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A BRILLIANT LAST QUARTER. South Fremantle's Fine Victory. Playing brilliantly in the last quarter when, kicking against the wind it scored 5.1 to its opponent's 1.5, South Fre mantle easily defeated East Perth at the Fremantle Oval yesterday. Played for the most part in driving rain and a strong northerly -wind, the game wss not spectacular, :but for the -first three quarters there was little between the teams, and South Fremantle, which was to kick against the wind in the last quarter, was by no means safe when it was only 4.1 in front at three-quarter time. In the last term, however, it added three goals in about five minutes and, maintaining the pressure, soon had the game won. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Back, Lawn, Pead. Half-backs: Brown, White, Jasper. Centres: E. Hayward, Mills, Lewington. Half forwards: W. Smith, D. Smith, Matthews. For wards: Richardson, Poole, Orr. Followers: W. Hayward, Ditchburn, J. Dqig (rover). Nine teenth man: Hagan: (did not play). EAST PERTH--Backs: Crow, King, Fogarty. Half-backs: Mussman, Starr, Thomas. Centres: Miller, Cronin, CuhL Half-forwards: Dook. Men hennett, CampbelL Forwards: Keeffe, McAllan, Graham. Followers: B. Ryan, Golding, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Ward (replaced Screaigh, injured leg, in third quarter). South Fremantle quickly made use of the strong wind in its favour in the first quarter, but several shots went astray before Poole snapped a goal from close in. From the start the East Perth back men offered stout opposition. King being particularly effective, while on the centre line Cronin and Guhl were too good for opponents. South Fremantle was in attack for practically .the whole of the quarter, but a few minutes before the bell East Perth forced the ball down and Miller, from a free-kick, scored his team's first goal, making the scores: South Frenmantle, 5.7; East Perth, 1.4. With its rack men having, the better of the play and its forwards combining as well as the difficult conditions would allow, East Perth quickly reduced the de ficit during the second quarter. It did not have things all its own way, how ever, for South Fremantle: scored a goal soon after the start and -then defended strongly,. White being almost unbeatable. Until the last ten minutes of the quarter East Perth seemed almost certain to take the lead by half-time. but South Fre mantle came with a brilliant burst which, after several minutes' exciting play, re sulted in J. Doig snapping a goal At half-time South Fremantle still held a handy lead-7.8 to 59. - The wind had dropped considerably by the time the third quarter began, but it still gave South Fremantle a decided advantage. Early in the quarter South Fremantle scored two goals but for the rest of the term East Perth was defin itely on top. and for most of the time had the ball in its forward lines. Cronin. and Guhl, who were playing together well. -initiated several attacks for East Perth. but these were countered by the efforts of the South Fremantle back men and it was not until about three minutes before the end of the quarter that East Perth goaled. The scores at the end of the quarter were:-South Fremantle, 10.11; East Perth, 6.10. A remarkable change came over the game immediately after the start of the last quarter. South Fremantle, by a mag nificent effort, scored three goals in five minutes. East Perth's chances were doomed. Gaining more confidence as the margin between the two teams widened, South Fremantle completely overwhelmed East Perth, and at one stage during the quarter it was 9.1 in the lead. East Perth seemed completely disorganised, its players lagging behind their opponents and being repeatedly out of position. It was not until six minutes before the end that East Perth scored a goal, but by this time a South Fremantle victory was as sured, and when the final bell rang the scores were: SOUTH FREMANTLE 15.12 (102pts.) EAST PERTH . . . 7.15 (57pts.) Goal-kickers.-South Fremantle: Orr (3), Matthews (3), Poole, J. Doig, W. Smith and D. Smith (2 each), and W. Hayward. East Perth: Miller (2), Mc Allan (2), Cronin, Screaigh and Camp bell. For the winning team none did bet ter than the captain. G. White. Sta tioned at centre-half-back, he domin ated the play all day, handling the wet

ball well and disposing of it to advan tage. Ditchburn did well in the ruck and D. Smith did more than his share on the half-forward line. Others who did well were W. and E. Hayward. Lawn, Back and Matthews. For the first three quarters when he was in the centre, Cronbn was East Perth's outstanding player, outpointing his immediate opponent and sending the ball well down to the forward lines. In the last quarter, however, he went up to the forward line and was not sighted nearly as often. Guhl gave a sterling display on the wing and J. King and Mussman were solid in defence. Miller, Menhennett and Dook also did wel.