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ALL-ROUND STRENGTH. Claremont Defeats West Perth. Maintaining its consistent form and fielding a better balanced side, Claremont broke a long succession of defeats by West Perth at the Claremont Oval yes terday, winning a stubbornly-contested. fast match by 16 points. Its centre line, comprising G. Moloney, Edmondson and Lovegrove, is particularly deserving of praise, and excellent defence lines were headed by Batt and S. Moloney. At one stage in the second term. West Perth had struggled to a one-point lead, but Claremont tackled in earnest and led by four points at the long interval. West Perth was outplayed in the last half, few of its players rising above mediocrity, and many falling far below it. Against the wind, West Perth failed to score a

point during the match. Claremont, how ever, managed two goals and several be hinds, and fully deserved its win. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Claybrook, Batt, S. Moloney. HAlf-backs: S. Headon, R. Moloney, Grieve. Centres: Edmondson, G. Moloney, Love grove. Half-forwards: Reeves, Boys, Jones. For wards: 'Cook, Hopkins, P. Hooper. Ruck: Bir mingham, Guthrie, Jack Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Skinner (replaced Claybrook in last quarter). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Flemming, Benton, Bonner. .Half-backs: Forbes, Buttsworth, Tetley. Centres: Coward, Jeavons, Drew. Half-forwards: Flegg, Lewis, Anderson. Forwards: McDiarmid, Tyson, Pola. Ruck: O'Keeffe, Ford, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Gregg (replaced Bon ner at half-time). UMPIRE.-L McComish. With a strong wind behind it, Clare mont was quickly into attack, but well manned -defence lines prevented: Clare mont from scoring for five minutes. A long angle goal by J. Hooper started the scoring. Considering the elements against it, West Perth was doing well, and, though hard pressed, its ability to keep the ball on the flanks staved off trouble. Flem ming and Benton were strong defenders, but Claremont was not to be denied. Accurate-kicking by Birmingham raised a goal, making Claremont's score 2.2 to nil after 15 minutes' play. A shot by Reeves floated through the goal, its force deceiv ing the West Perth backs. At this stage, West Perth appeared to be the ultimate winner owing to its greater dash and bet ter understanding,. A few behinds came Claremont's way, but West Perth had been unable to score, and the quarter ended:-Claremont, 3.7; West Perth, nil. Claremont battled strongly against the wind, and scored a point. Its play actually improved, and as the result of excellent football, Cook goaled. This score was of immense value to Claremont. A fine goal by Anderson, who was in great form, was followed by another kicked by Tyson. The brilliant and reliable Batt was cheered for several clearances, and after ten minutes' play West Perth still had a gap of 2.6 to bridge. Errors by Clare mont's backs enabled Tyson to get through to goal, and two further goals by Rainoldi, who was roving brilliantly, gave West Perth a one-point lead. Claremont re covered surprisingly after West Perth's string of five goals, and Cook again goaled against the wind with a grand shot from the pocket. Claremont was entitled to its lead of four points at half-time, when the scores were:-Claremont, 5.8; West Perth, 5.4. Birmingham again kicked a long-dis tance goal two minutes after the resump tion. West Perth's attacks, however, fell away before a sound defence headed by Batt and S. Moloney, who was often bril liant. Birmingham was doing great work in the ruck, while Jack Hooper not only roved cleverly and led the attack, but kicked two goals that Claremont badly needed before it had to face the wind which still blew fiercely. Flemming was penalised at this stage for deliberating too long, and the free-kick to Cook re sulted in a goal, leaving West Perth a heavy task at three-quarter time, the scores being:--Claremont, 9.15; West Perth, 5.4. Benton was now placed at half-forward and Flemming was used in the rack. Claremont, however, was a determined side, its centre line winning well. West Perth was making no impression, and was being beaten at all points of the game. Claremont was strong enough to hold its own against the wind. A goal by Ander son- early in the term had been followed by a long lean patch, and the match was almost over before Tyson and Ford added goals. In the last few minutes, Clare mont was again dominant, and its last kick hit the post. Final scores: CLAREMONT ...... 9.18 (72pts.). WEST PERTH .. .. 88 (56pts.). Goal-kickers.-Claremont: Jack Hooper (3), Cook (3), Birmingham (2), and Reeves. West Perth: Tyson (3), Ander son (2), Rainoldi (2), and Ford. Claremont fielded a solid team, in which every player added his quota. Jack Hooper was the most effective player, but S. Maloney, Batt and Lovegrove were a bril liant trio. Birmingham followed strongly,

and others more than useful were 8. Headon, Edmondson, Jones and Cook. West Perth carried too many ineffec tive players. Anderson rendered fine ser vice, but the back lines broke down after playing really well in the first quarter. Rainoldi ran Anderson closest for the club honours, and others who played fairly well were Flemming. Tetley, Jeavons and Drew.