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We publish in another column a summary showing the number of persons of both sexes am] of all ages in the province who can read and write, read only, and cannot read. This

summary lorms the nrst table ot number lour of the population returns— a document just issued by Mr. Bootbby, the Superintendent of Census. The table we refer to speaks for itself, bo far as as concerns the totals arrived at in summarizing the returns. But there are inte resting details in other portions of the paper which deserve attention. There are parti culars, for instance, of the numbers of persons in the colony under and above 21 years of age who can read and write, and from these we learn the following facts: — The number of children under five years of age in the community is 24,244, and of these five males can read and write, whilst 408 males and 376 females can read only. At five yean of age and upwards to 21 tho total number oi persons in the colony is 102,566, and of these the educational condition is as lollows : — Sead and write, males 38,196, females 33,062; read only, males 7,535, females 9,978 ; cannot read, males 6,281, females 5,990; education un known, males 799, females 745. From these figures it appears that whilst there are more male readers and writers under 21 years of age than females, the balance id on the other fide in respect of those who can read only. The total of females in the colony between the ages of five and twenty-one is 49,775 and the total' of males 52,811. lhe returns relating* to persons of 21 years of age and upwards are interesting, as showing that out of the 30,000 adult males in the colony 25,000 can read and write. But we subjoin the totals of this table. Population at 21 years of age and upwards, 57,920 ; read and write, 25,214 males and 19,504* females ; read only, 2,792 males and 4,920 females; cannot read, 2,429 males and 2,396 females ; education unknown, . 303 males and 357 fe males. There is a farther table exhibiting the educational status of the youth of the colony above acd below 15 years of age. From this we learn -that the number of children between five and fifteen is 31,140. Of these there can read and write 7,524 moles and 7,603 females; read only, 4,178 males and 4,36S females ; cannot read, 3,480 males and 3,263 females; educa tion unknown, 427 males and 292 females. Between 15 aud 21 years of age the number of persons in the colony is 13,526. ' Their educa tional condition » as follows :— Read ; and write, males 5,458, females 5,955 ; read only, males 565, females 690 ; cannot read, males 372, females 326; education unknown, males 64, females 96.-v This table shows that about one-half of the children in the colony between the ages of five and fifteen can read and write ; and that between. 15 and 21 five thousand out of six thousand males can read and write, whilst six thousand out of seven thousand females are equally accomplished. The total number of youths of both sexes above 15 who can read only is 1,255, whilst those who cannot read number 698. These results, as regards children below 15 years of age, are not altogether satisfactory, considering how fully reading and. writing are placed by the Govern ment within the reach of all persons. But even if the number of persons returned as being able to read and write were larger, the fact, we need hardly say, will convey but in sufficient evidence as to the education of the people. Something more ii required to show what the schools of the colony are really effecting, though undoubtedly a community whose adult members can nearly all read and write is in a highly advanced state. From other tables of the return we subjoin figures showing the state of education in the various parts of the province : — County of Adelaide— Bead and write, males 20,025, females 20,392 ; read only, males 3,755, females 5,297 ; cannot read, males 8,602, females 8,759 ;

education unknown, males 277, females 333. Total— Mules 32,659, females 34,781. County of Gawler— Head and write, males 742, females 525 ; read only, males 211, females 238 ; cannot read, males 381, females 406 ; education un known, males 41, females 38. Total— Males 1,375, females 1^07. County of Light Read and write, males 4,388, females 3,548; read only, males 896, females 1,212; cannot read, males 2,448, females 2,292; edu cation unknown, males 103, females 93. rotal — Males 7,835, females 7,145. County of Stanley — Bead and write, males 1,335, females 1,029; read only, males 332, females 450; cannot read, males 799, females 791; education unknown, males 40, females 29; Total— Males 2,506, females 2,329. County of Victoria— Bead and write, males 146, females 77; read only, males 47, females 41 ; cannot read, males 115, females 94 ; education unknown, males 12, females 6. Total— Males 320, females 218. County of Frame— Kead and write, males 365, females 231 ; read only, males 41, females 69 ; cannot read, males 135, females 128; education un known, males 9, females 11. Total — Males 550, females 439. County of Hindmarsh— Bead and write, males 3,346, females 2,858 ; read only, males 969, females 1,138 ; cannot read, males 2,057, females 1,961; education unknown, males 85, females 85. Total— Males 6,457, females 6,045. County of Sturt— Bead and write, males 1,264, females 957 ; read only, males 380, females 445; cannot read, males 709, females 707 ; education unknown, males 50, females 34. Total— Males 2,403, females 2,143. County of Eyre— Bead and write, males 316, females 243 ; read only, males 65, females 82 ; cannot read, moles 203, females 167 ; education unknown, males 11, females 10. Total— Males 595, females 502. County of Burra — Bead and write, males 1,468, females 1,077 ; read only, males 514, females 716 ; cannot read, males 771, females 724 ; education unknown, malei 129, females 84. Total— Males 2,882, females 2,601. County of Young— Bead and write, males 22. females 10 ; read only, males 3, females 3 ; cannot read, males 5, females 9 ; education unknown, males — , females — . Total— Males 30, females 22. County of Albert— Bead and write, males 25, females 13 ; read only, males 2, females 3; cannot read, males 15, females 11; education unknown, males — , females — . Total- Males 42, females 27. County of Rus sell—Bead and write, males 99, females 51; read only, males 10, females 14 ; cannot read, males 45, females 38 ; education unknown, males — , females — . Total— Males 154, females 103. County of MacDonnell — Bead and write, males 238, females 107 ; read only, males 52, females 37 ; cannot read, males 126, females 92; education unknown, males — , females — . Total—Males 416, females 236. County of Bobe — Bead and write, males 490, females 356 ; read only, males 85, females 93 ; caunot read, males 224, females 192 ; educa tion unknown, males 17, females 20. Total Males 816, females 661. County of Grey Bead and write, male* 1,118, females 712; retd only, males 195, females 193; cannot read, males 541, females 540; education un known, males 13, females 17. Total— Males 1,870, females 1,467. County of Flindea— Bead and write, malea 284, females 171; read only, males 51, females 51 ; can not read, .males 97, females 98; edu cation unknown, males 2, females 4. ToUi-Male* 4?4, females 324. Dis trict of Port Lincoln— Bead and write, males 260, females 56; read only, males 26, females 24 ; cannot read, males 65, females 26 ; education unknown, males 4, females 2. Total— Males 3^5, , females 106. ? District of North and Iff $0*T%V$ «$ W1** -V** I®

females 192 ; read only, males 80, females 84 ; cannot read, males 244, females 200 ; education unknown, males 6, females 5. Total— Males 1,039, fen ales 481. District of North east or Eastern Plains— Bead and write, males 375, females 125 ; read only, males 82, females 54 ; cannot read, males 176 ; females 134 ; educa tion unknown, males 5, females 4. Total — Hales 638, females 317. South-Eastern or Tatiara District— Read and write, males 103, females 46 ; read only, isales 17, females 14 ; cannot read, males 38, females 45 ; education unknown, males — , females — . Total — Males 153, females 105. District of Yorke's Peninsula— Bead and write, males 569, females 159 ; read only, males 100, females 75 ; cannot read, males 189, females 129 ; education un known, males 5, females 6. Total— Males 863, females 369. Kangaroo Island — Bead and write, males 60, females 49 ; read only, males 7, females 11 ; cannot read, malea 25, fesnalca 18; education unknowr, males 3, females 2. Total— Males 95, females 80. , ? In addition to these figures there are a few others describing the educational condition- of persons on shipboard within the province, but these are too few to be important. The result of the returns as applied to the whole of the province is as follows :— Males. Females. Read Mid write ... ... ... 38,201 ,33,062 ' Bead only ? ? 7.94.-J 10,85* — Cannot read..; ... ... ... ... 18,062 17,380 Education unknown ? 842 786 Totals ? 65,048 61,782 From the figures given above in reference to counties it will be seen that the largest propor tion of persons not able to read compared with those able to read and write is to be found in the pastoral districts, where, as a matter of course, education is most difficult of access.

The New Governor. — We understand, that a telegram received from Sir Dominic Daly states that he and his family had arrived [in Hobson's Bay on Wednesday last at about 3 p.m., all well. Sir Dominic states that he would write to' say when he would be able to be in Adelaide. On his arrival a review of the volunteers will pro bably, take place, as we have before intimated, after which he will be sworn -in. Immediately following upon this ceremony Sir .Richard and Lady MacDonnell will take their departure in the Yatala, embarking at Glenelg. The Ministry. — Thursday's Gazelle contains notifications from His Excellency the Governor, accepting the resignations of ? the late Treasurer and Commissioner of Crown i Lands, and appointing Messrs. Biyth and Milne in their places. The Magistracy. — Thursday's Gazette contains the appointments of Mr. Allan McFarlane, sen., J.P., as a Special Magistrate; and Captain Blyth, the Colonel-Commandant of the Volunteer Force, as a Justice of the Peace; also the removal of Mr. Henry C. Hawson, of the Port Lincoln District, from his office of Justice of the Peace. . Volunteer Regulations. — One would think that war was certain from the numerous volunteer officers who are resigning their appoint ments. A captain and two lieutenants are gazetted on Thursday as leaving the service. A Revenue Cruiser. — If the increased duty on cigars and tobacco should have given em ployment to any 'bould smugglers' along the coast, they will have to be careful, for Thursday's Gazette contains a notice that the Yatala is now appointed a revenue cruiser, and that her com mander is made an officer of Customs. Immigration Regulations. — Thurs- day's Gazette contains an amendment on the amendment which was made in the previous week to the immigration regulations. It must be borne in mind that not only are the due proportions of nationalities to be ouserved in the issuing of cer tificates, but that in the event of a certificate being transferred from one person to another, the fresh nominee must be of ihe same nationality as the one in whose name'the certificate was issued. This new regulation is considered necessary, lest a Scotchman might become changed into an Irish man during the long voyage between England and . Australia. The Burke Expedition. — Our Vic torian telegram contains two items of news in reference to matters connected with [the ill-fated Burke expedition. Mr. Howitt is reported to be successfully making his way to Cooper's Creek; whilst in reference to the relief party which was sent in search of the lost explorers to the north east, intelligence has been received of the wreck of a small vessel which was sent round after the Victoria. The persons who were on board are supposed to have cot on shore all safe, which m

rust was the case, as too many lives have been ost already in connection with the Victorian ex tedition. ? New Zealand. — From the latest tele ;raphic news, received on Thursday, it seems hat great difficulties still exist in New Zealand nth regard to the Waikatocs, whose designs Sir Jeorge Grey dees not appear able to fathom, and rith whom he is making but little progress. Queensland Telegraph. — The Aus ralian Colonies are, at all events; pushing forward me important work'of defence. The whole of the leaboard from Adelaide to Brisbane is now guarded by the electric telegraph. Thursday's Tazette contains a scale of charges for the trans nission of messages from the various stations 0 south Australia to those of Queensland, whose ine is now in operation. The four colonies are, herefore, in telegraphic federation, and will per laps, from thus being on,good speaking terms, icon become still more closely united. Government Land Sales. — At the Government land sale, on Thursday, only 16 lots, :ontaining 1,400 acres, were sold. The total price (mounted to £1,734, being an average of £1 4s. 9 Id. ?er acre. Thirty forfeited mineral claims were hen offered, the upset price of each being £5. All nrere passed except one in the Hundred of Onka paringa, which was bought by Air. \V. Holland at in advance of 5s., and four at Wallaroo, Nos. 202 to 205. These are situated immediately to the southward of the great 'Wallaroo workings, and the whole were purchased by Messrs. Elder & Co. at the following prices :— No. 202, adjoining the sec tion on which is the Matta Shaft, £5 5s. ; No. 203, adjoining on Stirling's Shaft, £110; No. 204, ad joining the Home Shaft, £110; and No. 205, ad joining the Wombat Shaft, £3 5s. Caution to Railway Travellers.— Two men were on Thursday last fined 10s.' each by the Magistrate at the Port, for leaping from a carriage on the Port Bailway while the train was in motion. Such a dangerous practice cannot be too severely condemned, and doubtless this ex ample will have the effect of preventing a repetition of the offence. Fatal Accident. — Our Langhome's Bridge correspondent mentions a melancholy acci dent wliich occurred in that neighbourhood oh Monday, February 17. One of the children ef Mr. C. Miller, about 12 months old, while playing on the bam-floor, where a roller was at work, became entangled in the horse's trappings and was thrown down, the roller passing over and killing it on the spot. An inquest was held and a verdict of acci dental death returned. Accident. — An accident of a somewhat ludicrous nature happened in King William-street on Friday, February 20. A dray laden with fire wood, and drawn by two bullocks, was proceeding southward along the street when the ]K-le-pin dropped out and the dray tipped up. Tho bullock chains, however, did not give way, and the animals becoming terrified, ran for some distance, dragging the dray after them. The driver was left in a very unpleasant dilemma, for, notwithstanding all his efforts, he could not bring them to a standstill for some time, and not until they had travelled a num ber of times across the road in diagonal directions. Everything, however, was soon made right, and it did not appear that any damage had been sustained. CartAccident. — On Tuesday, February 18, a serious accident happened near Tievale, Ba roesa. As Mr. W. Wright and family, of Skillogolee Creek, were proceeding down a hill in a spring-cart, the leading horse swerved and the cart capsized, when the oldest boy, about five years old, had his left leg fractured just above the ancle. The mother, the father, and. the other child escaped unhurt The little boy was conveyed to the resi dence of Captain Trestrail, where he was soon at tended by Dr. Bichter, and we hear he is doing welL Insolvent Court. — The final hearing in the estate in rt S. Garlick took place in the In solvent Court on Thursday, and resulted in a second-class certificate being awarded without sus pension. Local Court. — Two of the cases to be tried in the Local Court — New Devon Mining Com pany v. Crane, and the Same v. Badraan— were postponed for a fortnight by mutual consent; and another, New Devon Mining Company v. Smytfce, was likewise postponed until next Full Court-day, in consequence of an accident to Mr. Bruce, the defendant's attorney. Auburn Institute. —A meeting of the members of this Institute took place at Auburn on Monday hut, for the election of a Secretary and Librarian, in the room of Mr. Caterer, and for p%r business. ' Dr. Ward, J.P., occupied the chair. Mr. Howitt was appointed Secretary and librarian, ft was resolved to remove the books from the store to the ichoqlbpuse, which was tP be opened as a reading-room every evening, and the hours were fixed for exchanging books. Mr. Matthew MoorhjDUse, M.P., it was stated, had kindly consented to deliver a lecture at the jnau I piraj entertainment shortly to. te held.

Central Road Board. — At the meeting -f the .Central Road Board on Thursday a angular fact in connection with tenders for the performance of roadwork was made a subject of »nversation. No Ies3 than three tenders out of four sent in by one person, and admitted to have t«en received in the office, were lost or mislaid, ind the f^ct unnoticed or suppressed until attention was called to it by the party aggrieved The affair eras regarded as accidental by the Board, but the remarks of the Chairman and other members left little doubt that they will adopt stringent measures to prevent or punish the recurrence of such accidents. Great efforts were made by the rival Strathalbyn parties to induce the Board to favour their respective views ; and having fully considered the arguments on both sides, the Commissioners determined to abandon the idea of a stone bridge, and to repair the existing structure with material likely to resist the ravages of the white ant. A deputation from Clarendon endeavoured to induce the Board to rescind its order closing the road on Douglas's Hill pending the completion of the contract. The Board adhered to its former deci Bion, but assured the deputation that the road should be thrown open the day the contract-time expired, and promised that provision should be made for public convenience during the execution of proposed work on Chandler's HilL There was a great amount of work disposed of by the Board during its sitting, as will be seen by our report in another part of this paper. Fnrsiss Mmxo Claims— A speaal meet ing of the shareholders of the Finniss Mining Claims, summoned by circular and advertisement, was held at the Gresham Hotel, on Thursday morning, for the purpose of confirming or reject ing thei resolutions passed on the-13th relative to the issue of preference shares for working the mine. The Hon. A. Forster was voted into the chair, and read two letters which Imd been re ceived from Captain Penberthy during the last week. ' The Secretary stated that he had received letters from a number of shareholders, assenting to the propositions which had been passed at the last meeting. Mr. 'W. K Thomas then moved the confirmation and adoption of the following reso lution:— 'That, for the purpose of increasing the prospecting capital (in event of the existing nego tiations not being carried into effect), a further sum of two thousand pounds be raised by the issue of eight hundred preference shares, to he first offered to the present shareholders. The whole price of such preference shares to be two pounds ten shillings each, payable as follows, viz., ten shillings per share upon application, and the balance in four equal payments of ten shillings per share by promissory-notes of three, six, nine, and twelve months; that the sum of two pounds ten shillings paid for each of such preference shares be returned out of the first profits from the mine; that the preference shares be then taken and considered as 'being five pound shares; and that, after the amount expended by the share holders upon the original shares shall have been repaid to them in the terms of the prospectus, the preference shares and the original shares shall be in all respects equal.' Mr. T. Jones seconded the motion, which was carried. Mr. Goddard proposed, and Mr. J.' F. Hillier seconded, that the subjoined resolution be confirmed and adopted: — 'That the application list for preference shares remain open until Thursday, February 27, and that in event of more than eight hundred shares being applied for, the Directors have power to allot the shares in such way as they may think fit.' The proposition was carried unanimously. Mr. Gooden, considering that some delay might be occasioned by the nego tiations which had been referred to at the former meeting, and which were understood to be still pending, moved— 'That the Directors have power to extend the time for application for preference shares for one fortnight longer if they think fit' Mr. Comock secouded the resolution, and it was carried unanimously. The meeting then closed. South Wombat Mining Company, Limited. — X special general meeting of the share holders in the South Wombat Mining Compauy, Limited, was held at the Norfolk Arms, Eundlc street, on Thursday afternoon last, for altering the deed of settlement so as to enable the Directors to wind up the Company when one-sixth of the capital is expended, and to consider the propriety of dissolving the Company. About eight share holders were in attendance, and Mr. W. A. Wearing presided. The Secretary, Mr. F. S. C. Driffield, read the Directors' report, recommending the step for which the meeting had been called, and also the statement of accounts, which showed that the assets of the Company, after paying all liabilities, amounted to £47 t!s. It was resolved that the deed of settlement should be amended so as to give the Directors authority to wind up the Company when one-sixth of the capital had been expended, and the Chairman was empowered to execute a supplemental deed to carry out that alteration. The meeting afterwards decided that as one-sixth of the capital had been lost, the Com pany should be dissolved. A vote of thanks to the chair closed the proceedings. TnE Kubula Mixe. — Our Wallaroo corre spondent states in his last letter that the opera tinns nf t.hp. Tv*nrilla Afininfy flnmtwinv li*iv*» luion

.emporaruy suspenueiu u e, nowever, nave ueen nformed by one of the promoters that such is. not ;he case, the impression having probably arisen from the fact that the captain had been recently lismissed. Eastern Suburban Rifles. — A pleasant jvening's enjoyment was spent on Thursday evening, at the Maid and Magpie, Stepney, the iccasion of the anniversary dinner of the Eastern suburban Kifles. There were about 40 gentlemen present, including the Hon. J. H. Barrow, Messrs. tf. Blyth, M.P., H. Mildred, M.P., G. Muller, &c. rhe chair was efficiently filled by Mr. Sellar, the :aptain of the company; and the croupier's luties were satisfactorily performed by Lieutenant 0. A. Babbage. Many commemorative sentiments urere proposed in excellent speeches, and replied to with equal ability. Toasts more connected with the occasion were also spoken to, and a number of songs and glees of a heterogeneous nature were 3ung to diversify the proceedings. The 'jocund company' did not separate till after the ''witching hour of night.' HijrDiiAEsa' Institute.— On Wednesday evening, the 19th instant, the Eev. W. Wilson delivered a lecture in the Hindmarsh District nail, in connection with the Library and Institute. His subject was 'The Physical Geography of the Ocean,' witli particular allusion to gulf streams. He spoke of the utility of the ocean, of its physical properties,, of its sanitary advantages to mankind, of the facUities it afforded for commerce from one nation to another, and of its saline qualities. The researches of scientific investigation were de tailed, and the different currents explained at length. Many other interesting facts were re counted, and the lecturer, who promised to con tinue the subject on a future occasion, received a hearty vote of thanks from the audience. The Bev. T. Q. Stow occupied the chair, and was warmly welcomed. He contrasted the improved appearance of the township to its condition 24 years ago, when he purchased a piece of ground for the purpose of building a church in the vicinity. The Secretary of the Institute read a statement showing that 04 volumes had been added to the library during the last 12 months, that the periodi cals, Ax., had been prepaid, and that there were no debts. The Committee hoped, if the samo state of prosperity continued, to be able to purchase another lot of books in the present year. The good received from the lectures was acknowledged, and the proceedinp closed with a collection. The Gawler Agricultural and Hor ticultural Society.— We publish to-day the parti culars of the show of live stock.&c., at Gawler Town, towhich we briefly referred in ouryestcrday's issue. The dinner was held in the evening at the Grapes Inn, to which ha3 just been added a very fine assembly-room, capable, we should think, of dining 250 persons. There were about 80 gentlemen present on AVednesday evening. Mr. Kopke has erected the room for general purposes, and has provided a separate entrance to it from Murray-street. Gawler Town. — A visitor to Gawler Town who may not previously have been there for a year or two would be struck by the general im provements effected in that municipality. Not only have the principal thoroughfares been drained and macadamized, but several very superior build ings have been erected or enlarged. The prognosti cations of those who affirmed that Gawler Town would be ruined by the extension of the Northern' line of railway to Kapunda have not yet been veri fied, nor do the 'signs of the times' indicate that such is likely to be the case during the present century. Milling at Mount Gambier. — The Border Post refers, with some degree of pride, to the mill which is being erected by Messrs. Wehl Brothers. It is stated that when these enter prising tradesmen first commenced operations in the township they had a small hand-mill, occa sionally employing three men. But since then their business has so well prospered that they are in a position to build premises on a very extensive scale, and it is estimated that by means of their new machinery they will be able to turn out from six to eight tons of flour per diem. Oddfellowship at Macdonnell Bay. —A meeting of Oddfellows from Mount Gambier and residents at MacDonnell Bay was held at the Victoria Hotel on Saturday evening, February 1. The chair was occupied by Brother All chin, P.P.G.M. The object of the gathering was to con sider the' propriety of opening a Lodge at Mac Donnell Bay, which was agreed to, and it is ex pected that' it will be inaugurated in March next. ' The Crops in the South-East. — The Border Post refers to the propitious state of the weather during the last few weeks as being a matter of thankfulness to the farmers, who, though their craps were deficient, have enjoyed good op portunities for garnering them. At the same time they are warned that every ground for appre hension has not ceased, as the corn is necessarily exposed until thrashing operations can be com pleted.