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EAST PERTH'S CLOSE CALL. Perth Loses by Four Points. Perth was unlucky to lose by four points to East Perth at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday. Playing the better football through extra pace, it led throughout the match until four minutes before the final bell and had the ball in scoring distance when the bell went. East Perth took full advantage of its greater weight and hnd height and kept Perth's score down by dealing severely with Gook whenever the ball went near him. The teams were: EAST PERTH.-Backs: M. Ryan. J. Kine, Crow. Half-back,: Thomas. Starr. Boundv. Centres: Miller, Museman. tGul]. Half-forwards: Broom, Cronin, Campbell. lForward: Fogarty, fcAllan, litffe. Ruck: Gralham, Gol:ing, Parrs (rover). Nineteenth man: Menhennett (replaced Miller, injured arm, in second quarter). PERTH.-Backs: Dewar, Love, Crooks. Half backs: Mullineux, Brown. Jarvis. Centres: H. Iavey, IL Grigg, Trainor. Half-forwards: Hetheringtein, Headon. O'Canllachan. Forwards: A. Grigg, Gook. Burton. Ruck: Fitzgerald, Oli pthant, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Walsh (did not play). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Perth attacked smartly from the first bounce, having the advantage of a light breeze and winning across the centre and in the ruck, with Brown keeping Cronin quiet and Oliphant, H. Grigg, H. Davey and Eeightley prominent. Both teams were playing a spectacular open game. East Perth was better in the air but lacked accuracy in kicking and Perth showed more dash. East Perth's backs defended solidly, but the ball repeatedly went back to them from the centre line. Gook was very closely watched. Perth was not allowed to waste any time in the forward area and the fact that most of the shots necessarily came from angles or from quick snaps was responsible for many behinds. Poor shooting spoilt the single chance East Perth had of opening its score and the quarter ended with Perth leading by 3.8 to nil. Perth attacked again when the second quarter opened and East Perth's game changed to vigorous bustling tactics which took the ball down for it but congested the play too much in the forward area. Perth's backs showed great spirit and no sooner did the ball reach the centre than it was sent forward with nice leading. Perth's shots, however, were kicked from too far out and Gook was crowded out when near the ball. East Perth's persis tence gave it its first goal after the game had been in progress for 40 minutes. Several others followed. Perth had fallen into the error of hanging on to the ball too long, which was a costly mistake against a team like East Perth, but, much faster to the ball, it still looked the better side and led with 4.10 to 4.5 st the bell. In the first two minutes of the third quarter Perth goaled twice and East Perth once. One of Perth's goals resulted from a free-kick to Gook, who, in the course of his rough treatment, had been sub jected to a glaring attack. East Perth had enlivened its game and, despite puz zling decisions by the umpire, the play • was brisk and incisive, with Perth's supremacy in the centre turning the scales in its favour. Perth, however, made the fatal mistake of scoring behinds where there should have been fairly easy goals. Parry was very active for East Perth and he was largely instrumental. well assisted by Keeffe, in opening up '-the play. East Perth was more potent than at any previous stage of the game, It

but Perth was still on top and an in teresting quarter ended with the scores: Perth, 8.17; East Perth, 6.8. Perth was again too fast for East Perth in the last quarter and, although against the breeze, had a big share of the play, chiefly through Oliphant's fine exhibition in the ruck. East Perth, however, using its weight freely and showing great deter mination, pressed the ball down, the tall players taking advantage of high kicks with the breeze. When Broom got two good goals it put East Perth three points in front with only four minutes to go. Excitement ran high and there were many players on the ball, which was in East Perth's favour and this .team went ahead with another point. Perth made a great finish, keeping up its pace, and King stopped several attacks in the goal mouth. Then Hetherington marked on the bell and his kick fell a few yards short with the final scores: EAST PERTH .. .. 11.10 76pts.). PERTH .. .. .. 9.18 (72pts.). Goal-kickers.-East Perth: Broom (3), Keeffe (3), McAllan (2), Cronin (2) and Parry. Perth: (Gook) 4, Olliphant (2), 1 G. Headon (2) and Hetherington. e H. Davey, Oliphant, Brown and H. 5 Grigg were a strong quartette for Perth. The placed 'nen beat their opponents 5 pointless and Oliphant dominated the 1 ruck. Jarvis was very sound and Dewar and Love saved repeatedly. Fitzgerald, t Keightley and Trainor were the best of the others. Gook thoroughly earned his four goals. Parry gave a polished exhibition for East Perth. Broom and Keeffe shone in 5 the forward lines. Crow and King were strong backs and Golding had a good second half. Thomas and Starr also were prominent. M. Ryan is to be reported by boundary umpire Hawkins for having allegedly 3 struck Hetherington.