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'CHIEF DUTY TO MAKE MEN." Checking- Tendency to Paganism.

The i lucí d>u of n «"""ego !>t Pte-eut to linke nidi md to pi ox ide men who ni be 1 idciv el men hi tin« »»cotch Col

ei dun? ii vlmc with ci edit" bud the Sledcritii ol lliel'icvbvtciim Chinch (the ¡ _, I i lohn "-»inclín ) adducing a tend 1 i iclitncc in ihc Melbourne 'lossn ¡Is 1 li i esciinv on ",c occisión of the JM__1 i h night and pi ize giving of

vvjih Id' rl

The Ale 1 i liol »lid tint the Chuieh ssis

_1 or the eollece md of the snecevs .ich lui attended inothci sens woik . der the du« tnn of the head nnstei (Di

,. « littlejohn) He cougi ittil ited the _<ad mi 1er ou ihe honoiu shown bim dm

¡leven md hoped tint be would con j to t II lu pi event position foi ni mv ,, flic Alodcntoi emph isised the nl e ot « ho ii» sshith cncouiagcd the t ntinl ''le of south and pud til it onlv ren oi hi^b puitual powei did gieit Sin I' 2U) south ssis i tngedv in any L jinn ii I ht w is glad tint thcie weie , kool «u h i» '.cotch College mil othei=, rhcli vine ch tkmg cserv teudinty to rum m mcn_. tho youth of Aus

i la

Principal's Report

Tie pim ipi! (Wi A\ ¡3 Littlejohn), in I » »th -inn ni repoit of the school s ml - hunt- .» h1 ptiu-t the column*, oi oin «?WI mi.i/inc »»ill Imc noticed the , f ol uliili deihng yiith ynnous call

ei cn» t- in lite J hci-c ii titles hayo lv,n -nut n b» men y»ho lino nnde the

ner-ilotit »»Inch the» yinte thou oyin Ino lintel- y» c it l-l eel to ck ii f-petihcally » iii the irll)i»nie, point--lest- of suit

¡ill!» mi 'be -.neil cutei qinlitie» of t ulm 1 ti ut- oi elnnttei iieee-i-uj, gen

il KI hi md othei ictnlties tint yyoitld K ! eli ml subjects ot study tint should

tleciiutli I 11 out the -chool toui-c, -iib B1 ut tuny ii-it» oi othei necessity pie 1 r lien 11 -i i et- ol employ ment mid -t t um ¡it in lue mci cippoitunitie- illonled ( r»i l the community Y\ hen tho m u muli- i- lompletul it is pio

ed I» uiiuit thcni im distiibtition iTOiic the Ii ii - ind then patents

Questionnaire Submitted

With Hi pinpo-c of folloyymg up these e tiele -i i|iie-tioninuo yins *, ibmitted m t"-e yyintei temi to tieb of the Sil bo»*, ni

«inn h 3d] It is uniiete-siiy to KP at the JO quc-tion*, heit Among

lier thin-- tht boy yy is is! ed yylut , nil li hki.l be-t yy h it g une-lu )il iy i d mat otliei i unties he put sued in hi- Iel

i re liom Mint things he HIS fond ot

mal ing and collecting si hit books be read, and what caiecr be would lil c to lollovv

the pt maple, but not the only put pose w is to diseovci the trend of the bov s niiiid mil peilnps the lite for svhich be svas best luted with the intention of subsequently giving lum some helpful guidance

The work of the semor behool is orginiscd into i su. veais com se The boys of the tirst veat constitute the fouitb foinis those of the second veir the fifth, and so on, those of tho sixth year constituting the ninth Hit seventh foims are at tbe m teimediate certificate stipe the eighth forms at the le tv lug eel tilinte stage ind the ninth foi ni it the bonouis stage Nor milly i boy begins the tust veil s vsoik it the i(-e of IJ If as be goe» on be passes m eich year of Ins comee ind does not fail mel hive to icpeit a year he uielie» the end at the ige ol IS The avenge ige at svliitli the boys of 19J0 complete each veir li is been computed md shows the follow ing lesiilts -louitli 13 years o months tittil 14 vcats sixth lj leurs seventh (m tciniednte) 1) veils 0 mruths eighth (leivnig) 10 yens 7 months ninth (bon i oms) 17 veils ü months The iceelen I tion in the list tlneo veais is obviously due to the fact tint the oldci boys drop out st ige bs vt .gc while the younger ami btitbtei ones cn ii on

Home Work

Hie iiicn-.e time spent in home yyoik i di} by boys in the fouith lifth mil

i\th is one hour and a liait seyenth t\yo liom« eighth tyyo and i hilt hains ninth ty»o hollis mc] tinee qimteis, Siuels not tycn the mo t fmaticil cm compliin that tlieso times aie e\ce«siyo Indeed I should hkt thciu to bocoino not merely ayei igcs but iiielueible minima It is neces-aiy loi i boy s self îelimco and foi the dey clopinent ot manhood tint he should ntqtiue the hibit of pi inning and cnrijing out yyoik by hmiselt uuiided and yyith no one oyeilooling lum If the ictuins for tlie fifth and paiticulailj the sixth aie nieigie it should be home in mind that they me piobibly due to physiologie ii cuises ind tint it yyould be min ist to apply undue piesstne nt this stage

Subjects tho Boys Like

Ihc boys of the fouith, Iifth md sixth suth Miigulir mi niimity nune niitlmietic ind pin sic U science is the subjects thes like bevt sslule thes bingle out Latin and (.cometís is the baldest but not alwnsv the most Uististtful It would be unwise to diiss any sweeping conclusion liom theso pionouncemeuts but it is vvoithv of note that Latin is the subject in whieb boys iieeivc leist encouiic.einent fiom home Hie schoolmastei while lceognising tint in the eise of miny boss it iv not an econo micil use of then lune foi them to leirn Lum must peiscseie in insisting tint no otlui subject his a higbei educational s iluc In the nppet foulis theie is a wide diseigencc ol opinion i ie=ult that one expects m the cive of boss ssho lie looking

iheitl It iv pleisuv boss es ci to lind tint 1 nglish occupies a place in the fiont inn!» It wis pel hips a lists experiment to ivl the boss if thev vseic loud of studj Hie nissscis given bv 100 bov s chosen it undow floin the vi\th would seem to bo ..iven in ill snieeutv Tiley ne as foi lows- JOvcv lOfnnly 14 modciatelv 14 in iel tun subjects lino 10 not sen 0 do not divhke it «I do not mind it and one would not hive it done iwav with Hough 1) 20 ne fund of studs 25 tiankly aie not, und the iciiinnmg >7 fall in between the van mil the ion mci loi m the nmn bodv The .0 do not need mv speci ii ittention the ¡7 eui with i little intotii lgement be michel ilong to i ie»pe(tible degiee of

attainment, but the 23 must stand is rho teacher's abiding pioblcm, though bj no means a hopeless one, foi 1 knoyy that they are not destitute of ninny good quilitiea that go to make manhood.

The ayerage time pei yycek giycn to fames played at school is as folio«s -

'otirth, 3 hours, fifth, sixth, ind seyentb, 5 hours, eighth, 5i boms, ninth, 5 horn« Considering the facilities offered at school for all kinds of sport», I am not a little surprised nt the sinallness of these allot ments of time 1 find, ho« ey cr, that I must not omit to take into account the fict that the census y»as taken in the yy inter term y»hen the dny*j ne shoit, and fuither that quite a lal gc nmiibei of boys

plij games lyynj fiom school lot then

lotil and chinch teun


lu seeking to find out ho»y the boys spend suth of then time as is fice fiom yyork and gime« it appeals that pincticilh ey ei j one oi thom hid at -onie time oi other collected stamps Compn itnely fey» boj s tollcct biston specimens, a foini ot lecrcatiou tint adds iiiteitst to eyei) txcuisiou into the country 1 yyish theie \»eie more deioteos ot this delight tul pursuit. The bobby that finds fiyom yyith a hrge majoiit} of tomtli form boys

is the mcceano set In the lilth md sixth moie thin hilf ol them mike model boats and neioplmes In the styeuth tho con struttion of yynelcss sets comes (net yyith 20 pti tent then gudoiiint, »nth 2d pel ttnt, model miking »nth 20 pei cent cir pciitenn-, IS pei cent photoginpb} li per tent In the two highest foi ni- iciding «uelcss and photogiaphy in tint Oldei arc giyen as the ptincipil lecidtions Hie spnit of constructiy cness tint is abioul Ins icteiyed i gicit fillip from the excel

lent hobbies exhibition xy luth is oignused by the scout ti oops ot the school and i*> noyy looked upon at, mi minni e»ent Be foio I leayc this question ot the spendint, of leisure hours I think I liny mention to the trcdit of the ty» o highest foulis tint some fiftj of their nunibei spend the bunclaj iiftcinoon m some foim oi chinch \»oik suth as the Sundi} school

What Do Boys Read?

U hat do bi y s lead ipitt liom their school books' lhe m»,«eis yyen to this question toieied only tilt yiintci tenu ot this »tu Unh -lo bo}s o peí ttnt ot tilt toi ii, had no time oi no tiste foi ltading It yyould be i mistal t to con elude, that the backyiaid do not teid much if it ill Indeed one of them ¡.ne ti«, names of 2J bool S he lind îeid dunn*, the temi, i feat tint mealed molt than lit inttuded A\oiks nt helton c1 tim i n t piepondennce, but thcic is no c»idonce to -how that eiotic oi pt uncut stuff fiiul« acceptinte On the qiiestitn ot ten«oimg a boy b ii ¿nimt eyeiyono 1 noyes tint the

mote bo»» md gioyyn up people too ne

yy unod not ti lead sueh mel -nell i book tilt gititei is then dcsiie. to see ye li it it is ill about No imoiint of foibidding y» ill «top some of Us I he best een**oi i

tint pnent yiho puts ill his oyyn books on tht table Of the ne it mista-* Ditkens is in st t iy otu ite tollo« ed by '".teyenson Scott Kipluv Geoige 1 hot in tint oidei 1 hdtl en} iccenes onl} in occismnl men tion Hie books most teid aie Ircisuit Ishud lhe Hill Bulldog Dunn mond ' With I ayyience m Viabn' Beni Geste and Dracula It «ill mtciest oin lnends at Lono to hno»y that i good min} ¿Scotch boys lnye reid Hit Human I'ech gogue ' J be fiyounte authois of fointh foi m bot» no 1 lbs Billantync Henty

Sti mg md Keeel Hie boy» of the filth till} on the sime list nul ide] Mil mt lults \eine '»ippei md Conw 13o}le Most of them lnye leid Mieih Claike mid theie ait mm} îeiders ot Chums

the Boy s 0»yn Papei, ind The Chil dieu s Lncyclopatlid In the sixth ii though a consiiltiable number tin my tint they haye been leiding one of ¿Scotts or Dickens s the books lead ne mostly

tones of idyentine oi ni} »ten Uidei Hig¡,ird md Coinn Doy t ne still to the foie lhe lineo Muskcteeis is i tiyountc In the seyeuth theie i- m oigy of fiction to yyhich 1 d|_ar pallico /nne Ciey lefleiy 1 n no1 Bnoiies» 0ie7y "sibitini mil Inn Ila} aie the I mu ipil contiibutoi° Heit uoyel íeid mg Ins leiched the peik peuod 1 ira not going to leploie the txclusiye ti te ni htei iture of the e boys of lb Attei ill

it is on the stde of ti e ingots Let li- ll ipo tint it does not lob them ot my of the bonis tint shoul1 be gnen to sleep oi it nn\ be to study In the ninth fictiin still louis but til en is it should be in molemtt doses i i seditne liter 1 ni I yy oil lititlnn toni al Cilsiyoithy Cibbs Hu 1» nil 1 \\ odehon-e ne the li me- that ipi en nio-t fiequeuth lheic is i g ii de-il of srlid iel ling done is xy eil The science side interest thoms?]» es in some nngn7incs ml books deihng with the yyondei ful c'tyclopments ot modern times

md the literny side haye found time to i cid some poetry biognph} ind biston In compiling these 1)00 li ts of bool s one could not help mticing thnt no one «is iciding anything about Gallipoli ind tint Scotts last 1 xpedition did not icceiye i merrion Pity ibout tint'

Cireurs Desired

It will not come is a smpiii-e to II« living as we do in this constiuctive ige, to le un that the eiueci of the engmeei excites the mi initiation 01 the gleitest niunbci ot boss it ijmost cveij st ige Alost of thom will lind that then limited cipieity foi matliciiiitics will compel them to tutu then aspiritions into other chin nclv Smong the boys of the hist foul yens ]J U Pi -.ntl 16 seals ol ige, I lind tint 3d pei cent choose engmcenng is the cneei thtj would hie to foiiov , 23 pir cent commercial or îndiictiiil life mel 20 pei cent ptefer to settle on the lind Medicine, iv ntion 1 iw journalism

ipplied sueuce, and tciching tolloyv afu off in tint oieler Munv of the boys who mc going to settle on the lind leive it this stagt A\ hen we come to the boss of the Itisin. ceitilu ile stn the bluies luve und i,ono i eonv-ulciible eli in_,c av follows -iß pci cent hiismiss m some loi in oi othci 2> im cent enfuie un. m is hit li I line nu lu lui ipplied science pim cipillv physics ml ihimivtis 11 pel (cut lind 10 pel ant hw 10 pei etui medí cine 10 p ricnt chinch teiehing mci join ! ii ili-m tOi,ethci St this st ige i în_,c pío I poldon nt the cmdidites foi i command

| cn eel disappe n in the lionoui s oi fiml

sen 21 jet cent luve ehosdi engiiieeiing 110 per cent hw 17 pei cent me berne S i pei cent ipplied chemistiv cn pbwicv &

per cent conimeicc 7 pei cent teichmg The lemiining 20 per cent eovei ill Hu other fields of human ictivity miong thom the numstiy and joinnilivm

I titist tint pnonts and boss ibke xxill find is nnieh întcict in pel using these stitistics is 1 luve bid m conipi!ni"



Mi« Dumiet Ins piescntcd i sum of i.2 000 the piocceds ol w Inch ne to be used in fin thei ing the elucition of bov s it the vchool who nie the s-ns ot Piotestmt cleigsmen This geneious gift iv mide in nu mon (f her hiivbmd Alt Cicoige Dunuet who cnteied the school in ISM) lo pci petit it c the memoiv of the Rev Dr Slexnidci Alnshnll who was foi 20 sens chunum oi the »»cotch College connell his vi is is tug sons mil chucheéis hise endowed i fund to pi ov ide speei ii pi i/es m Bible Di C,coij.e Bell of Svdnev lins idded to the benefaction that comiiiemoiatcs his bl othci S \ T Bell in Oldei to piovide st pinte pu/es foi the dux m Latin and the dux in 1 lench Air O II \\ ickcns li is ? oundell a speen! pi i/o in m llbeinitics to I e ulled iftei Ins son who his given emly piomivo of becoming a biilliml nnlbenii Ucian Su Tohn Afonnsh mel Di Citivhon Bennett hive pliccd it the disposal of the coiini ii i sum to elect a dunkin«, fount un it the junior school in niemoiy of John Monish Bennett who was i pupil tbeie md vino died dilling Hie yen Ihc ssii schein ship lund is being toiitimiills le plenivhed bv i number ot genet ouv donoio 1 hen "nts nnonnt to nenlv ii 000

Roll and Staff

Hie lull oi itteiuhnce loi the ycai is show n in the follow mg t iblc -

l (t lui

Tot 1 Dm ii, ot

Koli S n S ir s moi «c1 o I il SS, Jin lor K1 ciol «.10 1

1~ (J I~-ni Including boa) len lb lu lSj

The ness membeis of the stiff nie Air II B thompson AI \ Dip Id (àsdiiev)

Ah C B Boyes B \ (Tismann), and Ali 1 J SA ebb, B S (Btistol)


The taie of 162 bonouis gnned by "-"cotcli College bov s at the public eximmations of the Ijiuxeisity m 1028 cieates i new reeoid foi the school Ihey include 37 hist clisses

i4 seemd 68 thud and 3 otheis live exhibitions, unnelv, those m Lngbsh ilgebn, tngononietiv, physics and biologv and a specnl piu-e in commeieial punciples weie iw aided to these boss Siiothei tied for the exhibition in Gieek md Koman lustory, but being only a piss, candidate in othci subjects ho was in eligible Tsselve scmoi scholarships svere sson the fust place m the open divibion being taken by P C AA ickcns The totals fot the last six sens aie 730 honours 31 exhibitions, and 3i senior scbolaislnps, 115 ieivmg pivses and 141 intetmediate weie gi anted bv the Univeisitv on the held nnstei s eel tiiu ate Al the ¡sbnkcspen e Society s exiiuination font piizes weie aw ni did I Ix Pm viv and L Al llnichchiTo weie sueciwiul tmdidates foi c ntl mci to the N nal College

Hie following awaidv hive been mide it Oinioud College foi cntimee upon bmvei

sitv com ses in 10 0 -

lvcsident -sclioluí ships - S D Htbbeit ehcnustiy and hist in physics V 1, Jackson physics and hist ni ihemivtis

L 11. Lose, lust in geometis and tust in meei lines, D K S AleOinish geulo^v

ind ti st m biology, C I Alenhenmtt, bist

ni ancient liistorj ; A. II. Xoiman, rust m Butish Instot.y and first in Dmopein bis- ton : G. G. Powell, hist in Latin: G Thirkell, fiist in English, P. C. "Wichen«, lirst in algebra and rust m tiigonometiy ; V. A. II. Laune, Latin and Gicek; J. G.

Radford, English and British lustoiy I

Mmoi Resident Scholarships. - J. R. A. I Glenn. D Henderson, A. T. Proudioot, R .1. Riddell, J. M. Rodd.

Xou resident Exhibition -J. L. Pteyv.


The lecord for 192!) shows that in com-

petition with the othei bye public school» the teams lepreseiiting Scotch College yycie -Second equal in enekct, second m io«ing, second m athletics, loutth in foot ball.

Melbourne Grammar School yion the championship m cucket, athletics, nnd foothill, yiliile Jumci College icpc.ited then yictoiy of 102S m royying To fccotcb belongs the schoolbo} champion in tennis, B G Tonkin

In the hou«e competitions the following .ne the le-ults-Athletics, Momsb, tucket, Monash, football School, towing, Gat dmer, »»»miming, School, tennis, Gnidmei

llicic yyas keen malty foi the lionont of being cock house It y»as yion by Gatdiner alter a close contest yiith Monash and School

Under the ne« Defence scheme of yolmi tar} enli-tmciit we hope to eniol a sttoiv eidct toi ps and, among othei things, to place shooting again among the public schools' competitions. It yyotild be an added iiiccntne to cniolment if these coi ps attichcd to school y»eie recognised by the Defence depaitinent a» olhceis' tiaiiung coi ps

Other Activities.

The school conceit undtt the baton of Mi Oiton nded b} the orchestra undei Mr Kirb}, i cached a highei ley c1 than any of the eighteen conceits tint haye gone bcioic Hie bobbie» exhibition yy is ie peatcd this yen and the eley ei ness of the models and the yinet} of othei exhibits excited a gicat dt ii of nitcicst Tho museum owing puncipall} to the cnthiisi

ism ot thiec of the ooys-J K Gabi iel (cuntoi) 1 "\\ Mitchell md J \ \»h burnei- Ins ti own ápice Conspiciiou imong the guts ne i disused atioplmt engine a no« milly obsolete tntnyyi} fctip and «imples ot the pioducts ie-ulting ti oin tht tieitment of tindo pttioleum Hie Dnmntit Club and Hit oichcstii baie iccumulited i sum of about ¿ti 000 «Inch »\ith sub equetit additions yyill be u-etl to plieo in the ipse of the nienioiiiil hill 1 -erie» oi st lined glass yiindows md a l oil of honoiii in memon of those y»ho fell in the Gi eat Wai

Old Boys

Tre recoid of out old boys at the bin y ci «it} -met our last îepoit is i» folloyys -

107 pas ed then yeir (21 in nt» 22 in liyy Int in -cíente 27 in engnieeimP one in education one ni journalism l>> in medicine Jue in dentisti» 10 in autieul tine »ii in comnitice two in aichitet tine)

137 honouis (11 ht«t das c», 00 «econd

30 tim el)

1" puzes oi exhibitions

lorn hnil selioluship (English 1 tenth, sociology political economy )

»1 de glee»

'li Oimoiul seholnship«

Hie «<*hool extends its yyiimc«t cougiatu Iitions to the following old boy- -

Mi li G ¿Seceoinbe (l-VM and dux n 102b) on hi» election as \ictouin Rhodts Stholu fci 1)30 He is the tenth Rhodes Sthohii el-imied by Scotch College

Mi J \ "-city (ISOO md dux in 1900) on Ins appointment i» chief inspector ot stcondii} schools

Mr R*J Loy e (1S0S1 on Ins appointment as ihau mun of the Hospit ii Commission

of \e« ^outli Wiles

Sn Cohn McKenzie (1S91) on his knight


Di \ Hamilton 1 «uley (190o) on his ip ? ointment i» dncttor ot pathology it tht

lo pit il loi jiopicil Diboa cs London

Ali J G Lilli un (1S90) on his being chosen by his put» is letdti of tile Op pe-ition in the ledtril Ptilinment

Geiienl Sir lohn Afon i h C C AI G hi II (dux in li>Sl) on his pioinotion to be Gtnenl

Dunn-, tht yen eleith Ins lemoyed st»

ei al ti otu mimi el miong them Ali Ii til 13 Bit] ( B AtB 1HC-» (dux in lb"»)

Ah J li AltColl Mi 1 Hmiilton hmv (dux in ]S"0) Ali J (1S"S) Ali

II \ 1 iun" (ISSi) Afi T ] \ Stew ut tlSi»)) Ali I B li lotleeood (lSb ), Ah \ 1 Alelem (lill) Heit I w »nil ice ul »nth -oiioiy the untimely ck ith this y u uf tlnce loy» ot gie it punis - Mini M »n i h B iinttt Uislin Hill Woods ml A\ iib nu Ubi it 1 e» nolcl

lhe «thool lu» stifle ltd in n itpn ii It loss b» tht sudden di ith ot Ah Bob Home .-ince tht y tn 1S10 extept toi an Hiten ii ot Ino yens he bid been i dtyoted «ei

y mt ol Scotch Cillegc Hie pi tying hell it "inn Puk md the mole «pieious uounrls it Hiyythoin aie lnoniiments of his wi e foresight md umemittiiic, tile He w ns i fine «poi tsnian too and the idol of succeeding genei itions of boy to « bom he yy,.s affectionutel} knoyyn as Bob


The min i_,emcnt ot «¡" lugo i school cannot be i one niau job I deviie spe cnllv to lcknowleiLe the coll iboiition ol Ali Ingiain the siec ptineip ii ssho tiles i H_,e shne of the binden the Rev S R Aliened the school cbiplain wlio attends to the religious insti ellon 01 the bov s

mil Air \ J 11 illci the head master of the junior school And not to them only but to ill the othci meinbeis of the stilf I expicss niv lppiccintion of their devoted sei vice to the school both in the elis« oom nnd out of it I must not folget to men tion the m linns and the hospital iiuibe who hive cn ed for the boys in heilth md m siel ness lo the piefects piobitioneis ch«s captains hoiive ciptmis md to ill v o hive «ei y ed the school on committees mel in otho! vi ivs I cm but FIV that I could not cinv on without them 1 he scnool Ins been foitnnite in hiving two lids of such staling woith (Illili,, the posts ol c iptiin mel v ice cmt nn is t 1 Mutts md 1 H Robivon

Prize List

t ie«t Iluold SS Har) cr s.holat hip -R Meh Clinplell

linn S Ivemii «"cliol n ! Ip - G C Tonel]

lion 1 liol inviti v |, .hi |,p _ i ililli,, a, j D v UMiail v L hong J P Hume mel R '

Jol ii' Jil

I I Lodge «tlioln hip-J Philip and D


(eoiee SSool «rliobrililp - V P I! Bei nie

(eorueSI Un hinan Se-holan-lup -Iv Coivcn Slum s,|(in s,ho!irslil| -C SS s.bte

Kuli Vrm tiong »-clioliislilii-S 1) Ilibbert Ile it Vbtrdcin liursaii -C (, I OH eil

I l'l'l It ECII00!

I en ing Honours aid lulling I IF«

Ninth (Leiin_. Ilonouis)-Dux of <-ili I Vilo eil Ion lefencd The Vrgu« Pi lie (Gift of tilt 1 lopnrtoi of Hi Si (.tis )-I II Low lue bull-Dux I C1 liidfoi I (1 O Lath mi prize) V 1 Heroin; S 11 \oimin S 1 I rou Hool Slevin 1er sjornson I ssni -I) Hen Icrson I « IJ on 1'iitish loetiv (Vrthur Robln«on Ii Izo)- S P I leming md I O -lidford Uri!¡«li linton - Dus G I Xlenlieniillt (Sitluir Hobin on i rire) S 11 Nornnii S T I rou Koot 1 uropcin His len -Dux V li Xornun C 1 Slenliennitt Cieek nu] liomin History -Dux C I Slenliennitt ( Thirkell 1-cononiics - Dux G I Slenliennitt 1 SI I odd Latin-Dux I V II Laune (ilex Hell SlemoiliI prirc) G G Pondi lienr-h - Dus S P Heming (Sle-e Pell Sltmorl ii prl/ ) D Hender on Slliancc Inmenso 1 nze in I lench -C lliirkcll Creek-Dus 1 S II luirle (kilt of SIe«sr* Hol triton and Vlulltii) G (, Pom I!

Slntliematless -Dux T It Love (I 11 Hell ni lill? ) I C SSickens Ihvslc« - Dux S S Jiik sou (Roi ort SlorriEon Sleuioml prize) s D lill belt J I frew Chemistrv - Dux S S lick «on (Robert Slornson Vlçmciiul ruiz.) h P Une R I Kid j li Iliologt - Dux D R V SIc0mi«li R 1 Riddell Geolocv -Dux I S Sshbiirn r I copraphv - Dux S. t Reid Vgnciiltinc- Dux G SI Drummond Comnierchl Pi inciviles and Commercial Practice - Dux L G Pclliaid Draw lue -Dux h SI Illiston R D SV Hind

l-i.lilli dening lan«) - Concnl rxtollonco in i-ngllsli and lour Other Subject«-Dux It li Iolm«on Division I (Vlatrlculnits)-R It John ton 0 SS Ililnmond L I Mitchell 1" 1 Rid dill I h Gardner It I Downing L Coln li 1 1 C X!ivv«on I Iv SSillei T S Ltyvi. J G Johnston C lhirk URO Linne Division II (Non nntritulnils)-I 1 rovvler Dux in Lcav inj Slnthtmalics (I ( I mi look !'r!?o)-J I

roslin Dux In Len in. Cliemi«iii (li D Cuntll

li ize)-1 S loin«



Sill-rcnciil Isctllen e-Dus D I lourel Slodtru Goin««>-IJ 1 Touzel I G llioini selene Couisc- S I Koilk, 1! B Ivis I ( Iiiiraek S J Clin«toi htr S R Sillier J 1 Godlng

S lib-General I scelloncc-Dux R SS SVaddell md D G SVllon sc|cllcc Couise-R SS SSad dell md D C SSilson G 1 Vnderson Gommer cul Course-K II Joseph C 1 Colt J V Sey


S Ile-General Ixcellcnee-Dux R II "-"utloii Commercial Course-II II Sutton A T Mci inn science Course-V SI Pude C R Iii on D' Stodern Course-I,. G SIcKiv

S lid - Gcneril Excellence-Dux C I, Hordern Science Course-C L Hordern R If Melv'mne.

Slotlcm Couri-c-h I Slchiv, J h Eduards, I li Dascs II It SSesttott

Silo- Gonerd Excellence-Dux, G N ilcliee Commcrei ii Course-G X Vichee Modern Course -VV yh Hoy-wool R R Slacrionild Science Cour«r-,1 1- Balfour li SS StcDonell

Silt-Generil 1 xccllouce-Dux II A Mcltie

S llrf- General ! xcellencc-Dux V G Slorrls Slodern Coui-*e- S G Slorrls, G J Brown S It SIcFnrland J II O Bcirue

S HI)-General Excellence-Dux F G Strahan Modern Course-r G Mnhan science Course B V SSilson Special-J 0 Sobell


Sub intermediate

Sli- Ccneril 1 stelle nee-Dux D s SS ¡«hut Iv 1 SSilker J Phillp I T sandford li SS Henri, G J s Gllchri t V L loisyth, J I.


S lb -Ccnenl I-veellencc-Dux S H Lain mee S C Coopei C Haldon II J JciTeti C si loldink S L Tinton

Sit- Gtneiil Ixeelltiicc-Dux P II SViitson

X O Sandtlcin R lv Idivaid« SV G IJiovvu, D G A l bimbel» I SI G Han Is

S Id -Genci ii l-xcolloucc-Dux h U Hume C SI lou I II Glaike \ J SScston ¡special- ly s (, impbell

Sie- Peneial Lscellonce-Dus, I) P Dunnes V It SSIlklns

Reinóse S - General 1 scelleiirc- Dux 1) I! Sloin It I- (. SI iel eui I II GI irk D \. Mi henrie S SI Gllik II 1 h rye

.Utmost II- General Excellence-Dux, M M î

t Cooey, L T yllc-n \ X Mander« 1 1! John

I ron


ya.-Central I rell nee-Uuy t. F Pennell t I, Piout! O \ li Cir«»»olI It I M Mc« t T II Wilton li I Marshall

\I>-Ceticr-il 1 yccllcttii*-Du\ T 1 Roi crt« 1 P Thomson Ü C tlhot, W D Jiott, It 11 Wi!kin«mi It 1! Ireu-r

A e -I cue tal 1 xcellcncc-Du*¿, W T <-»»an D li Mclhir«on I! G s.ei> ]¡ i c-itlin

A I-tttncul 1- xcnlletio - Uu\ P Dueran! L. I» 1 »ok W ytors.ui 1 «li ar

I\a - Genital 1 eil» ire- Um t y|cM y anec h \ Unir, y s Jitndcr-oii L li H-ild»»ln

X li Mel lice

IM»- ( lierai rwllonce-Pur I V Dry lit C C Mci « tin in K I- siuic, 1- L *-mltli

V1IC \tUt«

-cniPTi ni PIÎI7I-*

IA (the I! 1\ I die«) io 1 nzc) -1 It le

MU md yu (the lit tley Mar-lull liize*)

-G Tliikell J o I iiirick

lorin Irim. (the lilt of llr mid Mr«. Icier Kui in mein r» of Mi 1 J 1 ml »)-H M Muí rao I 1 Heim u y\ J W ltitr y y MeLlot ilel X P 11 i| \ t I William« C N »»»J t, J s (||iln«t I l, Ruc! li, 1 M C Ham« It y Uiiiin and L M Lo»e N W Hill li I G M C-L.-U1 I T yllin C1 y II Cu»»»ell T h Hot it W 1 sw" j j ¡. Campbell, \ s i|r, 1 i on I» L ¿-lune


Captiln of the school (Gift of the lanena!) -

C ! Vraie

criait lin of the **ihnol (Gift of the \ ice principo- T 11 M J. 11 on

1 ilitor Coll gi m (i ilt of the Ole! «cetch Collci-in*, y «-»ciali li) -I) Heml-n-on

Olrt no»- lrize (Gift of tie south \mtialhn Old Mo»!, Is ci-ili n to the son of an Oil Pu Who lias ( iycn -letial scnitc to the Schcol)

-r y II liim

Dot atnv (Gilt of the y lee i rinciiul) - \ P rletning J M Poll

I iterar» Coiuribiition« to the Collemin (J D Dum« y| miri-il Pnzc)-L) Ht neleri-oii

1 itenr} I oiitnhutioiu lo the Colle"iiii (11 C Thotn«on Menu m1 I rize)- y P Henni ï

I «sa» on llntish Knie in Lg»pt (l ift of I encra] Llliott)-C I Meiihcniiitt

L«M» on i Ittcrir» Subject (Clft of Mr W Chirit« Moil ) -J ( Hadfoi I

Ontjiml sion (Cift of Mr W Chirles Mo»le) -

1, P I lelllll .r

Lucrar} Club Prize (Clit of Sir 1\ » Waller) -

». P Heinini.

Wilting (l iii of MI«« Roi ert«*on) -D S Iiarb» \ I I imont II I) rhom«on

«lo» el Wooducrk - C N Hi »el I 0 1- McDon aid

*-lt DILs VXD C VMI-«

Or Ilcnn-iu l"n»iracc 1 lires for <*tuill « anti ramob ( -1 y H Liurie 1 R Harnett 0 W II min mil

rho Dr Ue\ « \ttcl i on Itizc« for luidlos ami I ime« Cornhill I -J 1 \ (.lenli C I) hemp I yi i Hurl«

Ihr Hirn and Keith Onie? Prices (Confined to Iloatder ) - y R Mutin II M Crc n \ C Mm» » W siruti i c 1 eil-u 1 ( M timm mond w li Liniiion s i* Htbeit G 1 Hill«! th

Cricket (II I Cohen Iropln)-C H himp

Crcket (Di 1 r» in Iii7cs foi 1 ieldine.) - I I

Uni n I It U inlett (lll--t Al ), I L leckie (- ion! M )

Cnkct (0«CI Iropln for Junior«)-R 0


s»iminin_ (Mcdillion of Hoy ii Ilumine **o ciel})-X II strii«

ji xion «ciioor

Cipt-un of tin «school (lhe Cift e f the 1 uncu ii) -I V, |j»»iic 111\ of the school (lhe John »loi Th Hu ti In?)-(. Chri tie Dux in scripture (li llr »Icy in 1er M l hill Puzo) - 1 Chu«ti linn mid Kelti) ln»i lnze - y C 0 Dixoi -tu li -ii d I itn - (I ift of Mr 1 Waul) - C II XithoI«on 1 \ W tddell -tillie at I (units (I »ft ot Mr I II Mc Inman) -W 1 Moulien 1 W II ite 1» 11 Ulm

lillie Inzc -He-( Clm-tlc l\i- I V Koltunnn III-» -I I \ Ort.ii lill»-11 W I lion Hie-I) C Ho"e,*, Hld-II W ti nell lia -I y ltocer III -I 1 McMcil ni lie - M A Oil'n 1-1 li V Riper

<*lo»d - II M Hircl

1-orm Pilze« (Cciuul rxccllenoe) - Ue - 1 C Christie 2 ( W Diyyie 3 W C Hircli -1 P I I)icki-on Ucl-1 I \ I» ttmnnn 2 I I Wicken o I 11 los! i -i It 1 Hill lill-1 1 r \ Oiton - \ W Mon lion 1 II I Colder J \ yyidlell (cnual) lilli-1 li A 11»»renee 2 I! W I ilcn u I It Mon « 4 1 V Hoiuininii Hie- 1 P C RoRor« 2 I) Mci! Hu »eil J J 1 llentoill 4 R \ Wool »»aid HU-1 1 \ Illiieh 2 C \ Mclyituy 1 W M Tolson 4 P Wilkin«*T Un-1 I h Church 2 1 M \Hirl IG \ I rae I) s Th »ni ( nuil) IH -I I *- tolclotiji 2 I J McMcekin I Ii Hell I C S Iule Ile-1 M A Oitou 2 II \ \nd l-»on 3 H H I Uti

j ihn t H ( *. nu on In - 1 1) ^ Hill - 1 W lim on II 1» li-»»'« 11-1 W l»»he 2 W M liutnotl ! W I Iloith



Value of Public School Education

G1 1 LOA( , A\elno«di» - V pleaMiig fe mut cn the mini ii «leech di» ot the (?colong <_o!]pL.e lull this ifftinion »li- the iito-nitinn b» the old collo,.] ins of the 21 yens in the -titi it tht - bool of llit yicepnncipil (Ml \ li Alel.i belts)

\\ hen All Alcl obeit- »» i- c iib 1 upon to piopo-e i y ote of th ml s to Piole-oi Gunn »\ho distubuttd tht -ehool pu/t«, Ah \\ J Dunns pi e-i lent ot the old colic guns inteiposeil uni lclciied to the line ictoid oi Ali AltKobeit» it the school Ue picstnted bun yyilh i »» illct ot notes

lhe gitlieung yy ia y ti} higeh attended Air S II Ilmnlton Cahcit pie«idcnt of the college countit yy is in the chin l'io fessci Gunn thauniin of iho LinyciMt» Lxten-ion Bond distiibuled the school pii/cs, and Ali Dennis tilt spoils piuct,

Head Master s Roport

"Hie punnpal (the lies 1 S\ liolhud) in lus lepoit st itc 1 -

In his innuil it poi t the held nnstei sud -Boys otten base ids ice fcisen theiu but lew i eeive is one, nil i ssnnin0 is tint of the ev nie who slid Dont let vom velmol woik mteileie with join cdu cation Use ldvite. piobiblv suari

moie to mistéis thin to bow ft leniiuds us th it tillie ilion t innot be confined w Ullin ciisvioom will» It must be siul to the tiédit ol publie M linois th it they seldom loiget this I he lime magi mel thought th it then mistéis give to the boss outside the (IIVKOIU-"neu tot the mot put willingly md without ueoni| nive- ne "lils lo the tultue ii this count!v tin mile me pi mil oi the te elim, pioli

«ion 1 nu sine ill putntv heie will join with me in th tilling the mimbus ot oui Still lot ]ll]v|nu" so nun li picnoui lllv

on the bl v s of this si hool by to idling than in stoutin" oi debituio oi in spot isintu «lui.

SS e ill limit piobiblv tint school «oil is not the whole ot i bos v i lut ition

Dont lit som v hool ssoi] uituleie suth youl cduiition. suggests tint vChool weil«, miy not even be t put ol educi tion Iho Chief Justice (i»n ASillinn Iivme) leeently expit ed i doubt sv bethel schools taught bow to thinl foi them selvc It he had l etui ned this yen to the college willi which he ss is once so elosels lwocntcd he would line beni is delighted is I hise been with the vigoi

oils intelleitinl hie of its olilei boys Hie senioi boudas espe nils tlnoii"li solun tiny study cueles on-sunday nioiuin"s hive been st Helling foi the solution ot nuns piobleins ethic il ind théologie ii svith t 1 eenness whieb public school boys ne sup posed bv m my to shoss only in discussions on spoit lliese exploi itions bs gioups of tuend« wisely led ne the lnppicst foi m of education 1 mile no ipology foi hiving sent the voluntiiv ehss m economics to heir both Ali Biuee and Ah -scullin In then c1 ivv debite on the question it issue in the list Ceimnionweilth election they seemed to me to he is convei mt with the two sides oi the eise is mo t Pnlimientiij debitéis

The Boy as a Thinker

I sometimes ish im-clt xyli it p mels of Ihoutht t-hotild l bo» leay in-, si hool be expected to t iho y»ith lum On »tint sub jects should i semoi boy bt expecte 1 to be ible to expiess i yyell consideie 1 judg

mont *

lie Ins begun to thud long befoic ho comet, to school liom his cithest yeais he has been using tht pcyicr tint lies it the bottom oi ill thin! in,, tint i- the ip pietntion ot lil ene-e- md ililli i enees be tyyttn tlune.s 'With the help of n tines lo fix his ueiitnl notions lie lus It II nt to loi m judgments \A hen he m» moo t iyy

his nitlunent is tint the thing befoi lum is Ide the ^.entiiil i lo i ot i tiny tint he his "laduitllx fennell null imbi -» pi tme ot clhei Hum ils uni thin"*, xy indi fill hi*, ment il g tllei y

Chssificatlon and Definition

\ 1)0} s poyyci of distinguishing betty cen objects de» clop» yen npidh He «oon shames his fither by lu- supmoi poyyei ot hiioyymg one blind ot uiotoi cii fiom mother \ou yxill find some boys xy it li a distinct luteiost in tuelul thssilicitiou The tish of classify in,, nul hbellim, in oin museum Ins been eil ned out foi the mo«t put by the boy« litfoie he lene-, school i bo} should haye leunt somethinc. of the y ist toil ot cal cful obsuxeis yyhith li is found a mme md a place in the citilo_uc of things foi all objects knoyxn to mm He should lnye felt loo the impoitin.e oi exact definition tht lick of yihich cuises «o much unnteessni} confusion md qu ti

idling He should lenn this in llmost e»ei} subject tnight in the classiooins

Weighing Evidence

He should also be ible to yicigh ey ¡donee

Seyeial of oui old boys aie Lyon bo} who leay es shoitll be i jiidte He should be moie thin i bimstet He should lcfiiPe to belieye lumouis that ne not suppôt ted 1)> sufficient ey idence He should hiioyy that i thing mi} be ti no ey cn though it ippen» in punt and tint it um not be \ public sihool should souci out bo} s imbued yyith the lintisli tindition of ,ti«tieo yyhiili ice.ud- a min is innocent until be is pi ox ed by ey idence to bt guilt}

Judging Character

H} the time ho leiyts si hot I he -hould be a fin jud"t ot dun ittei t-petnlly ii lit has been a bo ii dei It is cul» b} li»in0 with people, is y»e lound in the anny that yye i,et to I non them i- tiny itally ait A piefctt yxho tun uiideistuid and

couti ol boss cm bindle almost any tvpe of nieu s_i,,_,s«tu11v

Inductive Reasoning

Tv civ boy who Ins bid Hie idvantige of a second u v cducition should hive leirnt to be cn etui in expressing judgments is to whit is the i tal cause of anything V chilli knows seis soon tint cseiv effect miivt bise i cmse \t school be should kain the scientific ittitudc tint will not

without due luvestigatmn dechre whit tin eiu»e of mv given thing actuil'y is Doctoiv know how easily people ssill be best tint some stuff they took before thes begin to feel betta must be the (nive of then improvement vv bete is it is cputc posvible tint their nittual leeoveiv wis letarded Iv the medicine I wish cvtn bov could stiy at sthool until he is mitmc enough to Mivp tint clnpter m AIill s lnduttive logic which nnkts

pinn when we may légitimité!} cxpicss i judgment is to cm c md effect It ssould v-isc him nuns errors anl perlnps much monos in iftei life lor tie oidnnis man is will iv the icvearcb student docv most ot bs bndcvt thinking sshen be is ti j ing to find out the ciuse of something

Deductive Reasoning

Deductive logic lrgunig fiom ccrtnn pre mives to i conclusion em bo omitted fiom the school tiiriicuhmi lhere ne quite tnough subjects in it nbeidv ii huh si ould develop deductive leisouing posvcis Neither do boys lequire i specnl com se m common tiliieies md then eoirection In the give vnd tike of cmdid discussion which is put of the community life of a bonding school and in the debating so octy which is one of the most genuine edu ntioml fe rees in the college fallacious m fei enees ne veiy speedily ind mtlile sly exposed

Art Criticism

It is absind to expect a noimal bov to bo m ait cntic Ile is much mole mtei

evted in svbit is porti is ed than m the mmtiei of the poi tray ii Still I think a sixth loi m boy at least Ins a light to I now xs li it in the opinion of those who love nt ne genenllv ic_.aided is m istcipicces He should have seen good icpioductions if not oi'"innis ol the best ¡retines ami hil m oppoitunitv of compiling them with othci s 1 wish schools could ilfoid moie time loi the bov s own cieitive ssoik Oin ait m istei li is pi on ived to help us m this ss is next sen souit sens igo with his en thusiistic help and il«o tint of nuns ovviius of pulules, yve held at the school in exlnbiti n of mon than 200 paintings etchings md pi nits md bv guide leetuics tiled to mil o the gillcry edueitioml The ti oubli involved seemed out of piopoition to the lcsiill But oinsioinlli an old bov in convcisiion his levelled tint that exlu Ditton non ed in bim i love oi good pie tines which Ins ID» giown to be i icil inteiest m his life I feel eiicounge 1 thcie fue to lttempt untliei stub ex] erinient

AS bit I hive sill in io. ml to pic tints I ipplies to rthei nts SS t hive (hion. li

out the vi it ii sones of excellent c neals I Al mv of Hie 1 oís pitientlv induit Hie best

inuv.ii md some I ecnlv appiccnte it It I is quite obvious fie m bov s ess .y s th it j

the love oi beauts is levelled m Nitiiic itsell is not at all uncommon liter the ige tf 12 oi 11 yeirs It gises one i flint hope tint some diy eveiv loy -sxill leise es eis sthool pi sev ed of a pi sion ile in toleianee of ugliness

Religious Judgments

But bv fu the most unpoitint judgments a boy should be able to muse at beioie be leises scholl ai o moi al mid teluious judgments Art bowesci honoiii ible i sets mt is still a suyunt In the spheie of monis ind leligion we ne discussing something tint c1 unis to be our mastei

which uses the mipcntise mood and tincitem, oin destiniiv In childhood and in boy hood unthinkinn belief is nntui ii but bs the time boys no doing bonoiu woik the igo ot cntieisni has aruved The thoughtful boy does not vsi«b to dispense with lehbioiiH mtlioutv hi only wants to be sine wheio to find it Befóte be leivis school m my a boy will hive come to some definite opinion ns to wlnt or si ho is to be tue extninl authoiitv which It tonsciciito th it internal mthontv will tcccj t is its boseicvti lonl AAliethir 1 om in Cithohc oi Piotestint he cannot uti nu fie ni «onie cxtlci e oi pris tte judg mint Ile 1 is to ehoosi ant be alone whelhei he will tieept is his cxteinal guide the Chin li (l the Bible (i such join ns

(f ihe Bible is linn him or vome othn I mt!) nty ilttvetb i Hie inlividuil bov

ti I iv .ml Jon ml divqiuet his tin» ti cine n I us les) iiisil dits hil upon lum mil 1 e i in iiev oi slnl e it ill lie ilont cm ju lu i ti whit inipiis«is lum as ti nth ul in tie ultim do iv ne it is only wini ( 1 ions tucos lum is ti ne tint is nithoiit itive ni lum Hi himself mu t (beide wbethel whit his teichers hive given lum i in"s tine upt n the bird corni

tei ot expciienee Hipiv is he if in that sloim mel sticss peuod he finds M nipa llietie counsillcis but Ins eounsellois cm not believe foi bun mv moie thin tim

cm bicithc foi lum His fithei s îehpion Hut i« his fithei s peisoml rchtionship to the Lnvoeu cm in moie be the son s than tie fttlict s bent tin dine the blood the sons veins Von um isk H ivy is i boy to have mv hope of dis

eos ci in,. Hie ti nth ibout the Infinite'' li he cmnot no one i in His religious leiehcis em mile j Inn to mi tint i seien e ml religion ale both concernid with ti nt li md tint each Ins its own metlio I of di roven He soon finds that tluio is sonic thins in us cill it wlnt you will tint enibles us ill len ned oi un len ne 1 to 1 now the Highest sshen we see it He liscoveis i Divine Sjunt ivittun his othuwi e insignificmt sell which recog mc the Divine Sp i it beyond lum-in ey ely thing tint is ti ne and good md bom t if ni especnlly in tint supreme self mtlientieitin. icvehtion tint is i um I in Hie New levi mont He tindv tint thcie iv ¡i mtive 1 uivhip between the hunim mini ni Divine ti nth one might osen sn betsse n the bum in bent md the Divuef ve Ila toie whether he wi I ev to i ii t 1 v lil v n hum in inline he i corni lie I to m ke nionl nil iel gio is j i Union tv 11 t this quostmi is ti tie extent t( vvl irh i be s cm le ti i ned to Hunk bofsie lo is in_, vihonl i lndin" me tío I i ifitl 1 ml T must tinn noss ti the biston ot the sou

The School Year

Turning to the biston of the school so i will be ghd to 1 now lint the sen lVD in «pile, of the hninciil stmtness of the times his been pei hups the best tint the college li is cset enjoyed Î hive spol cn ot ? ntcllectinl ldvanie Thcie his ilso been

i veiy niniked idvmce in the nnmba of boaideis on our loll In othci sens sse bul to build nlditions lo oin ) rtsent houses (his jen sse ssere compelled to pioside inoihei complete house It ssis a sin ill but complete junior house for boss nom S to ]2 in I was Ulled is soon is it vus opene] At *t\ mm House we hive had ibout 60 bois fiom 13 to 1) sens old mid it the school bouse about 70 seniois The new junior house his cmbled us to gise to the souii,ei boss the incessant cue thev ninl and wo have been foi tímate indeed in those who hive been in ehaige of it The council Ins decided to build i laigei j inioi house it once People living m the tiopies md paientv with only sons find snell i house the best environment lol then boss AS e want to mil e this junioi house tint we ne ibout to build a ti ne home and i |Ine of ghd memories and every mate ml aid tint cm be devised to tint end will be coiisideiid m it«i constiuction

One of the most lnteiestmg development«! of icceiil yens is the number of bon dei s coming to ii- norn Geelong itself mmy patents leihsing th it it is not ilvsivs eisy in i modern home to give the snpeivision the discipline the conipmionslup with con teni) oi mes md the legulinty of bonis which bos lequue

Reasons of Increase I In looking back on the list 10 xeit» ont emiiut but ish to yx li it is the txtn 01 dm in nieieist in the niimbei of bo inlets due It seems to mc to be rxxniL, not i little to the f tct that in Ali A ictoi Piofitt nul Air leslie C impbcll yye lnye mci txxo idet] house mistéis xyhose nndei

st Hiding of md hippy i-ehtionship yy itli boy- ne minni (.ift- xy Indi their Con -eicntiou-ucss md exptuence luxe deye lope I in the highc-t degicc It in due too to the xyondeiftil licillh iccoid of the si hool loi tint xx c luxe to think the highly tinned nuises xibo haye dexoted then si ill is much to the pieyention -is to the tute of lillie«- To oin housekeeper mil hu stiff yxho lnye litter!} yvoiked in lestncled -pice xxithout conipliining yye ¡ne nlso indebted Ihey de-ene the pcifect conditions undei «Inch ncxt}cir the} xxiii be in then Inborn s

lint behind all the dex olopment of the I bo ii ilm" lioii-fO life has been the ceaseless jil inning and enthusiasm m term time mid liolulix time of one pei son xihom my yxife xxoiild nex ei ilion mc to name in an annual iej fit To liei mote thin to an} otho!, luxe been dut the ninunieiable unpioxc ments tint luxe undo the boirding side oi the school life um so sinoolhl}

Financial Outlook

lhe better fiiiancnl outlook is mun!} oxiing to tht xxork of the chairman of the council lhe He» J B Iientoul ind he undei t )ok the clifiicult task some }eais igo ot i iisuv in endoxx incut fund and xceie, thiouji the gencrof-itx of oui old collegians ind othei friends of the school siiccee'sful m îcinoxing the huge debt on the pi opa ty Ibis is enly one of the min} funds he his i n ed foi the idxantige of the school lyu «mee my miyil I haye been inia/td

it tht imoiint of unselfish md often th ml k-s yyoik oin diminuí Ins done and tontiniies to do both for the pic-cut boys ml the old collegians It giye me Moat pietism c to -ee hi» illirie engt ix ed toi ill time on the foun htion stone of the ney» dining hill 1 he members of the council luxt ulxxi}C been sympathetic, ind if at

dist I bid oceiisiomllx to liUit hird iel piogrcssixe mcisurcs tint diy Ins long (.one, and the} baye now i yi-iou of a -pieu cbdl} completed college and are makin-. Unit dieim come true so íapidlx tint I nu now rathct a blake than a dining loree

Day Boys

The dix boxs li ixe ilwax s been i strength to the school and lnxc cntoied yen tully into its y ii led actiyitics 1 lieu clnnetei

ind belling rey eil that here is still in Gi

long muth of that tiuc home lilt tint is sim to be rare m I írgti cities Our semoi pi elect one of the best yxe baye hu!

is a Gidong boy yylio has bid only tin year in lcsielcnce 1 lnye to thank minx Geelong residents for then kind hc-pitihtx to out bon dei s on Sunday aftei noons It is not i good thing foi boys to bt uitiuly sepintcd fiom tilt lift of tilt community

ind 1 am gntcful to lccttuns y»ho line -poktn to the boys on yaiious o» t l-ion and to distinguished »t«itoi- to tins conn try yyho lnye mtt gioups ot the box- c ni xeis-ationallx, ind bioadcncd then out


Examination Results

The tcsults oi tin» xcai s xxoih as tu is the public criminations ne et ne me»I

ne not xct knoxxn but x»° haxc bend tint the dux of the school C >>cwnnn Ins x»on i nnjor Oiniond sthohislup, i IUL.1I ilistmi

tion tonsideiing the number md tibbic ot the compctitois Ile il»o xxuis the Or mond pn?e md the exit seholiiship pie stnttd by the Old Collegians U-ociition Ibis success should be ytiy plei-mg t» the »\ iriackinbcil High School xxlmli hi« hid i lirgc shine in Isexunin s celtic ition

The honour cln-s results foi 102S xxue not is good as n-u ii tlic boy s in the foi m benn, rather lmmatine for such adyanccd yioih Ibex should giye a bcttti iccount ot them selycs this yeir J R Adam obtuncd honoius in Butish histoix, J T >>immo in Lnglish and historx and I iv

Alicdonnld m alf-cbi i li euch phxsies md tiigonometix Isimino xxis succe»-lul also in winning a nonresident seholiiship it Ormoiid Tile Io nmg examination lesults weie much the sime is m prcxious yens

Hit lntciincdiito cxanimition ustiH wue i lecoid ihnost ey en boy m A U lorm pissing tht ex munition

L \ Alulhollnnd the only college c indi dite, yyis siiiee-sful in pi-sint, the cxinuni

tion foi the my y


Vic line bid i xen ot xy ill oigiiused «pult tht mo-t oiitatnuling feituic benn, the mi pi ox enient in the standard of otu «ucket Otu niitch with tile Melbourne

Gi imm u ¡school xy is one ot the mo-t ex . citing mc] enjox ible the school Ins ex u jil ix ed Onlx i splendid -t mil by then lt-t man m sixtd tht nnttli loi the gi mini ii

«thool md lo«t us i uieket pitmitrslup i

In the ciinbintil spoils while nidix ubi ii«

dul well the temi xins not -n «ticie-ntl n-i tint of la-t yen \\ t bid i hem i new

thin usual but they yyeio not giocl cn uj\ \ to heit S-Otch in then lie it \\ e be it th it | hi^e school howtxei in t el c t b ill ml ml spite oí i bit] um oi «tiini» and s) inn I liuishe I ccpnl sciond loi our lompui , tixelx sni til si hod to be i pul eeond bol li I

in cn let ind football in one xeu i- i ie , miikibli fcit md ictlects ueat uedit on

our eoichts md on the box- them the I \\ t xyeic successful in our annoi! tennis ni itch ignnst the ttcclonc. C»i mi ir *-cho. 1 1 yen xtn the ti mi- other thin the in-t

ne -.citing better ti lining md mote mitthes Out athletic spotts xxeie

ti-iial i masteipittt oi oie.anisition It l mtticsting to note th it Ali J une» D Hi lui lins stinted the lites toi 2o xc ii« and Ali

lindley, oi Ins biothti luxe nttel i timel ttpcis for 27 }e ii«

lhere xxiii not be minx i hulkes m the staff next }cn Ali Potts and Ali \\u"bt aie It lying tis and wt shall mi-s them both Both gixe loxdl scixice within and without tht school and yxe »»Hi tin m yycll m then future cn coi s Afr *y\ nuht s plict will be taken by Ah Ixiisdcn of the Vi mid ile school Next "-louth "t\ ile- i biothti c f «cxeinl cid c dieu ins md Ali Potts s pi ice b} Ali ( *s|nnk'icl ] Al \ mt un huidle who comes to u- attei tonst Kilbie experience is a public school mistei in 1 nr land mci n« t Ice tutu in matheniities ai theloiehct- rniniiiiî Cillige Melbourne

li is - » y »ai s s litt Ali Al itKob 11- c mu to the collect i- n nnstci I I noix he xionld hi itheytl if I niaft no leieitnce to tint t itt Iheitloic 1 -hill only say tint licyei has ii um ipi] Ind i mu 1 y ii md *-in

lons y ice piintii ii nulli xei li is the si hool li id a mistei nu te cnliiely deyoted to its mleie-ls I lu aile tun ite esteem in xybich hunch e 1- oi 111 coll "nu- liol 1 linn i- i linn tiibutc to his | el on tht} than aux xx ii ti« of mine

M c 1 icp i.ood men i long time at the col

lego indo otu sein »l gioiuid-m in lnowiit» exii}one in ttteloni. is ii Id} ltink.ui his bctii xx ith us noyy 1 i i quiitci of i ten tun \ -poit-mm nul i (.tnlleninii i humoiist ml | e*--imi-t theie is no one cimlc like lum mil 1 hope tint he xx ill be

ible loi man} xtir- xtt to befutnd tht stboo!

Tlio Preparatory School

lhe piepantoix school hi» hld i sue ccssfti] yeal both m yiork md phv lhe kmdergiiten Unit yxns begun in connection xi ith the school owiiu, to (ho fict that theie xxas no ti unod 1 indtigai tenei m the locality was an expel uncut I myself was

a little dubious lbout it but we secute 1 j the best 1 nideigii tenti I otild hear of and bet xxotk has been a icy elation to nie I luxe discussed the txperimtiit xy ith most of the piitnts of tht tliilditii anti thty unanimously agiee with nix own com it tion that boxs fiom the ige of 4 to 7 }ears gain fat moie l ipidh ni -.nuitobx obediente happy iclitionships with others self tontiol and concentiation under the gia nous discipline oí i theionghl» turned kindcigirtcner thin they cm it home

The prepantoix school ox al was re lexolled md icsown this xeni to its gitit idxantigc and Ah 7 Cimpbt'l has uxen nindi time to the o tching- of tht boxs in eliehet ml lo thill lhe tenus Ince ni eonse pionco bein mu kelly succe-lul

I the sp ni weil ot Air 1 tissell md Ah-s II itch u 1 i ii Itimineil ittid his 1> cn mile ii) n dele ts m -petth ml

xow I i nuil

1 he pitpit itoly s hoi] spilt picnic ml fancy be s | ni» xxcic ill enj0}i 1 b» ti

be»- and pet hips not lc-s 1» then

p i nt»

I Ile onlx sj ] exent tit conn etion xxith (ho -elm! w i- th doith lix i el lent dm mg the C lu istnn- bob lax s ot 1 i le Cm out ot the mo-t pt omi tn0 bo}s m the pic

truatoi} school It xx is e temblé btoxx to his paient- anl oui dctpe-t -}nipath» is

with thom

Wt should like ilso as a school to r\ pic-, oin syni]itbx with the Alelbouuic Gi numil "sillio! ml with the paiuits ot the boxs who 1 t th u lues in the icccnt boating leiiltnt in the bax

A\ hilo I nu spoil ing of mother school

T should hie to icfii to tht lcsigmtion of Di liiown i i om the ( elou^ tiiimmei School I sh ill nu slnsniyei inline, mend ship ind tht I nimm u School xull se ni

i stnnge pi ice to mnnx of Us xuthotit the gricious hospitality of Alis Blown

Oin boys haye helped mm} good causes financially Alan} boys hine ruscd £1 b} then oyiii xxork for lhe niteuncdiitt hospital "ill haxc conti ibu tori lo the woik of the Piesh} terian Inland Ahssion which supplies nuises ml a fhuii, dottoi to î»oith Queen-land ml nuises and ho pitals to Centinl Viisti ilia lAcatem vu ti aha and 'Soithein \iistialn lhe cuni

billed publie schools chinty finid xx is largti than usuil this jeal

Old Collegians

The old collegians links biso been thinned bs (leith ml among those who hive pisved ne «eva ii «hove names go bick lor into Cicelon. histoiy \\c sbill stand while I lend then innies. and the dite of then finil sen nt school - Robot Ix Gillespie (ISO!) C \ Pen «on (1S64)

AA in Al I impbell (Is 71 Junes \\ eddcII (1877) J II Alooie (ISO) Chilles G t.

Anderson Í1SS0) R 1 mest AleAitliui (1881) ind Di ilex Pirk (1SS3)

Oui old boiv who ne vtudiing for pro fessions have ill clone well I hive only time to mention thovc who hive completed their com ses oi ne jil t ibout to toni

plete tin m C S Ale Si Huir t lok hw denice it Cainbil Ige uni ss is i (nutted i nianb i of the Inner lemple li 1. 1 ld.e und \ L Rintoul hive ilsu (ompleted th n lavs couise both lepiesented then Lui

seisits one in ithlcticv the olhei ni loss

ing H G Alclxin is eonipletmg this seir his ssoik for the Alivtti nt Comma te dcgiec He lowed foi the Luiveisitv ind obtlined his blue in nthxticv J X1 J

Alicnullm mollicr fnnoiis ithlete Ins completed his medic ii couise C. P C Reilly is doing his Innis m Comma ce he le piesented the University m athletic Alec AlcGregor oui lite semor piefect Ins passed his fust seal of meditne md Ins been t ipt nu of the Oimond cricket and foothill tenus, sice captain of the Uinveiaitx team, and Ins already won his blue I G Bonnm is Hearing the end of m cxccptiomlls good medical couise ÎN A\ Pud is completing his Arts course

Sevenl of our old colleginis like P C Pin nell in Geelong hive done much to inimove the beiuty of then home tow us

One cannot but be strucl by the fact tint our old boys seem to bo elected to m ex trioidnnry number of positions of leader ship One sees it nt Ormond College at Longerenong College, in public life and in Chinch life

Outside University itbletics nuns of oin boss bise distinguished tliPin»olses le eentlv in spoit notiblv 1 D AA nltei in ssv imuinig md R I Uv-sett ina iel et

Now Dining Hall

A\ e hid i rpccnlly lntoiestiug Old Boys dis Sftei in my sens (ffoit on the pint of the boss the dock wis fAiccd m the tossei of the Alonison Hall The lavin,, of the foundation stoni of the new tefectoiv block was a iiiemoiable occisión This

(Continuel, on Page 16) te


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building is now neil h finished The dining hull will be woithx ot the inline school, ind I trust will nee I little attention for main centuries It -»x ill seat casilj all the boat der* that the council xnsh to take, as xx eil as da} boat dei s and xisitmg teams md xxiii be a bcniitiful setting foi ill the school sou ti functions from the mop in Ion school banquet to tht old colleums' (linnet The panelling the gicit east yyin.low ml tht dectiolieis ne the gifts of tlio yxomens building committee and thur friends to »»hose genciosit} the I cutt} of the hal] xxiii bo largi 1} due The nixed stone oxcrnuntc] is a gift horn old ttllegmn- ni honour of tlio6C of then iiumbei who sene I in the Boei War Hie to it of arms of the college xx ill gixe the tdi-t xxindow a touch of colour 1 he stamed "lass xxoih is being done b} the bo} s of W mehester College the oldest public school in 1 ntl ind 1 ninth xallic such links with the Alotheiland We mc alreadx xsnocntcd in many xxixs xvith Campbell ( ol]ee,e lie land and throiidi the nu tc««ion ot Stot

tt»h school! o» s comm, cut to us under

the terms rf the Ct I Alornson stholti ship x»e ate m constant touch xuth fccot land


Wo have y arion« Rifts to the College lo ? c« ord. Mrs Hawke has given ¿100 ns a uipital Mini to piosidc toi cvei the mi/cs

j-he has given annually. An old

bas mulei taken the cducitioii of a coinitiv ministers i-ou; a inenibei of the council, not nu old collegian, lias piovidcd ,i bojiditir. bursaiv, and Mi. J. McGiII nnothei. A chair vi as ruescntcd by the .Steele hi othci s for the Moinson Hall plat foim. One old collegian has pioiniscd £200 a .vear for (ive jcais to help pay the intercut on oin ness' buildings, an Ciccp tionallv useful gift. A friend of mine, the late Min. Dünnet, has given tis a sift of C'2,000 I tli.tnkeil bel foi bei genet mis (.ift "Do not ui-o the vsoid 'genetous'," t-lu icplied "It i« a veiy meit pnvilcgc to give to so (food a t.iuse " lins Binn is to be called the Geoige Unmut Mcnvoital Kum!, and the intei e«t in to be used foi the education nt tnnustcis' sons.

To those vi ho have helped to hjrliton the tin incial binden that ni« as s weighv on a glowing school oui (.latitude noes out I Kiiiiiot but cill tliein ' gciiciou«," but 1 ti list that all of ii«, whithu vye pise in money time, ot I iboin , to the collige will »-.iv nilli Mis, Dunnee, ' It is .i veis gieit pi is liege to give to so good a cuise." (Ap pl.nif-c )

l'lofissot Gunn, in lus .KICITSS io ti« bois, i- ntl Unit Hie du Ii id gone when pt bool dus«, ici .illtd un moi les ol a purni ul li linn Hit old (Oiueplicin i en it ding the iel it nins between in i»(ei and buy bael pine Ile could mil wv sshiit the bosv thott'lil ol the in.istti, but the pii-ent das inni-leis iintleistr.f-ii the bois .nul emleavoiiied to lit them out loi aftei bit It li id been l.ithei wisely siid that (diie.ilinn hegnn vihen s« hunbug ended. 'Hie iiimeivity of li ml knocks was the ¡neal thing in education, but a bo. oi a gul .iftd a public school education was belli i (ltted to »tam! those knocks and to oven nine the dilhtnlties in the sv oi Id tim n othci people who had not bad the bcnclit of Mich it tiiini iiiii School w is the pi i p nation foi after lue 'line, the boje WHO iiunlilied foi eeitam tindo« oi piofessiont-, bul the mam .nupose of then eebitatiou was tu mike thuin line men. IMutntion wai, designed not only to hi the boj foi his woik in life, lint alno lui linn to use Ins leiMiie time to the best adiiintnge. Thcie was no sounder ci I lei ion to the tspe ot a poison than to judge the manuel in xvhull he spent Ins leísmo time Many people went out into the ss oriel m seiurh of happiness. Happiness was not a thing that could be pursued, it carne bs' ¿cívico. The vvoild sias pissing tinot]f.h a (liditiilt pcnod duo to the gi eut losses sustained dilling the nar, mid it was up to the boss of lo day to t ike then pail in the alTiiiis of the sv oi Id because thev had reieivcd the licicwmy pie liiniiidi) ti inning Hv doing so they v.onld lise up to Iho tiadiliniih of then schools, and beal out the gund woik of linn imstei s '1 hej had a duty cast upon them

to do s«

In lus i em uks the dun mini (Ah C.ilveil) hi itetl (lint the ccniinil next sen intended lo pin-li on with the extension ptihcj .it the (ollcge.

School Prizes

lhe Ijllowing pn/cs wiri pie-inlcl -

Uti I »ÍUIOJIX -Clinoi

hinlfitrlllcu lum -I li I i ill 2 I I ul

lu-ni II --Hu» (pnsoi tel I» Mi ml Mis X II ( in in minion ul th n sun, liic)-I Hi id


louu III -Dux-y s i "i

I omi I own l\ -|lu\-l I II Mer till

I omi Millie IX - lliu (pío, ilk I b» Mr« I

S Hulk .)-I) 11 X1 Ultke 2 Ii I t Stiele,

' I I," lilli

lorni 1 ppei I\ - 2 « I, Kirks " I L Cotton 1 I *" ( oehr-iw Ö < H s|,am

Du» uf the Pu|nnlor» **eln »1 (pic-bintcd bj llr W \ Waugh)-M M Mc Donald


i iitsr nivisiox

1 orm lower! 11-Dux (presented 1} Xd« T A ItiKPen)-W It D Puck, 2 P I Usher i .1 I) Hrdc, 4 C I D Simson *i li II Wetten lin'l Special prize, \ yi Paton

I-orm Ixmpr IA - Hu» (uri «ruled h» Xlr n Aulerhon)-L C Slnlir 2, S II Pettltt ), li J (Holer, 1, T 1, Oitigan speclai puM

J 1 Hell

tonn ¡Middle \ li - Dux C \\ lamont 2 .T II !»en¡on 3, 0 H taton, -1, C J Handelt,

C I M McOroth

1 omi Middle A \ - Dux, W 1 Kennedj , 2, A XX Martin, 1 0 S üliaxc, 4, D C, Huit», 5,

J M H Houston


1. rni L npor X 11 - Dux H 1 I ig" 2 II T TIIOIOI,OIII P I) Illili 1 I M Cotton T I s smith, d li XI 1!milhun, 7 (. O


lo m 1 rp i \ \ - l'iv (P'o "I I '» Mr M X XX muli) h It Ilcrnh .' I \ Miehiliiu

( ( xichiiiï-i I (, c Xolniii i I X1 Hem» I s y DI»KI on 7 x II xnilicn« S ( It s,,, ,u ""i |¡ i Mitchell

lunn I/« i X1 - liny (pies nie I I» Mi XX \ Winji) N s \y,ul 2 It 1 smith

I I«. 4 I M Hill , I (, \\e«t

1 in I

lunn Honour X| - I nji li ml hi Ion (pi

(.cnti 1 1» Mi V 1 Hindi) C I X i»uiiu Iii» ics and chunl«( j ! II Iloopci

i nutu m\ I-ION

Spec ni I iiî-o«

**íii]iline Piife« - (Pre,piilcd 1» the Ile»

.1 B Hcnloul) I s riaike, (prr-entcl In the Ite» Canon Wheeler) 1 t, ¿slater, (presented li» Ml«« xicCnll) f II sinmc

Hie Gillespie scilpttuc ltlze - I heidi, *


Is«.!» Prize (piesentcil bj Mt« It I* McXilhm),

31 I llrownhill

Urn»» ing I'rlie« - Senior, It X\' Holhnd, junioi, (, II Murtón

fite Hciiiint,»\ii» and ltobeit*m Stholir«lup -

fi XXood

Music Pni-o (ricsenlod li} Mi C Colton),

J II Colo

Comniercii] Pri« (presentid li} Mi II II lAiiililnirton) S XXool

lJelialilie. s0ciot» Piu-e« - Vnlor (pie« nted li» Mr « n Hamilton Cilictt) I X Macdonald limtor (ptc«intid h} Mi 1 li Campbell) 0 C àottmn Met Impi-mcd Spcatci (presented l>» tin heart matter) C X Mood *?*

lhe len and 1*0} Pillow litttsar» -J C Cull


llr C us hearne» Memorial l't wo -J C Cull


Hie XrRtis PrU>-1) A Pigpen

lluy of the College-C 1 \e»»ninn


Successful Yeal

'] he annual icpoit of Xetley Collece lead li} Ali Graj AI h \ , w as as follow s - Che j ear has boen i ptospeious one foi Nolle} Lollcge Vmong the Malifxing sue (tsscs aie those of txio pupils xxho Mined then n eut ' One ot these «i gul xx as aged onlx 12 xcai- whcit

is the lyei i(,e age oi pupils entcung foi the examination is l-l yens Spoit lils not been iiccjided and the Ketley boya won then foolbill matt h n"iiust Queens Col ]et,c In the cause of chin it» Netley foi

xiauled £4 foi the y ittuiis of tht I ismiminu flood alni t 1 v to tht imtniplo» nient lund Jhrniu.Ii tlio olloits of Alis Alit

tlicll Í7 his been inisti! fci tht bulldut-, of a sholtci shtd foi the pupils \ committee ofmotheis headed by Alis AIcAfitknig and !Mis Llhott bus niiscd ¿LU foi the pnzc lund 1 lorn the dance oiyitiiacd b) ills ilcAIackmg £12 yyas icceixcd

'Hie pimcipal of the college (Alis Rus ne]] Jackson) is unking a study ol eduta tiona] methods abioad and in a lettct to the staff she say s she is confident that the tollege will beucht

Mi Gi a} mid that it xy is pleasant to see such a laige and enthusiastic (.athel

mg of fi lends of the college picsent and lie congi itulatcd the actiug piuicipnl (Alis M Boal) on the sutttss ot the demonstra tion liefen ing to the lepoit, Ali Gia} icmarkcd tint foi a child aged onlj U jcais to gain 'meut' uns most praise xxoithj He was pie iscd to see that the bo}s* had been successful m the football match ngunst Oiiecn s College, and he denied to sinceielx coiiMituhte tlie pupils on the sums the} bid niscd in the cause of chant}

Inspector's Report

Ihc school folbsss the umil guiding md ruiiiculum ot the ¡state schools i ben aie it pic-ent time tuichcis 101 S> pupils The pinicipil (Mis 1 us. til I ackson) is iss is Jfieie ne two eiudiditts fn meut c ci titi

c tte this veai llicit it idnij. i» lliitnt md cxptewive To ti v is stn lud ! mistic n lo (,00(1 scale diissnir. model iliisiuit, fi oniinnii and nitni ii 11 ji tv) ne legu lilly done I lie gi ides wen vi cn it weil

din mt, the altcinoon »(set ii gi It wue doing pi op inline weil m (.tuntún I oils, registci mil time t tlilfv neiuopeilv nude cul The college m the lhvoiice ot the jiiincipal (Mis hussell Jack on. is beny.

earned on ou usual lines The teichcrn are all working earncstl.. Touc ot the school,


Prize List.

rorm MU -Xicrlt-SI Iniircd «mUii, «lui and upecial geographi, fchirle. McLcocI, tpccUl prize,

general work

lorni MI - Freda Ueivd dux and (.pedal natn ral lilitors Mai. slcSlieUng, «pedal, Sustrallaii liUlcir. , Olga Cold special natural linton

1 orm XI -Leonaid Des Gruc!i>, dux and special, geography Joan Cortliu, rpecial, drawing

lerrn S -flavin SIcDonald, dux mil «pedal, geography Undlaj- Slaver special drilling

I-orm IS-Dux SVllliara SVlnte 2 Evelvn »aunden- 3 Valda Itapke Special Prim -SI ip ping-'111 Pclone Draw Ing-SS illiam SSIiitc Neatness. Throughout the Ti ear-Bill. Drennan,

Mien Martin

lorm Illa-Dux Salda Prlsk 2 silda Height

lamps Urn "»perlai 1 rizeti- Sttendance Two Seirs IS i I limit Jil sence-?|in Harley .Ncatiicf» Thronghout the Sear-Im Hourn

I omi Illb-Dus Patririi Owen 2 Donald Sillier *) Hetty Croll »-pccill l'rlzci - Progrès: -Suman I itiktut Marjorie 1 kellatie Conduct

Finrriia îliltri ulo«

lrorm II-Dux, Dorothi Court 2 To! Priík 1 Ileril "«milli »?! ccial-Mutiny Sfelian and

OeouVi Hiitrhen«

lrorm 1-Dus, Slau Hooley, 2, Both Mitchell

3 liflle Iftiaci

Klnilergailen -1, John Major, 2, Itav- Oiven, 3,

Jork Mum.

Flocullon - vonlor*-1 lvs -Slin-liall, 2, milli liotrilrki " Slarion Ilo.d Juniors-1, Marie S«hlts 2 Porolli. Court

Vulor IIIVFICII Culltire -Xledal Pjelkc Teter sen-Irt-di I lo. I Ccrtifcilei-Olga Coa I liuiior 1'liSfical Culture - Ce rtiflcatc«-Lilli llreniian, I «it Ossen, Snlrciv .tic-i«



An Important Event.

The A tn Vichdcicon Lambie presided at the annual speech di} of the Melbourne Chinch of 1 ngland Gills' Gimunir School licit] in the school hill it South Yarri xesteida} ifteinoon Iheie xxcrc picsenl a lai|.c ntimbti of paicnts of students md old pur ils

Aithdeaeon Lambie said lint the school lind leached a new stage in its existence Hie pun Inse oi Anna House was a big moxe foi« ml md the school council bid mule rl iken the x enture with faith in the old fciils in the purnta i-soeiation md in the sthooi Hie council xyis turning \irn Ifotisc into i mo Iel bonding house, mid w is doing iw n with the piesont festem of two boni ding houses with sépanlo kitchen and (lulim, room st iffs Uthotigh the house idea would he letained the jrls xiotild be hiou/Jit undei ont îoof frr the socnl side cf school lift lhe puiehn-c xxotild diable Hit school to in teise its hoot ding acconi

nu* dutton am] bx in ihm,, use of the ptesent Moms hull it would be | o'sible to mci ease the si/e and scope of the ptepaiatoix school The » oin« ti xns looking foi xx aid to the a ration of j modem piepnitoix st hool at n litei (bite alone, lines which the council ahead» hil in yuxy lhe limit of the pi CM nt bon ding he use aceommodatiiii had been leached md nftci the most sue tessful y pin in the biston of Hie school he was looking foi wild to the new dcyclop mellis yuth eyeiy confidence

A dill esses yteio gixcn bx Alls I ne Gut teiidc.o and Ali II li IIupci

Ucii re piesenting the pu/es xxon during tht yeal Lady Someis untie i gi ireful speech Silo sud that she yy is cxliemel} Intelesled m the Guide woik and social sei

xiee y»hich the gills (f the school bul undeit ikcn and she hoped »j h it they would continue then (.ooil xyoik Judging bx the Im feo ntimbei oi books yyhich she was collie] upon to picsent to SIICCOSMU] pupils she could easily i enlise tint the school bid pis-ed llnouj.1 the most sueicssful }tii in

its biston

Hoad Mistress s Report

lu bei icport Hie head misticss (AIiss K \ Gilmm Tones) said -

'The Hist note in mt îepoit must be a sid one Just a yeni ago yye rejoiced to haye back with us Uohhishop Lees in the piesidents (han, lool mg xcix well md hnppx, aftei his holiday, a month latci yx e w ti e all gi lex ed lo hear of h is sudden death AAt aie also soil} that the gicnt stinin of tilt list txxo y tats has been too ninth fin cym (ho Dcin's non constitution and tint be is unibli te be xxith us to da.,

owuu to illiliss We hope h( will be (cinipletelx ie sic i ed to be ilth in the neu ftittttt Hie \iclilushop is ex olhtio otu I i enuli nt mc] w c sli ill be dchcjited to yy ( I i »rae oin new l ithei in Cod yxhc.ii he ii

nye« lhe -iliool lins il«o suirtied the li-s cf nnothti fiiend bx the death of Alls Godby Hie whole school "uexed to heit it the elcith of Aetna Iii lune She be etme ill tow lids flit end of the Septcmbei holidays and ebel m a pinito hospitil in \lbui} eail} ni Ottobci


' In the public examinations held list Deeenibei 21 ginied then mteunediite md 17 llitu le is ing ccttilicatcs vvluli IS svho Ii id nhoidv pissed the leasing ceittikate pissed or obt 'lined bonoum m v ni iona sub leets llieie weie 101 pisses and 17 honoiiis (including two hist class md six second) in individua] subjects¿>f the leaving iittih


The only icsiilts known foi this jen aie the Iiiiutv College scholaislups Meg Lestei g lined the A Al White schollt ship (£7J I vein) and Betts AVilmot a college lonncil seholarship of ¿40 a jen Meio tilth Wnde won a noniesident exhibition

In Octobei the xs hole of the big school and foi m lemose m the prepainton school sat for the Diocesm Divinity examination We gained li3 honom md 70 pass cciliil enies Seuioi-U fust 12 second, md l8 thud class honoiiis Inteimediate-M first

¿I second and 2.1 thud Junioi-lvvofnst, foin sei omi, ind 21 thud I'linms-Unec hist five second, mci foin fluid HIL mai I

lor third elnis bunnin», his been ? lived li oin dO to 6>

Die lillirie ii oil ci ed live », holm ships foi opcu competí tit n in \nvembci I hese vseio won bs luth »»haw (S\ ii iiiinnbool High »»(hool) bo u dei s Mujoiie Hutchins K oilfield South st ile s hool) niijoi

Aim loluihon Tttty Moline ind 1 ctli Gwilliiii iiiiiiol I he councils speiial si liol u ships toi solchen» childi en bivi been iw inlid to Nell Jievv and lind lioslc J lie I»wie "xott scholiislup in music wis divided between \onni lurilbiill and Aln jot io Goet/

Hie cull ince examination was hold on Novenvbei 10, md as i vesult all the sicin cíes foi das gills mil boardois in the big school ne filled 1 can tnl e i few moie childi en m the lossei foi ins of the pie paintois school In the eise of gills aged H se us ssislung to cntei piefeicnce hnb been gisen to those ssho aie lil els to complete the couise to leasing eel tifíente honom s

'1 nils ni the jen we lost AIiss G leen who i. non Ali s Lloyd and to day we siiv good b. o to Ahhs Gioic svith a seis sid heait Miss Gi ose joined the school as i pupil when bei tamilv carne to Smstuiha m 191-1 and she has been with ns cvei since except foi one jeal Hie gimes and the physical education of the gills geneialls owe i gleit dell to her enthusiasm and oigamsmg ibihtv two rctent old gum mai ians Moll. Illoore and Alni ion Lnmblc weie chosen foi the Viibtiiilmn hockey team to go to Lnglmd and South Unca next year mci two othci s Joan l.lvin and Gi etta AleCiilloth xseie chosen is tesones

Hie Gul Guttle companies and the Blow mo pack haxc cn ned out good pi o Minime*» of xxotk paitieulail} the d ij gnls con pam ot whom SO pei cent hint obtained then second class badge 1 ixe out of the six ofhceis aie old giammiiians (Gladys Omans Toan Hai pei AVinified Tlxw Nancy Thewhs IotniLxcelll AVe ilia-ill them and AIiss Inglis m old gul

of Clyde for then splendid woil '

School Societies

Hie school societies haye boen attiyo Hie Jmiioi Heil Cioss to which cyei} ¡.ni m the big school holoiit,-* has made 1 "JS ^nments an ixciii"e of bye a (.ni Jlie Ciimti i Club Ins been foi tun ite this yeal in hum,, i mo-t mttitstin" toute of let tine- fiom Alt Voitti Ol tht Kulai toni

I in» mid tlitn woil li is impioicd in

ton ecpii uto

lhe Ul mintie Socittx tin lei the eipublt Iculciship of AIiss 1 lol euee linn (.axe in excellent puf nunnet ol Quality "itictt at the end of second tctm On Sh ikes peates bulliilnx the gills in the diltcitnt foulis and hoiu-e» letcd shoit scenes li oin his plaxs bonic of them showing much ingenuity in dexismg costumes md sconeix fiom homely mitctnl

J he Music Club has liad soyeial meet nigs gu Is y olunteei mt, to play ot sing illtis tiations fiom the diffeient composois studied \\ c had nn intcicsting dcmonstia tion of the musical ippicoiation woik and also n cuiliy thmits demonstration

'In August 41 guts weie conmmed at Clnist Chinch bv the liight Key Bishop Aimstiont, AAo thank Ali iownsend foi his ciucful picpiintion of these gills ilso foi his addi esses dm mt. Hob AA eek and

loi the telebi ition this moining xxhen al numb« of girls mule thou Communion

Homecraft Hostel.

"The Head Mistresses' Homecraft Hostel, of which I spoke in mv last sear's repott, svas opened .it the beginning of this j ear by Lady Somers, and has made a good be ginning 1 do most heat tilv commend this ti arning tom se to vom notice. AVe hope that «onie hi ive ind into iii ismg gills will be pioneeis in tnkmg up tins svoik piofes sionalls and do the two veniv' com vc, but loi the othiis thcie isa vciv good one. cn eoin»c winch i« both scientific and pine in ix Indi a gul len n« to cook und do othci things mulei oïdium household loudition« S gul completing cithei couise vitivi lelouli ltteives i ici tilinte

'J he old gi i ins hive shown then nilli keen nitciest in all that concerns the sself.ue ot the school, helping geneiouslv with the Tain House appeal giving two seboln«liips to soldiers' oiphans, and m many othci svajs. AVe miss Mis. Hcibeit

I Blockes from the school connel!, hut xxc are glad to xxclcome in her place Alts Lue Giittcndge Of the seien xxomen on the school council fixe aie old gianimarnii« 'Hie Old Gi-inunimns' Club Ins nioycd to

more eonxcnient and attractixe quarter* m the Regent Theatre building 1 he Di a nntic Sociclx gaye i mo-t aitistie pcrfoim ance of three onc-ict pli}S

"A list of Unixcisit} successes xxiii be found at the end of this prognmmc Wim fred Kent Hughes bating spent the first yen of her C C S 11{ studentship in 1 ng land, has returned md xvill continue her rcseirch xxorl» (entomology) it Culbetn Bett} Mian, yyho also Ins one of these icscarch studentships (mathematics), i« still at Cambridge Adele Ogih} Ins gained a hist class in the classical tupos at Cambridge Mai-} Pit tot «on xxho yy is iw aided n tiaxclhng Sibolirship by tlio II S S T L \ is doing reseaich xxoih tn Ino thenustry at the Lister Institute London

' The l'arenls' Association is m its second year, and hopes to bo i real -ouicc of strength to tile school

Yarra House

"I hixe left almost to the last a icfcience to what is certnnlx- the outstanding ey eut of the }cat-the purchase of A. un House lins vas mndt possihle thioitgh the generobit} of Mi and Mr« Noi ton Grim wade, who mude us a piescnt of the diflci

euee between the pnce oí the house and the sum the council of the diote-c li id set ns the limit to which x»e mifcht go They then xcry grncioii-1} added i fin thor gift -the beautiful old doors yyhich ougmall} belonged to a inoinstei} neu Gi tunda Ali s Grim« ade fell in loy e yx ith these doora when she was ttayclhng in Spain, mid biotight them out to Australia and altcied the fiont of the hou«e to lit them Wo feel that Mis Giiiiiwadc Ins giyen us one of bei cheushed possessions, and yye gtcatl} appreciate it Mis Gnmyyade has con sentcd to our using her name for the house, yrlnch lrill be know n as the Phehi Grmiw.ide House Tlio Gnmwadc famil} s benefactions lo oin sister school aie y»eil known, also Afis Ginnxxide s biothcr (Ali

AVhittinglnni) bernie ithod lal te sums to the Geelong Gnmnnr Vhool Jt is pet hips not so well known tint Afi Ginnwades mothei was one of the caihcst ii tends of Moiton Hall-in ftct it xy is she yyho pel

snaded Mi-s Hensley to open the school, mel later her husband endowed the Jessie Gnmwadt scliohislnp in lier memon A\ c feel, tbeiefore, that Ali and Afit, Jxoiton Gumindo arc caii}ing on the line tradi

tion of their families

'A committee of the school council Ins b"en y ci y bus} dilling the hist four months planning Hit alteiallons md ulditions to make the best possible use of the house and giotinds to ».ixe us the t\ti 1 actom ujodation yxe s0 urgeiit'x need, linne!» an cnlirged picpmalou it hool and pliy ground, extia tennis com ts mci eased at (onimodution foi boil dei s nnd 11 common kitchen md dining 100111 i!so ti limn exti 1 iictomniod itioi toi the big school especially a gootl room foi the lefcicnce bin ti» 'Lhe ehipel, unfoiInnately, luis to yinit 1 little longei 1 hough the final details mc not yet decitltd upon the 1,01101 al pinn is to lone the 1111111 pnit of Yin 11 House un touched, but to nltci the bick of it and add a yxing, toiitnining a (lining 100m laige tnout,h foi all ind model n slot pout at conimodalion the house to hold 40 bonrdcia Jlie yen bcuitifnl lounge and lounge hill yyill be lion deis' silling rooms 'Jhcio will be a fan amount of guden in lddition to plaxgionnds mid tennis com ts 'J lit 100111s 111 Atoms Hall yncated by the boaideis will be used for the nccessnix cxtn 100ms foi the picpmatoiv school, and also a good 1 ef pi cm e lillian Of cmusc someday x»c must hiixo 11 really beautiful home foi oin icfeience libni»-like the one it Chelton limn Ladies' College, foi ex impie On the xx hole our buildings and equipment aie xei} good indeed but theie aie some things that can be nnpioxed After all oin school is onlx 2« y cais old as a public school and yee haye no endoyymaits so xxc must pioceed gndunlly Some of the additions outlined nboxo yy ill be leycniio-piodttcing but some -yxill not though they will add gicnlly to Hu mienitics of the school lhe council theiefoie, feel-, that it is 1 fin thing to isle al! pal cuts and f nends of tht school lo coutiibule as they aie able to the


When T linn to the still the fitst fact to lecoiel is the gieat loss the school snf feled lil the 1c-1e.11 it ion of Ali-s Al ick 1 in \pul owing lo ill lie ilth Mi-s Alntlnx h is been on the st id since 1*112 and sunni 1 nubsh mistiess unte I'll*» Dilling these xeiis she his exeitisetl 1 xtix (.nat mihi

entt fin tood lil the -ehool and lins bten a toil m«pn ii ion to sitcic-M»o sixth foims Uti ol 1 t-iils feel tint they wish to txpic-s thin npptctntioii of AIiss Alaekay in some delimit foi m md they line decided to enlim» n pn/c to lie e tiled tile A Al AÍni ix pi 170 fit 1 nglisli

AIiss Ta nell xxho has been with ns since lflK leay es us ns she bas t cached the letirmg ate AIiss liuell bus done exliemelx y nimble woik m the middle school mt] we shall miss bei xerx much not least at the star) table while bet Irish xx it was much xnpiecntcil We x»isli liei happnipss in her leísmo xeais md we hope

she will occohiomllx xisit us

Prize List


Kinelertirteii - 1 regress 1 ike-.loin Indie Foim I-llonotn Pii//*-I atricli XX rieht Pro grées Prises-Alison (,ra> Hrhin A ante Slam Nunqunni Paulino Teesdale Smith Uandwoi".

I omi He- Uonoiir rrize-Afar} Mieluell« 2nd Standard Prize-Moya 1 hollins 1 orm lib-Honour Prize- Itiditli A ance Cnd Standard Prizes-Louise Birr Diana Henson Piogrcss Prize - Mci lal Clark Se»» ing Piize-T-ouisc Hur Tonn IIi Honour 1 riz « - Ituth lärm Norma Harllt

Phllippa l'lottol 2nd Sim 1 ml Prize-Mjrgaiot Noms «oiling Prize-Jocelyn liroyyti

1-orm Memo» 1 -Honour Prize«.-I ma in lomon Pntl 1 Ii \tthl=on lossie Bal 1»» lu Marion Broun I ntl Iel 1 II imilla» Ho* min Hamilton lean Hill lo» lunes M11 gani O-ment Mnr.-urot XX c1 «tot

'1 I s( , liril I tizo- Xti Ii » Cuni bell 1 1 ti « lu?-I r»I Cil n Sc»»li" li IA- Ifie »ill

li Pi 1) SCIIOOI

st tociln s Huí-e- lim ir lu/es-M ne lo » bil Xlir(,ii t Cowling 1 idi I I mer Mu» 111 lino Xnnctte Norris loin out lix lite Mu» Oui

Xliisu t High» 2nd sinn,ji|i I ilzes - Nounl lion I I omi uowtoi llntli C i»»loi I elie (,iu e M n" not llobott«oii lo» William«

s| Hildi» House-Honour 1 lizcs-Xim 1 ilth Xinei lout Iren Mofla! bann Hithiu'k» 2nl Stmdird 1 iii- s-ksthei toad lo» Itoboit 11

s| Joans Iloii'o - Honour 1 rl s - I itruii IJrrcn Helen ClniV. Xlison 1 d»» 11 If J lUiueHli Flllott llolh Oyyllliin Altr} lolui'on Man Morton I être.» s1W|0l Alilllcriit Mci henson loin Wade 2nd s( indnrd I rizes-lloma Johns lioiiii stej lions

I ppoi IA -Honour 1 lizc-I »nette XX ill cr 2nd Slain] ud Prize-0»»moth Blanch

1 omi Ac-llonoui 1 uro-Boll» Moline 2nd Standard I rizei-Hell» Dttial lout 1 i mat in Juie llupei loun Bro»»no

1-orm Mi - 2nd stnndnrl 1 li/es - C euldme Doorl» land Mor»»in Moll» Torn

I-orm At -2nd fctuiidud 1 lizos-Alujoilo *sto(.Ie, JoKO XXilsou

1-onn Pi s Al - Honour Pilzos - Mjijone McKonni f xx en Motion Xtidre} looltnm 2nd stnndird Prizes-t lid»» Bloyvctt 1 »ehn Quinlan Lhine Speed Alison IA Infield XXinifi d ioiin"

ron» Honour X I -llonoui liizcs- Xlog Lester I isuli Leilck Loun Mltelull Pitt» Aloinn Arsi Osborne Join simen l»c|»n sim» Meredith XX ide Don I» hítela»» Hetty Al limul 2nd *? ii ird 1 nzc-Jane (.ninnes

-¿PLcixL pniz*!*

The Mídame Hit Alcinoilil 1 uro fen 11 oneil - Bett» Motan I rize foi I roncli *-*-ii» (presented b» The Xlllanee rt incais ) - \tidri v I oolmnn Alalhcmitio** Pi lío (1 resented h» Cwcti Moiton) - Alárgate! Lt-,lei The A M Xlielm Puzo foi I nglisli (presentid by the Old ill munal inns) Loini Mid hell Prize foi Classics (piosoiitiil bj Miss Duld=on) -Meredith Alado 1 locution Prizes (presented by Ali«, 1 inn) -Senior-f,y»ui Morton Intel mediato-Joan Ttood Preptraton fcchool

Winifred Xshlon

Alieno Prizes (presonted li} Mr **haiil*s) -Peggy elim ton (Presentid b» XlisS Cock«)-1 Norma Turnbull 2 Peggy Btoadhead (Presented I15 Atl-6 Pillais) - Pegg» llamiltoti Rosemary Hamilton (Pitsentcd li} Miss Hutchinson) - Nellie luce ¿Al ir garet AXcbster A lolin Pi Izo () resented by Ali

Hiwson)-Al irjorie Lex» is Xpprociition Prizes (presented by Ali«*, Beater) -senior-¿Alan, lohii-ini liinli-t-Jem lilli

Dtiiinic Pn« O resentí 1 ly Ali-« Siioilman)

lo»c s|j,n|"i Cointiul-cial Xtt Prizes (pu-nitoil I» Ali» S»»lfli)-01i»0 Blifcgs II01101 Alitchell Ciatiwork I'wc (îiescntcd by \li" Newton)-Ali » Biku I

Isiiie'.»i_ Prizes (pioi-enlotl b» Ii«« Ali iit|_nmen) -l»inin" til«-A|cg Iohn«on Cladys J oinispn Xfti 1 noon ti i«-- Annie tamp! t li I Pinn 0 Connor I ml xthinks 1 ri/e (ptcsciitod b} XIi«¿ Oeoige) Shod i Blond lead Ure slinking Prize (pr sciilcil I y Miss XX liter)-Alni Biku l.nieul huon ledge lil7is (predated lix Mr Collis Blown)-Mid Ile fcchool-I om 1 Do«*etor luuiois-N moite Nonls

I rires foi Gxmnisllrs uni Canns (pn«ontcd lix Miss Ctoxo)-conior **chooI-I-loi euee I nul Pro piuitor» **chool - Pitillno Duneln lo» lames sljiclds foi linpro»omont 111 Icitni- (ptesontcl li} Ali y ills) -Class I-I otp» Bioadhcid Class II - lacc|Uol»n J*lliol Class III- Karlara Dottfelnrty Class IA - ihclmi Iones Juniore-Patricia Mehi

son Carnes Trophies -Biseball-Claire Dangloyy, Hockey-MOR- Johnson Tennis-Enid Sydenham

Singing Trophies -Airs It II Harper s shield Form Honour Al Professor Heinz«s Shield for Sight Heading- Form Honour AI Junior Singing Tr pin-St loan s lunlors Alis Herbert Brooke s Shield (or tho Ptepautor» fcchool-I orm lie


Prizes for All lound Excellency - Propálate » School (X A Ingram Shield) -rortn Ittmoye Houses (Jean Cumlng Tlophy)-St Cecilias House A' 1-orms (pioscnled bj Robertson and AIul len s)-Bett} Du» al lass Al nnd Fiti-o A' (presented by Mr D B 1-ergusoii) -I laine Speed Honours A'l (the Marx Michael's Memorial Prize)

-Hetty AXilmol

The Held Mistress a Prizes for the Captains of the fcthool- Joan 1-crguson, Bett» AA Arnot


The nineteenth annual speech day and pi i/o distubutioii of Llstei nw ick Ladies' College took place yestcida} af lei noon at ""»t John's Hall, Glenhuntly lOnd \ftci a piogt miine yyhith nitlutltd 1 ph}sictil tul tine dihpliii emin thinics folk diiittf- mil Milang the pn/es weit picsciitcu b} the

llty V d Ciocktit

Prize List

l»itidci0ailcn Boom-1 Al Oíame , 2 1» Vit


I-Dux, M lilbot 2, ¿N Bowe Conduct I


lib-Dux B «nowbill 2 K Coitcs. Bible stories, L XrapaclU fcexx ng, D. Pcrrj. Atlcu

dan p prlrrj h Ceale« S Gumming, 1) SSallac

S Tra« In I Irapncll Dancing, V lcrrj 1 irst conduct in the mont \ lloie

Ila -Middle Hooin-Dux I HobIn_on, 2, J Pctrrfon Neat book« SV Cumming

lilli-Dux s Helton 2, I l'es crllL "Neat books 1 S. ¡smithers 2 It SV illiam*

lill-Dux of irciaralor. "v «havvc, 2 A ntvton Inprovemeut 1 P llodivoll 2 V Aboto mel Certifícalo« I VSillmolt S. SSIlltnolt lint coi duet in room *S «"mitlers

I pper Hooin form 1 rizos.-IVb-D ix T Xlit li leson IS liououm, 2, J I rinn Heading, SI


Sli-Dix li Martin, first honour« 2 J Mac Gillum flr«t honours "»| eclal improi entent I

SlacVrtltut secon 1 honour« SI 1 ddv second hoiiom« 1 i«s certlBcite« I! (.llbort 1' lone«

li-Dux I Traine!! flret li moiirx 2 \ sum tn rs (Irst honours «Scripture M summers Suth nictic I Ira) nell 1 JSA ccrtiticate, S 1 ctcrson

J I eik

».own g I ure« - Sa 1 T leak lie 2 *x

mer«, V I ctorson K Martin S li I* Jones.


Illa I llv

lloi niton (Miss MicUnehtln« rrlr«! - V Irst illusion Ii M nilli ftconl eliii'ion I Slalthic «on llirl O Kel nan! s)tK1_i | lever»!

Stleiidance - live Sens lertect Vttendanee (cold mcdils)- S letcrsin V. Slirtln \ <. limners I leik I lone« S I elton C Neil ron CcttificitM I Trapnel!, J XlacSrtbur I I tnro«e J Slilthlrs n

Conduct and Order-1, Iv Martin 2, B Gil


Head rrelcct -S Peterson Neatest Set BooVv h Shrtin , ,, ,

DraiyitgCeitlficatcs-Sa -N Suuimeii) Xb-J


Music -1 Miltlncson ",,.,,,, Iliii-fcal Culture (Sus* 1 rr s Coll Mehi) (Senior*)-"X summer«. 2 1 Xlje-Srtlur ceri! fcale lindon, (lilier Me lal)- I I («mon 2 ( henmrd certificate Circlos Tournament-% Sum

Dux ot EliC for IS'D-leslrj Trapncll



Year of Piogiess

'I he Aroonec Ponds Tow n Hall ss is not hue enough to iceommodntt ill ssho wished to itlcnd the speech night of the 1 i>siiidon School list night Hie nins oi ot 1 ssendnu (Cutincilloi V lenton) picsuled He said tint when he saw suth | i sea of optimistic joinig faces be felt no

concern about the fiitmc of Auslialia He I hoped tint the students would develop t

civic sen«o and a piule in tin Citj of L


the chief mspcctoi of «ccondiiv schools (Ah T V ¡beit?) sud that he wished to conpatulilc the bend inistci, st it), md bov s md guli on the excellent lepott Hint lud been piesented Hie school motto

Live ASoitliiij ' ssis stnelj woith Iivin_.

up to

liefen ing to da«s \ schools md the Tjniveisitv CÍ. munitions Mi f»eitz said that teiçheis ssho saw the woik of pupils tluoughoiit the sen sveie bettet fitted to judge the qinhficitious of pupils lb m a poison who eatimntcd their capabilities in an*, subject ou the lcsult ot a tinco bonis

iMminition pipei

An excellent piognmme ivis provided bv the school oichestni (conducted bj Ah .Stew ni t Will le) and the schoul ebon (cou ducted bj Aliss Hielmt Kelli) Missjojce Jamieson give hnmoious leeitations

Hie pn/cs sscie distubutcd by the mas oi esa (Mis S lenton)

Hoad Master's Report

The held m tstei Ah J 1 Hill B \, leid the lolloiving icpoit -

Hie »chool opened this jeal ssith m nttendmeo of moie thin 700 md this m spite of the fiel that the niinibeis ipplj nie, foi admission hid to be i educed by Hie holding of m enhance cxaininition In mv lif.1 munal lepoit I stiesscd the mipoitancc of I ecpmg svithin teisonabli limits the lnnnbei in attend ince it second itv schools As boon as the mini

bei in nttendmeo is so peat that pupils nie not Inovsn indisiilnnlls to the bod nustei the school heeonies nnssieldv uni tin influe nee ot the head mistet is mole oi l(vs lndfcetise Hie iii(ici»ed deni mil foi second ii} tillie ition li is been lcsiionsil le

let the os ci now ding ot Ihc isiihbli school« It is nucstinniblc whetlici it would not be WIMI in onUi thal tin most elUelive vsoil ini"lil bl dom to limit the nttmdiiiKi at schools to ,00 It would then be possible to ulloss childi eu to de

x e hip lion,, somesshit moie indisidual


Jins inn eist 1 iltmnid lo i second n s celui mon luv bien so pot th it celui i ttoinl iiithonttcs have not been ibli t

1 tep pue Suth it and is t îe ult tho schools svhu li have been cstibbshed base followed along li idition ti methods i sputise of ss bethel tho«c melhoilv

suit iblc foi a mis eoiinttj oi not I am iii ml we must also ldnut that oin seton dus schools ne not so iciiptivi ti new idens is they might be Out outlook his been iltogcthei too nniiovv ind sse bivi leg II dod educition solelj fiom the point ol view of pic paling ihlldien lo piss an ex armiation xshuh will enable thom to gun i coi t mi position oi xv huh st imps tlieni as being piolleient to entei some bighei educational est lblishment How olten bivi teneheis found tint nftei i pupil has studied ficnch ot Litin ot even mathematics foi a niimbet ot jeais, the know ledge of the 6iihjeet the child li is it the end of tint time is piacticilb, ml li mubl be admitted tin same cm bi sud about anj puticulni subject of n fixed cuiiiculum s it w e gu along s cal iftet sen using ilmost the same mould and gising all ol those ssho pass the intcimeclnto oi le is ing examinations the hill in ul of b ing educated to i eel tain st ind u d while the othus nie diilhiids ssho must til in in fi i loi position in life Smtls it is time lb it we li id i nindi vsidei (once [lion ot idiu ilion Out outlook is illog tim too lugilv iciddiii ml IKVS nindi is tins due lo pit »ti u lions nul »}llibn«u» ni wink b in., intiiivti I li inen mil vinnun who mew holly i( idcinit ni then c titlool Hie linn il publie Incwv little ul mel cues le « ibout the ita! educition ol the did dieu \1| tint concerns the lonininuitv i vs bethel i coi tun examination st mci ti c1 Ins been lenhed Sn Aluhncl Sadlei mivtei ot Lmseisitv Lollcp Oxfoid snvs - 1 suspect the pic ent ex munit on system is capable of doing more nihill and pet mi unit lunn to 1 nglish wits thin intoxinl mg dunk' *t.\ bethel tin tempcinnce le ioiniei would np te with lum oi not is open to question but the fict lemains th it this is the s less of i gieat educationist ind is such is si oi thy ot veij eiinevt thought

Home Work

Ilefoie de lime, svith the vsoil of tin veai 1 sh ill îclei vnv bnelly to the sub jeit ol home woik 1 take it foi planted th if the gicat niijont. of pticnts and tcatluis igieo that theie should bo some lorni ot home studs allied to the woik tit the school If this woik is- done cousis tenth md thoioiigblv it cm be t powei ful aid in the cultivation of good li lbits A ois little dilhcultv is cvci expciienccd with childi ei who have been c ti Ix ciicour ved to sit down quietls iftei then evening nieil md to do sou e lending oi mttiest themselves in some hobbj Too olten though homo woik is badly done In s ci s mans instances this is the fault ot the paient beciube nu-iilliciont tune md pool facilities aie giseii the childien foi this woil lheto ne still too mm. pircnts who letsc the limning of then childien to the school and instead of thcie being the closes ot coopeiation bctsseen puent mid teicher thcie is often silent conflict, md tho result upon the child must be fat ft om good The only solution to this pi obtain is foi pnents to seo that the childien hive a suitiblo envnoiinient and foi teneheis mil pneills to co opetito much moie elosels

Successes of Pupils

' 1 Isie Hill and Robert Hodge who hnvo come hist in A foi ni win tin school pu/es foi dux of the sthool the pn/cs foi citi/tnvlnp given by the 1 x students Sssodtttion which aie iw ntied to tin boy mil gul who not oulv excel ni school woik but also exhibit ont»t Hiding pcit-on ihti and show piomincnco ni spoit aie won bj Chile Abiahiiins and A\ lllinui Soutei The Alliance lumcnise pri/e for best essay ni 1 lench was won bs Hoheit Hodge

"St last ¿ears Tjmvoisitv examination fot íutei mediate ceitificitc ol pupils g unod the codifícate outnght while nine com plctcd the examination bj passing in one or moie subjects Twenty pupils passed fullj the leaving ceitifíente examination In the leis mp honouis examination one exhibition four hist'Clnss, nine second class and nine thud class honouis ssetc obtained One seniot scholaiship, four fiee phees, au Oimond College scholais-hip, ind lo juniot nnd teaching scholtnships weie ilso gamed Last jem the school was successful in svm lung the two scholtuships giveu bv the Shell Company and this v ear w e hnv e igam been successful with both of these

Curriculum Varied

"Hie ordmaiy curuciihim of the school was sailed this sear by the mlioduction thtoughout the whole school of needlewotk foi gills and einftwork foi bojs, and bj an extension of the cookciy and vsoodsvoik de pirtnients The tesnlt was seen at a dis phil of woik held at the beginning of the cm lent school temi Lurge numbeis of piients sseio present at the disphy both m the afternoon and evening I wish to congiatulnte the teneheis concerned not only upon the excellence of the woik done but also upon the energy and enthusiasm svith svhiih the new wölk ss is taken up

Hie niotheis club li is npim li id a seis letts o vi ii it is mue ivine, its spheie of uvcfiilncss bv eliscuvvni}. at its meetings innis pi obtains pccnlin to the dev clopinent ol the isdolevcent child It his igim been (.muons to the school mid bctsseen -U00 and £200 hive been spent in pioviding ni

eienscd iacihties toi the pupils at the


. Hie Li. Student.,' Association lias cou

f tinned to flourish, and lins kept in active

communication vv lth the school During the seeoncl tel in a debate betsy con a school temi und 01 e fiom its meinbeis took wheo, ind wis kccnlj enjojed Ses el al social fithcr ings weie held, md m oidei that pupils leivmg school this jeal might come moie clo«clj in touch with fotmei pupils n socnl evening with these ssns ariangcd I must IL un impiess not onlj upon pupils, but il»o upon pit cuts, the necessits for ex pupils joining this issociition, mil so pic seising a lisch connection ssith the


Hie stiff his again xsoiled hird throughout wlnt to them has boen i most slicm oils seat, owing to mv nbsenie foi nuns weeks I should like to stiti how lunch I ippieciate their los alts md help

Slthoiigh it tunes there ma) be dilTei

entes ot opinion betssecn pupils mil tcicheis theio can be no questioning: the lict tint the te ichors Ins o one sole objec tisc that the gnls and boss ssill become "ood md useful mcnibei s of socicts

' I cuniot let the es enmg piss ss ithout le felling lo the loss the school sustained it tin beginning of the sou by the deith of Air Lockwood Ali Lockssood bid been i senior master it the school for innis seirs hi« peibonihts xvns outstanding, his quiet dignity md his stnet mtepitv li id

i piofound influence for good np the pupils who passed his hinds Hi» pi ice is one lint c innot be filled To phce on tccoid then apprccntion of Ins xvoik the ex students bise piesented foi inter house competition a fine cup to bo 1 now ti as the Lockssood Afcmoiiil Cup'

In conclusion may I expicss i svish to the guls md bov s svho ne leaving sthool lint tins may hive most ptospeious lives net only m unten il things but m even thing lint makes life ssoith ssluli They ni is i es1 assmed lint the school ssill rejoice in then btnecss I trust that thes sviU not think then educition is finished Inieilitj it h is just begun, thcie is i xsoild of knosv

ledgo open to those who seek it but this is obtiincd solch bs those siho seek diligently and eiinesflv Max thes te mem bei m (he woids of lins] in tint i highly lu ed md trnneil 1 nglisb gcntleiimi (much moie a lids) is .1 gre it pioduction, n glorious thing to look it, n ssondeiful thing to t ilk to, ind jon cmnot hive it but bv vienfico of j much eontiibutcd life

Prize List

1 l«io VI Hill o(|ii 1 foi dux of school ai 1 «| eenl 1 rire gis ci in inn or of *-«srnloi Hoheit Ilodg

r pu! for dix of «c1 no1 und r|cclil 1 rire gnon li llohcrl on and Mull«! C1 ire lliril ims mil Will m Suiter citi/ci!«.lup i rizos eilen by «x slu It-it otiatiou llobtrt Hodge Slllanec 1 ui J! C I nzc


Good Piogiess Recoided

Hie milli ii speech night of ¡at Aluks Chinch of 1 nglmel Gills' Gi annual School, t imbei si eil was held 1 ist night HIL His

J \ »»cholicld piesided and ntldt esses is en (.ix in bs Piofestot W 1 \gu ind Aub deicon Hancock who spol e on the ucees sits foi peisonal effoit m leirnmg md the csvcntiil devihmmcnt of body, mind, and spint

Hie hem nnstiess (Aliss L S 1 ty loi) in ha tepoit said -I have the honoiu to pie eut the thud mnual lepoit of St Sinks Chinch ofHiigluid Gills' Gi munal School C unbcrvvcll, and my second îcpoit Hie »chool completes its tenth jeal HUH evening The jen lins been one of steady advancement, and I wish to thanlcall tbovo whose help, tmppoit, and encoiingemcnt hive couliibtited so laigely to the schools development ind to the jen ssucti«« _he walden, the Kcv J A Schofield, whose s.mpithctic advice ind mspiialton have been unfuilmg, the secietarj of the school council, Mi Cr P Pedlovv, ssho has onet

getieillv dev clod himself to the «civ ice of the school the ttcahiiiei, Ali li Hanslow

ind the council, isho hive devoted much time md thought to the pi obtain ot "chool expansion mil vsho»e suppoit has boen mot {.cnuous, the stall, who lnsc ia i bods si oi led seiy lind, md loj illj ps cn ot then tune and talents to piomoti tin well ne ot the school mci the ptcletts md gill» uko 1 use »liiiou to win lamí lol tilt sthool Hie sunk thioughottt the school Ins been ol h "li st mel tu! Pi up es m

iiilliinetic minni vtiiclv, md lund ssoil his bein paitieul mi notissoithv m th

jiiiuoi si hool, ssluli 1 louth giogi iphs md J n"lisli shoiv distiutt pinpi s III Hie sinioi sthool Hie woik ol tin cliassin" tia «c« mulei Alis nunn sv is exhibited aL the sthool m isovembei mel utcived much commendation In SI n tin school is es m sieeted bv the St ile m peitoi, and in e\ icllent upoit of the piogie» discipline, md tone of the selioi I vv is given Hie second nimibet ol the Mu um, the school miipi/inc, ivis published in Julj Hie vsoil si is ot veij high «tindald, md this in ig i¿ine piiticulnlv shows the develop mont which li is taken pim m ill bl inches of the schools «utilities dining the list jen Miss A Bolton, I I C who has eompleted i biiihant couise it the I e ichcis College, has been uppomted kindeigattcn teichet to assist Miss Lockie, m the jumoi behool l'hjsiologj, Latin, and hoincciaft vscte iclded to the cm nullum this jen and good woik has been dom in onli subject isleo Gialiim and Beithu Moignn have tttteiidod the Homeleigh College of Domes tie rconoiny, md both g lined ceitihcntes of pioiicitntv loi the jons vsoil lot the benefit of students of musii sse hope next sen to teach Get min ni the school

s. hepnnois diss will be foi meei Hie necdlessoil tnd knitting this veil wue ex tmined bv Ah» ..tittie md Ali« lelctslcv I hey considine! tin noil ti be veiy | 1 iivessoiths losco Held v " unid fust pu/c M the VLiiioi Hnni Tt in Neil in loim JS i Seholiel 1 in f nu l\i md Doiotbv Buxton m loim Jlln \\c wivh lo th ml these lidies vciv unit li foi thin help Sgim we hive bid i veil of ¡nail ed develo) mint in spoils letiviins Much ciedit is due to Ahv_ Pettitt Hie »puts mi Hew, sv ho his oi_,inised mil siipiui ed the gills sports with suth thoioiighno's AS i ssisli agim to think Alis Isoi 1 s lils mel Alis lielph foi the uvi oi then tennis eomts »mie tin OIIJ.II then lindniss the «ehotil his had the live of two cxtia comts, mil ing, with bei own foin in all Hie mumal spoits meeting w is held on Octubei ¿0 bj com tivy of Ah and Alis lielph at A ei ilimi Alont Albeit io id \Se m indeed indebted to Ah ind Mis Itelph foi then geneiovitv m tin hospit ihly w billi the} extended to the sihool on Hint occisión With pu fed weathei be nitiful sniioniidings nielaseis cipible iifie«hment conmnttee the meet m0 vv is an undoubted SIICCCMV Hie temi woik was aplin exceptionally fine iJiiimg the jen the gills have cultivated gnden plots m the school gioimds, ihieflv dong thediise lij comtesv of Alis A nicholls the gai dens weie nidged by in expeit gai dene i the ieciilts being -individual gn den, flint pi UP- Joyce Beici» gioup gitden fust pi ize B Aloignn P Colville V Boov'cv md Ix In mel foi ni gai den hist foi m lili, and honoiu able mention to jumoi «chool pu dm A enmniittce of gills to dncct and pioniote nitciest m souil sei vice was foimed it the beginning of the scat Gifts Inse been sent to the \us> ti aban Bond ot AfiSbions the i minimum Bebet 1 und the Chin cb of rngland Babies Home, Dilling (clothing), the Allusion to Seamen (magazines), the Childien s Hos nita! (stigii tojs) tin Ahssion of St Janies and St John (clothing) A wits weie paid to the \inis of Jesus Bjbicb Home and the loddleis Homo itrcintiee Gulls A conceit m mil of the geneial mi

in ox ementa fund xsas held m St Ahnks

¡nil on liigust 2ß sshen a fine piogianime of singing elocution, and dancing was u iniigccl bv Ahss I inn, Aliss Henduson md AIi=s Helen Tin loi and m Octobci the annual vi hool louceit sr is hild m the Cuni

bei well low n Hall Hie piogtminie of libvsn ii i ultin t wis niinngcd bs Ahvs Ixendill of the Bjcll e Peteiscn Institute mid pnnofoite items weie given by pupils of Ahss Glendal! mel Aliss Tones We wivh to thank tlie»o meiubeii* of the stn il uni asstnc them of oin mpi eciation of then eneigetic seisices On Doeeniboi 7 a school fete ni aid of the school building fund wis held Ah s J G Lathi in pei foimed the opening eciimonj V com mittce of mothcis nnnnged and furnished the snnolis stall» with Hie lesult that £1J2 was- added to the building fund AVo wish to îccotd oin appiecinlion of the lojal suppoit, the earnest eoopention the un

tiling eneias, and geneiomtj sshicli chu actci ised the funciiou Childien must bo taught fiistls the difTei

euee betsy ecu light mid ssiong theio is no eompi omise possible here Secondly the menning of light seiviee to the commnmts lionoui to pnents set s ice in the home sel s ice to those outside the home comtess

kindliness and fiiendslnp and in thiv uni cuts and school both pla} then pmt The x less points of edticntion must no blended and united to form n giandci, noblet point of view a point of xicvv not child ccntied oi parent cenlicel but a point of view si Inch shall lil o that w Inch is best m both mid svhich shall be ecu ti ed m God, w ho is its origin and ami

The prize list sv is is follows -

Prize List

Dux of "thool - Ss ice Oi ill mi Ionn'S -11 Ti is nie. thud elliss honours m IIIKIII-I DUX lower MI - S (ubini (list eh» lionuiiis vttonl- 1 Sihotlcld s toni eli honouis Du- ll -I" VS lihou t Illllil lonouis s ton I 11 Slice litsl 1 oiom Dis ISc -M «-IIIOHLI 1 Hut liol ours steontl M fehiei (list honouis St Noiillc fii«t lioiioni* 1) ltdlois fli«t honouis Dux Hil-11 Huston (list iionouis retold I lil flit) ornum I Slice flist honours 1 Hu nolds liist haiioim. D Illiston III t liol ours Dux I Iib -1 li .»lins Hist honouis sctond H SVtlllams fist honours, J! Sliici iii ot bonoum O Olsen, Hist honours. Dux 11 -31 Summons,


Dux Kindergarten - Girl«, V, 2»onis, bo»», 1» Morgan

t xamlnatlon Besultf -Diocesan Toard «enpture Fxamlmtlou ItoMilts, 1923 -Intermediate-Pass 11 Thnnilos. lunlor-Fin* Honour» F Schofield .¿ee-ond Honours U Alacc Third Honours N Bcesle}, A Graham K Horton, 1) Itrcic P AXalliou-o Pass J Iloicrs P Col» ¡He Î Noll, It Bow II Sorrell Priman -hirst Honours Al Nculle Al Schofield Third Honour« 1 Mace 1- Bodcrick Piss F Ihh, P lîomold«, A! To» eil Australian Boird of Aiusie I'd - M Schofield (Mi«s Clcadall)-Grade HI-Pianoforte,

cith credit. Grade IA , Tlioor» with Credit-A liner (Miss Glcdill) - Gruie A I -I lanoforte nth llonoui«-1 Vd»»irds (Miss lottos) - Crado -I lanoforte, with Ciedit, Gride A, theor»,

»yitli honours



Pine Examination Results

'Out of oin. regrets is that each jeal xxe can accept only about a thud of the »umbu of the pupils xxho sit foi the enhance examination" said the bead îna-tet (Ah D Meka}), addicsmg a crowded audience at the Ilaxvthoin loxxnl Hall }c-tcidd} ox tiling, on the occisión of tho tnmiil speech night ot the Swm btune ïccbnicil College He saul that the school w as quite incapable of dealing yy ith more pupils yyith the pie-cnt accommoda tion Mr. T Ittist piesidcd and Mis ¡swinburne distubutcd the pnzes

In his aniiunl icpoit the head master said tint the enrolment this s cat *¡xas -108, of ay Inch ISO yy ero in attendance last j cir A AU} pleasing fcatuie had been the mun bet of boys xxho hid lcmimed foi then thud jeal boxent} bo}s liad com- pleted their thud jen xxhilc ,50 thud jen bojs had left to take up positions in eiifci netting t ui>cnti}, uichilccturt, mil ollici occupations List jeal the number of pupils xxho bad passed foi tlic juuioi oi

min mcdill? technical ccitificitc had been - lunioi-l'i«s xy ith ci edit, bO, pa-s, 4P, pnss i ending, 23 Intei mediate-I'ass xuth eicdit Jil pi-s JO, pass pending, 8 Hie icsults constituted a iceoid foi tue school, md bid bi cn due to the lim team xxoik of Hie stall .AN m past aeais m nix stn dents in tho junioi school ]iad sat foi stmoi sdiool cxaiiiimtions It wat* yen gi itifxing lo bru of the success of foimti pupils ititi to knoyy that because of the sitisfnction thcx bul gixtn to then em ploxtis comniuuic itions yxeit fttqucntlj iddits-cd to the school foi i lad to hil a


Cominenting on the spoils stele of the school hie the îepoit pointed out Hut li pupils bid just passed then cxainin i lions loi tithet senior juniot.oi the medal

lion swimming, aw aids, a lesult that xias considcicd i cuni kable

It w is expiited tint timing 10JU a suit

able mernot ni to the lite Ali Oeoigt b»y nibil i nt yy ould be placed in the college, und thinks xtcre ixpicsscd to the patents yyho had illicit tins possible

In ha îcpoit the head nnstie=s (Mies D 1 vies) st ited that tht 1928 îesults had been most salisfncloij, and in tho second }tit girls' examination ¿8 had obtained passes, oi a splendid achiexcmciit of 01 pit cent lhe thud year guls had sat foi the inteimcdtile cxinnuation and all bid nisscd Jn tlic foimei J7 per cent had been ci cent pisses and in the Utter ¿.i pu cent lu addition excellent icsults h id been obtained in tho scnioi technical examinations foi cookcix, tut, and detoia tixe netdltwoik 'lhcst icsults indicated tho st md ud of yyoik in the school, uni yicie due not only to the good xxoik oi the stall, but also to the tamest tlfoits of the guls

'Hit dux of the gills' school yyas Alison Biemuei, of (he second yeal class Llcauoi Iones, and of the lirst xcai Jojce Cn loil Alis Biemnets special muc AX as won bj Ldna Young

Prize List

The prizes presented bv Mr« "-»»iiilnnio f.r the hiL,iiest milks in the fonns »»ore awatdctl as foi ion -rorin X1 1 It Clark X.!, I O Bill A3 H Mhltehcad A4 V 1 Cnnt, Ai A Pir lridt.0 X1* I Mohncnix Bl It Collin Vi 1 li Cinelt 11 i 11 Stone h, 7 Uktlan 1 BJ ml lib It ( hlpneifiel 1 M7 1! AX i"le» BS

1» Dunn C1 mil li H st ele, C1 and CI, G

lacke C , nul C6 X \\ But I i

s|nrts Jupli f - Championship-I nier 10 (gift it Mr l»nx) lui lillie tiller 1> (tifL of Mrs Aliln r) r mc I iel 1 nier 11 (tift of lie ici mitti) 1 li il 1er L mlir 1" (tilt i f Mr I»n)

Ink Poiuldson O tt tandil " xthlehe Xlility - 1 1) Ullin 1 linns Bonus C ii -1 lindéis lions


Principal's Travel Impressions.

The annual speech night of Rosbercon     Girls' Grammar School was held in the         Wilson Recreation Hall on Wednesday     night. The prizes were distributed by   Lieut.-Colonel Whitfield, D.S.O. , and the   chair was taken by Mr. Millikin, presi- dent of the Rosbercon Parents' Associa-


One of the principals (Miss Constance Tisdall), in presenting the annual report, gave some account of her impiessions of education abroad. She was struck with     the variety and richness of equipment and aids to teaching used in the schools of England and elsewhere. She spoke speci-

ally of the London County Council schools and such well-endowed and well-supported     schools as St. Christopher's in Letchworth   garden city, and the Leeds Girls' High School. The same thing had been evident in the head mistresses' conference, which she attended at Leeds, and the Children's     lnternational Exhibition at Geneva. Speak- ing of the library and science laboratory at     Letchworth Miss Tisdall also described the Rosbercon library and the new science     room just built by the parents' associa-       tion. Another impression was of the im-         portance given to musical appreciation,   verse speaking, and speech training. In   describing the work of Dr. Yorke Trotter at Queen's Gate Hall and that of Miss   Marjorie Gullan at the Regent street Poly-

technic School of speech training and     dramatic art, Miss Tisdall paid tribute   to the work of Miss Cullen and Miss Alice Crowther, who are in charge of these subjects at Rosbercon.

Prize List

KindorgJilin -( Bouichier I lhomp*oii U Upton I! sc|llmi lebe, a |1 mid 1 IIuJios J lliughton I Booth, s Tailor 1) len»

Dux-J \\ ttson

le-A I indwell XX Biliinggall N Crino A J if,mred? s Xlalker I \Xill teid I Lorn chier I 1 v ins. Dux-D liitilien

Hi-Af Mari Al lee, II 11 tser Al Oil J Howden 1 Dikm B I-imh li Dm« \\ XX irien X Cilli X Clump I IJouJis O Hore fill A II iii ^ Dux-X1 bill

li-P Jumbo J Hester I Slolt I Alni slein J li II long li Coll) M Doyinii M turner do It Go»»ir L, Mill ii In I Robin son Al XX il-oi P Bnin Duy-I lohn« u

Spoils I ti/os- s\\immiiiL.-li trelon Tumis -I lent X lip. i P Pipit (ehiimi lonsliii ) G»\on Xnti-, Menioinil Shield-M MUM in

lib-Gcncril I ycllencc- 1) X1 ir lill B Dun bn ¡S XX il-on 1! N, irj D **mlth Mm loiomnn 1 IxlUcei Du\-XI Xlirhn

Iii-D Waller I Maitxn M Stc i Imán I Olino I liiuiiUir-ton X XXinen P Tuinei \ Con Ig in Dux-I Dobinson

III-1) ] mid II How (ti Iones D Bugin -lia»» 1! C liri A 1 ipei P Sloane J «traille li «mith I Hi,!)» Buy-Al Johnson

IA -II I »tier M s,11)0"B j MiiHUn Al sateo X1 lartttitlon P Cohen N Hutchinson Jl hltihln Dux-B 1-ostci («iib distinction)

Ae-S ligin D Hill ( Millci M ltltohie Al Dmilsoii N 1 o-tcr, G SJ}CC 1 Sabe»

Dux-L X1 eldon

Ab-J ïord 1 Gunson AX' Tl«dill *- AX ii in C Cohin I reigti»on Dux-J fcdwick

A a-S Allí on I Aoung Jl Kitchen Dux

Jo» co Itemfio»

Al-I Jyid"ill At AHIlikin I Jlurpli} M Spouner Dux of School-M Ililli

Special J ros-sL»iinE-J Henlo» C Torster D -loane P s"|," sciipturc-Ii A\allot, li Ti mr J Ciinson I Md"cll Al Johnson I XXoldon lodi» SpeiUn"-S Wil-on S Hilson C Cohen s,eC()| ""j iniomtioii-II Da»id on III min,-M lohn un A| s,,,,,,], »I Itttclili X1 lull. I t no- li C illel M l»ltih n C Cohn X u-I i II I Oklci XIusioil Vpni ci ut u-XI Al llixti XI loli-<n lion! is-I! dil li Hi n nu X1-II ( ohll I Insicil t tilluit-X1 kitchin C Li h n Ali r ukin s Iii? s-XI Hoistall 1 Aljidll! Mi*- li i,U r lu/ -1 loi tu


Inciease an Students

Mis Heibcit Smith and Gcnci ii fen Hail} Chauxel pteseuled the school and spoits pnzcs at the annual speech night of Chust Chinch Giannini School, xxhich was held m the memoiial hall, Punt load, South Yiiun In hoi annual icpoit the head mislicss (Miss E V Esdaile) said -

1 his is the sixth annual icpoit since the school was lebmlt Pi oin the date of ie opening theie has been a stead} and laigo inciense each jeal ni tlio cniolmcnt of neyx pupils It has been difficult not to exceed the lcgulntcd numbei (foi each classioom AVe haye liad i full school all the jeal

AVoik has been stead} and piogiessixc lilt icsults of the examinations aie xeij glati fxmg A high standard of Liifclish litcia turo is taught thioughout the hchool the object is not mci ely to help the pupils to emu their lix nig, but to tcacli them to be come better acquainted xnth the noble chinacteusties of then own and othei i tecs

We ti} bj xxiso yiidtmce and xx itthful cine to fostei in all pupils a loxe ot leal nmg and to ende ixotu to tmn thom to take then phce in life and ftilhl then duty to tht community AA e nun in tin ec ling tht pupils in nntteits of tondticl, discipline md moi ii tia'inn,. J licit is no linn lounda tion foi bit th ni the iliiuih stliool lift without \elition is empty

Prize List

Dux ol Cir!» *-ehool~Bclt» Calb» Dux of Dojs Silioo-lan Hob«Ison Bet in t-usluh ISM» AXntiiiL, ((lils)-Ma» Knitht Host m I nUisti J ssn V,Mimi, (Boxs)- iithur luiil ¡sports - Girl»' Open ClittinploiuliI]*-Juno Moins Ilojs

(Open Chiinplonship)-Ronald Slater« Br«t Team SSork (Girls), Jane Aleorl Cup-S. Hou«c Old Grammarians' (.Iris-Hetty I'elts Old Gram marian«.' Bov«.-1 red MoNangliton.


List of Prize Winners.

Lids Masson presented the piizes at the annual speech dij of the St. Margaret's School, Malvern, at the Alalvern Town Hall xe«tordav afternoon The Key. John Mac- kenzie picsidcd. Chtistmas cirofs svcre sung bj the jmpils Pitt songs and reel titions were included in the inusual pto grimme, a featine of which ivis the tom blind item bv Little St Mai gai el's km leigiiteii and St Mai_,aiet's kmdeig.ii


Hie innuil icpoit, which levievved the woik done during the veil, ivis lead bj the held »littles» (Ahss D Gipson).

Prize List

little st xiargiiot'r - Peter Jamare, first ... lindeigartcn, VI Jlvroii Sfoore, dancing (gift of Sllf-s Stn), eloculion (gift uf Mi«s toni), 11

XIcLcan iir«t In upper division, 1). ".«ruin, first in upper dil {«ion

M vtar_ net t. hlndergarten-I Hobcrt«on

Iloivtroft first in kindergarten (gift of Mr« Dil (dams an I Sirs Jlmur)

elis» I-J Howat, house priro (gKt ot Miss Hsie Umi), dancing (gilt of Miss Hrenin), P Bari er, munka! appreciation (gift of Miss Slooie)

G Wilson iqiul first in claw, D Jowett, equal first in class elocution (gi(t of Miss lord)

Ch«s II -U loaron, «crlptnre, H Crowe, gene ni excellence, M Knox general excellence, 1'

Sleaalicr, general excellence M fcouthev, gcnonl excellence, «ewing (gift of Miss S Griv), 11 Ktrr, genoril excellence K Stoneham, honours, C lose pli, honours, Is Echberg, honours, 1- ¡»tod dait honour«, (gift of Mrs L S st_j,hcns), clanc In; (gift of Slis» Brenan) 1' Lmscll md J Block vieil equal first in class (gift oí Xlre J U Knole), I lllaclvvcll, nature study (¿lit of ills" A


Cins» Illb-B Gib«on, drawing (gift ol Sliss Donning) L Butler, gcnenl excellence (JIr6 Scrnot), 1' Cox, honours, J hen, honours, J Burrowes-, honours, S I.rno, honoiu«, Scripture, S Knox, first in class (Mrs *» XIcGregor)

Cb«« lill-SV Sloran, music tcrtlfirate primary division lion mention, guim a pria of Mr 1

lirinliiill XI Shan seising (jill of Mrs Bract Laing) It Vrnold music (gift of Sfiss Osborne), II 1 imbiidgc, genoril improvement 1' lea

styling (ptt of Mr« Blurt laing), dinciug (gift of Vii«, Brcmn) I llcmil gen ril excellence sonnig (gilt of Mr» I SS ilkic Soiing), hoiivc pnro (_-ift of Vliss I l«i Grav),K Hitcliit, gencnl «scelle nee, dantiiig (gift of Sli s Soie)

I) Giidincr genei ii cxceitincc dillong (gift of Sfiss Sole), li Burrowes, louerai exe ellcnco, Scrip turc (gift of Hev I Miclvonrit) II Hockey gtncral (xcellrncc, li llovicroft, ¿eiienl excel leuce (Sin* SV Holmes), J XIcInto«h, general excel

lotitt junior music (trill of Slis Slooie) JI SVeir, genet ii esecllenee, tlunclng (gift of Vfi«s Sen), mu*ic (gilt of Miss Kinniel!) mti«lc ce«tifieite priniari «Illiston, lion mcnlioii, II S SI nu H t S| , K îoung, honour (Sir- hi mot) SI Hihs.t first in chss (pit of Mm li Mien) dane lug (gilt ol Sib* Brenan), 1 lench (pit of Jfadnnc L istou)

( li«s IS -I' Itobcrtson, dialling (gift of Mr« r.oltliug) diuoing (gift of Sliss Ilrenin) I

Slitonochie senior music (gift of Sfi«s Sloore), dincliic (gift of Mis« Bien in), music certifieur Su«liab.iu Sluslc Lxaniliijlions Bond gridt S

V, elocution (gift ol Miss 1-ord)

VI «depliern. music (gilt of Sliss (rollm), music certifieitc lion mention, prmiir. tin ¡non, II V SI md II C SI , S I'obittson, ginini oxtclleiin ihncing (gift of Ml*s Brenan), st Slier«lu, gonn ii ixcellence 1' Marsliull gomral oxcellcnct (gills of Mr« Tajlor), M Xiatoni, gencial excellente «lancing (gift of Miss Brenan), M Orr, gentrjl i »cellenco, 1" Moline, honours, ntiisie (gift of Slits Moor«), VI Garduei honours dancing (gift of Sli s llienin), I Sllcn, honours Is O miner, honoiu , «-cripture ihncing (gift of SII«s lire inn)

S Dtlrj tuple honouis, «oiieijl ixoellouec (gift of Mis Colin Cumplid!) sewing (trlft of Sir« "" SVilklo \oung) U Holme honouis, 1! Hock,

lirsi in elis« (Rift of Mi, h Mali), I muli (gilt ot Aladanip havton)

Form V-I» Tudor eloculion (gift of X11«

lord) B Cnmpbell improieinent in pliisioil (iillure (gift of Mi«« Slide) dancing (gift ot Mi««. Uren m), S Vklunst, Lngln-h (gilt of Mrs Dil

maple) T hoi not grneril excelleure (gift of Mis N Miller), mu«ic (gift of Vliss Allen) dine tug (gift of Sli. n Brenan) I' liasct, general excel

leuce, B nurrondi, genc-al excellence (gift of sirs \ Slilltr), Scripture (gift of Xfr« I rml liiilknci) 1 Collons, general cvcellonce, JI ».pronle honours elocution (gift of Sliss 1-ord), »rripiuie (Pit of Mis« lodd) I VVibiner honour», I Micke uno honotiiv music certifie ile Su«tii lim Music 1 xnniinations Board, gi ide S , mu ic (Pit of Xltss Moore), S SS ile honouis drawing (gifl of "Miss Donning) SI 11 ¡(eli, first in rl i«s (pit of Sir *v Sillier), drawing ("nt of Xtis. poivniig) viiitlnir (p"ft of Sirs (, s.,tt I in_) bcvvinu (gift of Sirs I SSilki "Vomit,)

Cil s Intcimcdhti -SI Slnoell draw in. drift nt Mis Doiytilllg) geo. l ipliv mil fir«! in tritlilnclie (gift if Shvs JolTl s) B Hi iel oil I rst in rClrnel

fir t in lingiiigo« (lilt of Mr« \owl old) 1 Uni. hiriiiii ci urlo.v (pit of Mi Sltllroi) 1 M ii ii I y ln«t in lil'hvli mil lempo ilion (.¡it of l>)

I Wilki S omi.') first in ln«loii nut! l!_ ¡in, tins ol di«» (ufi cf I'r V s|"ny,"v

(lisVI-VI li boil list pricticil borl senior ¡reognplis (-if! «I Mi»' lelln V) 1- Hobin on

ill. In id .meripin (Mr- ¡Aiekell) ( Hu

lave ox nulli it ion« 1 ni ipein luton (.iii of vii«« Stchiliop) 1 Hint-on, senioi «eil) tille (.ifl ol Mi«« roch!) 1 lench (gift ef Michino 1 iston) «cinoi film (.'if! oi Sli SV s s, ,",,] ), tins ti school (-ift ol Sli ml Sli 1 D limp bell)

«p it« Vn/os-». lane pin itil culuiie junior

(gift of Miss Aero), \ Jlackintms -e ".

turo. IA' ela« (-rift of «i"'Ä, Ph.Tal cul

mont in tennis (g ft of Mr,' F taff v shcnxln jim or ttmiis championship Sit ol Air

A II Hurd) Ii Hint «enior tonnl« ,s,_li

,l"p (gift of Mrs V»,bold) PBoTrYÄ^ son cup or spoin cliamptoiuliip. CanaTc ¿0.

Campbell House cuj *- *'g" .


Year of Steady Work

lhe annual pupils dening and pi/. disttibution m umiicction with the CI* i mont Ladies* College. 1 ootscta» tookp!-'e

on AVodnesd-i» cyening m M jonn « j-,,

] licic yy as al uge atteiidniice of parents and fncuds, and nil cn-onble piogiarnme yy,« picstntcd bx y mons r-ectioin, oí the st]10f lhe puncipals (Alises M and t \\n\ ,

icpoittd a y cai of -te id», progrc-sixe wo \ .and on the social side, ni addition to a weekly collection toi the Childrens Ho..,

tal, amounting to £0 14/ tor the vcài

seieiil woikless families wetc hcltcl tluough the wiutei with tegular cut«

food, clothing and fuel 'lhe follóme

prn-cs yicrc picsented bj Ali J Cent-*

Prize List

A lb-Dux- lc«<ic Adcock Hieb Class Al*,',, n Bunting Ale- >ir*t m I-orni X Ilu-,ter £l cxaminition«, C hnimtrson, rood ellis vol i

Plummer '

A b -Dus, N .Atelier socoid ia t n M Draehor, second in examinations A i|u

marked impiwemcnt, 1- »tanh, rood ímno ment. J I ox A c _ pUy, 1 sieh,M seco id in form, J Clean, third ia (otu H George, good general work A Cr« ham mid M Adcock neal xiritt«n v \ A Fnglish, »veil prepare 1 horn« not l Tnxlor, attendance, It Xlaish B lailo- reí!

work, 1st 7 All« ck 2nd I Fo» 1 J H jlr e 4th Af l-orgc. plusical cullure irtjc'ke I t»r r lct A Hunt»r, ¿ud G tramer» n c-riif-.u, j .Adcock Juniors l»t C Und -ni L lijrr corlitirdte, T Ntl on

l\l- Dut 1! llmlo» 2 1 suttr r1 . " loi-e.1, Ir ind neil 1» Mair» i» i , siinih IAh-Dux, II Lou ; I -n t }

hi-1 I) Both» ,11 I\c-Hu» I L h i Citarles u II Ailie* A.iin-. li ]i" ¡ i tendince, I leitch III-iii» h »lan, i Hill 1 1) AltCnth. liri iis-t »lix c

Illdllstn -I Neulich I r ci . - Uillir Hist and Con hno»» -r y<hiun II ne \\, i and Attend mee- s Mil, hell

Ila -1» George, K ( ilun s X I m lil _ Dux, P Bistcll 2, \ Ciar-e T^bl -J Gil l'rogref«- I AX an in

li-Dux. A s,,fion o , ptt i,am,_u George Load and spell-X i,rcei»»"i 'Irtr -P It.ibinsou Hi-X s, "i,, » , ,m> . Bold P Ashton hinilcrcartfii -X p "r j Cliiiiniri Out«-II scmcll"r t Io x stewart, T Chrkc Alusic iciít* Í ¿Mi? t Clilioh)-I Sutlieilanl II Hi»l» k lj r Best Character 1 Uzo (b» »otc oí ¡ ip ) -I , Bunting

I Ii ditton Prize (the gift ef Ali « I clrr) ,

dli-lrilmtcil to Aiolet Hiintrl I a I ne ir io i i drimitic art iriíes to J smith Xiol'tliji ,

G 1 nunersoii