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THE TABLES TURNED. East Beats South Fremantle. A large crowd watched the second meeting of East and South Fremantle at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when East Fremantle tuined the tables and won by 1.6. The loss of Haskell was plainly evident in East Fremantle's back line, no efficient substitute having been found. The reappearance of Edgar in South Fremantle's ranks made it pos sible to strengthen its attack, where White played ably against the re doubtable C. Jarvis. For 13 minutes neither side scored, and at quarter time South Fremantle had still to open its account, East Fremantle holding a lead of 2.5. The second quarter was much in favour of .South Fremantle, whose accuracy was shown by a half time score of 6.1. At that stage East Fremantle led by one point, and the closeness of the scores had been the game's only recommendation. Poor kick ing resulted in lack of combination. By three-quarter time East Fremantle had gone to a lead of 3.9 and was in a strong position. Playing with fine determina tion in the last quarter, South Fre mantle kicked five goals to East Fre mantle's three, but East Fremantle's de fences, though bent, never broke into confusion and East Fremantle won com fortably, though rather unimpressively. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.--Backs: N. Doig, Kenny, D. Munro. Half-backs: Fordham, C. Jarvis, J. Munro. Centres; Nigro, Hotchinson, Seubert. Half-forwards: Kingsbury, Daniell, C. Doig. For wards: W. Doig, G. Doig, McGlinn. Ruck: Mar tiensen, Donegan, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: G. Mann (did not play). SOUTH FREMANTLE.--Backs: Hagan, F. Brown, Back. Half-backs: W. Hayward, Edgar, J. Mills. Centres: E. Hayward, Whitaker, Lew ington. Half-forwards: Jasper, White, Mathews. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, Orr. Ruck: Ditch burn, M. Hayward. J. Doig (rover). Lineteenth man: Pead (did not play). UMPIRE.--P. Campbell For some time neither side could gain the upperhand, the backlines proving too strong for the opposing forwards, whose leading out was fruitless owing to the wretched kicking of the centre players and rucks. South Fremantle attacked more frequently than its opponent, but so sadly did it combine that it was unable to score at all. N. Doig and Jarvis were defending strongly and White and Mathews pegged away for South Fremantle. It was then left to Hutchin son to break loose for East Fremantle, and G. Doig finished his play off by scoring the first goal. An excellent run ning drop-kick by Martiensen resulted in East Fremantle's second goal. Occa sionally the poorly combined football was broken by excellent individual efforts and a disappointing quarter ended with the scores 2-5 to nil A lofty punt by G. Dolg raised a goal for Fast Fremantle, but South Fre mantle steadied. J. Doig, with a behind, opened South Fremantle's score, and for the remainder of the term South Fremantle was in complete controL Ditchburn was a power in all parts of the field. Threading his way through a bunch of opponents, White scored South Fremantle's first goal, a direct result of a poor kick by Kenny. A free-kick against the same player was converted into a goal by Richardson. Interest increased with South Fre mantle's improved showing and Poole's first kick resulted in another goal. Suc cess was coming from Mathews's wing, and East Fremantle's lead was reduced to a point when White added full points. South Fremantle's nun forced Jarvis to reshuffle his back lines, D. Munro being transferred In favour of C. Dolg. It was hard football, with bumps freely

exchanged. A goal by Jasper turned the lead to South Premantle, which had kicked five goals in succession, but a clever left-foot screw kick by G. Doig and a goal by Daniel gave East Fre mantle an advantage of seven points. This was reduced by Mathews, whose goal in the minute before the inter val made the scores 5.8 to 6.1. A long punt by White was marked by Ditchburn and converted into a goal. With a fine shot, W. Doig equalised the scores. A mistake by M. Hayward in failing to connect with a short pass paved the way for a goal to East Fre mantle and a poor kick in by Brown gave away another goaL N. Doig and Martlensen, for East Fremantle, and Ditchburn, for South Fremantle, were among the few who did more than just kick the ball. South Fremantle struggled on, and was within a goal of East Fre mantle's score as a result of Poole's successful shot, but Danlell, Hutchin son and W. Doig scored three goals in rapid succession for East Fremantle, leaving it comfortably in front at the bell-11.12 to 8.3. Some excellent high marking by South Fremantle brought it into attack and Poole goaled nicely from an acute angle. At the other end, McGlinn twice goaled. For the first time the game became really attractive, although too many South Fre mantle players were jumping for the ball. Another goal by McGlinn made South Fremantle's task almost hopeless. It hammered away, however, but with out the finish necessary to fully profit from its opportunities. A goal by White raised faint hopes in South Fremantle's ranks. East Fremantle's defences were tried, but goals came too late, leaving the final scores: EAST FREMANTLE . 14.14(98 pts.) S. FREMANTLE .. 13.8 (86 pt.) Goal-kickers.-East Fremantle: G. Doig (5), McGlinn (3), W. Doig (2), Daniell (2), Hutchinson and Martiensen. South Fremantle: Poole (4), White (3), Richardson (2), Ditchburn (2), Matthews and Jasper. East Fremantle's best players were Jar vis and N. Doig. The former's quick ness at centre half-back freed him from most of his difficultles, and he invari ably placed the ball well. Doig's play in a back pocket was sure and strong. Fordham and J. Munro were also valn able units in defence. The centre line

played an undistinguished part, but in attack G. Doig played admirably, with good support from C. and W. Doig, and McGlinn. Martlensen was the best of -a rack that played on even terms with South Fremantle's followers. For South Fremantle, Edgar in his first league game of the season, showed that as a half-back he is far from being a "has-been" and was the club's best player. Ditchburn ran him' closely for the honour, and played one of his best games of the season, his high mark ing and kicking frequently keeping South Premantle within a close reach of East Fremantle's score. White, transferred to centre half-forward, gave good ser vice. Others who served the side well were Hagan, Mills, Lewington, M. Hay ward, Mathews and J. Doig.