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SUPERIOR IN ATTACK. Subiaco Finishes Strongly. Subiaco certainly finished the stronger side in the match at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday but, had Perth kicked more accurately for goal, the contest would have been much closer. As it was, the lead alternated excitingly in the first half of the last quarter, but Subiaco, more dashing and surer, and playing effectively straight down the centre, gained the upper hand and won by 22 points. The football in the first half was painful. Very few players revealed any dash and the goals scored seemed almost accidental. There was no purpose or fire in the play. Perth, having a marked ad vantage across the centre, should have gained a handy lead instead of being in arrears. After half-time the play was more interesting; players went for the ball determinedly and marked and handled the ball more skilfully. At three quarter time Perth had gained a lead of two points, but in the last term Subiaco kept driving the ball down the centre, while Perth had to swing the ball across the ground to get it near the goal. The Subiaco forwards, S. Daily in particular, took advantage of their opportunities and the game ended rather tamely. The teams were: SUBIACO.-Backs: Sashall, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Brewer, Bant. Davies. Centre: Brophy, Bowe, Richardson. Half-forwards: Bancroft. S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: Hambleton, Jennings, Serson. Ruck: Roe, Browne. Stehin (rover). Nineteenth man: L. Mills (did not play). PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald, Love, Wormald. Half-backs: Dewar, Brown, O'Brien. Centres: IL Davey, I. Grigg, Traincr. Half-forwards: Ran som, Hetherington, O'Callaghan. Forwards: Rob son. Gook, Burton. Ruck: M. Jarvis. Oliphant, Heiglhtley (rover). Nineteenlh man: Walsh (re placed Ransom, sore knee, at half-time). UMPIRE.-G. Owens. Browne and Bowe were prominent in Subiaco's early moves, but before long H. Grigg dominated the centre. There was little or no initiative shown and players paid too much attention to the man. Perth's centre line worked well without reward, for the kicking and passing near the goal were wretched Subiaco's defenders overshadowed the slow forwards, although the Perth ruck men were in good form. Subiaco could not keep the ball out of the pocket. At last, after a couple of points, Perth scored a goal and Merson goaled for Su biaco. At quarter-time Subiaco led with 1.3 to 1.2. Gook's first mark of the match led to a goal for Perth. Oliphant, H. Davey and 11. Grigg were playing strongly for Perth, while S. Daily was improving at half forward for Subiaco. Each side scored a goal. There was far too much running with the ball and naphazard kicking and punching, and Perth, in attack for the most part, fell behind. For Subiaco Brewer was clearing in dashing style and S. Daily kicked goals which gave the side a lead of 5.3 to 2.7 at half-time. Ransom's place was taken by Walsh after the interval and Richardson (in Bowe's place) was kept in the centre by Subiaco. Stehn increased Subiaco's lead by a goal and the play became lively. Perth attacked vigorously and temporar ily Gook played well at half-forward to assist Oliphant, Trainor and others. The result was that Perth goaled twice and Subiaco found the high-marking Perth backs hard to pass. Richardson was flashing into the picture now and S. Daily put life into Subiaco's forward division. Fierce struggles in front of each goal excited the crowd and brilliant marking improved the standard of play. Two goals towards the end of the term placed Perth in front--7.12 to 8.4. Slowness to kick the ball on spoilt the Perth forwards' play at the start of the last quarter. Richardson's heady play

enabled Jennings to goal. Bant saved well for Subiaco and L. Daily made some tine clearances. H. Davey kept Perth in attack for a period and Robson's goal -put Perth in front. Ten minutes from the end Jennings goaled for Subiaco and, try as Perth would, it could not pass Brewer at half-back. Under pressure., Perth's defence gave way and Subiaco finished well. Final scores: SUBIACO .. .. 13.8 (86 points). PERTH ...... 8.16 (64 points). Scorers.--Subiaco: S. -Daily, 5.2; Jen nings, 2.3; Merson, 2.0; Stehn, 1.1; Ham bleton, Browne, Roe. 1.0 each; Bowe. 0.1. Perth: Robson, 3.2; Gook, 1.3; Hethering ton, Oliphant, 1.2 each; Keightley, O'Callaghan, 1.1 each; Burton, 0.2; Jar vis, 0.1. For Subiaco, A. Brewer and S. Daily were the most effective players. Brewer was not prominent in the first quarter, nut he was very sure and fast at half back afterwards. In the last quarter his anticipation was excellent. S. Daily also oegan poorly, but later marked and kicked in fine style. Browne was a great battler in the ruck and Davies made few mistakes at half-back. Snashall, L. Daily and Strack were solid in defence and Hambleton, Jennings, Roe (marking well), Stehn and Bant (in patches) gave good service. Richardson was brilliant in the last quarter and serviceable in the third. Perth's most effective player through out the match was Oliphant, who kicked well, marked surely and tried to infuse system into the play. His knocking out from the ruck was excellent. Trainor. on the wing, was little behind him in merit, winning in every quarter. Dewar was very safe at half-back and H. Grigg dominated the centre for the first half and was not beaten until the last quar ter. H. Davey won on his wing. A. Brown did many good things in defence and never gave up. Burton and Keightley were determined rovers and in a back pocket Fitzgerald was safe. Slowness on the ground spoilt Robson's play. Love was fair in goal