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VICTORY HARD WON. South Fremantle's Success. Establishing a big lead in the first cuarter and playing steadily in the second half of the game, South Freman tle gained a hard-won victory over Swan Districts at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. Mainly because of its more systematic play and its pace, South

Fremantle led throughout the game but it had to withstand a strong challenge in the last quarter when both teams played desperately. The teams were: SOUTH FREMARTLE.-Backs: Jasper, Brown. Pead. Half-backs: Alexander, White, M. Hay Sward. Centres: Back, Mills, Lewington. Half forwards: W. Smith, D. Smith, Mathews. For wards: Richardson, Poqle, Orr. Ruck: Ditch burn, W. Hayward, E. Hayward (rover). 19th man: Hagan (replaced D. Smith, injured leg in third quarter) SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Hunter, Randall Half-backs: Hunt, Chandler, Ford. Centres: Erepp, Darmody, Hall Half-forwards: Park, Sinclair. Avery. Forwards: Fountain, IHoldsworth, Gorn. Buck: Forbes, McInnerney, Mosey (rover). 19th man: Penberthy (did not play)- , UMPIRE.--C. N. Cok. Playing at a fast pace, South Freman tie dominated the game in the early stages of the first quarter, W. Smith and Poole goaling. Swan Districts lacked pace and cohesion and, with the excep tion of Forbes, failed in the air. Swan Districts' few movements towards the goal generally ended in confusion and scrimmaging in'the forward line. Using hand-ball to advantage and kicking well, South Fremantle ran to a five-goal lead when E. Hayward. Ditchburn and Back each goaled within the space of five minutes. In the last few minutes of the quarter Swan Districts managed to work its way forward but five behinds was the only result of a lot of strenuous, but ragged play. There was some unbeliev ably bad kicking by both sides during the quarter, which ended with the scores: South Fremantle, 5.3; Swan Districts, 0.5. Swan Districts improved in the second quarter and played with better judgment. South Fremantle lost its precision and started to close up the game. Its de fenders, notably White, held the team together until it regained its form. Two goals were scored by Swan Districts but three quickly-scored goals (two by Poole) placed South Fremantle 31 points in the lead. The pace of the game slack ened by half and the play resolved into a bout of strength, with South Fremant2e playing the better. Tre scores at half time were: South Fremantle, 8.4: Swan Districts, 3.10. In a spectacular burst of play, Swan Districts goaled twice in the first three minutes of the third quarter and South Fremantle led by only 11 points. South Fremantle was nonplussed. Holdsworth scored his third, and Swan Districts' sixth goal. South Fremantle, hard-pressed, clapped on pace but Swan Districts main tained the pressure. Chances near the goal were lost. South Fremantle's back lines rose to the occasion, and a long awaited goal by W. Smith re-established the team's lead. Five behinds from the five shots which followed indicated South Fremantle's uncertainty in front of goaL The scores at the close of the quarter were: South Fremantle, 11.9; Swan Dis tricts, 6.11. Swan Districts set to with a will in the last quarter and a goal by Holds worth gave the team a fighting chance of success with' 15 minutes to play. But South Fremantle played steadily when under pressure. With a sudden break away from the half-back line, Swan Dis tricts went forward and Avery, after a bad fumble, goaled. Three shots by South Fremantle yielded only behinds. Swan Districts made a desperate finish ing effort and the play became rough and spiteful Pinned down South Fre mantle staked everything on its pace and condition. Brown, in goal, saved the side half a dozen times. Tired, but still playing hard, South Fremantle hung on to win, the final scores being: SOUTH FREMANTLE, 11.13 (79 pts.). SWAN DISTRICTS . . 8.14 (62 pts.). Goal-kickers. - South Fremantle: Poole (4), W. Smith (2), E. Hayward (2), Back, Richardson and Ditchburn. Swan Districts: Holdsworth (4), Park. Mosey, Avery and McInnerney. 0. White, at half-back, in out-laying Chandler, the Swan Districts leader, and N. Lewington, the young wing-man, were South Fremantle's outstanding players. Lewington, a tenacious and accomplished player, was at his best when the team was in difficulties. Mills won at the centre and Poole, in front of goal, played excellent position and fought hard for his goals. W. Hayward, E. Hayward, W. Smith (a resourceful half-forward), Brown (in the last quar ter), Back and D. Smith (until injured) also did well. Mosey and Krepp strove hard to win for Swan Districts and Forbes marked well at times. Hunter, in goal, did a lot of work and did it well, and Holdsworth made position cleverly and kicked well. Randall, Hall and Hunt also played well.