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DASH AND DETERMINATION. East Perth's Vain Struggle. Taking into consideration the weather conditions the crowd at Subiaco Oval yesterday was large and it enjoyed the match. South Fremantle made a great recovery to win and the club's supporters themselves were the most surprised at the phenomenal kicking for goal. The winning team adapted itself to the condi tions better than did East Perth and showed more dash and enterprise. By scoring 4.1 against the wind in the third quarter South Fremantle sealed the issue, for East Perth was too severely handi capped In the last quarter . to score heavily. Apart from the accuracy of South Fire mantle's shooting, there were several noteworthy features. Graham, who took the first mark of the match, kicked the ball with the wind from one cricket pitch to the other, a distance of about 80 yards. Poole kicked a goal from the grandstand pocket with the wind blowing strongly against him, the ball going through from an acute angle. A goal was kicked by Mussman from a distance of about 70 yards and he hit the post with a shot from about the same range. Single handed, Guh1 tricked three opponents on the wing at one stage in the second quar ter. During the second term McComish, the field umpire, was struck in the face by the ball and had to stop play. A sec tion of the crowd showed its "sporting" spirit by cheering and jeering. An um pire's lot is certainly a hard one. Following were the teams:- . SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Back, E.T-awn, Hagan. Half-backs: F. Brown, Edgar, Dodd. Centres: E. Hayward. J. Mills, Lewington. Half forwards: Jasper, White, Mathews. Forwards: W. Hayward, Poole, Orr. Ruck: Ditchburn, Pead, Casatti (rover). Nineteenth man: Lutey (replaced Dodd, suffering from cramp, in last quarter). EAST PERTH.-Backs: Boundy, J. King, Crow. Half-backs: Thomas, Graham, Starr. Centres: Miller, Mussman, Gubl. Half-forwards: Ward, Cronin, Fogarty. Forwards: Garnaut, MeAllan, Golding. Ruck: B. Ryan, Dook, Camp bell (rover). Nineteenth man: Keeffe (replaced fussman, injured hip, in last quarter). UMlPIRtE.-L. McComish. South Fremantle tried unsuccessfuly to attack into a strong wind and then Cronin's good play led to a goal from McAllan. B. Ryan goaled shortly after wards. Miller and B. Ryan were pro minent players for East Perth and South Premantle, slow to appreciate the sense in kicking the ball off the ground, found Graham a stumbling block. McAllan and Cronin each added a goal, despite the desperate efforts of South Fremantle in defence. Dodd's beautiful drop-kicks into the wind had been a feature of the play. When the wind eased, South Fre mantle improved. W. Hayward was bat tling hard in the ruck and Miller, with E. Hayward now opposed to him, did not have such a free hand. East Perth kept South Fremantle right away from the goal and at quarter-time led with 4.6 to ril. Crow marked nicely in defence and East Perth broke through on its left wing but failed to score. Edgar, who had been changed to left-half-back, was coming through with irresistible dash and his long clearing kicks placed South Fre mantle in attack. Poole scored a goal and then a nice knock from the ruck by B. Ryan set East Perth in motion, McAllan scoring two behinds. Golding had been a power in East Perth's side.' With Matthews playing at his best on the half-forward line, the ruck gaining a superiority, players using a long kick from the right wing and White coming into his own, South Premantle took charge. For a while Crow held off the attacks, but the forwards opened out and a bril liant succession of goals followed. Dodd and Edgar were strong at half-back for South Fremantle, but East Perth, taking advantage of its opponents' slowness to dispose of the ball, broke through towards the end of the quarter, chiefly as a re sult of Cronin's work. Two shots went out of bounds and McAllan kicked another behind. The bell rang when South Fre mantle had added 9.1 to East Perth's three behinds Vigorous Play. Realislng that the third quarter would Probably decide the issue, South Fre mantle played vigorously from the first bounce, Ditchburn setting a fine example. W. Hayward, at half-forward, played strongly and after two unsuccessful shots South Fremantle scored a goal against the wind. Golding scored a goal for East Perth and Mills (most consistent) was re sponsible for the move which resulted in another South Fremantle goal. The South Fremantle defence was pierced and McAllan and Dook goaled. Mussman, who had been shifted from the centre to half-forward, was successful with a long shot. Pead and Ditchburn were playing strongly and South Fremantle rallied. Poole broke the sequence of goals with a behind and then kicked perfectly from an acute angle. East Perth was losing its grip again but B. Ryan, playing man fully in the ruck, pulled the side together again and three goals followed quickly Two more shots yielded only a poster (a long kick by Mussmnan) and at the end of the quarter South Fremantle was only a point ahead-13.2 to 11.13. South Fremantle opened the last term with a point and then East Perth fought back well. Back saved at a critical stage and then a shot went out of hounds. Both Haywards were playing well and neariy every South Fremantle man was wisely kicking the ball off the ground without wasting time. A great mark by McAllan was followed by a poor kick. Play grew fierce as each aide tried to gain heupper hand and South Fremantle's

centre line turned the scales. Screw kicks by White and Ditchburn added goals and Poole kicked another. Inability to open out in the forward division was disastrous to East Perth, but, with ten minutes to go, Graham (transferred from the de fence) raised faint hopes with a goal 12.13 to 173. A goal from the nippy Caratti and heavy rain, however, shat tered East Perth's prospects and the match ended as follows: SOUTH FREMANTLE 20.3 (123 pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. 14.14 (98 pts.) Scorers.-South Premantle: Poole, 4.1; Matthews, 3.1; Caratti, White, W. Hay ward, 3.0 each; Ditchburn, 2.1; Orr, 2.0. East Perth: McAllan, 4.4; Mussman, 2.2; Dook, 2.0; Cronin, 1.3; Golding, 1.2; Fog arty, 1.1: Ward, B. Ryan, Graham, to each; Miller, 0.1. FREE KICKS. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th S. FREMANTLE .. 16r. 10r. 8 . 41 E. Perth . . 12 9 8 12 41 MARKS. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th qr. qr. qr. qr. Ti!. S. FREMANTLE . 13 20 24 16 73 E. Perth. . .. 21 25 18 10 74 South Fremantle fielded several out standing players whom it is difficult to rank in order of worth to the side. In the centre Mills played a fine game from start to finish, despite the fact that he had three different players on him, and he did not pay so much attention to the man as usual. Ditchburn was most use ful to the side, working solidly in the ruck and marking and kicking well. W. Hayward was also a power in the ruck and at the end he marked as well and ran as fast as he did early. Back made scarcely one mistake in a back pocket, where he saved coolly on many occasions. E. Hayward was strong on the wing, his extra pace enabling him to beat Miller in the second half. Dodd, at half-back, was very solid, allowing his man no lati tude and kicking as well as any other man on the ground. White was a power in attack, Edgar marked and dashed through in his best style after the first quarter and Pead battled hard from start to finish to give one of his best displays for the club. Matthews, Caratti and Lew ington were the best of the others. No East Perth player gave a really sound display from start to finish. Some were outstanding in two or three quar ters. B. Ryan was probably the most effective player. He marked well, showed plenty of dash and fought hard in the ruck. Starr was reliable at half-back and Crow made many fine saves in a back pocket. Golding, in the ruck and attack, was solid for a good part of the game. Graham was brilliant at half-back early but was scarcely noticed in the third quarter. Miller was East Perth's best in the first quarter but was beaten after half-time. Guhi was useful on the wing and Garnaut, Cronin, Mussman and Boundy occasionally played well. Mc Allan's high marking was a feature of the game but his kicking was poor. McComish s umpiring was an improve ment on his display on Saturday.