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PERTH IN FORM. South Fremantle Easily Beaten. Perth beat South Fremantle by 33 points at the W.A.C.A. ground on Satur day, and gave the impression that it could have won by more if it had not slackened in the closing stages of the last quarter after it had gained a ten goal lead. Perth rose to heights it had not reached for.several seasons and, what is more important, had 18 men effective, the. most noticeable improvement being in the kicking and cohesion in attack. South Fremantle gave a poor showing in compafison, but from the play it seemed that this was caused not so much by its having an off-day as by the fact that it could not get going because of Perth's system. South Fremantle's chief weakness was in its defence, its backs being left behind by Perth's smart for wards. The teams were: I'ERTH.-Backs: Dewar, Love, Crooks. Balf hacks: Mullineux, A. Brown, Jarvis. Centres: LH Davey, H. Grigg, Trainor. Half-forwards: Hetherington, Headon, O'Callaghan. Forwards: A. Grigg, Gook, Burton. Ruck: Fitzgerald, Oli pliant, Eeightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Davies (did not play). SOUTH FREiANiTLE.-Backs: Alexander, Lawn, Hagan. Half-backs: F. Brown. White, Back. Centres: E. Hayward, Mills, Lewington. Half-forwards: Smith, Ditchburn, Matthews. For wards: Richardson, Poole, Orr. Ruck: W. Hay ward. 31. Hayward, J. Doig (rover). Nine teenth man: Caddy (replaced White, knee in jury, in last quarter). UMPIRE.-L. McComish. The play was fast and open from the first bounce. Attacking around H. Davey's wing, Perth goaled through Gook twice in the first three minutes. The team was leading and kicking better than previously and handling the ball surely, and its forwards surprised with their systematic efficiency. Oliphant, Keight ley, H. Davey, Gook, A. Grigg and Burton were prominent. South Fremantle was p

winning in the centre and Ditchburn and W. Smith were prominent on the half forward line, but for the most part the team lacked pace, its kicking was short and erratic, and its forward play was too cramped. Stong in the ruck and helped by South Fremantle's misdirected disposal, Perth was in attack most of the time and deserved criticism only on the point that its players were inclined to spoil each other. It led by 7.5 to 1.3 at the bell. When the second quarter opened, South Fremantle livened up, but scored four behinds in a row. Then Perth's ruck strength asserted itself and this team scored more with fewer opportunities. Chiefly through Lewington, White and Mills, South Fremantle turned the attack, but broke down repeatedly in the forward lines, partly because the forwards hung back and partly because the kicking to them was inaccurate. Perth, more dash ing and with better control of the ball, went further ahead. After 12 minutes had passed, South Fremantle recovered and put on three goals in a few minutes, with W. Hayward showing out in the ruck, Lewington in dazzling form and Matthews and Ditchburn also prominent. Perth, with Gook and A. Grigg combin ing excellently, was showing better un derstanding, but South Fremantle, although patchy, kept attacking around Lewington's wing and had drawn up a little at half-time, when the scores were:-Perth. 12.7: South Fremantle, 7.10. South Fremantle swung into its best form in the third quarter, increasing its pace, showing more cohesion and having more certainty in attack, although its kicking was still not as reliable, as it might be. W. and E. Hayward, Smith, Poole, Ditchburn, Orr and Mills showed out. But Perth was in great form. The backs held well, Brown, Fitzgerald, Love and Dewar repeatedly coming under notice, and sent the team forward again. Gook was unbeatable, with G. Headon leading in well. South Fremantle's backs were now watching their men better and the play became rough; at one stage three men came down in a crush and lay on the ground together. Perth's for wards, thrown off their balance for the time being, crowded their own play and South Fremantle carried the ball away, only Brown's solid work preventing it from scoring. Perth steadied and, with Oliphant and H. Grigg outstanding, went ahead to 17.13 against 10.12, at three quarter time. In the last quarter H. Grigg domin ated the play in midfield, kicking beauti fully to the forwards, where Gook was receiving great help from Keightley and A. Grigg. Perth, sustaining its form and pace, and combining very well, went away to a 61-point lead. ; With the result a foregone conclusion, ° its players relaxed and South Fremantle, showing what it might have done if it had not met with such formidable opposition, put on. 4.4 in quick time, making the final scores: PERTH ...... .. 2L13 (139pts.). S. FREMANTLE 151 (106 pts.). Goal-kickers.-Pertht Gook (10), Keightley (5), A. Grigg (3), Oliphant, O'Callaghan and Headon. South Fre mantle: Ditchburn (4), W. Hayward (4), Poole (3). Matthews (3) and Hagan. For Perth, Gook was brilliant. His leading, marking and kicking were fault less and, while he scored ten goals him self, his unselfish play was instrumental in others getting goals. No less valuable to the team was Brown, and Keightley and A. Grigg played first-class football. Burton played consistently well through out; H. Grigg scintillated in the centre, more especially in the last quarter; H. Davey was dashing on a wing;: and Oli phant and Fitzgerald were solid both following and placed. Jarvis and Dewar were the best of the backs and Headon and O'Callaghan also gave conspicuous service. For South Fremantle, Ditchburn, both following anld forward, was the most con sistently effective. W. Hayward, who was one of the best followers in the match, showed that he has talent above the ordinary; Smith gave evidence of his ability as a half-forward; Poole shone in front of goals; Lewington was brilliant at times on a-wing;. and J. Mills.played solidly at centre. Orr, E. and M. Hay ward, Matthews and J. Doig were the best of the others.