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A STIRRING FINISH. Subiaco's Narrow Escape. After leading at the end of each quar ter and having played much excellent football, Subiaco narrowly escaped de feat by Swan Districts at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. In a stirring finish, it held a slender lead in the closing minutes of play and Swan Districts, following a great effort to win from an unfavourable position, went down fighting, beaten by five points. Mediocre in the first half, the game developed into a notable contest after half-time, Subiaco gaining a good lead several times only to engage in a desperate effort to withstand strong and determined challenges from Swan Dis tricts. Better kicking won the day, but only by the narrowest of margins. The teams were: SUBIACO.-Backs: Merson, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Davies, Baut, Snashall. Centres: Brophy, Bowe, Richardson. Half-forwards: Ban croft. L. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: Hambleton, Jennings, Mills. Ruck: Roe, Browne, Stehn (rover). Nineteenth man: Fisher (replaced Browne, injured leg, in last quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Chandler. RandalL Half-backs: Easton, Sinclair, Ford. Ceqtres: Krepp. Darmody, Mosey. Half-forwards: Penberthy, Avery,-Hall. Forwardas: Park, Holds worth, Corn Rock: Forbes,:Mclnnerney, Sweet apple (rover). Nineteenth man: Sweet (replaced Erepp in last quarter). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Subiaco started with a brilliant burst of play, scoring three goals in the first three minutes. Swan Districts were slow to settle down and were beaten in the air, while Subiaco, kicking and lead ing well, was by far the better team. Its open play was brilliant, particularly from the centre to the goal area and its back men, notably L. Daily and Strack, over shadowed the Swan Districts forwards. Jennings scored Subiaco's fourth goal following a clever passing movement started by Bowe, and Swan Districts. after goaling once, missed three easy chances. Subiaco led by 25 points at quarter-time with 5.4 to 1-3. Increasing pace and infusing some sys tem into the play, Swan Districts made a much better showing in the second quarter and within a few minutes of the resumption of play scored two goals. Subiaco lapsed into desultory, careless play, its ruck lost its power and its kick ing deteriorated. Swan Districts reduced the lead to 15 points, but when S. Daily suddenly found form, Subiaco went away again. With a characteristic recovery, Swan Districts attacked, Park goaling twice. Half-time scores were:-Subiaco, 8.8; Swan Districts, 6.6. With Browne dominating the ruck, S. Daily marking well and Murphy playing coolly and effectively at half-forward Subiaco increased its lead to 26 points in the first five minutes of the third term. Although some members of the team were mishandling the ball, Subiaco's pace, sys tem and kicking to the man was of a particularly high. standard. Swan Dis tricts' pace held and Mosey and Krepp, on the wings, played excellently, but the forwards (Holdsworth excepted) were un certain and ineffective. This notwith standing, the team battled its way to the goal. The play became fast and exciting. Gradually Swan Districts reduced the lee way. A goal by Hall placed Swan Dis tricts only 13 points behind. In difficul ties, Sublaco sent S. Daily into the ruck wvith Browne and concentrated on de fence. The scores at three-quarter time were:-Subiaco, 13.9; :Swan Districts, 11.10. Maintaining its determined effort, Swan Districts completely outplayed Subiaco at the opening of the final quar ter and a. goal gave the side an even chance of winning. Subiaco fought back desperately. It lost Browne (injured), but with a burst of concerted play it scored three goals and built up its lead again to 24 points. But Swan Districts were far from beaten. Superior ruck play gave the forwards scoring chances and Holds worth goaled twice. At five minutes from time Subiaco led by only eleven points and was very tired. Picking up near the goal area, Holdsworth scored again--five points the difference. The finish was a desperate affair, Subiacd holding on just long enough to win, Swan Districts being in attack during the last minute of play. The final scores were: SUBIACO ........ 16.10 (106 points) SWAN DISTRICTS .. 15.11 (101 points) Goal-kickers.-Subiaco: S. Daily (5), Hambledon (3), Jennings (3), Stehn, Mills, Roe, Bancroft and F. Brophy; Swan Districts: Holdsworth (8), Park (2), Penberthy (2), Forbes, Gorn and Hall. Subiaco's best player was G. Browne, the young ruck man, who followed tire lessly throughout the game and marked well. He gave Subiaco a tremenc.ous ad vantage both in the ruck and amidfield. Hambledon, roving or in a place, played brilliant football in every quarter, and Murphy, in addition to doing more than his share*.of work in attack, set an ex ample of .coolness and decisiveness which was the vital factor in Subiaco's success. S. Daily kicked five goals and reached good form in two quarters, and Davies gave good service in defence. L. Daily (in patches), Merson, Bant and Stehn also did well. In beating Bowe at the centre, Dar mody showed sound form and with Holdsworth was Swan Dis-ricts' best man. Holdsworth's position play, marking and kicking was an outstanding feature of the team's football. Mosey won on his wing and Krepp played well on the other wing. Forbes and Penberthy marked well and were strong links in a solid side, and Hall played cleverly at half-forward. Park and Chandler were outstanding at times.