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A THREE-POINT VICToRY. Subiaco's Vigorous Tactics. Almost devoid of the systematic play which is expected of two fast, strong teams, but full of the hard bumps and fierce Scrambles which reflect determina tion and keenness, the match between Subiaco and East Perth at .Perth Oval on Saturday made up in some measure for its lack of science and openness by even play throughout and an exciting finish. Subiaco won by three points but that slender margin was in danger time after time as East Perth fought desper ately to score towards the end, Subiaco zealously beating off the attacks with an anxious ear for the final bell.- As a dis play of good football, the match was a disappointment; as a keen, strenuous con test it fulfilled expectations. With sev eral leading players absent, Subiaco evi dently planned to break up the pacy sys tem of East Perth by sheer force and weight and it succeeded. Subiaco's big men showed improved form and an ad vantage in the ruck and bustling tactics against East Perth's forwards enabled it to win. East Perth might easily have won-actually it had more scoring shots --but there were distinct weak links in its combination and it did not have sufi cient force to carry on when in a good position. East Perth did not keep its forward lines open to the same extent as Subiaco and most of its shots, hurried and from awkward angles, went astray. The teams were: SUBIACO.-Backs: Fisher, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: McCallum, S. Daily, Davies. Centres: Peers, Bowe, -Taylor. Half-forwards: Bancroft, Murphy, Burkett. Forwards: Gilbert, Jenniung, Donovan. Ruck: Roe, Bant. Stehn (rover). Nineteenth man: Switsur (replaced Setho, injured shoulder, in last few minutes). EAST PERTH.-Backs: M. Ryan, J. Kin!, Crow. Half-backs: Garnaut, Starr, Thomas. Centres: Miller, Mussman, Guhl. Half-for aardrs: fenhennett, Broom. Campbell. For wards: Fogarty, McAllan, Parny. Ruck: B. Ryan, Ward, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Oswald (replaced Broom, injured head, in first quarter). utMPIRE.-L. McComish. After Subiaco had begun promisingly against the breeze, East Perth made a move but, beaten in the rack and centre, was unable to gain the upper hand. Su biaco was driving straight through the centre and Murphy, competing keenly against Starr, was keeping the forward lines open. Poor kicking marred the game and prevented proper co-ordina tion. Close attention was paid to Mc Allan, the East Perth goal-sneak. At quarter-time Subiaco had kicked 2.0 to East Perth's 1.3. In the second quarter East Perth's ruck became more spirited and Parry was more effective. Miller, on the right wing, was playing nicely and East Perth advanced from his wing, only to see opportunities spoilt near the goal. A head injury had necessitated Broom's leaving the field and this did not tend to improve East Perth's attack. Heavy responsibility was thrown on the Subiaco backs, but they did their work effectively without show. A disap pointing string of behinds left East Perth in arrears at half-time-2.8 to 4.3. A good kick by Jennings from an awkward angle gave Subiaco a valuable goal after the interval aid then East Perth, inspired by Menhennett's dashing play in the ruck, made a determined bid to take charge, with the result that Parry goaled. Irproved passing and a chain of marks placed Subiaco in attack but too often the forwards were too far out and King saved frequently. Good runs by Bowe and Guhl relieved the scramble and th$ the play grew fiercer. Men could

not afford to dally; they were no sooner on their feet than they were bumped over; and Parry, the rover, was happily darting in and out of the fray. For Su biaco L. Daily, Davies and Bant were in good form but the side's kicking was gen erally misdirected. East Perth obtained a goal from B. Ryan which gave it a lead of one point at three-quarter time 4.11 to 5.4. East Perth attacked but its shots for goal were inaccurate and a nice passing movement enabled Subiaco to score a goal. Murphy passed to Bancroft and another goal resulted. At this stage East Perth was improving in high marking and a behind and a goal reduced its deficit to three points. The play was now very crowded, with Subiaco trying to preserve its lead and East Perth endeavouring to get the ball forward by any means. M. Ryan was in the centre for East Perth now and the side's defenders. Oswald, Thomas and Starr in particular, were doing their utmost to keep Subiaco at bay. McCallum was brought on to the ball by Subiaco, which managed to keep the ball near the ha1"-forwards. At last East Perth broke through but L. Daily and Donovan saved. With three minutes to go, Bant marked near the goal and from that point East Perth could not pierce the defence. In the midst of the excitement the bell ended the game with the scores as follows: SUBIACO ...... 7.4 (46pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. 5.13 (43pts.) Scorers.--Subiaco: Jennings, 3.3; Ban croft, 2.0; Gilbert, 1.1: Stehn, 1.0. East Perth; Parry, 1.3; McAllan, Screaigh, 1.2; Campbell, 1.1; B. Ryan, 1.0; Menhennett and Guhl, 0.1. Subiaco fielded several players of even worth. For tenacity and gameness in a hard match, Donovan was most notable and in the last quarter, after being in jured, he saved repeatedly. In the first half McCallum was the side's best player and he continued to play forcefully, al though not with such prominence. S. Daily played better than in the previous matches this season and Bant's play was most effective. Bowe was successful in the centre and L. Daily defended strongly. Murphy was heady at half-forward and controlled the team ably. Gilbert was a power in the rugged passages and Fisher, Davies, Jennings, Strack and Bancoft did good work. Stehn received hard knocks and tried hard. For East Perth M. Ryan and D. Miller were the most serviceable players. In a back pocket and then at half-back Ryan

was outstanding in the first half and, though not so prominent, was seldom beaten after half-time. Miller's nippy, consistent play on the wing helped East Perth to compensate for a weakness in the centre and he was most prominent in the second term. J. King was again solid in goal, and Parry and Screaigh roved well. Starr was a reliable half-back and Guhl gave a neat display on the wing. McAllan and Oswald were good triers and Menhennett struck good form in the third quarter. In patches Thomas was good.