied play in fine style but several mistakes wereJnade, bythe foPrwards. Truscott's dash and then Donegan's fine burst led to goals and East Fremantle was a point In front. Time after time West Perth was turned back by an- impassable half back line whben, ,1a~ aged to get the ball past the centre. A goal by G. Doig preceded West Perth's first dangeous move of the quarter, Coward -and Beve ridge sending the ball right down. After a fierce -struggle Beveridge cooly broke away from the right wing and scored a goal with a perfect shot. While most of East Fremantle's players were at their top, Rainoldi, Flegg and Pola were-among a small few of the West Perth side who were doing well. Several chances of scoring were wasted by East Fremantle and N. Doig barred the way when West Perth at last forced its way through from the left wing. At three-quarter time East Fremantle led. with 9.12 to 7.. - Jarvis was outstanding early in the last term and Marmko showed signs of recovering form. Lewis was now in the centre for West Perth, but. still Hutchin son was strong. The play was lacking in spirit, East Fremantle not being greatly worried about West Perth's occasional at tacks.- After McDiarmid marked -in a pack and goaled, East Fremantle tried successfully to score and West Perth, now with Benton limping in the forward area, could make no headway. Final scores: E. FRElMANTLE .. 12.17 (89 pts.) WEST PERTH . .. 9.4 (58 pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: G. Doig, 6.4; C. Doig, 3.1; Truscott, 2.3- McGlinn, 1.4; James, 0.2; Martiensen, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 4.2; Screaigh, 2.0; Pola, Beveridge, McDiarmid, 1.0 each; McGarry, 0.1. In Hutchinson East Fremantle fielded the best player of the match. He abso lutely dominated the centre, handling the ball surely, kicking well, leading nicely and turning prettily. He did not make a mistake. Truscott's dash and e.--ert handling of the wet ball made him an excellent rover and he created many op portunities of scoring. He was .very pretty to watch. Fordham was a great trier and did much effective work at half back and in the ruck. Seubert axd Migro won easily on the wings and C. Doig was a fine half-forward. J. Munro showed his best form of the season, doing every thing right, and Donegan was a power in the ruck. McGlinn showed marked improvement -end roved tirelessly, al though his kicking .was astray at times. -Jarvi. p.laye strongly after half the seeand quarter had elapsed and. the Jul; backs .'were solid. -G, poig started Un certainly but thi?n played well. West Perth's most consistently useful player was Flemming, who saved re peatedly when.East Premantle looked cer tain to score. R. Screalgh was a nippy. sover and: there -were not many in the side who showed much dash. Wherever hae played ?Beveridge was effective. Flegg was ~j4t in -dAence and Benton did very w ell until he hurt his groin. Rainoldi rbbrominent but often twc~ too long to klc the ball. MsDiarmid'a best foot ball yas played in the first balf. Tyson played nicely for most of $he 7lrpt htal but hurt his leg in making a left-foot shot. Marinko, O'Keefe and Tetley were patchy and, like Anderson, (who was great a the .first term), faild ouit.