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EAST PERTH TOO STRONG. Bad Start by Claremont. Outplayed in the first half and 6.2 in arrears. Claremont made a depebrate at tempt to win the game against East Perth at Perth Oval on Saturday, but it could not finish off its numereus attacks. East Perth was never really in danger of de feat, for when Claremont reduced the leeway to less than four or five goals East Perth was able to break through and score with ease. But, had Claremont not been so ragged and played such purpose less football in the first half, the match would have been hard to win. Clare mont's forwards were sadly at fault and the East Perth backs relieved without trouble except when a few organised ef forts were made to pass the strong half back line and get the ball to Hopkins. Although Hopkins played well on many occasions to get the ball, he missed op portunities and generally East Perth's kicking was far superior. Team work and pace won the match for East Perth In the first half, particularly, its men left Claremont standing and seldom did ,I

a player have to kick blindly because a good lead was not offering. After half time Claremont improved considerably, its ruck being very strong, and Clarke now blocked the straight-down-the-centre drives just as Graham. for East Perth, did throughout the game. The teams were: EAST PERTIH.-Backs: Thomas. King. Crow. Half-backs: Starr, Graham. Oswald. Centres: Miller, S3ussman, Guhl. Half-forwards: Broom, Cronin, Keeffe. Forwards: Campbell, McAllan, Ward. ucrk: Fogarty, Meennhemett, Parry (rover). Nineteenth man: Dook (replaced PanT, injured shoulder, in last quarter). CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland. Batt, S. fMoloner. Htalf-backs: S. Hladon, Clarke, Grieve. Cerntr's: Edmondson. G. Moloney, Lovegrove. Half-fornward:: BReves. R. M'aloney, Bee. For wards: Cook. Hopkins, Steward. Ruck: Bir mingham. tMaitland.- Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Guthrie (replaced Lovegrove at half-time). IMIPIRE.-E. Budd. Poor kicking spoilt Claremont's early moves and East Perth, with Cronin pro minent, attacked with. the object of al lowing McAllan to bring his high-mark ing ability into effect. Free-kicks handi capped Claremont, whose players, with the exception of Reeves, Hopkins (when he had the opportunity) and Maitland, were showing bad judgment in the air. Against forwards who went in packs after the ball and were slow to move, the East Perth backs defended easily. Guhl was damaging on the wing but two posters were unlucky rewards for East Perth's superior play. At quarter-time East Perth led With 3.5 to 1.3. 0. Moloney and Hooper were promin ent in Claremont's good play which re sulted in a goal. Play was fairly even until Claremont's defence was over-run by fast drives from Miller's wing and, although Hopkins and Bee goaled for Claremont, East Perth finished the quar ter with a succession of goals from all angles, giving it a lead of 10.9 to 4.7 at half-time. After the interval Lovegrove's place on the wing was taken by Cook. Reeves and Sutherland dominated Claremont's ruck. and R. Moloney was beginning to do some effective work.. Stupid short passing among -the forwards cost Claremont dearly and East Perth made only four or five attacks past Clarke (now in great form) for three goals. The quarter ended with East Perth still well in front-13.9 to 8.10. An injury necessitated Grieve's trans ference to a forward pocket. Crow, Gra ham, J. King and other backs kept Clare mont at bay until Keeffe had increased the gap with a goal. Then, with Clarke, Hooper and G. Moloney working like Trojans, Claremont gained the upper hand. With nine minutes to go the dif ference was 3.4, but bad shots for goal ruined Claremont's hopes of success. Then Bee and Reeves collided and the - former followed Parry off the field. The game ended tamely as follows:- EAST PERTH .. .. 15.17' (107 pts.) CLAREMONT .... 12.16 (88 pts.) Scorers.--East Perth: McAllan, 6.5: Parry, 3.2; Broom, 2.3; Ward, Cronin, 1.2 each; Keeffe, 1.1; Fogarty, 1.0; Menhen nett, 0.1. Claremont: Hopkins, 7.5; Bee, 2.4; Hooper, Guthrie, 1.1 each; R. Mo loney, 1.0; Birmingham, 0.2; Grieve, Maitland, 0.1 each. For East Perth Graham was an out standing player. He was placed at centre half-back by East Perth for the first time and he overshadowed his immediate op ponent with excellent marking and ground play. Miller and Guhl had the best of matters on the wings, although they were not so prominent in the seeond half. Mussman was dashing in the centre and ruck. Crow, King and Oswald were strong in defence and Parry roved cle verly. McAllan and Broom were good forwards. Menhennett, .ogarty and Ward did solid work in the ruck. Cronin lapsed in the second half. Claremont's most consistent and reli able player was the burly Reeves, whose sure marking and determination in the ruck were outstanding. At half-back Clarke was brilliant after half-time; be fore the interval he allowed his man too much . freedom. Hooper roved. well and pluckily from start to finish and G. Mo loney was a fine player, particularly in the second half. Hopkins marked nicely and battled well, but his kicking was not as accurate as desired. Maitland was Claremont's best man in the first half, marking and kicking welL Batt had a bard task in defence and did fairly well. Sutherland was a great trier and Bee, Headon, Cook and Edmondson did some nice things. S. Moloney ran with the ball too much.