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CLAREMONT'S SUCCESS. Perth Outplayed in Last Quarter. Playing its best football in the final quarter of a hard, scrambling game, Claremont defeated Perth by 13 points at Claremont Oval on Saturday. It was by no means a stirring match, and for the most part the play, although vigorous, and at times exciting, was ragged and colourless. Both teams indulged in a good deal of fruitless scrimmaging, but in the final quarter Claremont, follow ing the excellent example set by its cap tain (G. Moloney), steadied itself and finished the game with a fast, systematic rally, which overcame the tired and un certain Perth team. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Maitland, Batt, S. Moloney. Half-backs: B. Moloney, Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Lovegrove, G. Moloney, Mor ris. Half-forwards: Farley, Birmingham, Boys. Forwards: Cook, Hopkins, Jones. Ruck: Reeves, Sotherland, Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Stewardi (did not play). PERTH.-Backs: Fitkerald, Love, Wormald. Half-backs: Dewar, M. Jarris, Walsh. Centres: if. Davey, H. Grigg, Trainor. Half-forwards: Hetherington, G. Headon. Burton. Forward': Robson, Gook, O'Callaghan. Ruck: O'Brien, A. Olipnt (rplaced( Hetigtley, ineured leg, in 1 last quarter). UMPIRE.---C. Cook. Claremont made little headway for the first ten minutes of the opening quarter, although it was aided by a strong wind. : A pronounced weakness in the half-for ward line and a series of bad mistakes in kicking to the man spoilt several chances of scoring, and it was not until play had been in progress 12 minlites that Cook goaled for Claremont. He scored again a minute later. Perth played steadily, holding a slight advan tage in the ruck. It ran to a four-point lead when Cook (twice) and Robson goaled, and during the remainder of the quarter completely outpointed Claremont, leading at quarter-time with 4.2 to 2.4. Claremont quickly re-established itself in the second quarter, when it played with determination and good pace. Its ruck fared better, and Hopkins, Parley and Cook goaled. The wind had swung across the ground, giving little advan tage to either team. Claremont had a bad patch, fumbling and kicking badly, and Perth seized its chance to score a goal. In the closing four minutes of the quarter Gook goaled twice, and Robson and O'Callaghan scored, to give Perth the lead at half-time with 8.3 to 7.7. Gook kicked his sixth, and Perth's eleventh goal soon after the start of the third quarter, and Perth -then led by 15 points. Much of the team's success in attack was due to (3. Headon, while Bir mingham, at centre-half-forward, held the Claremont attack together. There was little difference between the teams, and much of the quarter was occupied with hard, slogging football. Perth gained the upper hand for a time, but in spas modic bursts of concerted play Claremont kept from eight to 14 points of Perth, and when Boys goaled seconds before the bell, Perth led by only two points-13.4 to 12.8. Coaling after a phenomenal mark on the line, Hopkins gave Cleramont the lead early in the final quarter. Perth fought back, but Claremont's pace stood it in good stead, and it remained in at tack, although it missed chances of scor ing. A goal by Hooper gave it an 11-point lead. Play became rough, and two Clare mont men were temporarily incapacitated. Two minutes from time Claremont led by seven points, and then Hopkins put the result beyond doubt with a goal. The final scores were: CLAREMONT .. .. . 16.14 (110 pt,.) PERTH .. .. .. .. .. 15.7 (97 pts.) Goal-kickers.-Claremont. Cook (4), Hopkins (3), Boys (2), Hooper (2), Bir mingbkha (2), Parley (2) and Jones. Perth: Gook (6), Robson (4), G. Headon (2), Burton, Oliphant, and O'Callaghan. The Claremont centre-half-forward, B. Birmingham, was the finest player in the game. He was prominent in each quar ter, marking, kicking and handling the ball very well. His was a notable per formance. Cook, with four goals and a great deal of valuable open play in at tack, contributed a big share to the team's victory, and George Moloney, after play ing with great judgment in three quar ters, was in the forefront in the last ouarter. Grieve was brilliant at half back, and Sutherland and Batt also de fended well. Morris, Reeves (an able and sturdy follower), Boys and Hopkins also did welL For Perth G. Headon was outstanding with a correct and dashing display of half-forward play. Keightley roved well throughout the game, and Davey played excellent football on a wing. Although not as spectacular as usual, Cook played well in front of goal, and Love, Wormald and Fitzgerald were sound in defence. Pressed into service in the last quarter, A. Brown did very well Robson did more than his share of work in attack, and Dewar in the first half was one of the best men in the team.