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STEADY AT CRITICAL STAGES. East Fremantle Extended. Steadiness at a stage when an accurate, long kick, the acceptance of a promising lead or .a free-kick meant everything, coupled with the ability to fight on after strenuous play, enabled East Fremantle to gain a meritorious win from Subiaco on the Subiaco Oval yesterday. To finish three goals ahead of a team which had increased a bare lead of two points to 2.2 in quick time towards the end of the third quarter---a big advantage with heavy rain, a greasy ball and slippery ground to contend with-was a good performance on East Fremantle's part. The spectators, snug under shelter or regardless of the weather, roared themselves hoarse as first one team and then the other took com mand until Subiaco, growing desperate as a result of East Frgmantle's fine re covery at the start of the last term, fought a losing battle without losing any of its determinaion. In the first half goals were scored against the wind much more easily than with it, but after half time the heavier scoring was done at the city end. East Fremantle owed its suc cess largely to the efforts of its wing

men, Donegan (who had a big task In the ruck), its rovers and alert forwards, among whom Rowlands rose excellently to the occasion after. G. Doig had been forced to rest but not to loaf in a pocket. In the third quarter Murphy, the Subiaco -captain, played an inspired game, but against such reliable back men he could not keep up such a display. -The teams were:- EAST FREMANTLE.--Backs: C. Doig, Kenney, N, Doig. Half-backs- Haskgell, C. Jarvis, J. Munro. C ientres: Migro, Hutchinson, Seubert. Half-for wards: W. James, Dkniell, Rowlanda Forwards: W. Doig, G. Doig, iMcGlinn. Ruck: Martiensen, Donegan, TrusCott (rover). Nineteenth man: D. Munro (replaced W. Doig, injured back, at half time.) SUBIACO.-Backs: Briggs, L. Daily, Strack. HalbIIcks: -McCallum,- &-Daily,-Bant.--Centres: Peers." Bowe; :Donovan. -ialf-forwards: Jennings, Murphy, R. Toll. Forwards:.Hambleton, Bancroft, Mills. Ruck: Gilbert Roe, Stehn-(rover). Nine teenth man: Fisher (replaced Gilbert, injured shoulder, in third quarter).. - UMPIRE.-G. Owens. - A cross wind worried .the players at the start, and Subiaco's tendency to maul the man enabled East Fremantle to move into attack and obtain a goal from W. Doig, who made his shot. after being severely knocked. Bant was one of many hard battlers, but L.Dally. was providing spectacular play with brilliant high mark ing. - Seubert's nice..:play was well fin ished off by McGlinn, who goaled, and up to that point East Fremantle's. handling of the ball and tactics had been by far the better. Then, with. Mills, Murphy and Peers coming into the pictute, Subiaco pressed forward, but poor kicking and lack of cohesion wasted many good moves. At quarter-time East Fremantle led with 2.0 to 0.2. For six minutes an even struggle en sued, backs beating the forwards at each end, before Danlell goaled for East Fre mantle. There was plenty of life in Subiaco's play, but near the goal it was weak, and it was not until Stehn "soc cered" the ball through that the side scored its first goaL Some excellent marks were taken, but for the most part the player who could pick up the ball and kick it without wasting time was the man who counted. Hambleton was one who shone in this respect, and Sublaco, with L. Daily solid in defence, and Jen nings playing cleverly at half-forward, gradually assumed control. Jennings was continually doing effective work, and at half-time Subiaco was in front-5.5 to 3.0. After Rowlands, who had taken the place of G. Doig as full forward in the second quarter, had goaled with a nice screw-kick, the play was ragged for a period until East Fremantle opened out and clapped on the pace. Donegan, se curing the knock-out from the ruck, was largely responsible for the moves which gave East Fremantle a lead of two points. Two goals to Subiaco and a behind to East Fremantle kept the crowd interested, and L. Daily continued to hold up East Fremantle. At last East Freantle broke through and scored a goaL Then Mur phy dominated the play. so Iruch so that Jarvis brought Hutchinson down to cen tre-half-back. Goals were added in quick succession, but a goal from G. Doig shortly before the bell eased East Fre mantle's position. At three-quarter time Subiaco led with 10.5 to 8.3. Subiaco gave ground grudgingly-. out in fairly quick time Rowlands's skilful play had helped East Fremantle to draw to within two points of Subinco. Against a vigorous defence, East Fremantle was pressing hard, and a beautiful left-foot snapshot by G. Doig placed it four points in front. East Fremantle's centre lne had been turning the scale, and an im provement by Subisaco on the ,wings gave It a chance to recover. The play grew fierce, but East Fremantle's men played coolly. Half-way through the quarter East Fremantle was nine noints in front, and it then played defensively. McGllnn was doing good work near the hllf-back line, and Seubert was still going strongly. Sheer ruggedness and determination en abled Subiaco to force its way through, and. Mills was unlucky to hit the post with his shot. After that Subiaco did not look like winning, and the game ended in a heavy shower with the scores as follows: EAST FREMANTLE .. 13.7 (85pts.) SUBIACO ........ 10.7 (67pts.). Goal-kickers.--East Fremantle: G. Doig (4), Rowlands (4),: D. Munro (2), Mc glinn, W. Doig, and Daniell Subiaco: Bancroft (3), Jennings (2), Hambleton (2). Stehn, Mills and Murphy. For East Fremantle Donegan did the lion's share of the work. He was in the ruck for the greater part of the game, and his knocking out and stamina were outstanding features. On the wing Seu bert gave an excellent display. He was

not very prominent in the irst term, but, gaining confidence, worked up to excel lent form. Migro, on the other wing, also gave a dashing display. Rowlands was brilliant in attack in the second half, and Kenney was very solid in goal. Truscott and McGlinn were nippy rovers. Hut chinson, Haskell, Martiensen, and N. Doig were the best of a good remainder. G. Doig did well to kick four goals, consider ing that he was suffering from a leg in jury. On the Subiaco side none did more effective work than Murphy, who struck excellent form, in the third quarter par ticularly, and ran himself to a standstil. Hambleton roved cleverly and seldom failed to pass the ball on to a team-mate. Jennings gave a fine display at half forward. L. Daily was hard to pass at full back. S. Daily, Bant, Bowe (first half particularly), Mills (in patches), McCallum, Strack. and Gilbert (until in jured) did some good work. R. Toll's dis play. was promising.