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Family Notices

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BLACKBURN (nee Frances Berkley).-On the 20th  

September, at Corinella private hospital, Wil-   liamstown, to Mr and Mrs, C. Blackburn-a daughter (Muriel Hamilton).

SCALES-On the 15th September, at Corinella

private hospital, to Anne, the wife of the Rev Murray A SCALES of the Vicarage, Travan core, W.2-a son (Peter John).


RENWICK-ELLIOT.-On the 15th August at St.  

Pancras. London, William Lewis Renwick, of Romford Essex, second daughter of     Mr. and Mrs. Launceston Elliot, of Richlands,



BOYD-On the 28th September, at Geelong (the

result of an accident), Thomas Quinton, be loved son of William and Annie Boyd, and loving brother of Doris (Mrs. Austin. Wagga),   Essie (Mrs. Richards, Harkaway), Stella (Mrs.  

Jeffers, Geelong), Gladys (Mrs. Leigh, Bal- larat), Jean (Mrs. Pelson, Ballarat), Lizzie (Mrs. Hoath, Ballarat), and Jack (Geelong),aged 26 years

Underneath and around are the everlasting


Our darling brother.

BROMBY.-On the 27th September, at Wantage,  

England, the Rev. Christopher Bromby, son of the late Dr. J. E. Bromby, Melbourne, aged 86


CALMAN.-On the 28th September, at Uxbridge

private hospital. Martha, loving mother of   Charles, Henry, Alice (Mrs. Aitken), aged 70


A patient sufferer at rest

CANTY.-On the 30ih September (suddenly), at her residence, 13 Commercial road, South Yarra, Clara Elizabeth, beloved wife of the late Patrick Canty, superintendent of police, loved mother   of W. C. Brush and Mrs. R. Foster Spence, also May (Mrs. Hunter), stepmother ot Jack and Tom, aged 59 years. R.I.P.

CLOVER. - On the 28th September, 1929, at the

residence of her son-in-Iaw (Mr.Thomas Beaton),   Merrin crescent, Wonthaggi, Elizabeth Martha, relict of the late Robert Clover, loving mother of Robert, Thomas (deceased), Samuel, Hannah, George, and Theresa (deceased). For many years resident of Carisbrook.

DALE - On the 29th September, 1929, at a pri

vate hospital, Malvern, Margery Janet, relict of the late William Edgar Dale, and loving mother of William Thomas Dale (St. Kilda), aged 66 years, late of Sassafras and formerly of Casterton. (Remains at R. McKenzies, 197 Clarendon street, South Melbourne).

DILLON.-On the 29th September, 1929 at the

residence of her brother (Mr. John Dillon, Lethbridge), Mary, the dearly loved youngest daughter of the late Denis and Margaret Dillon, and loving sister of Michael and John Dillon.

Requiescat in pace.

GORDON. - On the 30th September, at her

parents' residence, 44 Edgevale road, Kew, Lena, the beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon, Late of Clunes and Horsham, and loving sister of Llly, Violet, Bon, mid Will, aged 26 years.

GRIERSON.- On the 28th September, 1929, at

Ascotvale, Joseph, the dearly loved brother of Mrs. J. Emery, of 2 Ilma grove, North- cote, and loved uncle of A.J., L., E.M., A.E., and E.

Resting in the pastures and beneath the rock, Resting by the waters, where He leads His

flock;       Resting while he listens at His glorious feet, Resting in His loving arms.

Oh, rest complete.

HAMILTON.-On the 28th September, at her

residence, Bull street. Castlemaine, Eliza Jane, relict of the late Robert Hamilton, of New stead, and loving mother of Alex., Dick, Elsie, Bert, May and Blllie, aged 65 years.

Sadly missed.

BARROWVEN. - On the 30th September, (sud

denly), at Merbein, Hilda Maude, dearly beloved youngest daughter of Alfred and Florence, of 115 Wright street. Albert Park, aged 22 years.

BARROWVEN.-On the 30th .September, at Mer-

bein, Hilda Maude, beloved fiancee of Charles Alexander Payne, of 302 Clarendon street. South  


JOBSON.-On the 28th September, Elizabeth,

loved wife ot Edgar S. Jobson, and loving mother of Edna, Phyllis, and Joyce. (Privately interred, Burwood Cemetery, 30th September.)

JOHNSON-On the 29th September, at Alfred

Hospital (result of burning accident), Johannah Theodora, beloved wife of Theodore Johnson. of No 10 Moore street. Brighton, and loved mother of Julia, aged 41 years. R.I.P.

KELLY.-On the 28th September, at his resi

dence, 14 Mary street Windsor, Thomas   Nicholas, Kelly husband of the late Jeanne   Kelly, loved lather of Kit, Lilla, Ben, and Bill, highly esteemed father-in-law of Albert Mathews, Drouin and loving grandfather of

Wren and lsha Mathews.

We leave him in God's keeping,

The rough road safely o'er;

He is not lost to loving hearts,

But only gone before.

KEMP.-On the 29th September, at "Home". Len-

nox street, Hawthorn, William, loved husband of the late Mary, and loving father of Alice, Ethel, Ernest and Mildred, aged 82 years

KEMP.-On the 29th September, at Hawthorn,

William K., much esteemed and pioneer mem ber of the Hawlhon Bowling Club, was presi- dent in the years 1900-1, 1901-2, 1904-5. 1906-7, and 1915-16. A most active worker in the in terests of the club and its members, by whom he will be greatly missed. (Inserted by H.B.C.) LANGLEY.-On the 30th September, at Lester

hospital, Arthur, beloved son of William and Emma Langley, of 40 Nightingale street. Bala- clava, aged 33 years.

At rest.

LOXG.-On the 2Sth September, at lils resi-

dence, 211 Valentine street, Bendigo. William .lohn Loin.-. .1.1'.. loved husband of Mary Martin Long, m his SMII year, fonncrlv of Longle,

and Kunnin.

lUN.-lllv table.l-On the 2Sth'Seplembei', 3029,

ai St. liel'iis. Piéton Park, Biiglilon, England, Edward Horaie. Man, -

McDONALD. -On the 30th September (sud-

denly), at Bethesda Hospital, Effie, dearly be- loved wife of the late Alex. McDonald, and loving mother of Donald, and affectionate sister of Donald, Elizabeth (Mrs. Harper), Kate (Mrs. McCulloch), and George, aged 62


In the midst of life we are in death. A life spent in loving service for others.

KrKIXXOX.-On the 2,1ul September, 1920, passed

»«ay at his tesidencc, Telangatuk Eiisl, Alexan- der JIcKiunun, late of Hamilton, in hi-, Suth ' ;eru\ hf.rn at Tobermory, Scotlaud. (Home

Capers please copy.)

lltUMX.-On Hie 2Mb September, ot 03 Corio

dntt, Shepparton. Lewis, beloved husband of the late Acnes, loving father of Jean (deceased), .lohn, Lewis (deceased), Alex (do : teased), Isabella (deceased), Andrew, and Louisa,

astd S:) ; oats.

At rest.

lI'fllF.IiliY.-Ou (ho 2Sth September, al Xo. S

Brickwood street, Oard< uvale, Ellen' Bridget, ; v.ldow of the late Edward jlcShcny, ami loved ; mother of Margaret (Mrs. J.. O'Brien) and

Ellen, also loved grandmother of Frank, Leo, Alleen, Sheila, and Jack. (Privately Interred, Melbourne Cemetery, 30th September.)

Iteimicseat in pace.

O'NEIL.-On the 30th September, 1929, at pri-

vate hospital, Frances May, dear wife of Harry O'Neil, of 113 Pascoevale road, Moonee Ponds, levlng mother of Joan, Jack, Herb, and little Margaret,

Besf, perfect rest.

PASKEH.-On the 2i.,th Septcmlier, at 2S Scott

crave, (jlnilrii. Judith Anne, beloved daughter el Hilda and Malcolm Parker, and loved sister 'f Heather Mary, aged 10 dava. (Privately interred.)

- MlttY. - On the 271h September. 1929, at

Bendigo, Louisa, tile deailv beloved wife of Fred, sad loving mother of Keith, Betty, and Max mil, loving daughter of John and late Eliza Adams, lonna sister of Jack. Cilia (Mis. Boyd), Harry, Will, Charlie (deceased), and Tom, in her »In seat.

Our loved one.

»tt'AIFE.-On the 2Slh September, at Albert street,

Warragul, Jane, beloved wife of Walter (de fused), and loving mother of Susan, Elizabeth, Ellen, Mabtl Olf.uised), Amv, Thomas, Harriet, Ann, Glad.»-, in her 73rd »car.

Beloved by all who knew her. .

IUXSOM.-On the 29th September, HO, at lils Millalee, 10 lionview road, Malvern. Walter Ernest, dear!» lined -econd ?-on id llann.Ui and It« late fiiorec Itaiisom, late of Box Hill and St. Hilda.

!II0I1T.-Iln the 20ih SiptenibT (suddenly). ..

¡M u.-ldcn.-e el l-.rr son, 12 I'"vile btre.'l. 'lliorn I'lt.v, Emily, widow of the lal- John Short, oruu: mother C1 Edwin and Walter, al-o the 1'le John Short. (Privatelv interred in the ?Melbourne- Ccmcuiy.)

fdWAKT.-On the Kuli September isudilcnlv),

."I his ifsidmee, II J.m,,., M,ect, Oiciihiuillv,

James, the deailv beloved lnt-l'.iii.l of Sarah AM, and loving father of Ellie, Xorii", Walter, Mille, Oswald (killed. A.I.F.), l".vn (Mrs. W. (',. Jewell), Winifred (Mrs. ti. Molle»), and BON,

anea iU »cars.

tiril.Ell.-Oi, the 23th September, at hi- io-idriire,

Wornt, íiociam. Saimti-l. dcvoled husband ot 'lary Ellen, t.nh, r of .lohn (¡nug". Samuel. 1 ranchs James Cunan, 1 lomond, William li

«nit, Edith Mary, Annie Elizabeth (Mr-. C'a,.. hn, dectased), Catherine (Mi-. Mooie), Maude Mary (Mrs. Fahey), Mary, and Lucy.

WELLSTEAD. _ On the 27th September, Thomas

loved husband of Amelia, and loving father of Frederick Thomas Wellstead, 25 Magnolia road Gardenvale, aged 77 years, late of Fremantle W.A., and North Carlton. (West Australian papers please copy.) (Privately interred.)

«nTEU;V'-°n "ie 2;|th September, at Xo. 1 »»I road. Oakleigh, Marjorie Edith, the dearlv Mond Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. tí. Whiteley, aged two wars.

Safe in tin« anns of Jesu-.

HHPÎÔ0!',ll,e 27'1' *"-Pten.hcr, at private bos. ' Î l4J;Ju,>dale, John Charles, beloved mother

Í J ,\ *"*>&, o( Njah. and Stephen Her ? lii^a S,,oullt Eve!-vn- "t""' "- ><??'"?? (Intelivd «t Ulvdalc on the 29th oi >? ptcmln-r.)

ÄMi-9'' .>"-' -"'!' september. 1.C0 (,l,.|

'.T.'). al his le'l'lence, 1'iiiimoni I'ainn-.nt Jid Auburn, \lbnt b-lle. Hie ]"v. 1 liu-lnn.l !o,¿,8>'Vn'1 Im"'1 'a,1"'r '"' I'tidle» iiml Al'en, ' J, W WAer of Florence Mi., P. Mionu), li. v.

'."ham ,1., aI"| Hillier:. "»,.,1 |» ,",,« '

.; in «¿.d's i."e. . .? ' .


WlfcLIAMS.-On the .",0th September, at hk resi-

dence. Kooma, Lil Normanby road, CjtuIfHd. James Edwin, dearly helmed and loving husband et Alte*- WillLins. aged uti yeais, late chief foreman, Railway Workshop", Ne« port.

WILLIAMS.-On the SOth SptcniUr, r.t his resi-

dence, 331 Normanby road, Caulfield, James Kelwin C-ly Williams, b. loied father of Charles (deceased), Herbert, Erle, Clifford, and Ellie.

YORK.-On (ho 27th September, at hi- residence.

Wenioe street, Peionpoii, Tasmania, James York, aged SI years.


On Active Service.

lirnitOWS. - In loving memory of our dearlv

loved son, l'te. Keith llirrous. killed In aclioii in Trance, September 2!>, 191S.


-(W. and M. Burrows, Dtach road, Hampton.)

GLENNON.-In loiing memory of Gunner Vincent

J. Glennon, dearly lol ed son of Iticliard and Annie Glennon, Aberfoyle, Camberwell, killed in action 1st October, lol". 11.1.1'.

TE11BLE.-In loving memory of our dear brother,

l'te. James lebble. 2ittb Batt-, killed in action, Arment if res, France, on the 1st October, 1916.

Fond memories of our dear brother Jim.

-(Inserted by his loving slstcu. Lily and Fairlie.)

ANDERSON.-In loving m»mory of Amy L. Ander-

son, who passed away 1st October, IMS. (In- serted by her daughter and brother.)

ANDERSON.-In loving memory of my loved sister.

Amy It, Anderson, who died at Beach aieitue. Elwood (late Casterton), vlst October, 192; -(Insetted by E. A.' Graliam, -Ballarat.)

BEACH.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

who ]ussed away at Erringoug, Birregurra, ¡-eu tember Û0, 192S. (Iuscited by her loiing chil- dren.)

BIRKENSHAW.-In fond and loiing memory of

my dear husband, Colonel Joseph Birkenshaw, who «as called home October 1, 192S.

Until (he day break and the shadows flea away. -(Inserted by his loving wife.)

BIRKENSHAW.-In fond and loving memory of

our dear father. Colonel Joseph Birkenshaw, who was called home October 1, 192S.

1 thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

-(Inserted by his loving daughter and gland


BIRKENSHAW.-In loving memory of our dear

father and pal. Colonel Joseph Birkenshaw, who went to be with God, October 1. 1923. (In- serted by his loving daughter-in-law and ton, Blanche and Harry.)

BOND.-In cicr-Io\!ng memory of our darling

baby, Aubrey Fuller, who died In Children's Hospital (result of accident), on 1st October, 1927, nged 12 years 7 months.

Never can our hearts forset

'flie sorrow of the past,

Where grief has left so deep a wound

The pain must always last.

What would we gho to clasp his hand,

And to see his loiing face.

Our darling Aubrey.

-(Inserted by his loving parents, Jfurtlo and Eil fon Bond, IGVanberg road, F-sscndon.)

BOND.-In sad and loving memory of my darling

little In-other, Aubrey Fuller, who was accident- ally killed, October 1, 1927.

Oh, how I miss you, words cannot tell,

The bright, happy face wo all loved so well. Sweetest of memories are all that Is left

Of a loving little brother, one of the best. -(Inserted by lils loving sister. Viola.)

BOTT. - In loving memory of my dear husband,

Albert, who passed awav on the 1st Octolx'r, 1925, and loving father of Catherine (Mrs. Foote), Bouille, Mildred, Don, Adrian, l'hillus. George, Vera (Mrs. Lous), Tilly, aged -15 years. (In- serted by his broken-hearted wife, Shirley, and sonb Archie and Alan.)

BROWN. - In cicr-lovmg memory of mv dear

mother, who passed aiiai on October 1, 1920.

Aluais «o good, unieltish and kind.

-(Inserted by her loiing daughter, Ethel Mai.)

BROWN. - In sad aud loiing memory of our

siieel and gentle mother, who left us. all to mourn her lo«-, on October 1,1920.

Belo! ed bj all II ho knell her, -(ILES.)

CURRIE.-In loving memory of our dear mother.

Margaiet, who passed away mddcnlv at 3 Deakin street, East Maliern. October 1, 1921. (Inserted by Lizzie, Ruby, Ethel, Mabel, aud


CURRIE-Cherished memories of our dearly

loi ed brother-in-law, Arthur Roy. accidentally killed 1st October, 1920. (Inserted by D. and W. Osborn, Thumba.)

HANSON. - In loving memory of our dear sister,

Bright, who passed away September 29, 192S.

Eier sacred in our memories.

-(inserted by Matic, Grace, and Emma.)

HARTRICK. - In loving memory of our little

darling, Leslie Standish, who died at Yarram, October 1, 1923, aged 1 year 10 months.

We miss his little footsteps

As round our house he'd roam; We miss him, for we loved him,

He was the sunshine of our home, A silent thought, a secret tear, Keeps his memory ever dear.

-(Inserted by his loving father, mother, and brother, Menzies Creek.)

KING. - In fond memory of my old pal, Arthur,

who died Ootober 1, 192S.

One of the best. -(Incited by Rod Howse.)

KNIGHT. - In »ad «lid loiing memory of mv thai

husband and our dear lather, II ho MJ.I called home 6!iddenlj\on the Jsfc Ocjobos, 1921.

Flic long, ead, and loneb J eau.

-(Inseited by his loiing wife and inrallj.)

LVUHIDSEW-In loiing mentor} of dear Jessie,

who departed this U(c 29th September, 1927, .itso Triiate A. It. Francis, who died of «oumls in England-, 0th September, 1910.

To a good life- comes a peaceful end;

v They died as the} lind, cieiione's filend.

-(Inserted b} loiing nieces and nephews, Mir garet, Tom. 1'cici, Dulcie, Dougla«.)

LUGTON -In affectionate- rrmembi.inee of our late

esteemed president. C. ti Lugton, who «as called » home on October 1, 1927. (Inserted by members

and officers of the St. George's lo id Methodist Cilckct Club.)

MCKENZIE-In loving memori of my dear hus-

band and our dear father, who died on the 1st October, 1920, at Aseotiale road, Ascotiale. (Inserted by Ilia loiing uife und family.)

PATFRSON.-In loving memory of my dcai hus

band, George Hugh, loied father of Essie (Mrs. Handley), Nellie (Mrs. Gleeson), and Clyde, «ho departed t.Ma life on October 1, 1928. R.I.P. (inserted by his loving wife and family, 173 Ceill Btrcet, South Melbourne.)

TAYLOR.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

who passed away at Euston on the 29th September, 192S.  

A patient sufferer at rest.  

-(Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in- law, Bonnie and Eric Berrett.)

\VI>T.-In sid and loiing mentor i of our dur

mollie], Katheiine West, who depirted tins life Septembei "0, IDO.'i. 1! I I' (Inserted by her lonug children, O. and L. Li*-!e, \\. and

A. Net.)


MT. \ J VtOOLCOCIv and 1 milli deslio io

e\press their dei pest (.11 VTIILDI to ill kind fticnds for floral tributes t irds tcleiranK and letters In Hie h>s of beloied wif ind mother «recial thinks I, the Sisteis und stall of St

Benedict's Hosplt ii who helje-d tj make her list dus FO happy Will each an I eierj one iccipt this as a ptrsonal ickiieiiledzinent and heart felt tr-uks SO Mioobn roa 1 Ilstenroick


r'VMPBHiT -Friend« of the lite Mr 1 D\\ \RD ^ CUllbllL ire Informed tint his remains will bo interred in the Srnngiali Ccmeteri

The funeral will move, from B Mullions ltd 's Mortuary Chapel. Toorak roid. South lim, THIS D W ( ruesdav October 1), at " -15

B MATTUH\& PTi LTD, Toorak roid. South larra, and at Caulfield

ClNTi -The Friends of the- hte Mr- OLVRV

ELI¿U1LTH C\NTY aro informed Hut her remains will be interred in Brighton Ccmeteri

The funcnl «lil leaic her rci-ldcuee 1J Com merdai rond, Swill i arra, THIS DU (Tucsdai, l«t October) at 1 p m

B MATTUMIS P1V LTD, Toorak road. South Yarra, and Caulfield

DVLI- -The friend» of the late Mr« M \RGER\

JWFT DALF of Sa'safra« and furtnerl} of Casterton, are respectfully infornied that her remains will 1>" InteireJ in the Nicropoli», Sprin"


The funenl is appointed to move from It

Mchenzie s funenl rirlour, 197 Clarendon btieet. South Melbourne, THIS DUT (Tuesday. M OLtober, l'W, at 11 a m

DILLON -Requiem Mass will be celebrated at

St. Mary's R.C. Church, Lethbridge, THIS MORNING (Tuesday, 1st October 1929), at 9.30     o'clock, for the repose of the soul of the late Miss         MARY DILLON. The funeral will leave the   Church at 2 o'clock for the Lethbridge Cemetery.   Friends are respectfully invited to attend.

W. B. KING and WELLINGTON, 108 Ryrie street. 'Phone 1689 Geelong..  

/.IOUDON - Th irienls ot Mi nil Mi« I

VJ ( OHDON ire re p dfullv lruni-m I tint ti e lonialm ot their di irh I lu] Uughter I n will le llltened in the Ne« Milbourn* Cemctei I ml i r

Hie tuneril is it pointed te Ir-uc their r 11er e

II Id-ciali toni hil lo morro« (YUdnesdaí Ort I i 2) it 1 J' l> m

\ Vi I \DHLK\ an I Co lun ni liiuetoi

1 Lill nu i id ben ml I r inch 1 1 II II I


f Hoi the lUillins (i his 1 loi, 1 Ulfe 1 lunn ill II o Ion to the 11 ico of interment ni tin- Cb lenham Ltnllteri

The iiuiil nil le m h, residence No 10 Minn strut, UngutT, lilis LIU (Tu »lu) it ¿ Î l p ra

I MONhHOlisr and °0\ Lu lert ikei-s, Caipen tei st Brighten TH Mlt2 _ KIMI'-The friends of the lit« Mr WILIl Ul

hTMl» itl resre Hull} inilted to folio« h s r maní, to the pla e of interment, the Bimood

Limit ii

Hi fin em! «Ill leave 3 1 ennox street Ha«thorn THIS DU (Tu du M October) it V» pin

HI UBI IIT nIM an! "-«IN»-. Lui ta un,, Len no\ ,1 , Kiclimoml foi Jl-il 2

KlMP-lh AU ni ti oi fh llaithw

i lib II i ifdfulh min 1 t i tim ni if tin ir old rotund h N

l»ne his lou« Uni li ill MU I I lilis DU (Tu In. I t Oitob i), at i '

\ Ii l)l>i POL lion l.hlb s


McDONALD.-The Friends of the late Mrs.

EFFIE MCDONALD, of 13 Alice street, Mal- vern, are respectfully invited to follow her remains to the place of interment, the Coburg Cemetery.

The funeral will leave the residence of her brother (Mr. Donald Mcinnes), 183 Vere street, Abbots- ford, THIS DAY (Tuesday, 1st October), at 2.30


WALTER FERGUSON, Funeral Director, Vere street, Collingwood, and cor. High and James streets, Northcote, 'Phone J1448.  

O'NEIL-The Friends of Mr. HARRY O'NEIL

' are respectfully informed that the remain« of his dear wife;-Frances May, will be interred in the Keilor Ccineleiy.

The funeral «111 leave his residence. \13 rnscoe lale raid. Moonee Ponds, THIS DAY (Tuesrlay, October 1), at 3.30 p.m.

JOSEPH ALLISON, Funeral Director, OSO Mount Alexander road. Moones» Pond». 'Phone FL'5131.

Sl'OWART.-The Fi lends of the late Mr. JAMES

SPOWART are tespecttiilly Invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Cbeltcil- j ham Cemetery. - I

Tlie funeral will leave hi> residence, 14 James street. (¡Icnhuntly. THIS DAY (Tuesday, 1st 00


1LIJAMS.-Hie Friend.» of the late ALBERT LESLIE WILLIAMS are Invited to follow his jmains to the New Melbourne Cemetery,


The funeral will leave his late residence, Fair-, mont, Fairmont road, Auburn, THIS DAY (Tues- day, October 1, 1929), at 2 p.m.

LE PINE and SON, Funeral Dhectors. Head office, 'phono JIM.

WILLIAMS.-The Friends of Mr. JAMES EDWIN CODY WILLIAMS are informed that his   funeral will leave his late residence, Kooma, 131 Normanby road, Caulfield, THIS DAY (Tuesday). at 3.30 o'clock, for interment in the St. Kilda Cemetery, arriving at 3.45.

RAYBOULDS. Funeral Directors, op. station, Malvern. 'Phone U1427.

WILLIAMS.-Lodge of Australasia No. 3.-Mern ' ' bera of the Lodge and the Craft In general are Informed that the (uncral of Bro. JAMES E. C. WILLIAMS will leave his late icsidence, Kooma, 131 Normanby roid, Caulfield, THIS DAY (tuei day. Is) October), at 3.30 p.m., arriving at fct. Kilda Cemetery about 3.43.

A. n. JOHNSON, w.M.