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NINE GOALS TO SPARE. West Perth Plays Strongly. West Perth confirmed the opinion that it will prove itself a serious contender for the football premiership by its decisive victory over South Fremantle at the Pre mantle Oval on Saturday, its winning margin of 92 being an accurate Indica-. tion of its superiority. For the first ten minutes, South Fremantle kept pace with West Perth. After that, South Fremantle quickly subsided and played its worst game of the season. West Perth was much the bigger side, and was served by 18 players who did their full share, and were invariably too fast and skilful for their immediate opponents. Marinko was easily the best of West Perth's vigorous, combined team. South Fremantle fielded a large number of players who contributed little to its efforts. For once, White failed to play brilliantly, and this appeared to break down the club's defence, which crumpled up badly. The teams were: WEST PERT.--Backs: Flegg, Benton, Flem ming. Half-backs: Tetley, Buttaworth, P. Walsh. Centres: Drew, Jeavons, Coward. Half-forwards: Ford, MoDiarmid, L. Walsh. Forwards: Bever idge, Tyson, Screaigh. Buck: Marinko, O'Keeffe, Pola (rover). Nineteenth man: Forbes (replaced Ford in last quarter). SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Alexander, F. Brown, Hagan. Half-backs: Jasper, White, U. Hayward. Centres:. Back, J. Mills, Lewington. Half-forwards: W. Smith, Ditchburn, Mathews. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, Orr. Ruck: W. Hay ward, Pead, E. Hayward (rover). Nineteenth man: Whitmore (did not play). UMPIRE.-G. Owens. West Perth began with purposeful foot ball, and within half a minute Tyson goaled. Both sides showed pace, and soon the game was played over a wide area, and was a delight to watch. When South Fremantle attacked it was usually checked by FPlemming, whose high mark ing in the back pocket was equal to his best. Richardson equalised the score, but South Fremantle was forced to wait a long time before it scored again, the West Perth men completely outplaying their opponents. A dashing mark by Beveridge, topped off by a goal, turned the game West Perth's way. Marinko's high marking, foot passing, and full length drop-kicking were the deciding factors in the big lead West Perth was establishing. South Fremantle's backs were continually under pressure, and were found wanting. For South Fremantle Lewington was playing effectively on the wing, and the side was playing hard, but West Perth was being brilliantly served by practically the whole team. At quar ter-time West Perth led with 7.2 to 3.2. South Fremantle failed to make its usual recovery. Its players were showing little dash or judgment, and its many attempts at short passing were badly exe cuted. On several occasions West Perth's players broke loose, and the transits were very fast. Marinko was still the dominat ing force in West Perth's fine display, while Tetley, Benton and Flemming gave South Fremantle's forwards a bad time. White was failing badly against Marinko, but Brown was playing above himself in goal for South Fremantle. Poole momen tarily raised South Fremantle's hopes of getting within striking distance of West Perth by half-time by scoring a goal, but West Perth immediately took charge, and the rest of the quarter was much in its favour. South Fremantle had wasted much of its-power by using the wing and playing in circles, and at half-time was well behind--4.5 to 10.4. Within two minutes of the interval Tyson emphasised his value to West Perth by twice goaling and setting South Fre mantle a hopeless task. West Perth was playing at its best, and was crowning its excellent display with long, true kicking that penetrated South Fremantle's harried back lines. Goals came from Coward and O'Keeffe. Marinko was still giving a wonderful display of all-round ability, and South Fremantle was overwhelmed. Richardson broke West Perth's run, but South Fremantle was unable to stop West Perth, which was full of dash and fire. In every position, West Perth's players beat their opDonents, and further goals by Marinko, Beveridge and Tyson made the three-quarter scores:-West Perth, 17.6; South Fremantle, 5.8. Showing improved form. Orr dashed in and goaled for South Fremantle. The football had now developed into ruck scrimmages, with players slinging one an other about, and failing to show method or resource. It was the very antithesis of the open fast play of the first half, and from tLe wild scrambles South Fre mantle scored goals through the agency of Matthews and Richardson. One of the few high-lights of the term was Marinko's characteristic stab pass to Tyson, who scored with an excellent shot before the bell ended a game that had been disap pointing from the middle of the first quarter. Final scores: WEST PERTH .... .. 18.8 (116 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE .. .. 8.12 (60pts.) Goal-kickers.-West Perth: Tyson (7), Beveridge (3), Marinko (3), Ford, Pola,

Screaigh, Coward, and O'Keefe. South Fremantle: Richardson (4), Poole (2), Orr and Matthews. For West Perth, Marinko was outstand ing among many who were in their best form. His co-operation with Tyson yielded many goals, while his high mark ing and kicking at all distances were the best of the match. Tetley, Benton and Flemming formed a grand trio in defence, while Buttsworth in the last half made fine dashes from the half-back line. Drew and Coward had much the better of their opponents on the wings, and the best of a solid remainder were Beve ridge, McDiarmid, Tyson and P. Walsh. South Fremantle's best player was Brown in goal, but the remainder played indifferently, though in deadly earnest. Hagan was occasionally under notice in defence, with Lewington the best of a centre line that had decidedly the worst of 'matters. In attack, W. Smith and Richardson deserved their places. The remainder were, for the most part, well beaten.