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WEST PERTH'S EASY WIN. East Perth Badly Beaten. West Perth beat East Perth with ridi culous ease at the Perth Oval on Sat urday. The football generally was not up to the standard which a meeting between these teams should produce, and in a muddling first quarter West Perth established a lead with several lucky goals. East Perth should have gone ahead in the second quarter, but it failed badly in forward work, even allowing for the fact that West Perth's backs were in unbeatable form. West Perth steadily improved its position in the last half and had East Perth completely impotent in the closing stages, doing as it liked. If it had scored as it could have, instead

of clowning, it would have won by much more than seven goals. The outstand ing feature of the match was the brilli ance of West Perth's backs, who allowed East Perth only six goals. West Perth showed itself capable of the highest class of football, but its kicking was short and it tried too much fancy play, which made its work patchy. East Perth was slower and its kicking inaccurate. Through congested forward play it could not take advantage of its superiority in the centre and in the ruck in the first half, and when West Perth clapped on the pressure it faded out. The teams were: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Flegg, Tetley, Flem ming. Half-backs: P. Walsh. Buttsworth, Forbes, Centres: Coward, Jeavons, lfew. Half-forwards: Anderson, McDiarmid. L. Walsh. Forwards: R. Screaigh, Tyson, O'Keeffe. Ruck: Marinko, Beve ridge. Pola (rover). Nineteenth man: Lewis (did not play). EAST PERTIL-Backs: Thomas, King, Crow. Half-backs: Mussman, Graham. Starr. Centres: Miller, Cronin, Gubl. Half-forwards: Broom, McAllan, Ward. Forwards: Fogarty, Lockyer, Campbell. Ruck: B. Ryan, Golding. Parry (rover). Nineteenth man: Keeffe (replaced Muss man at three-quarter time). UMPIRE.-C. N. Cook. The play was more dashing than posi tive, both sides finding difficulty in kick ing the ball accurately. With B. Ryan and Parry playing well on the ball and Cronin winning at the centre, East Perth had the call in midfield but broke down in at tack, where the forwards crowded their own play and could not carry the ball on. When West Perth went forward it showed more pace and cohesion and four pretty passing moves yielded a goal each. This team's passing was on the short side. but the players were leading excellently and following up smartly, Tyson and Marinko standing out. East Perth, after a period when it was made to look cumbersome, took the ascendant, but West Perth's backs were practically impassable and East Perth's forwards contributed to their own downfall by closing in. The ball went repeatedly from West Perth's back to East Perth's centre line and back again and the quarter ended with West Perth leading with 4.0 to 1.2. Opening out its forward play, East Perth took charge in the second quarter, its superiority in the ruck and across the centre producing thrust after thrust to wards the goal. Many moves should have resulted in scores, but West Perth's backs were in great form and prevented East Perth from taking the lead its play deserved, although one factor which made it less effective than it looked was misdirected kicking in the forward area. West Perth could not carry on the work of its backs, erring with too much fiddling play and getting no length in its kicking. The few times it attacked it scored only behinds. Mostly the quar ter was a story of lost opportunities for East Perth, as reflected in the scores at half-time:-West Perth, 4.4; East Perth, 3.5. With Marinko making a big differehce in the ruck and Beveridge and Tyson dashing in the forward lines, West Perth played its best football of the match when the third quarter opened and added 3.3 in five minutes. It was solid both in high marking and leading, and was faster than East Perth, which had lost its certainty in the air. East Perth dropped McAllan back to full forward and brought Lockyer up in his place at centre half-forward. When it had got well ahead, West Perth lapsed into short play again' and East Perth, recovering well, taught its opponent not to indulge in fancy work. A goal to Guhl, after two from Lockyer, made the difference 2.1. Lively play followed, with East Perth having the better of it, but again find ing West Perth's backs too solid. Flegg was taken from a back pocket to change places with Jeavons at centre. Third quarter scores:-West Perth, 8.7; East Perth, 6.7. Fast and improved in the rack, West Perth went forward and two goals from Marinko and one from Anderson gave it a lead of 28 points when only five min utes of the last quarter had gone. East Perth fought back for a time, but the op posing backs were unbeatable, and East Perth, besides having a heart-breaking job against them, kicked badly for goal. West Perth wore down East Perth with fast, vigorous play and went steadily ahead. In the last half of the quarter it did what it liked, playing about un concernedly in the forward areas and neglecting chances for goals in farcical attempts to feed Tyson. The final scores were: WEST PERTH .. .. 13.10 (88pts.). EAST PERTH .. .. 6.10 46pts.). Goal-kickers:-West Perth: Marinko (4), Tyson (3), Anderson (2), R. Screaigh (2), Beveridge, and L. Walsh. Fast Perth: Lockyer (3), Guhl, Broom, and Campbell. For West Perth, Tetley and Flemming presented an almost impregnable defence, shining in back work, the quality of which was reflected in East Perth's low score. Marinko played football of a high order, particularly in the last half, and Tyson showed great dash at full forward. Flegg, after doing well in a back pocket, made a creditable showing at centre, and Buttsworth, P. Walsh and Forbes alsode fended strongly. O'Keeffe was consist ently strong, although his kicking was faulty; Beveridge led the side ably, be sides being a great force in attack; and Drew did well on a centre wing. For East Perth, Cronin shone through out the match, dominating the play at centre. B. Ryan was one of the best players on the field in the first half, sweeping through the ruck repeatedly, but was not so prominent aftdrwards. Broom was consistently effective at half forward, while Lockyer was spectacular but kicked poorly. Graham and Starr were the best of the backs, and Golding and Parry worked hard on the ball.