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A STIRRING FINISH. Swan Districts' Great Win. Finishing with great pace and deter mination and playing its best football in the crucial stages of the last quar ter, the Swan Districts team snatched a four-point victory, from East Freman tle at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. Swan Districts gained the lead only after more than three quarters of strenuous play. The team was soundly beaten in the first half (when East Fremantle dominated the play but kicked poorly for goal) but it fought on and, pinning its faith to its stamina, courage and powers of recovery, broke down the resistance of the East Fremantle defence and, play ing brilliantly in the last eight minutes of the game, overwhelmed its opponents to gain, perhaps, its most notable victory in league football. The teams were:-' EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: Bolger, Kenney, Man. Half-hacks: Fordham, Jarn-is, J. Munro. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Seubert. Half-for wards: Kingsbury. Daniell. C. Doig. Forwards: W. Doig, G. Doig, McGlinn. Ruck: Donegan, Martinsen. Truscott (rover). 19th man: D. Munro (replaced Truscott. injured leg in last quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Chandler, Smith. Half-backs: Randall, Sinclair, Ford. Centres: Krepp, Hall, Mosey. Half-forwards: Avery, Hunter, Sweet. Forwards: Park, Holds worth, Gorn. Ruck: Penberthy, McInnerney, Sweetapple (rover). 19th man: McMahon (did not play). UMEIRE.-L. McComish. Although it started sluggishly, East Fremantle had the greater share of the play in the first 15 minutes of the game but its kicking for goal was poor, seven direct shots realising only seven behinds. In marked contrast was the excellent kicking-in of Chandler, the Swan Dis tricts goalkeeper, who at times got the ball almost to the centre. G. Doig kicked the first goal of the game after 16 minutes' play. Swan Districts made little progress against the cool, calculated play of East Fremantle, whose pace was fast and whose sound defence prevented scoring. Swan Districts forced home three points in the last three minutes of the quarter, which ended with the scores:-East Fremantle, 2.11; Swan Dis tricts, 0.3. East Fremantle continued . to fritter away chances in the second quarter, while Swan Districts, beaten in the air and rarely able to get the ball past the centre, were outplayed. Swan Districts scored two goals in quick succession, however, and were only nine points be hind. For a brief period East Freman tie found its feet and goaled twice after clever passing movements around the right wing. The play became con gested and scrimmages were frequent, while both teams handled the ball in differently. A sustained Swan Districts attack in the last minute of the quarter resulted in a goal from Holdsworth and at half-time East Fremantle led with 5.13 to 4.9. Hard, slogging play, marked by a good deal of fumbling and by lack of dash c-n East Fremantle's part, marked the third quarter, in which Swan Districts broke away and forced East Fremantle on to the defensive. Hunter goaled and the Swan Districts backs, notably Chandler and Sinclair, played brilliantly to hold the East Fremantle forwards. Gorn, receiving a penalty on the goal-llne, kicked straight but East Fremantle, with its back to the wall, itadied and W. Doig goaled from a difficult angle. East Fremantle led at three-quarter time with 8.16 to 6.12. True to custom, Swan Districts played excellently in the last quarter and, with a goal -soon after the start, drew to within eight points of East Fremantle The men clapped on pace and fought every inch of the way to the goal. A goal by Avery, following a spectacular mark, reduced the lead to two points but an East Fremantle rush ended in a goal by G. Doig. ' Holding a lead of a goal,

East Fremantle, led by Hutchinson at centre, threw all its effort into a scoring move but failed. Chandler left the goal to strengthen the Swan Districts attack and pandemonium broke loose when Holdsworth goaled to give Swan Dis tricts the lead six minutes from time. East Fremantle had only 17 men, both Truscott and Kingsbury having been in jured. Playing hard and at a terrific pace Swan Districts finished much the better to win a stirring victory by four points, the final scores being: SWAN DISTRICTS .. 9.20 (74pts.) EAST FREMANTLE . 9.16 (70pts.) Goal-kickers.--Swan Districts: Holds worth (4), Park, Avery, Sweet, Gorn and Hunter. East Fremantle: G. Doig (3), Daniell (3), Truscott (2) and W. Dolg. B. Chandler (in goal) and S. Sinclair (half-back) were Swan Districts' finest players. Chandler was a tower of strength in defence, frustrating G. Doig throughout the game and playing in spiring football in the last quarter. Sin clair saved the team many times with full-chested clearances and fine marking. Randall, following and in a place, gave excellent service in every quarter and Avery marked brilliantly. Ford and Zilko were able defenders and Pen berthy, Sweetapple and Park were strong links. In the centre, Hutchinson, after an indifferent start, did yeoman service for East Fremantle. He dominated the centre throughout the game. Jarvis, al though somewhat off form, worked hard and handled the ball a lot. J. Munro, in defence and Seubert (the best winger in the game) were very effective and Truscott played sound, steady football until a leg injury enforced his retire ment. Donegan and Martiensen fol lowed strongly and Daniell marked well, while Kenney, in goal, played well, his kicking-in being excellent. Bolger strove hard, being particularly good in the last quarter.