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Mr. Stmllin's Appeal.

C\YI$ERRA IA cdnesdav-In n message to Chr stmas shoppers the Primo 'Minister (Mi fscullin) mgos the people to 1>U} as Christina« ptcscnts goods oi ¿Vus tralian manufacture ' \> ith the nppioach of the Christinas season, wo all have a splendid opportunity to give effect to a little practical patriotism ' said Mr -"eil Iin 1 very vear vei} large sums oi mone} are spent on impoitcd goode for Christmas presents \\ hile some of these picecnts ni o of a, special character and can be obtained onl} fiom overseas countiics in most cases gifts of equal quality mnv be pul

chased locall} The time is peculiar]} ap- propriate to buy \ustralmi made Christmas gifte Determination to bu} \ustralian made Christmas gifts will have a very appreciable effect in diminishing nnomploAment Wo are suffering at pie sent ii oin an n IVCIBC tia le b dunce lor the first nine months of tins veai vie hnxe bought from other countries i. 10 000 OOO woith of Loods more than we have been ible to sell obi ond

I do not wish to burden Christmas

shoppers with statistics, but lort ant

should doubt the cffcctix cnt ss of buving A-ustraliaii made gifts let we tell them that even }o ir we import roughlv £2 500 000 woith ol jew ellen watches clocks and fane} goods including to} s and games Imported han Ikoielliots nnd sen lottos of

cotton and linen account tor £1(W000 a von toilet piepaiations soup« mil pel fumes moie than £400 000 talking ma tbincs i. 100 000 chocolate mid confection ev il°00ri llonliih (Inmncs anl dunes 142 000 iincv pencil-, anl jen anl icneil cases C40 000 plnvant- tai Is LiiOOO nnd so on 1 xi hiding textiles un 1 ni pin el

which ol coiiisc lcpresint a consi leriblo proportion o! the Christmas picsents t,ncn «wax annuillv the aiticlos suitable for Christmas gifts thnt we now impoit nmonnt to neailv L8000000 nnnuillv let mo

* ii to d e n e ti ti to mti mee their own industuch In doing so thev will hive the satisfaction not onl} of ginnc lilensing gifts lo their friends but also oi hnv ing contiibutod even in a small viny to

the restoration of national piospciit-.