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SYSTEM IN ATTACK. Swan Districts' Good Form. Swan Districts won well from Perth at Bassendean yesterday. The football was good and the play full of interest. Perth, with a sound line from goal to goal, and its ruck working well, played a strong, straight-ahead game, but was against a team which matched its pace and vigour and showed greater all-round strength. Swan Districts' work was smooth and even, except during the second quarter, when it had a lapse of fiddling about with the ball and went behind. Where its victory lay chiefly was in the sys tem of its forwards, who gave a polished display. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Sweet, Hunter, Easton. Half-backs: Hunt, Chandler, Penberthy. Centres: Krepp, Darmody, Hall. Half-forwards: Taylor, Sinclair, Forbes. Forwards: Park, Holds worth, Gorn. Ruck: McInnerney, Murray, Mosey (rover). Nineteenth man: Randall (replaced Murray, leg injury, in the last quarter). PERTH.-Backs: Crooks, Brown, Love. Half backs: G. Davey, Jarvis, Wormald. Centres: Trainor, H. Davey, Puddey. Half-forwards: Dewar, Hetherington, O'Callaghan. Forwards: A. Grigg, Gook, Burton. Ruck: Fitzgerald, Oliphant, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Bandy (did not play). UMPIRE.-E. Budd. Swan Districts began in fine style. Chandler to Murray to Park produced a goal in the .first 40 seconds, and' Park goaled again two minutes later. Murray and McInnerney were doing well in the ruck, all the forwards were shaping nicely, especially Gorn and Park, and when the ball went the other way Chandler and Hunt prevented it from passing the: half back line. Brown saved repeatedly with great dashes from the goals. Perth even tually settled down, and, chiefly through the agency of H. Davey, Oliphant and Kfeightley, developed an effective ;game straight down the centre of the' field. With Gook playing well out from the goalmouth, these direct methods bore fruit and enabled Perth to match .Swan Districts, although having more weak spots in the team. Swan Districts, play ing around Krepp's wing, were using long, well-directed punts, which found the forwards in position. Perth tried too many drop-kicks for a wet day, but after a while Brown was given more assistance by the backs, principally Fitzgerald, when he dropped out of the ruck. Swan Districts speeded up and good play by Krepp, Chandler and Holdsworth yielded a goal, which gave the team a lead of 6.4 to 5.4 at the first bell. With Krepp and Darmody prominent in some pretty passing moves, Swan Dis tricts unfolded good system when the second quarter began, but several scor ing shots went out of bounds and then Perth rose to its best form. Brown, Fitz gerald, H. Davey, Oliphant or Hethering ton and Cook made a strong line, and Jarvis, A. Grigg, Gook and Burton smart ened the attack, although Gook found that, while beating Hunter through his long-range tactics, he had to put too much weight into the heavy ball and this spoilt his accuracy. Swan Districts made the error of hanging on to the ball too long, Chandler being a notable offender, and its hesitance in disposal and in cov ering opposing men caused it to drop be-. hind, its score being 8.4 against 9.8 at half-time. On the resumption of play, Chandler changed Taylor and Holdworth around, put Sinclair at centre half-back, him self at centre, and Darmody at centre half-forward, but soon found it better to change places with Darmody. In the meantime Perth had goaled. Swan Dis tricts, however, took charge again, re covering its first-quarter smartness, and finding Chandler's accurate kicking bene ficial in attack. The forwards were in great form, with Gorn and Park out standing, but eight behinds were scored in a row before a goal came. Brown was performing heroically, but Swan Districts' system could not be stemmed. When Perth eventually rallied, muddling forward work nullified its efforts. Swan Districts led by 12.13 to 10.12 at three quarter time. Swan Districts played in winning vein in the last quarter, and went further ahead, the forwards being too smart for the opposing backs, who cramped their play. Perth, however, was in great heart and when Murray was carried off the field with a leg injury it gained an ad vantage in the reck, which sent it into attack. Hunt, MclInnerney and Sinclair defended strongly. The vigorous, fast play revealed the weaknesses, and Swan Districts showed itself the stronger and steadier side. In a heavy downpour of rain in the last five minutes, Perth showed greater talent at soccering the ball and got two goals, making the final scores: SWAN DISTRICTS .. 16.14 (110 pts.) PERTH ...... .... 14.12 (96 pts.) Coal-kickers.-Swan Districts: Park (3), Gorn (3), Chandler (2), Sweet (2), Holdsworth (2), Mosey, Penberthy, Sin clair and Taylor. Perth: Gook. (6), A. Grigg (4), O'Callaghan (2), Hethering ton and Oliphant. The evenness of the Swan Districts team was more noticeable than any par ticular player, but special mention should be made of the excellent work of Gorn in a forward pocket. Cool and working cleverly to position, he was an important factor in keeping the attack systematic. Park was outstanding in the opposite pccket, and also did well on the ball. Murray was very solid in the rack, and MdcInnerney was prominent both follow ing and placed. Apart from his second quarter lapse, Chandler was very effec tive, particularly as half-forward. Krepp sparkled on a wing, Darmody made a good showing in the centre, more especi ally in the last quarter, and Hall was cool and effective on the other wing. Taylor and Holdsworth were heady for wards, and Hunt and Sinclair defended soundly. Cook was a great force for Perth, ranging over a big area and showing fine anticipation. Brown had to do a lot of work in goals, and did it with conspicu ous success. In the centre, H. Davey was outstanding. A. Grigg played cleverly in a forward pocket, Ohpnaalt was re peatedly under notice, both in the ruck and at half-forward, and Keightley roved consistently Well. Burton and Hethering ton also were prominent, and Jarvis, G. Davey, Fitzgerald and Trainor were the best of the others.