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SEQUENCE OF LOSSES BROKEN. South Fremantle's Success. South Fremantle broke a long sequence of defeats by East Fremantle at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when a margin of two goals in its favour fairly reflected its superiority during the game. The attendance was large and other pleasing features about the game were its ruggedness, its manly fairness, and the able handling of the contest by V. Sparrow. South Fremantle led at the end of every quarter, every player show ing true form. with Dodd. Whitmore and Hagan excelling. At various times, Jar vis found many of his players unmistak ably below form and this made it neces sary to severely alter the placings of his side. South Fremantle backed and fol lowed up much better than usual, and its centre line was vastly superior to that

of East Fremantle. South Fremantle was a greatly improved side but it might easily have been beaten, had East Fre mantle done better in the last quarter than kick two goals from ten scoring shots. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Back, Lawn, Alexander. Half-backs: Brown, Dodd, Caddy. Centres: Whitmore, Matthews, Lewington. Half forwards: Hagan, White, Smith. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, E. Hayward. Ruck: Ditch burn, W. Hayward, J. Doig (rover). Nineteenth man: M. Hayward (replaced Lewington early in third quarter). EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: '. Doig, Jarvis, Hakell. Half-backs: J. Munro, Fordham, Hut chinson. Centres: Seubert, C. Doig, Migro. Half forwards: Rowland, Kingsbury, Daniell. For wards: McGlinn, G. Doig, D. Munro. Ruck: W. James, Donegan, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: G. Mann (replaced James near end of last I quarter). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. South Fremantle's backs turned many disconcerted attacks past the centre, I only to be called upon repeatedly to save. When South Fremantle went for ward it invariably found J. Munro bar ring the way. Lewington was playing excellent football on the wing for South Fremantle and so evenly matched were the sides that scores were level after seven minutes' play-one point each. The football was fast and spirited, and quick disposal of the ball was a necessity. After eleven minutes' play, Poole scored the first goal of the match for South Fremantle. The strength and reliability of the back lines and the fire in the play were the game's best features.. Against these factors, combination was breaking down. Goals by Hagan (well shepherded by W. Hayward) and W. Hayward strengthened the morale of South Fre mantle, which held a useful lead at quarter time-3.4 to 1.1. Jarvis immediately placed Kingsbury on the flank, Daniell taking over the centre half-forward position. South Fre mantle, however, forged ahead, though its dash was somewhat nullified by short kicking. Dodd continued to play welt in defence. W. Hayward topped off a fine mark by scoring South Fremantle's fourth goal, and E. Hayward added an other, which made East Fremantle's position precarious, South Fremantle leading with 5.7 to 1.4. To restore the balance, Jarvis tried several experiments. F.cwland was placed in the centre in place of C. Doig (out of form), Fordham went into the ruck, while Jarvis sent N. Doig into goal and took up his old position at centre half-back. South Fre mantle, playing with spirit, and backing up better than usual held its own in general play for the rest of the term, though G. Dcig goaled twice towards the end of the quarter when the football was as willing and rugged as many a semi final. At half-time the scores were: South Fremantle, 5.10; East Fremantle, 3.6. Play was resumed with fine vigour, and South Fremantle fought strongly to hold its winning position. Hagan increased its lead by a goal, but a mishap to Lew ington removed a valuable man. Two goals by G. Doig increased the interest of the game by reducing South Fre mantle's lead to 1.5. South Fremantle again went forward and M. Hayward scored full points, but G. Doig, by clev erly out-manoeuvring Lawn. scored at the other end. Goals by Hagan and Poole made South Fremantle's advant age the equivalent of 4.1 at three-quarter time--9.14 to 6.7. East Fremantle attacked in deadly earnest. Its inaccurate shooting for goal, however. robbed it of its chances of vic tory. Jarvis. who had played at centre during the third quarter, again played at hall-back, where his football remained consistently good. Though East Fre rmantle had most of the play it could manage only behinds. After four be hinds had teen scored, G. Doig, from a free-kick, raised a goal and East Fre mantle's hopes, the deficiency being re duced to 2.2. Truscott had again picked up his best form, and scored a goal. It was now a real struggle, and South Fremantle appeared to be weakening. A long flank ing movement brought the side relief when Poole rather luckily scored and the lead of 2.3 with five minutes to go proved I beyond East Fremantle's powers. Three scorang shots yielded only behinds, mak ing the final scores: f S. FREIANTLE . .10.15 (75 pts.). E. FREIMANTLE . . 8.15.(63 pts.). Goal-kickers.-South Fremantle: Poole 1 (3), Hagan (3), W. Hayward (2), M. Hay ward, and E. Hayward. East Fremantle: G. Doig (6). Truscott and Kingsbury. For South Fremantle, Dodd played strongly at centre half-back, where he outclassed every forward directly matched with him. In the last quarter. when limping badly and relegated to a forward position. he battled manfully and with some measure of success. Hagan filled a number of pl'aces with credit. and Whitmore was much above a high gen eral average. The best of the remainder I were W. and E. Hayward, Ditchburn. J. Doig, Lewington (until injured) and - Matthews. East Fremantle Vwed most to G. Doig, whose six goals were hardly won. With I him, J. Munro can be bracketed for his ) certainty and consistency in defence. Truscott played effectively and with fune

dash in the first and last quarters, and others prominent were Migro, Jarvis and Haskell.