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SUBIACO'S EASY VICTORY. A Contrast in Team-work. Although Subiaco played strongly to outdlass South Fremantle at Sublaco Oval on Saturday, it was not given suf ficient opposition to cause its supporters to be elated with the form shown. South Premantle began well by kicking two goals against the wind in the first quarter but it played poorly afterwards. The old South Fremantle curse, inaccurate and foolish kicking, spoilt most forward moves and the Subiaco back lines, revealing more sureness and dash as a whole, had little difficulty in making good saves. Subiaco's big men, particularly L. Daily and Bant, were in great form and there were few weak links in the side. On the other hand, South Fremantle had few who were consistently reliable and the team-work was far below the standard shown in recent games. The teams were: SUBIACO.-Backs: Snashall, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Davies, Bant, McCallum. Centres: Brophy, Brewer, A. Richardson. Half-forwards: Merson, S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: Hamble ton, Jennings, L. Mills. Ruck: Roe, Browne, Stehn (rover). Nineteenth man: Donovan (did not play). SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Back, F. Brown, R. Richardson. Half-backs: Edgar, Brown, M. Hayward. Centres: E. Hayward, Mills, Lewing ton. Half-forwards: W. Smith, White, Matthews, Forwards: Hagan, Poole, Caratti. Ruck: Ditch burn, Beard, Orr (rover). Nineteenth man: Pead (replaced Beard, injured ankle, in last quarter). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Individualism marked the play early in the first quarter, when Subiaco kicked with the wind. Subiaco, with Bant most prominent, was dominating the play but five shots yielded only three points before S. Daily's long kick raised a goal. South Fremantle's backs were misjudging the flight and bounce of the ball and Subiaco scored, another goaL Whites good play enabled Matthews to goal and the same player accepted a neat pass from Smith and goaled. Richardson was doing well for South Fremantle, but superiority in the air enabled Subiaco to regain com mand. Subiaco's backs beat off attacks and, although Ditchburn had struck form for South Fremantle, Subiaco, chiefly through its rovers, added goals to give it a lead of 5.6 to 2.1 at quarter-time. South Fremantle next had the assist ance of the wind, but cramped forward play against strong defenders retarded its progress. Several shots failed before Poole scored a goal Brewer's heady play and stab-kick gave Jennings a chance to goal. A fine passage of play in which L. Daily, Brewer and Hambleton figured took the ball the length of the ground. Subiaco was getting the crumbs but found Dodd and Brown hard to pass. South Fremantle obtained a goal from Caratti but Jennings goaled for Subiaco from a free-kick. Crowded forward play by South Fremantle persisted and at, half time Subiaco led with 7.8 to 4.6. From the bounce Stehn had a long shot and the bail railed through the go l

posts. Lewington was trying hard for South Fremantle but the kicking to the half-forwards was atrocious. M. Hay ward was in great form at half-back for South Premantle, while Bant was strong for Sublaco. Subtace was shepherding well and not over-running with the ball, but towards the end of the quarter high marking gave South Fremantle an ad vantage and Sublaco's rush was checked. The bell rang with Sublaco well ahead 11.16 to 5.9. There was little of interest in the last term. With Matthews as goal-sneak South Fremantle looked more dangerous when it attacked, although L. Daily reaped a har vest of marks and confident pick-ups through inaccurate kicking. South Fre mantle's backs made a number of mis takes and Sublaco finished without troubling itself much to win as fol lows: SUBIACO ........14.22 (106 pts.) S. FREMRANTLE. .. 7.16 (58 pts.) Scorers.-Sublaco: S. Daily, 4.3; Jen nings, 4.2; L. Mills, 2.4; Stehn, 2.3; Ham bleton, 13; Browne, 1.1; A. Richardson, Murphy and Merson, 0.1 each. South Fremantle: Matthews, 4.3; Orr, 13; Poole, 1.2; Carattl, 1.0; White, 0.2; H. Richard son, Beard, Ditchburn and Smith, 0.1 each. Sublaco had several fine players and very few weak men. Bant was solid in the ruck and at half-back from start to finish, and L. Daily gave easily his best display of the season in goal, marking surely and tearing through the weak for ward lines effectively. Hambleton was a clever, nippy rover and Roe's marking and kicking were perhaps the best he has shown. Brewer, McCallum, S. Daily, Strack, Stehn and Brophy were the best of the others. For South Fremantle there was no greater trier than Richardson, who played succeasfully in the rock and defence. Ditchburn was most reliable throughout and marked well. M. Hayward, after the first quarter, was dashing at half-back. Lewington never gave up and did some fine things on the wing. Dodd and Brown (kicking well) were determined defenders and J. Mills (first half), White (first half), Matthews, Edgar and Beard were prominent in patches. Poor disposal marred E. Hayward's display on the wing though he won there.