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A LAST-MINUTE RECOVERY. Subiaco's Tussle at Fremantle. Sublaco and South Fremantle provided a stirring contest at Fremantle Oval on Saturday, the issue being in doubt un til a few minutes before the final bell. when an urgent recovery by Subiaco turned the game in its favour. South Fremantle had decidedly the worst of the luck, an accident to Whitmore early in the game leaving it a player short for the remainder of the match. South Fre mantle can blame its inaccuracy at the goal front for its defeat, as its first 14 scoring shots produced only one goal. Meanwhile Subiaco had lost few oppor tunities to score goals, the result being that South Fremantle was set such heavy tasks in the second and fourth quarters that it was unable to withstand Sublaco's final bid for vrictory. Handicapped as it was. South Fremantle had fought gal lantlv to approach within two points of its opponent's score, and in its cap tain, G. White, had an excellent player. The teams were: SUBIACO.--Backs: Briggs, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: McCallum, S. Daily, Fisher. Centres: Peers, Bowe, Stehn. Iialf-forwards: Toll, Murphy, Hambleton. Forwards: Jennings, Ban croft, L. Mills. Ruck: Roe, Bant, Donovan (rover). Nineteenth man: Browne (did not play). SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Back, Jasper, Hagan Half-backs: Brown, White, Caddy. Centres: Strang, J. Mills. Lewington. Half forwards: Smith, Ditchburn, Whitmore. For wards: Richardson, Poole, J. Doig. Rouck: W. Hayward, Pead, E. Hayward (rover). Nine teenth man: E. Lawn (replaced Etrang in first quarter). ULMPLRE.-E. Budd. South Fremantle might have scored against the wind had it not attempted so much short passing and given away several free-kicks. Sheets of rain made anything like combined football almost an impossibllity. L. Mills kicked Su biaco's first goaL Bancroft added another, Subiaco having the better of what real football there was. For South Fremantle., White was playing a magnificent game in defence, but the forwards gave little support, and three shots raised behinds. Bowe, in his best form for Subiaco, out played half-a-dozen opponents, and threading his way down the field, goaled snlendidly on the run. Conditions had now improved with Subiaco much the better side in the air, while its men handled the ball with much greater cer tainty than South Fremantle. South Fremantle had not yet developed the sliglitest swing, and its position was any thing but rosy at quarter-time, when the scores were:-Subiaco, 6.4; South Fre mantle, 0.3. With the wind, South Fremantle was soon invigorated by a goal kicked by Smith. J. Mills now began to break even with Bowe. and with G. White and W. Hayward in great form, South Fremantle took command. On the Subiaco side. S. Daily played superbly at half-back. South Fremantle, hover, scored a heart-breaking string of behinds, its tally of one goal 11 behinds midway during the quarter tell ing its own tale. Then South Fremantle gradually reduced its leeway. Poole set ting the example by goaling twice. Su biaco was unable to score, mainly on ac count of the magnificent all-round foot ball played by White at half-back, and W. Hayward was following effectively. Goals by W. Hayward and Richardson enabled South Fremantle to lead by two points, and a handy lead at half-time was a strong possibility. Murphy's shrewdness in placing S. Daily at half forward not only blocked South Fre mantle's progress, but recovered the lead for Subiaco. Marking in his best style, S. Daily altered the game by goaling twice before half-time interval, the scores being:-Sublaco,. 8.6; South Fremantle, 5.14. A long flanking movement, in which W. Hayward, J. Mills and Poole figured, was crowned by a goal to South Fre mantle. and for a time South Fremantle was dominant in general play without scoring. When Subiaco's opportunities came. there was little wastage. Bant goaled on the run and Bowe again showed the value of long kicking when he came from the centre, and scored from a dis tance of 50 yards. Hambleton, too, was playing nicely for Subiaco. whose score would have been greatly increased but for a marvellous exhibition by White, who appeared to have a string on the ball, and whose brilliance dimmed any thing seen at the Fremantle Oval this season. From the grandstand Roe kicked the best goal of the match and again placed Subiaco in a winning position. From a free-kick on the bell, L. Mills

made the difference 28 points in Subiaco's favour at the last change over-12.9 to 6.17. Setting about Its heavy task. South Fremantle was heartened by a goal scored by Poole and was soon in almost com plete charge of the game. Further suc cess was recorded by Smith, and a poor kick in by Subiaco let Poole through, making the difference ten points. South Fremantle still attacked, and two behinds and another goal by Smith reduced Su biaco's lead to two points. Subiaco had fumbled badly, but it now recovered well, and a goal by Hambleton was not to South Fremantle's liking. The football became fierce. Every kick was now of enhanced value. South Fremantle weak ened slightly, and Subiaco had the bet ter of the last five minutes' play, during which a goal by Roe settled the issue in Subiaco's favour. Final scores:: SUBIACO .. .... 15.14 (104pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 11.2 (88pts.) Goal-kickers.-Subiaco: Bancroft (3), L. Mills (3), S. Daily (2), Bowe (2), Roe (2), Hambleton, Bant and Murphy. South Fremantie: Poole (6), Smith (3), W. Hayward and Richardson. The main contributor to Subiaco's vic tory was S. Daily, who excelled in the ruck, at half-forward and half-back. His high marking was good throughout, and his two goals before half-time gave his side a 10-point lead. Bowe again played well at centre, passed in perfect style with an adapted punt, and kicked two goals with long running shots. Hamble ton played cleverly when roving and on the half-forward line. Other solid players were Jennings. L. Mills. and Bancroft, who constituted a reliable attack. McCal lum, Bant and Donovan (a useful rover). The performance of White. South Fre mantle's captain, was remarkable for its brilliancy and sureness at every stage of the game. White was easily the best player on the ground, turning an average back line into a strong one. W. Hayward, particularly in the first half, marked brilliantly, and showed himself to be an able follower. Back and Hagan were re liable in defence, while J. Mills played solid football at centre in opposition to the accomplished Bowe. Poole (six goals) and Smith were the pick of the attack, both excelling in the last half when the going was hardest.