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A 'MAGNIFICENT RECOVERY. East Fremantle's Success. Making a wonderful effort in the last r half, East Fremantle just succeeded in de feating West Perth at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday. It was a magnificent t struggle in every way. In the first term the East Fremantle defence lines played really well to hold West Perth's advan tage down to 3.7. With the wind in the second quarter, however, East Premantle failed lamentably against the superb de fence set up by Buttsworth, Forbes, Ben ton and Tetley, and West Perth deservedly led by 3.3 at half time. The football in the third quarter bordered on the sen sational. Within four minutes West Perth kicked as many goals, and interest in the contest was plainly waning when the scores stood at 10.8 to 3.5. A re markable recovery was made by East I Fremantle, inspired by the superb foot ball of its captain, C. Jarvis. Three goals by G. Doig and one by Rose gave East Fremantle a fighting chance at the last i change-over, the deficiency having been reduced to 4.8. It was soon made 5.8, after which West Perth failed to score. East Fremantle then ran up six goals and nine minutes before time led by two points. West Perth still attacked against the wind, but East Fremantle, after seve ral hair-breadth escapes, broke away and held on to win one of the best games of the season. The teams were: EAST FREMAhNTLE.-Backs: N. Doig, Kenney, Haskell. Half-backs: Fordham, C. Jarvis, J. Munro. Centres: Seubert, C. Doig. Migro. Half forwards: James, Daniell, Rowland. Forwards: IcGlinn, G. Doig, Rose. Ruck: Martiensen, Donegan, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: D. Munro (did not play). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Banner. Benton, Flegg. Half-backs: Forbes, Buttsworth, Tetley. Centres: Coward, Jeavons, Drew. Half-forwards:- Lewis, McDiarmid, Anderson. Forwards: Pola, Tyson. Ford. Ruck: O'Keeffe, Marinko, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Scresigh (replaced Bainoldi near half-time). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. The strength of the wind was im mediately evident when West Perth at tacked, but East Fremantle's backs marked surprisingly well Marinko and Anderson were in fine form for West Perth and were instrumental in securing West Perth's first goaL Anderson fol lowed with a great goal. Seubert was a shining light on the wing for East Fre mantle, which had cause for satisfaction at West Perth's low scoring. In reality, East Fremantle was playing, the better game, and the football was already grim. For East Fremantle Haskell was a telling factor on the full-back line. With Jarvis beginning to show his best form. Some excellent foot-passing enabled G. Doig I to goal against the wind. It was East Fremantle's only score for the term, dur ing which West Perth twice hit the post. Tyson goaled rather luckily for West Perth, but Anderson's goal was another fine effort. Quarter-time scores:-West Perth, 4.7; East Fremantle, 1.0. East Fremantle, with the wind, opened badly and deteriorated as the quarter ad vanced. From an easy position, Tyson hit the post. Forbes, Benton and Butts worth were beating East Fremantle's for wards, G. Doig battling gamely but being hampered for room and closely watched by Benton. West Perth managed to keep East Fremantle's scoring down by playing the correct wing, and handling the ball in a much surer manner than East Fre mantle, whose ground play was atrocious. Daniell was proving useful for East Fre mantle at half-forward and assisted G. Doig to score East Fremantle's first goal of the term. Truscott followed with an other, but Anderson and Tyson placed West Perth in a strong position at half time, 6.8 to 3.5. Tyson cleverly snapped a goal with the left foot, following it with another im mediately after. A perfect hand-pass by Anderson to Pola, and three goals had

been registered in as many minutes. At this stage the scores were 9.8 to 3.5 it West Perth's favour. Fumbling was ram part in East Fremantle's ranks, while in the air it cut a sorry figure by compari son. A goal by Coward from the wing was West Perth's fourth in a line. Ju-t as the game was losing interest, East Fremantle began a most remarkable re covery, playing with such vigour that West Perth was swept off its feet. Fighting like demons against the wind, Rose and G. Doig added three goals in three minutes, and another goal by G. Doig bal anced West Perth's earlier sequence. Then a mistake by N. Doig presented We Perth with a goal scored by Forbes, and the bell rang with West Perth well ahead -11.13 to 7.5. An early goal by Tyson pointed to West Perth's ultimate victory. It was, how ever, West Perth's last scoring shot. East Fremantle was set on its road to victory by G. Doig. West Perth fought desperately, but East Fremantle was irresistible. Rose played magnificently in attack and his three goals alarmed West Perth. East Fremantle was also well served by Rowland at the crisis, and his two goals placed East Fremantle two points in front. East Fremantle had scored six goals in 16 minutes. West Perth pressed across the centre, but East Fremantle's defences were inspired by Jarvis, who often beat several opponents. N. Doig and Kenney lent valuable sup port, and West Perth's attacks were rendered valueless. Ford might have swung the game West Perth's way, but his shot could hardly have been worse, and East Fremantle broke away, with West rsrth fighting its hardest to the end. Final scores: EAST FREMANTLE . . 13.10 (88 pts.) WEST PERTH . . . . 12.13 (85 pts.) Goal-kickers.-East Fremantle: G. Doig (6), Rose (4), Rowland (2), Trus cott. West Perth: Tyson (5), Anderson (3), Pola (2), Coward and Forbes. East Fremantle's finest player was Jar vis, whose form has never been better. Jarvis mastered every opponent and gave a will-o'-the-wisp display. Haskell was solid and consistent throughout, with an added dash of brilliance in the first half. Both were given generous support by Kenney and N. Doig. Migro was at his best on the wing when the going was hardest, with Seubert and C. Doig com pleting a competent centre line. In at tack, Daniell was a power, while G. Doig's six goals were well-deserved. Others who figured prominently were Rose (last quarter), Rowland and Truscott, with Martiensen and Donegan playing major parts in the ruck. For merit no West Perth player ap proached Buttsworth at centre-hbalf-back, where his marking, judgment, and clear ances were very fine. Benton played well in goals, with high marking, well-tiined dashes, and kicking in all of a high stan dard. Nor was it the fault of Flegg. and Forbes that West Perth was beaten. In the first half, Anderson was a champion in the ruck and at half-forward, where he kicked three of the best goals of the match. Marinko followed strongly, while others often under notice were Tetley Tyson, McDairmid, Jeavons and Lewis.