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Down on the Farm

The following is a list of the fancy costumes worn at Hayseed s "Down   on the Farm" dance held in the Parra-     matta Convent School, Owing to the     large crowd present it was impossible to get all the fancy costumes, l ue 'promoters of the above dance are hold- ing a similar dance at St. Monicas School room on Friday, May ll. The Flinn list included.:-Holftitd's Staffs HfiV^iicLs' Set Mum, Mrs, J, Me Uratli; tarroll, Miss M. Cam- eron, Miss O'Connt'ii'. Miss K" Bourke,

liss K, Blank, Miss 1. FiiZgtrMd, Miss K, Sheehan, Dad: Messrs. F. Nodwell, T. Ahern, A. Malinde, TV iSbeeltim. B. King, J, Mclnlosch, J. Darrel), N. Sterling; cost unies, " Down ou lise Flinn," Cooks and House- maids: Ail niellllierfl elf til« M ciirryinu kitcheit mid house utensils. Cosíiiiíios < G'ir'U Wearing; ninv'c print-frocks, white aprons, elillars.and cuffs; men wearing tlie costume ol eóok'íí, *»hil« caps, ap- rons, trousers, shirts and willie s»»»d shoes. Misses F.. Kiiig, M, -Howman, M. Doolan, ll. Goodal, H. Mullyan, A Sheehan, Messrs. C, Brown, C. Cum- mings, A. Fitzpatrick, B, Fnjion, B, Strutton, and V. Rozcs. Country Louts and Lasses:-Girls dressed in the fol- lowing:-Tink loos« blouse, grey skirts I und'large lllitá Willi lltnvers, etc, Misses J, V. Sheehan, A. O'Leary, C. O'Leary, M, O'Leary; Messrs. Carsoil, .(dites, D. McAllister, A. Cleary, C. Fleming. All the . men of this set were dressed as farm hands. Chummies' nm!. Milk- maids: The girls of this set were dress- ed in cheek dresses of all colours with bonnets to match; the men were dress- ed lil khaki itlilrtii and trousers with breeches tl ti tl brown shot's,'tb' match, also ii little niöttstiitiic «nd cap»: Misses T, Carinichel, O. Cfatilb, IC, Overland, .1. McAtihffe; Messrs. J.

MeCalhun, E. Lennon, T. Noonan, ll. Ryan. Country Cousins: Misses I-, Hogan, 1, Hogan, 1. Davis, K, Davis, M. Winson, D, Winson, V. Brown, B. Ryan; Messrs. F, Brown, D. Craig, T. Crane, Iv. Mazlin,.R. Hillville, H, Winson, C. .Williams, B, Bosanko. Wigg's Family: Misses D. Anderson .(mum), Miss Eastwick (Mayoress), Miss Anltlinit.su (Kathleen), Miss Blan- chard (Selina): Messrs. J. McCarthy (dad), L. Clcall (Harold),Mr. Rush- croft (Dave). Mr. Cnn my (Percy), Mr. Gilbert (Joe), S, Withers (Char- lie), Mr, Robinson (Archibald), Orange Sellers; Misses E, Noonan. L, Lynch, A. Lynch, P. Barty, E. Hancock, M. McGrath; Messrs. S. Martin, C. Mar. tin, T. Noonan, T. McCarthy, H. Falls, W. Cater. Just from Sydney: Messrs, F Savory, M. Coughlan, C, McDoug ball. P, Lauder, R. Harvey, Woop Woop Pride: Messrs, F, Moore. L. Moore; Misses Jackson, I. McKillop, V, Flanncry, P. Crosbie, E. Woods. MacDoughali Family: Messrs M. Hor- wood, M¡ Barker, B. Love, F. Hor- wood. J, Tracey, Ten Minutes Gather- ing; J. Dalzieli, Woop Woon Baby; I.. Bimrose. Up-to-date Flapper; R. Houston, Miss, .Nupo No. 1; j, McMantts, Cowboy; L. Schmidt, Miss Nunn No, 2; Geo, Stone. Orange Sel- ler; Mrs, C. Hodgson, Biddy from'thc West; M.'Coughlan, Back from School; Miss Hodgson, Dainty Girl1 of 1860; E.. Heilbron, Convict 99; C, Sands, Farm. Yokel: D. Gunther. Jester; Mrs, Conroy, Pickaninni: M. Webb, Pirate; M," Dc-lariat's, Sunflower; Mrs. Amies, Polly Woop Woop; Miss S. Kane, Persian; Miss H. Diplock, Pingelina; Miss Rollwagen, . .Mcsicaii Girl; P. Hogan, Black Bottom; Miss D. O'Neill, Miss Prim (school teacher); Bert Conroy, Milk Made; A. Hooper, Bow Yangs; E, Olley, Flapper; C. Tyson, Bow Yangs; Grace Hunter,Mug Lair; Jim Browne, Jim the Barman:'Chris, Richards, Mug Lair; Albert ".'Fleming. Country Bumpkin; Arthur Drew, llinckler; Clarrie Cavanah,. Sarah; Harry Barnes, Ned Kelly. A grand parade was held at 10.30,when the two most amusing costumes were sel- ected and turned out to be Mrs."Con- roy (Pickaninni), and Mr. G.''.'Kelman (dad), who were given prizes.