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A THIRD QUARTER RALLY. East Fremantle Beats. East Perth. A large crowd watched a well con tested game at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when East Fremantle turned the tables on East Perth, and won a fine game by 1.1. East Perth held a big ad vantage in high marking in the first half, when its many big players performed capitally. At one stage it held a lead of

five goals, but immediately before half time it weakened, and had to be content with an advantage of 11 points at the intervaL After half-time, East Fremantle overwhelmed East Perth with its pace and combination, and by scoring six goals to two goals laid the foundation of victory. It still had to run the gaunt let in the last term, which was somewhat in East Perth's favour, but it had sufficient reserve power to hold on and win. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: N. Doig, Kenny, J. Skeehan. Half-backs: Fordham, C. Janis, Bole.r. Centres: Sligro. Hutchinson. Seubert. Half-forwards: Truscott, Martiensen, C. Doig. Forwards: W. James, G. Doig. W. Doig. Ruck: Donegan, Prosser. McGlhn (rover). Nine teenth man: Daniell (did not play). EAST PERTH.-Backs: Ward, J. King. Crow. Half-backs: Thomas. Graham. Starr. Centres: Miller, Mus man, Gubl. Half-forwards: Broom, Cronin, McAllan. Forwards: Menhennett, Lock yer, Dook. Buck: B. Ryan, Fogarty, Parry (rover). Nineteenth man: Garnaut (did not play). UMPIRE.-G. Owens. East Fremantle immediately attacked and two behinds were signalled. The absence of Daniell was, however, soon noticeable, and superiority amidfield brought little reward. East Perth's first crossing of the centre was topped off by a goal kicked by MeAllan. East Fre mantle's best player was the new man, Skeehan, who was being well supported by Donegan. For East Perth, Graham was playing finely at half-back, and East Fremantle's scoring was kept down to two goals, both scored by W. Doig, and three more goals were kicked by East Perth. Lockyer's high-marking had been the at traction of the quarter, the honours of which belonged to East Perth, which had kept East Fremantle's two champions, C. Jarvis and G. Doig, down to the level of ordinary players. The term ended with East Perth holding a useful lead of two goals-4.4 to 2.4. The play increased in pace and it soon became a spirited contest without a trace of malice. East Perth was vastly supe rior to its opponent in the air. A goal by B. Ryan was the forerunner of two more, and East Perth led by five goals. East Premantle was given few chances, and these invariably went astray. But East Perth had finished its run, and East Fremantle, awakening to the-strong pos sibility of defeat, made a fine recovery. A series of blunders by East Perth's backs let G. Doig through to goal, and further goals by the same player and C. Doig gave East Fremantle a fighting chance at half-time, when the scores were:-East Perth, 7.6; East Fremantle, 5.7. Within a minute of the resumption, G. Doig reduced East Fremantle's leeway to five points, and East Fremantle then Held complete control. East Perth was pal pably being thrown off its balance and was seldom in a position to score. East Fremantle's bid for victory was greatly due to the strong football of Martiensen, Fordham, McGlinn, W. Doig and Hut chinson, who was now a decisive factor at the centre. East Perth's aerial supre macy was of no avail against the great pace of the smaller East Fremantle side, whose goals came from all directions. In two spasms East Fremantle kicked three goals in succession, and East Perth's out put for the term was only two goals. East Fremantle had a decided winning chance at three-quarter time, the scores being:-East Fremantle, 11.12; East Perth, 9.9. A goal kicked by Dook reduced East Fremantle's lead to nine points and in creased the interest in the game. East Perth was repeatedly brilliant in the air, and hammered away at its opponent's

defence, which was hard to penetrate. East Fremantle's accuracy in shooting resulted in two goals and these proved sufficient to hold East Perth at bay. East Perth redoubled its efforts, and Cronin's goal eight minutes before time made the difference 2.1 in East Premantle's fav our. East Perth was tinishing strongly, but it was unable to break down East Fremantle's defences. A minute before time, McAllan goaled for East Perth but further attacks were beaten off, and an excellent game ended with the scores as follows: EAST FREMANTLE .. 13.14 (92 pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. ..1213 (85 pts.) Goal-kickers.-East Premantle: G. Doig (4), W. Doig (3), C. DoIg (2), Mc Glinn, Hutchinson, Donegan and Bolger. East Perth: Menhennett (3). McAllan (2), Cronin (2), Lockyer (2), Dook, Broom and B. Ryan. After half-time, East Fremantle had many fine players. Throughout the game Martiensen played strongly and good support was supplied by W. Doig, who was brilliantly effective, Pordham, Skee han (making his debut in league foot ball and whose style greatly resembles that of Haskell), C. Doig, G. Doig, Hut chinson, Truscott, McGlinn (in his best form), and Donegan. East Perth's best man was Starr, who played excellently at half-back. Menhen nett and B. Ryan marked well, and were powerful in the rnck. Others who strove hard to avert defeat were Graham, Mil ler, Lockyer, Fogarty, Cronin and Parry.