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SUBIACO WINS WELL. East Perth Weak. Scoring eight goals straight in the second quarter of its match against East Perth at Subiaco on Saturday, Subiaco had the match in its grip at half-time and finished on to have a comfortable victory. It played football of a high stan dard. East Perth, which had trouble to field a team because of nine absentees and had to fall back on the coach, J. Dolan, and its former champion, W. Thomas, as nineteenth man (he took the field in the last quarter), had too many weak links and lacked precision. The teams were: SUBIACO.--Backs: nashall, L. Daily, Strack Half-backs: Brewer, Bant, Davies. Centres: Brophy, Bowe, Richardson. Half-forwards: Ban iroft, S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: Donovan, Jennings, Merson. Ruck: Roe, Browne, Stehn (rover). Nineteenth man: Mills 'did not play). EAST PERTH.-Backs: Garnaut, J. King, Crow. Half-backs: Ward, Starr, Oswald. Centres: Campbell, Mnismran GuhL Half-forwards: Broom, Cronin, Keeffe. Forwards: Dolan, Me Allan, Fogarty. Ruck: B. Ryan, Dook, Miller (rover). Nineteenth man: W. Thomas (replaced Broom, knee injury, in last quarter). UMPIRE.-C. N. Cook. In the first quarter the play was fairly even, but the ball was bouncing erratic ally and this and uncertain kicking by most players, with the notable exception of Bowe, Murphy and Guhb, made the play ragged, although fast. Most of the time the ball was up and down in mid field and it was six minutes before the first score came, a behind to Subiaco. At this stage the teams seemed to be well matched, but with this difference, that, whereas East Perth's game was too short and unnecessary fiddling passes were in dulged in, Subiaco kicked longer and a little more accurately. In addition, Subiaco played more openly and with more drive in the forward lines, and East Perth felt the effect of having weak links, particularly when it had to use in the rack men not accustomed to this work. Subiaco was unlucky to hit a goal post twice and the quarter ended with the scores:-Subiaco, 4.5; East Perth, 2.1. Subiaco struck its best form in the second quarter. Having a marked ascend ancy in the ruck, it went straight down the field and goaled twice in the first minute and again in another two min utes. It was definitely on top-faster, leading well and kicking lower and accurately without sacrificing length. By the time the quarter was half over Subiaco had an 8.1 lead. The East Perth men, behind their opponents, fumbling the ball and kicking badly, were making a poor showing and when the team could take the ball forward it mostly failed right in front of goals. It livened in the latter part of the quarter, but many kicks for goal went astray. Strangely enough, East Perth had more scoring shots than Sublaco during the quarter, but it kicked 1.8 as against 8.0. Half time scores:--Sublaco, 12.5; East Perth, 3.9. East Perth began the third quarter with its faults corrected. Playing in its best style, it had Subiaco completely on the defensive for the first ten minutes, dur ing which it would have scored more than 2.1 if it had not been for L. Daily's rock-like defence. Subiaco then re asserted itself, having greater dash and backing up better, and not only scored as much but went further ahead. East Perth's temporary phase of precision had passed and at the end of the quarter Subiaco led with 16.11 to 6.11. East Perth entered on the last quarter vigorously, but its play lacked finish and it had a hopeless task. Sublaco had greater all-round strength and did not exert itself over-much. As a result, East Perth caught up some of the leeway, although making heavy weather of it. The game finished with little interest in it, with the final scores: SUBIACO ...... 17.14 (116 pts.) EAST PERTH . .. 10.13 ( 73 pts.) Goal-kickers.-bSubiaco: Jennings (6), Stehn (3), S. Daily (3), Bancroft (2), Richardson, Murphy and Merson. East Perth: McAllan (4), Cronin (2), Dolan. Miller, Campbell and Dook. Bowe played excellently for Subiaco, at centre up to half-time and then on Guhl on a wing. His disposal of the ball was faultless, as was that of Murphy, who, from a half-forward wing, was a big in fluence in the forward work. L. Daily played his best game of the season, marking well and saving repeatedly in goals. Stehn roved well and Browne showed out strongly in the ruck. Jen nings, at full-forward, led out nicely, but his habit of pulling up to appeal for free kicks marred his good showing. Strack and Bancroft also were prominent. Miller handled the ball more than any one else for East Perth and made good use of it. He was inclined to try to do too much, but this fault was understand able in the circumstances. Guh - was very effective and B. Ryan worked hard A

in the tuck. Crow, J. King and Starr were strong in defence and Broom and Keeffe were the best of the forwards.