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PERTH SOUNDLY DEFEATED. West Perth Gaining Form. Playing in improved form-and at times reaching premiership standard West Perth beat Perth by 55 points at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday. While the match was by no means a stirring exposition of the Australian game, there were frequent sustained spasms of excel lent play in which West Perth played football of outstanding merit, particu larly in the third and final quarters. Perth, after half-time, fought hard against the consistent West Perth system and also against its own shortcomings. Lamentab'e kicking at goal and careless passing were the team's main handi caps, while at times it played aimlessly and completely without system. It could, however, lay claim to several solendid individual performances, notably those of H. Davey and Oliphant. The teams were: WEST PERITH.-Backs: Flemmingr Benton, Jeavons. Hlalf-backs: Forbes, P. Walsh, Tetley. Centres: Coward, L. Walsh. Drew. Half-for wards: McGarry. Lewis, Anderson. Forwards: Pola, Tyson, Ford. Ruck: Marinko. Bereridge. Rairoldi (rover). Kineteeth man: Flegg was listed as 71th man, but Sheridan replaced Pola (blow on forehead) in last quarter. PERTH.--Backs: Walsh. Love, Davies. Helf backs: G. Davey, Jarrie, Wormald. Centres: iH. Daver, Ransom. Puddey. Half-forwards: tMul lineux, Cook, Trainor. Forwards: O'Callaghan, Dewar. Burton. Ruck: Fitzgerald, Oliphant, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Hethering ton (replaced Ransom, injured knee, in the first quarter). UMPIRE.-H. Hooper. Perth started in brilliant form, Oli phant, in the ruck, and Ransom, in the centre, dominating the play, but desperate defence by Benton and Jeavons prevented scoring. Even play for almost ten minutes was characterised in turn by excellent marking and foolish leading. West Perth, mainly by reason of its better kicking, slowly settled down and within three minutes goals had been scored by Ford, Rainoldi and Marinko. Ransom had to leave the field with a bad knee. West Perth ran to an 18-point lead, Oliphant scoring Perth's first goal two minutes before the close of the quarter which ended with the scores at:-West Perth, 4.5; Perth, 1.3. Strong in the air and kicking well to the man, West Perth increased its lead to 35 points early in the second quarter. Perth had a full share of the play but was totally unable to infuse any system into its football. In addition, its kicking for goal was poor and its play in the forward area without purpose or judg ment. Dewar missed four direct shots in succession and from 13 scoring shots only one goal was scored. Anderson, Tyson and Lewis riddled the Perth de fence, Tyson scoring three goals in as many minutes, and West Perth led by 35 points at the bell--10.5 to 3.12. West Perth was outclassed in the open ing minutes of the third term and Perth, mainly because of excellent play by H. Davey and Hetherington, reduced the lead to 21 points. West Perth's high-marking backs were temporarily powerless, the ruck was overwhelmed, and a goal by Dewar put Perth within 14 points of the leaders. Opening up the play, West Perth rallied, but Perth, in contrast to its earlier efforts, held on and matched pace with pace and system with per sistency. Two goals to West Perth only served to rouse Perth to greater efforts. but West Perth reached brilliant form, with Ford. (in attack), Beveridge and Marinko prominent in almost every move, and it still held a lead of 27 points at the close of the quarter-13.8 to 7.15. West Perth made the game safe half way through the final quarter when Tyson screw-kicked a phenomenal goal and Mc Garry kicked truly from a mark. Its marking, pace and leading in this quarter were of a particularly high standard. Perth did not give up but it was tired and was well beaten in the race for the ball. Tyson, by unusually dashing mark ing, scored his fifth goal during the quar ter. The final scores were: WEST PERTH .... 18.11 (119 pts.) PERTH ........ 8.16 (64 pts.) Goal-kickers:-West Perth: Tyson (5), Ford -(5), Pola (2), McGarry, Anderson, Lewis, Rainoldi, Beveridge and Marinko. Perth: Oliphant (3), Dewar (2), O'Cal laghan (2) and Hetherington. In a team which was in a position of vantage throughout the game nobody gave better service than Beveridge, who rarely missed an opportunity in attack or amid field. His hand-passing was in valuable. Ford in a forward pocket was a constant source of danger to Perth and when moved into the, ruck he acquitted himself well, Lewis, a new recruit, gave a notable display at half-forward, mark ing, kicking and leading very well. Ander son gave a flawless exhibition of half forward play and Flemming was emi nently sound in defence. Pola roved skil fully and Jeavons, Tyson, Tetley, Drew and Marinko gave good service. At top form, H. Davey, the Perth centre player, was the best man in the game. He outpaced his man (and many others), marked well and kicked accur ately. It was one of his best games in league football. Oliphant has rarely played better and whenever he went on to the ball he beat the West Perth ruck unaided. Keightley roved throughout most of the game and was highly effective. Hetherington, the nineteenth man, Who was called upon soon after the start of play, played a game second only to that of Davey. He handled the ball more than any big man in the game. Jarvis in the first half showed good form and Flts gerald, who is gradually findinlg form,. worked hard. O'Callaghan and G. Davey played well