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i A s


MAREEBA, August 9.

Cr. G. H. O'Donnell (chairman) presided at thc monthly meting of the Woothakata Shire Council held on Thursday afternoon, August 8. others present being Councillors W. Gar- dner, G. F. Smith, Bartley, Geraghty and Meldrum; the Shire. Clerk, Mr. Waddell, and thc Health Inspector, Mr. A. F. Springer. Sonic important special business was . dealt with, in- cluding adopting thc resolution to borrow £4000 (up to, but not exceed- ing) matters in connection with thc new "Cletax" power grader and road making around Kuranda; Harbour Board representative; and health mat- ters; in addition to thc usual reads, bridges, culverts, etc., that always

crop up.


Thc matter of applying for a loan not exceeding £4000 (according to specifications in advertisements which duly appeared in thc "Post") was dis- cussed, and on the motion of Coun- cillor Bartley, seconded by Conn-, cillor Gardner, the Council adopted thc resolution to borrow thc special loan, m connection with road forma- tion and Government grant.


A heated discussion arose as to who should have control of thc new trac- tor grader, which is expected to ar- rive in a week; or two at thc outside. Thc Chairman and Councillor Bart Icy were all for appointing a juan, the latter recommended as thoroughly capable and trustworthy, thus ensuing that thc new driver would be on the

spot when the engineér arrived1 Hyith the tractor, and ;>vould;''.-witness*lJthc exhibition of thc- grader; and person *? ally receive fuir^nsíríictíons 'iri'detai'í and working from, the 'engineer-de- livering the tractor^,'as' against calling tenders for the position,, with loss of time and chance of missing the de- liverer's advice.

Councillor Gardner was very much opposed to this proceeding, arguing that they were dealing. with public money and should publicly call tenders for the position. A competent man would know his machine.

Eventually Councillor Gardner moved, and Councillor Smith second- ed, "That we call applications, for the position of driver and operator on this new grader, applicant to be ex- perienced in road forming and grading.

Councillor Bartley moved an 1 amendment that the driver recom- mended be appointed.

The Chairman: The plant will be here next week, and wc will not' have time to call tenders and go through

the tenders.

Councillor Gardner: Leave it to the Chairman and Clerk, and say. an- other one or two Councillors to sec the applications and pick one. That's the fair way-to call applications. My

As there was no seconder for thc amendment, the motion was put and carried, Councillor Bartley dissenting.

It was agreed that the Chairman, Clerk, and the two local Councilors inspect the applications, ánd appoint thc most favorable one for the posi- tion, ...

I On the motion ot.. Councillors Mel-

drum and Bartley, the position, as to bc advertised for, be returnable in two weeks. This was carried.

The Chairman: We. should have the man here when the engineer lands here with the plant.

¡The Clerk: We want to house thc


. The' Health Officer: You want a house here in the council yard to house the grader, and one to house the sanitary lorry-twp sheds, boil]

should be here.

After wajTs and ni cans, of erecting the two sheds were discussed, Coun- cillor Gardner moved, CbuiiciUoi .Smith seconded, and it was carried: .That the cottage at th e. sanitary de- pot be demolished and the materia; be used for sheds for the sanitary lorry and the new grader lorry.

? Speaking of the Kuranda bridge and of. roads and bridges ncai .Kuranda, Councillor. Bartley spoke o! ¡"the four routes Kuranda to Cairns

and instanced thc advantage of un shipping the grader at Kuranda ant using it there for roadmaking, etc. as saving expense of bringing it dowr later from Mareeba to Kuranda. I was agreed to do this if practicable.

The Health Inspectors report wa' received, on the motion of Councillor: Gardner and Smith..,



I have.the honor., to .gubniit .a7r£ft port of work carKcct..oa^t-jBa.der

supervision for the month ending this: day as follows:- *

Infectious Diseases.-No cases of infectious diseases were reported dur-

ing the month. ' j


During the month I completed the. plans and specifications of the body to be fitted to the Vulcan motor.lorry.

These have been handed over to Mr. Lane, who has commenced to build same, and expects to have it ready for use by thc end of the month.

Mr. Clark submitted a sample gar- bage bin for my aproval; as this bin is constructed in accordance with the regulations I have approved of the design.

Inspection. - General inspections were made in Mareeba, and preivises ;nvere found to bc kept in a sanitary [^condition.


|| Health Inspector. i CLERK'S REPORT.


\\ The Clerk's report was received, on

'thc motion of Councillors Meldrum

and Geraghty

Leave of Absence.-An application for two months' leave of absence was received from Councillor Hitch (Kuranda)' and leave was granted, on thc motion of Councillors Bartley and


Resignation of E. A. Atherton, Harbour Board Representative.-A letter was received from Hon. E. A. Atherton, Minister for Mines, nofcfy iug his resignation from the Harbour Board, and expressing regret at so

doing, and wishing success to thc i Woothakata Shire and all connected

with it; also saying that should cir- j cum stances arise he would willingly

resume his old position as representa- J

tive ot the Woothakata Shire again on j the Board, as he had always found work with them agreeable. Tf he were

allowed to do so-he would recommend j Councillor Bartley to take his place, j

Councillor Bartley: I would rather

not take the seat. I'd prefer thc chair- j man to fill it. j

The Chairman : I am very sorry I J cannot do sc». I have very attie1

spare lime as it is, and I must give all I can to thc Council. My duly is first io the Council.

Councillor Gardner: Seeing that the chairman is not prepared to take the position. I propose Mr. Hampe. He has been before the people before, was a Councillor, a local man on the Woothakata Shire, and a runner-up at the last election.

Councillor Geraghty seconded thc motion.

Councillor Bartley proposed Coun- cillor Smith as being a present Coun- cillor on the Shire. Councillor Mel- drum seconded the amendment.

Thc amendment was put and car. ried by a majority of one vote.

Councillor Smith suitably returned thanks.


The Chairman asked for expenses in connection with a visit he and a party, including Surveyor Frazer and Shire Councillors, had made to inpect a more favorable sile ! than that at Kelly's Falls, in connec i tion with the proposed hydro-electric ! scheme. The fall at this site would

j bc approximately 19 feet .and a good j body of water could be dammed up.

About £18 expenses were incurred.

On thc motion of Councillors Gard- ner and Smith, the expenses incurred

j by the chairman and party were

' passed for payment.