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PERTH SHOWS PACE. Narrow Win from East Fremanute. There was little to choose between East Fremantle and Perth at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday, but, except for the first few minutes, Perth always appeared to have a slight advantage, and tho roughly deserved its seven-point win. Perth was definitely superior in the air, and did not fall to open up the play. Thus, with a better centre line, it was able to take advantage of its pace, and on numerous occasions had the East Fre mantle defenders vainly making desper ate rushes to cover up leads. East Fre mantle, with a fairly representative team, played resolutely, but throughout the day it was just a fraction slower to the ball. The backs paid considerable attention to Gook, a circumstance which probably ac counted for the other forwards scoring freely. Perth's ruck had the call during the greater part of the match, and when East Fremantle's poor kicking lost it a handy lead in the first quarter, Perth was able to forge ahead in the second and third quarters. East Fremantle made a typical rally in the last quarter, but Perth, although seeming to tire a little, was able to cling to a lead of seven points in a vigorously contested finish. The teams were as follows: PERTIL-Backs: Walsh, Love, Crooks.. Half backs: Mullineux, A. Brown, M. Jarvis. Centres: IL Davey, H. Grigg, Trainor. Half-forwards: Hetherington, Headon, O'Callaghan. Forwards: Robson, Gook. Burton. Followers: Dewar, Oli phant, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Ifeeney (replaced Oliphant in third quarter). EAST FREMANTLE.-BackS: J. Munro. N. Dooig, Kenney. Half-hacks: Fordlma, C. Jarvis, Htaskell. Centres: Migro. C. Doig. Seubert. Half forwards:- Kingsbury. Daniell. hose. Forwardo: D. Munro, G. Doig, McGlinn. Fol'owers: Martien asn, Donegn. Truseott (rover). Nineteenth Hman: W. Doifi (replaced Rose in last quarter.) UMPIRE.-C. Cook. The early play was marked by fumb ling and poor kicking, but Gook, who was being closely watched, secured the first goal soon after the start. East Fre mantle was surer in the air and faster to the ball in the initial stages, and maintained a constant attack, aided by injudicious handball on the part of Perth defenders. G. Doig secured a goal from a free-kick, and then another came from Daniell, but poor kicking for goal resulted in a string of behinds. Perth, having shaken off its early uncertainty, began to mark better and show more dash, and secured a rather lucky goal from Headon when the goal-mouth was unguarded. Continually playing to a pocket, East Fremantle tailed to make the best of a number of chances, and led at the end of the quarter with 2.9 to 2.4. Perth was definitely superior in the second term, with Oliphant dominating the play. Invariably the knock from the ruck found the Perth rover, and, with the centremen doing well and the for wards opening out nicely, the East Fre mantle backs were kept on the run. Futile handball by East Fremantle added to Perth's impetus and goals came from Keightley and Gook (a very long punt). These successes seemed to stimulate Perth to even more dashing football, and, although ill-judged pocket play wasted some of its efforts, two more goals were added before East Fremantle scored a goal. Perth replied with another goal, but towards the end of the quarter East Fre mantle seemed to gather sudden pace and sped away for two more goals. At half-time Perth led with 7.9 to 6.11. Perth's ruck superiority was even more pronounced at the resumption, and Gook. scouting out well, got his fourth goal within a minute. A flash of brilliant hand-ball prefaced another Perth goal. end when a long kick by H. Grigg bounced through while the defenders were concentrating on Cook. East Fre mantle seemed to be on the run. Perth was playing much the better football, although Oliphant's retirement with an

injured knee had lessened its ruck supre macy, and had kicked fivg goals for the term before East Fremantle broke away for two good goals from G. Doig. At three-quarter time Perth led with 12.11 to 9.14. A goal to each side in the first minute of the final quarter livened up play, which was vigorous but clean. Players became anxious and crowded the ball. Kingsbury, who .had been doing well on the East Fremantle half-forward line, was responsible for a goal by G. Doig, and. with Perth's condition seeming to fail a little, there was every prospect of a close finish. Jarvis for East Fremantle and Brown for Perth relieved repeatedly, and H. Grigg covered a lot of ground for Perth. Ten points separated the teams with half the quarter gone, but Perth withstood a strong Fremantle attack and broke away for four behinds in succes sion. East Fremantle now wanted three goals to win, and with three minutes to go McGlinn snapped one. Perth frus trated another attack, but East Fre mantle came again. G. Doig was given a second shot when the man on his mark ran over, but only managed a point, and Perth broke away. The final scores were: PERTH ........ .. 13.13 (96 points) EAST FREMANTLE .. 12.17 (89 points) Goal-kickers.-Perth: Gook (4), Rob son (3), Keightley, Headon, Oliphant, Grigg, Hetherington, and Burton. East Fremantle: G. Doig (7), Daniell (2), Martiensen, Kingsbury and McGlinn. Had he continued in the game and maintained the form he showed in the first half, Oliphant would probably have been the best man on the ground. Keightley, however, was probably the most effective man for Perth, roving cleverly, and being instrumental in opening up the play. Brown relieved re peatedly in the centre half-back position, and thwarted East Fremantle's most promising moves in the last quarter. H. Grigg, in the centre, had the best of mat ters, and Trainor won on his wing. Gook. apart from his own four goals, was re sponsible for others, and Robson, Heth erington and H. Davey .(second half) were probably the best of the others. Marking well, anrd battling hard, G. Doig was East Fremantle's best man. He did not receive the best of support from his team-mates, and missed few oppor tunities, fully earning his seven goals. Kingsbury, who marked well on the half forward line, gave him the most support. Seubert showed up occasionally, and Jarvis made few mistakes. Perth, how ever, played around him for most of the match and his opportunities were limi ted. Of the others, Martiensen, Haskell (first half), Truscott, and Daniell were the most prominent.