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A ONE-SIDED MATCH. Swan Districts Outclassed. A large attendance at Fremantle Oval on Saturday was poorly rewarded by Swan Distrists's failure to press East Fremantle nard at any stage of the game. East Fre mantle's form after its drab display against South Fremantle a week earlier was a revelation. Much of the improve ment can be ascribed to the sterling foot ball played in goal by Kenny, to the ex cellence of Hutchinson in his old position at centre, and to the sudden finding of his best form by C. Jarvis. Its ruck also was greatly strengthened by the pace of Donegan and the excellent disposal of the ball by Martiensen. It was soon evident that East Fremantle was far too clever a side for Swan Districts, whose men were labouring hopelessly and making heavy weather of the game. East Fremantle was represented by eighteen players above themselves, but it was difficult to find a really effective player on the Swan Dis tricts' side. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.--Backe: N. Doig. Kenny. Haskell. Haif-backs: Fordham, C. Jarvis, J. Munro. Centres: Sreubert, Hutchinson, Migru. Half-forwards: Kingsoury, Dasniell, Rowland. For wards: W. Duig, G. Doig, McGlinn. Ruck: lI)o-gan. Mariiansen. Prescott (rover). Nine teenth man: G. Mann (replaced Donegan in last quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Easton, Randall. Half-backs: McLnnerney, Chandler, Sin clair. Centres: Krepp, Hall, Hunt. Half-for. wards: Holdsworth, Park, Taylor. Forwards: Avery, Forbes, Fountain. Ruck: Murray, Sebeck, Mosey (rover). Nineteenth man: Sweet (did not play). UMPIRE.--C. Cook. In the opening exchanges Swan i Dis-~ tricts held their own fairly well, but two goals by G. Doig from free-kicks gave East Fremantle such an impetus that the opposing team was thrown into confusion. Kenny and Jarvis turned back most of the thrusts by Swan Districts, while Hut chinson, Migro and. Seubert dominated the centre line to such an extent that East Fremantle was almost continually in attack. Swan Districts fumbled and missed easy marks and its kicking was poor with the result that East Fremantle led with 6.5 to 22 at quarter time. East Fremantle continued to play with vigour and swing and all of its players answered the call Jarvis was at his best, revealing all the skill and cunning that were his three seasons ago. Against Jar vis, Hutchinson and Kenny Swan Dis tricts found progress almost a heart breaking proposition. In order to curb G. Doig's scoring, Chandler forsook the half back line for the position of goal-keeper, and acquitted himself creditably. Swan Districts continued to bungle and were further in arreas by half-time.--8.8 to 3.3. A goal by McGlinn widened the gap and the purposeless football of Swan Dis tricts soon led to its being again out classed. W. Doig and Rowland goaled for East Fremantle with ridiculous ease, making Swan Distrists's position hope less. Chandler effected some radical changes in placings, the most important being Krepp's transfer to the centre. Hut chinson, however, continued to play like a champion and the alterations made little difference. East Fremantle nonplussed Swan Districts with chains of marks over long distances made possible by excellent drop-kicking. For Swan Districts Foun tain and Sebeck goaled before the last change-over, but little interest was left at this stage, the scores being:-East Pre mantle, 12.16; Swan Districts, 5.5. East Fremantle hammered away at the opposition until goals by McGlinn and Truscott increased its lead to the equi valent of 11.1. An orgy of goal-kicking set in, each Side scoring four, but the football had lost its pace, and East Fre mantle the urge to great effort. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE 18.21 (129 pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS. 10.6 (66 pts.) Goal-kickers.-East Premantle: 1. Doig (5), Truscott (4), W. Doig (3), McGlinn (2), Rowland (2), Hutchinson and Mar tiensen. Swan Districts: Forbes (3), Sinclair (2), Taylor (2), Holdsworthh, Se beck and Fountain. East Fremantle's best .player was Hut chinson at the centre, where he did every thing right throughout the game. His -high marking and ground play were par ticularly good. Jarvis at centre half-back was the player of three seasons ago, while every player added his full quota, special mention must be. made of Kenny (in goal), Fordham and Migro,. while the at tack was splendidly served by Kingsbury (improved), Daniell, W. Dolg and G. I Doig. Donegan added pace to a hitherto weak ruck, with Martiensen and -Truscott often under notice with excellent kicking. Swan Districts were . best served by I Chandler and Mosey (roving and placed). Chandler's kicking was an example to his side, and against G. Doig he did fairly well. Failure to kick the ball told against Murray's value, and others who did fairly well were Sinclair, Hunt, and Forbes.