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ONE POINT ' TO SPARE. East Fremantle Defeated. East Perth proved its worth when it beat East Fremantle by one point in an exhilarating match at the Perth Oval on Saturday. Five minutes after the last quarter began it had lost the lead and, with the wind against it and rain in its face, was in a desperate position. It was a severe test of a team's ability to keep its balance and East Perth responded well. In a sustained fighting finish it pressed the ball forward against the ele ments, and against strong resistance by East Premantle, and, undeterred by several wretched kicks which lost valuable chances in front of goals, went to a seven point lead with four minutes to go. When at last East Premantle managed to break away it was too late. A goal gained on the bell left it a point behind. To push the leading team so closely away from home was a fine performance for East Fremantle. The scores were a good indication of the play; it was only East Perth's powerful finish which gave it vic tory. The football throughout was of a high order, especially in view of the adverse weather. The teams were: EAST PERTH.-Backs: Crow, J. King, H. Ryan Half-backs: Mussman, Starr, Oswald. Centres: Miller.. Thomas, GuhL Half-forwards: Fogarty, ronin;, enhennett. Forwards: Gra ham. McAllan, Keeffe. Ruck: B. Ryan, Gold ing, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Ward (replaced M. Ryan, leg injury. in second quarter). EAST FREMANTLU.-Backs: N. Doig, Ken ney, HaskelL Half-backs: Fordiham, Jarvis, Munro. Centres: Seubert, Hutchinson, Migro. Half-forwards: Kingsbury, Daniels, Rowlande. Forwards: C. Doig, G. Doig, McGlinn. Ruck: Martiensen, Donegan, Truscott (rover). -ine teenth man: Mann. UMPIRE.-C. K. Cook. East Fremantle took the field two men short and East Perth had scored two goals before Hutchinson and C. Doig appeared. Then another goal made three in three minutes. The pace had been on from the start and the football surprisingly good. East Perth's ruck, with the advantage of the wind, was working well, Guhl scintillating on a wing, .Keeffe and McAllan shining in the full-forward line, and Cronin very effective when he could get away from Jarvis, which was a hard job. The gusty nature of the wind troubled East Perth's forwards, resulting in a string of behinds. Jarvis, Haskell and Munro saved repeatedly and soon East Freman tle's ruck settled down, Martiensen and Truscott being outstanding. East Fre mantle was keeping the ball low and dis Dosing quickly, whereas East Perth was inclined to hang to it to try good-weather movements. Some pretty passing moves and accurate kicking enabled East Fre mantle to keep close to East Perth, C. Doig being brilliant in a good bunch of forwards. At quarter time East Perth was 5.7 against 5.0. East Fremantle steadily went ahead in the second quarter. Elevating its kicks now it was with the wind, handling the ball surely, shepherding and always hav ing a man to carry on the play, it had a long period of superiority, but the troublesome wind turned possible goals into behinds. Martiensen, McGlinn and Truscott were strong, with C. Doig ex celling in a forward pocket and Rowlands leading in well. Cronin moved on to Hutchinson, who was winning in the centre. East Perth had been kicking too high against the wind, but Crow and J. King had been giving sterling service in defence (it was' to their credit that East Fremantle's score was not more) and B. Ryan was strong in the ruck, well backed by Screaigh and Guhl. Towards the end of the quarter East Perth steadied and put on seven points, but trailed by five points (6.8 to 7.7) at half-time. When play was resumed, Cronin went back to centre-half-forward. East Perth ran lntb top form, marking and leading

well, and, playing around the right wing, quickly took the lead. Showing to great advantage with an accurate long game, in which B. Ryan and Miller were pro minent, it assumed command temporarily, but East Fremantle was not flurried. Jarvis turned the attack and he and Hutchinson kept returning the ball to the forwards until East Fremantle was again in front, G. Doig figuring in a smart piece of play. Both sides were showing surprisingly good control of the ball and an East Perth rally resulted in its leading with 10.9 to 9.8 at three quarter time. East Fremantle attacked from the bounce, but two behinds and a kick out of bounds left it still in arrears until a goal from Rowlands put it one point in front. Only sterling work by East Perth's backs, notably Crow and J. King, kept it from scoring further. The play be came very vigorous and by sheer deter mination East Perth forced the ball down. Its marking was splendid but chances were lost through shocking shots by Mc Allan and Menhennett. Then, with 12 minutes to go, a behind from Menhennett made the scores level. Still East Perth attacked and again bad kicking robbed it of results. Its great effort seemed to have been wasted when Jarvis sent the ball away. However, an East Fre mantle shot went out of bounds and East Perth swept down again. Men hennett got possession in front of an open goal, but fell over. Then McAllan picked the ball out of a crush and put East Perth a point in front with six min utes to go. East Fremantle had weak ened under the stress and become ragged. It could not get the ball past its half forward line and a clever angle snap by Screaigh gave East Perth a goal four minutes from time. East Fremantle made a belated rally and Truscott goaled on the bell with the scores: EAST PERTH .. .. 1111 (77pts.) EAST FREMANTLE . 1L10 (76pts.) Goal-kickers.--East Perth: Keeffe (4), Screaigh (3), Cronin (2), McAllan and Graham. East Fremantle: Trustcott (3), C. Doig (3), G. Doig (2), Martien sen (2) and Rowlands. Screaigh was skilful throughout, both roving and placed, and had a big share in the final drive. Besides him, East Perth owed a lot to Crow and J. King for their excellent work in defence. Keeffe and McAllan shone at full for ward and B. Ryan was a power in the ruck. Guhl was clever on one wing and Miller was prominent on the other wing in the last half. Cronin showed good form, although beaten man to man by Jarvis. Graham and Golding were solid for the most part. For East Fremantle, Jarvis excelled at centre-half-back. Haskell, in a back pocket, also was strong. Truscott, rov Ing, was one of the best men on the ground, and .Martensen, following, sur passed himself. C. Doig was brilliant in a forward pocket and Rowlands and Kingsbuty did well on the half-forward

H. Bancrot, a Sublaco forward, shooting for goal daring the league foot bal match against South Fremnanle, at Fremnate, on Saturday.

line. Hutchinson had the call at centre all day and Migro and Seubert gave good service on the wings. McGlinn and Donegan were the best of the others.