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WON BY FOUR POINTS. Sabiaco Beaten in Great Finish. Withstanding a strong challenge by Subiaco, East Fremantle won a stirring and hard-fought match by four points at Premantle Oval on Saturday. The finish of the game was a desperate affair. Six minutes from time Subiaco looked a beaten team, but in a dramatic recovery it ran East Fremantle to a standstill, overhauling a 21-point lead in about three minutes. With victory in sight, it missed two valuable chances to score a goal, and East Fremantle, which re mained steady and certain throughout, held off attacks until the bell. There was a good deal of excellent football played by both teams, and at no stage of the play was there any considerable difference between the sides. Subiaco was unlucky to lose, but East Fremantle would have been equally unfortunate to have been defeated. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.--Backs: N. Doig, Kenny, Ekeahan. Half-backs: Fordham, Jarvis, J. Munro. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Seubert. Half forwards: Truscott, Kingsbury, C. Doig. Forwardsi W. Doig, G. Doig, W. James. Rack: Martiensen, Donegan, MGline (rover). Nineteenth man: D. ounm (did not play). SUIBIACO.--Backs: Snashall, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Davies, Bant, Green. Centres: Rich ardson, Brewer, Brophy. Half-forwards: Bancroft, S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: Mieron, Jennings, Hambleton. Ruck:, Roe, Stehn (rover). Yineteenth man: L. Mills (replaced Brewer at halfl-time). UMPIRE.-C. N. Cook. Each team goaled within two minutes of the start of play, and immediately the pace was fast. The marking of the big men of each side was outstanding, but East Fremantle was the surer on the ground, and its attacks were better directed. Jarvis. who was in great form, pinned down the Subiaco half-forwards, and Hutchinson established an early ad vantage at centre. There was little to choose between the teams, but in a bril liant burst of play, in which Kingsbury and Truscott were prominent, East Fre mantle, scoring three goals, ran to a 19 point lead. Subiaco did not eradicate its fault of hurried and wild kicking, and East Premantle, pressing its advantage, outplayed its opponent during the re mainder of the term, leading at the -change-over with 6.4 to 2.3. Concentrating on its kicking, backing up well, and winning in the ruck, Subiaco quickly reduced East Fremantle's lead in the second term, Daily (twice) and Jen nings goaling. Led by Seubert, who reached brilliant heights on the left wing, East Fremantle played with deadly cer tainty, but Subiaco, playing with great determination, kicking long, and playing the open game, fou3rht back. When Jen nings goaled East Fremantle led by only three points. The Subiaco goal-keeper, L. Daily, quietened G. Doig and the Other backs, adopted "snoiling" tactics with success. For the most part the quar ter was even, and there was only a goal difference in the half-time scores, which were:-East Fremantle, 9.6; Sub aco, 8.6. Subiaco gained the lead for the first time as a result of a fast passage of play in the third ouarter, but G. Doig, following an astute piece of rround r'ay, goaled to make the scores level. Then followed several minutes of exciting, hard, up-and-down play. which culminated in a goal by James (Fast Fremantle). The pace was faster than at any previous stage, and Subiaco won in the onen play without scoring. East Fremantle, rally ing, swept Sublaco off its feet with a series of smashing attacks, three ouick goals giving it a lead of seven points, which was reduced to a goal in a long period of fierce scrimmaging before three quarter time, when the scores were: East Fremantle, 12.9; Subiaco, 11.9. But for por kicking, a goal to East Fremantle might have clinched the game in the first ten minutes of the last term when it was continually in attack. Three direct shots were missed. A goal by W. Doig end another by G. Doig placed East Fremantle 21 points ahead, and Subiaco. tired and rattled, anneared a beaten team. Six minutes from time. however, it recovered. S. Daily scored two goals. and the difference was only ten Points. Marking brilliantly, S. Daily dominated the forward lines. Two chances realised two points. Then with 55 seconds and time-off to play, S. Daily goaled from a penalty. East Fremantle secured from

the bounce, and after some skirmishing amidfield the bell rang, leaving East Fre mantle the winner by four points, the final scores being: EAST FREMltNTLE .. 15.16 (106 pts.). SUBIACO ........ 15.12 (102 pts.). Goal-kickers.--East Fremantle: G. Doig (4); W. Doig (4), James (3), Kingsbury (2), Truscott and McGllnn. Sublaco: S. Daily (6), Jennings (4), Roe (2), Merson (2), and Hambleton. Fast, safe In the air and sure in dis posal, Seubert, the winger, was East Fre mantle's best player He was followed very closely by Martiensen, who followed tirelessly and was valuable in a place. Kingsbury and G. Doig (who had to fight hard for every kick) excelled in attack, and received good support from W. James and W. Doig. Almost every man in the team played good football, Hutchinson, Donegan (despite a wild spasm), Truscott (in the first half particularly) and Ford ham being outstanding. For Subiaco S. Daily played a fine game, and almost brought victory to the side. Jarvis failed to check him. G. Browne played hard in a place, and was the best follower in the game. He often marked well. Green showed excellent form after a long absence from the game, and L. Daily played a first-class game in goal. Hambleton, after an indiffer ent start, played cleverly, and Bant was effective until injured. After S. Daily, Roe's marking was the best in the match, and Brophy won easily on his wing. Murphy played solidly.