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PERTH'S FOURTH VICTORY. Too Strong for Swan Districts. Kicking much better than its oppon ent, playing with system and with its centre line once again superior. Perth outplayed Swan Districts in a disappoint ing match at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday-disappointing because the teams appeared beforehand to be evenly matched and because the game abounded with errors. In previous matches Swan Districts had clapped on pace and through sheer speed and vigour broken up the team-work of an opponent to fin ish strongly in the lead. But on Satur day the expected rally in the second half came after Perth had increased its lead to 73 and then, lasting for only about 15 minutes of the third term and yielding more behinds than goals, fizzled out. Although Perth did not play brilliant football, it looked, by contrast with the raggedness of Swan Districts, a purpose ful combination. Handicapped by a sore foot, Gook kicked accurately for Perth. whereas the Swan Districts forwards made hopeless mistakes. The teams were: PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald, Dewar, Walsh. Half-backs: Crooks, A. Brown, Wormald. Centres: H. Davey H. Grirg, Trainor. Half-forwards: Hetherigton, G. Headon, Heaney. Forwards Robson, Cook, O'Callaghan. Ruck: M. Jarvis, Oliphant, Burton (rover). Nineteenth man: Daves port (did not play). SWAN DISTRICTS.--Backs: Zilko, Chandler, Mclnnerney. Half-backs: Hunt, Sinclair, Ford. Centres: Mosey, Darmody, Hall. Half-forwards, Penberthy, Murray, McNamara. Forwards: Park Holdsworth, Corn. Ruck: Avery Randall, Sweet. apple (rover). Nineteenth man: Easton (did net play). UMPIRE.---. Owens During the first nine minutes of the game there was no score. Perth's centre line was strong but its forwards were badly beaten, while Swan Districts per sisted in running with the ball too much Randall was easily the most effective player during this period of fumbling and erratic kicking. Swan Districts forced its way through for a point and then CGook goaled for Perth. Zilko was marking brilliantly and Brown, for Perth was strong at half-back. At quarter time Perth had kicked 22 to 1.1. Swan Districts attacked from the bounce but Dewar repeatedly beat the fumbling forwards. Gook, from another free kick, scored his third goal and Headon, who was handling the ball a lot, scored another. Two simple chances of scoring were wasted by Swan Districts and twice more Gook goaled for Perth. At last Swan Districts began a perfect systematic effort which was finished by Park's goal. Perth was in command when the bell rang for half-time, having scored 8.4 to 3.2. In an effort to strengthen the attack Chandler went-to centre half-forward and sent Murray into goal. Chandler kicked a behind and then Perth attacked spiritedly. Each side made unsuccessful shots and then Perth opened out to add two goals, Oliphant being largely respon sible for the improvement. Chandler then came into the picture and his sure marking and long kicking made the for ward lines look dangerous. Behinds were scored in quick succession and Holds worth, now playing with confidence, kicked two goals. Swan Districts, mark ing brilliantly and showing plenty of

pace, had Perth on the run but tardy and inaccurate disposal of the ball re tarded the side. Dewar was sent out to watch Chandler but Gorn added a goal before three-quarter time, when the scores were 10.8 to 6.10 in Perth's favour. In the last quarter Swan Districts still kicked poorly and its good marking was nullified. Zilko and Sweetapple were prominent for Swan Districts, which could not get the ball often enough to Holds worth and Perth, still winning well across the centre and combining nicely, finished steadily. Final scores: PERTH ........ 13.14 (92pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS .. 8.11 (59pts.) Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 6.2; G. Headon. 4.3; Robson, 1.2; O'Callaghan, Hethering ton, 1.1 each; M. Jarvis, 0.2; Trainor, Heaney, Burton, 0.1 each. Swan Dis tricts: Holdsworth, 4.1; Gorn, 3.1; Park, 1.0; Chandler, 0.5; McInnerney, Avery and Sweetapple, 0.1 each. For Perth there was no more useful player than Dewar, who defended strongly. H. Grigg, because of his kick ing, was the best of a good centre line, Trainor and Davey both doing well. Goof missed few opportunities to score and his first six scoring shots were goats. Headon, Brown, Oliphant, Walsh (solid in a back pocket), Burton and Hethering ton were the best of the others. Zilko, very sure in a back pocket, was Swan Districts's most dependable player. Randall, who followed strongly, was in good form. Sweetapple, though his de livery could have been quicker, battled hard. Corn did not have many oppor tunities but kicked well. Chandler, al though inconsistent, did some fine things. Ford was a reliable half-back and Pen berthy marked brilliantly. Murray showed fair form in his first game since the beginning of June. Sinclair wan dered too far from the centre-half-back position.