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CLAREMONT'S NARROW WIN. Strong Challenge Almost Succeeds. Notwithstanding a strong challenge in the final quarter, Claremont defeated South Fremantle by six points at Clare mont Oval on Saturday. Following Clare mont's sound pliy this season,. there was a good attendance at the game, which was fast and vigorous through, out. Claremont dominated the play in the first half, largely because of its great pace and accurate passing, but in the second half South Fremantle made a typical rally, culminating in a desperate bid for victory in the last quarter which almost succeeded, and might well have done so had it not been for the excel lent play in defence of Batt and Headon. South Fremantle omitted J. Doig, who had an injured ankle, and S. Clarke was unable to play for Claremont. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backe: Back. Lawn, Alexander. Half-backs: Brown, Dodd, Caddy. Centres: Whitmore, Mills, Lewington. Half-for wards: E. Hayward, White. Hagan. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, Mathews. Ruck: Ditchburn, W. Hayward, Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: M. Hayward (did not play). CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland, Batt, -. Moloney. Half-backs: Headon, R. Moloney, Grieve. Centres: Lovegrove, G. Moloney, Ed mondson. Half-forwards: Jones, Boys. Claybrook. Forwards: Steward. Hopkins, Skinner. Ruck: Birmingham, Maitland, Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Franetovich (replaced Jones, injured nose, in third quarter). UMPIRE.--G. Owens. Claremont's speed proved too much for South Fremantle in the first quarter and it ran to a two-goal lead in the first ten minutes of play. It was playing vigorously and meeting South Fre mantle's rugged methods with equally robust play. South Fremantle, too, was beaten in the ruck, and its defence was continually under fire. It nullified a good deal of Claremont'e effective play, however, by closely watching G. Moloney in the centre. Mills badly beat the Claremont captain in this quarter. South Fremantle's half-forwards were uncer tain and almost every player failed to take advantage of Poole's astute position play in front of goal. The scores at first quarter were:--Claremont, 4.1; South Fremantle, 3.2. From the start of the second quarter South Fremantle made a vigorous effort to gain the lead. With W. Hayward in the ruck and Mathews roving, it quickly established supremacy on the ball. Then it clapped on pace and opened out its forward play, but poor kicking prevented scoring and attempts to mark in crowds disorganised the system and upset the big men. For a time Claremont played badly, but six minutes from the end of the quarter, it took charge temporarily of the game. Carrying the ball away from the ruck in a series of fast rushes, it scored three goals in as m..ny min utes, and, finishing the quarter at a great pace, it led at the bell, with the scores:--Claremont, 9.6; South Fre mantle, 4.5. Play became rough in the third quar ter, when South Fremantle again set about smashing Claremont's hold on the game. Goals by Richardson, W. Hayward and Caratti reduced the lead to two goals. Claremont clapped on all its pace and pinned its faith on open play. Players in both teams threw themselves recklessly into the play and there were some wild scrimmages. Regaining su premacy in the ruck, South Fremantle hammered the Claremont defence, but Headon and Batt held it off and Clare .mont held a 14-point lead at three quarter time--11.6 to 8.10. South Fremantle still persisted in the final quarter and in the first few min utes it ran Claremont to a standstill, and when Poole and Richardson goaled the deficit was only seven points, Hop kins having goaled for Claremont. The pace was fast and both teams finished strongly, with South Fremantle the bet ter in the air and the more determined. With five minutes to go, Hopkins hit the post, but a minute later made the game safe for Claremont with a goal from a difficult angle. W. Hayward goaled for South Fremantle and the game ended with the scores: CLAREMONT .. .. 13.7 (85 pts.) STH. FREMANTLE . 11.13 (79 pts.) Goal-kickers.-Claremont: Hopkins (5), Birmingham (3), Boys (2), Hooper. Steward and Jones. South Fremantle: W. Hayward (3), Richardson (3), Poole (2), Caratti (2), and Mathews. By reason of the fact that he was Moloney's master at centre, Mills must be adjudged South Fremantle's best player. Ditchburn, after an indifferent start, followed strongly and skilfully, and W. Hayward played well on the ball and in attacks. Matthews and Richardson gave good service and Dodd, White, F. Brown and Back were solid. The goalkeeper, F. Batt, and S. Hea don, the former South Australian, virtually won the game for Claremont with excellent work in defence, while H. Lovegrove, the winger, played excel lent football in every quarter. Hopkins dominated in the forward area and kicked five good goals. Maitland was the best follower in the game, and Grieve and

Boys were outstanding in spasms. Bir mingham showed good form in the sec ond half and G. Moloney, although beaten, did a good deal of valuable work.