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WEST PERTH STRIKES FORM. Runaway Win from Subiaco. Any enjoyment derived from the match at Leederville Oval on Saturday between Subiaco and West Perth was de rived by ardent West Perth supporters alone, for the play was extremely one sided and towards the end bordered on the farcical stage, when the home team, having outclassed its opponent, did as it liked and worried only about Tyson's goal aggregate. Up to quarter-time the play had a compensating feature of even ness and then West Perth over-ran Su biaco, which was all at sea without the dominating influence of Bowe, who had been carried off the field suffering from slight concussion. After the first quarter West Perth played a fast, open game, each man leading well and taking the Al

ball on the runm, whereas Sublaco's players were slow to move and doubtful in dis posing of the ball. There was then, the spectacle of West Perth. with men like Marinko and McDiarmid in great form, passing the ball from player to player, while Subiaco struggled degpeately to get the ball away from crushes and then kick it into another pack or too ft from the right position. Tyson finished with 12 goals. Following were the team.- WEST PERTH.-Backs: Flegg, Benton, Flem ming. Half-backs: Forbes, Buttsworth, Tetley. Centres: Drew. Jeavons, Coward. Half-forwards: Beveridge, McDiarmid, L. Walsh. Forwards: Anderson, Tyson, R. Screaigh. Ruck: Marinko, O'Eeeffe, Pola (rover). .ineteenth man: Lewis (did not play). SUBIACO.-Backs: Merson, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Fisher, Bant, McCallum. Centres: Donovan, Bowe, Brewer. Half-forwards: Hamble ton, Murphy, Jennings. Forwards: Bancroft, Mills, Browne. Ruck: S. Daily, Gilbert, Stehn (rover). Nineteenth man: Toll (replaced Bowe at quarter-time). UMPIRE.--G. Owens. After the players had fumbled a good deal in the vigorous opening passages, Bowe began a nice systematic Subiaco move, which resulted only in a behind. The passing to a man was astray, and Marinko, who was combining well with McDiarmid, was outstanding with stab kicks which went unerringly to a team mate. West Perth scored the first goal and Subiaco attacked fiercely, only to find the play too crowded and Tetley al most impassable near the goal. Temporar ily Subiaco's ruck was the stronger and it was Stehn's nippy play in the forward area which enabled the side to gain a handy lead. West Perth could not make any headway until Benton came right through to the centre and placed his side in attack with a long kick. Two goals followed and West Perth's dashing backs prevented a further score by Subiaco. In a collision with Fisher, Bowe, after tak ing a good mark, came down heavily on his head and for six or seven minutes before the bell received treatment. At quarter time Subiaco led with 4.1 to 3.4. Play was delayed while Bowe was car ried off the field. Players persisted with futile short passes and that silly extra bounce of the ball until West Perth got into its stride. A popular left-foot goal was kicked by O'Keeffe and West Perth had the lead. Occasionally Brewer, now in the centre, did something effective, but Mills, well guarded by Benton, kicked poorly for goal. Marinko was blocking Subiaco on all parts of the field and Tyson scouted cleverly. Subiaco was obviously weakening and now high mark ing relieved the drabness of the play. By half-time West Perth had increased its lead to 9.6 to 4.3. After the interval West Perth over shadowed Sublaco in all phases of the game and interest centred in Tyson's goal kicking. O'Keeffe was an outstanding West Perth player in the third term, taking some excellent marks. When Su blaco's defendeas, with Merson most pro minent, livened up, the game was of the kick-to-kick type. At three-quarter time the scores were 13.10 to 4.5 in West Perth's favour. Bant was a determined battler for Subiaco in the last term, during which its worries were increased when Gilbert was hurt. Flemming ran out and pre vented Gilbert from marking in front of the goal by punching the ball about 15 yards away. Gilbert was knocked simul taneously. Subiaco's forwards were hope lessly beaten and West Perth continued to play systematically. Final scores: WEST PERTH. .. 19.15 (129pts.) SUBIaCO . . . . 4. 7 (31pte.) Scorera.-West Perth: Tyson. 12.5; Pola, 2.2; OKeeffe, Anderson, 12 each; Screaigh, McDiarmid and Beveridge, L1 each. Subiaco: Stehn. 2.0; Bancroft, 1.1; Hambleton. 1.0; Mills, 0.2; Donovan, Murphy, Jennings and Bant, 0.1 each. West Perth's team included several fine players. Marinko played his best game for a long time, his sure handling of the ball and accurate kicking throughout the match being excellent. O'Keeffe and McDiarmid were other strong followers, the former giving another brilliant exhi bition of high marking. Benton was very solid in goal, although it must be said that the defenders did not have a hard task. Flegg, Tetley, Buttsworth and Flem ming all did well in defence. The centre line was strong in each quarter. Tyson played nicely at full forward and Pola was a clever rover. Beveridge was useful It is hard to name a Subiaco man who played well throughout the game. Had all shown the same determination as Bant the side would have done better. Stehn and Hambleton (early), Bancroft, Browne, Strack, Brewer (in patches), Donovan (when roving) and Merson were the best of the others. Bowe did well until injured.