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The burial took place on Friday of Mrs. Lewis,   wife of P. Lewis, formerly manager of the Ajax     mine, and mother of Councillor D. Lewis, of Sebastopol.

Thomas Robert Reid, aged 46 years, was found     lying unconscious in a paddock near his home at Happy Valley. There are no external marks   suggestive of a recent accident. His condition is thought to be due to head injuries which he sus-     tained some time ago.

Circulars have been issued by the Buninyong       Shire Council to municipalities advocating the   prompt imposition of a petrol tax to raise revenue  

for road works.

In the poultry market light hens realised 3/     to 5/, heavy hens 5/ to 8/, chickens 6/6 to 9,  

roosters 7/ to 11/, stags 2/ to 5/ ducks 3/6 to 5/, ducklings 4/6 to 7/, Muscovy drakelings 6/6 to   11/, and geese 7/ to 10/ a pair, and turkeys 9d. to 1/1 a lb.

Members of the various Rotary clubs in Vic- toria, with representatives from Mount Gambier           (S.A.) and Albury (N.S.W.), will meet in con-       ference in Ballarat on Friday, October 4. The     visit will extend over three days.  

Miss E. J. Gourley has been sworn in as a       justice of the peace.


The Strathfieldsaye Shire Council has decided to     co-operate with other country municipalities in       urging the State Ministry to provide financial assistance for the maintenance of roads in the  

State forests in those areas which do not return   any revenue to the municipalities.

The Eaglehawk Borough Council has expressed   approval of the petrol tax being made operative as early as possible.

Lower prices ruling in the Bendigo pig market on Friday were attributed to the large consignments   arriving from Queensland. The numbers and the quality of the yarding were poor. Backfatters sold       from £7 to £9/10/, baconers £4/5/ to £5, porkers £2/6/ to £3/14/, bacon stores £3, slips 30/ to 42/, suckers 10/ to 28/.

Mr. T. C. L. Fairbairn, for many years accountant at the Bendigo branch of the Bank of Australasia, has been promoted to manager of the Warrackna-

beal branch.

Councillor S. Doak is president-elect of the  

Strathfieldsaye Shire Council.

In the produce markets the demand for prime   poultry was maintained, and prices have an    

upward tendency.  

Improvements and renovations to the Bendigo   Infectious Diseases Hospital, involving an ex-           penditure of £1,000, are to be carried out by     the district municipalities and State health au-


Members of the board of management of the Bendigo Hospital on Friday conferred with the     trustees of the King Edward Memorial Tuberculosis       Fund, and urged that moneys amounting to   £3,100 subscribed towards the erection of a sana-     torium at Spring Gully, near Bendigo, be made   available for the erection of a chalet in the grounds of the hospital. Mr. W. Trevena, presi-   dent of the hospital, said that the Health Com-   mission had intimated that there were already       enough sanatoriums in existence to provide for the   needs of Victoria. Meanwhile the great need was   for accommodation for patients in the hospital.     It was necessary to segregate the patients suffer- ing from tuberculosis from other patients. The erection of a chalet would serve all requirements   of the district. Mr. George Mackay, chairman of the trust, said that the trustees desired to co- operate in meeting existing needs. The trustees   would require that the money, if allocated for

the chalet, would not be used for any other pur-   pose. The delegation from the hospital said     that the board would give the necessary guarantee. A meeting of subscribers to the fund will be held             later in the month to deal with the proposals.  

The Bendigo Agricultural Society on Friday re- ceived a letter from the Colac Agricultural Socie- ty stating that the only way to have lifted the     restrictions imposed by the Victorian Trotting and Racing Association on agricultural societies having     trotting events in their show programmes was to urge the Parliamentary representatives to take ac-       tion when the question of the future control of racing was before Parliament. Members deferred   consideration of the question until the next meet- ing.

Arrangements have been made with the Austral-

ian Airways to include Bendigo in its routes, and for the use of the new aerodrome at Woodvale as a landing-place. The aerodrome is eight miles     from the city, and is easily reached by road. The hangar at the aerodrome is capable of providing   accommodation for three 'planes of the Moth type,

and is equipped with a petrol bowser and other   improvements.


In the Supreme Court on Friday Ernest John       Anderson, car-driver, was found guilty on a charge     of shopbreaking at Colac on June 29. Harold Williams, aged 27 years, wharf labourer, and Robert  

Graham, who said that his correct name was Norman McFarlane, aged 35 years, wharf labourer, had pleaded guilty to the charge. Anderson was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment, the sen-   tence being suspended on his entering into a bond     of £200 to be of good behaviour for three years.     Graham was sentenced to two and a half years' imprisonment, and Williams to two years' impri-


A fete in aid of the Salvation Army funds was opened by the mayoress (Mrs. S. Jacobs) on Friday.  

The hospital authorities on Friday received ad-  

vice that the employees of Donaghy's rope works         had decided to institute a plan of hospital con- tribution similar to that at the cement works and Federal mill, where large sums are raised to pro-   vide for hospital treatment for contributors, and       the balance paid to the hospital.    

A private meeting of the Geelong West Council   was held on Friday to make arrangements for the

statutory meeting on Monday week. Councillor   F. C. Walker was selected as mayor for a third  


A crusade organised by students of Queen's       College and under the auspices of the Geelong West Methodist circuit was commenced on Friday     night.

The success attending the direct Melbourne line  

telephonic communication has caused the postal       authorities to extend the service to the Ballarat   line. Callers will from Saturday dial No. 8 for Ballarat or Melbourne Calls.  

WARRNAMBOOL AND DISTRICT. Miss Marjorie Webb, of the Elementary School,     has been transferred to Dorcas street, South Mel-


At the annual meeting of the junior cricket as- sociation Mr. G. G. Humm was re-elected presi-    


The shire council has agreed to make a grant   of £25 a year to the Warrnambool Baby Clinic.    

Mrs. L. C. McLean, of Wangoom, has issued a  

County Court summons against the Warrnambool   Shire Council, claiming £112 damages for loss of     grass caused by a fire said to have started from    

the council's road machine plant.    

At a sale of dairy cattle held on account of     Mr. A. Harlow, Framlingham, springers brought       up to £20/15/, and 30 cows averaged £17/8.  


In the Bairnsdale County Court on Tuesday,   Judge Macindoe entered judgment in favour of plaintiff in a case in which George Bearham claimed £60/13/4 from Sarah Eva Hansen in respect to the unexpired portion of the lease of a boarding-house.  

A branch of the Commercial Bank of Australia   has been opened at Bairnsdale, with Mr. A. A.

Mehrens, of Sale, as manager.

Miss Gwendoline Hobson has been appointed to   the teaching staff of the Bairnsdale Elementary


Mr. C. V. O'Connor, of Cressy, has been ap-     pointed station-master at Bairnsdale in succession     to Mr. J. H. Hoskin, transferred to Wallan.  

Mr. F. R. D. Rogerson, postmaster at Hampton,   has been appointed to succeed Mr. W. Gould,

transferred to Hamilton.

Goods to value of £50 were stolen from the   store of Mr. George Baker, at Ensay South.  


At the annual meeting of the Benalla Racing   Club the balance-sheet showed an increase from     £41 to £302 after paying a liability of £27 from     the previous year and a bonus of £20 to the secre-    


Mrs. Julia Hopkins, wife of Mr. W. Hopkins, has     died, leaving four sons and three daughters. She was born at Beveridge, where her father, the late   Mr. T. Wall, was first school teacher.  

At the stock sales bullocks fattened locally realised from £12/7/6 to £18/2/6; fat heifers, £9/17/6 to £12/15; fat sheep, up to 28/; and young lambs, up to 22/.


Mr. P. J. Nankervis, who has been transferred from Camperdown, has taken up his duties as  

stationmaster at Colac.        

Miss I. Kininmonth won the associates' champion-   ship of the Colac Golf Club, defeating Mrs. A. W.  

Murray after a tie.

Playing football at Beech Forest Dr. G. D. Broome had his collar-bone broken. Dr. Broome,     who was medical officer for the Otway Shire, has resigned, having received a Government appoint-

ment at New Guinea.

Mr. H. Thompson, who has been engineer of   Otway Shire for about nine months, has resigned.   He will practise privately.

At the stock sales fat bullocks sold to £18/2/6, fat cows £12/17/6, stores £7/17/6 to £9, dairy   cattle £11 to £15/7/6, heifers £7/10/ to £10.    

The annual meeting of the Colac branch of the Victorian Dairymen's Association officers elected       were: — President, Mr. J. Sexton; vice-president, Mr. S. White; secretary and treasurer, Mr. V. P. Quick.


Mr. G. H. Walton has been elected chairman of the Bench of the Daylesford Court of Petty Ses-  


Councillor D. McKinnon, who has been a mem-

ber of the Daylesford Hepburn Spring park com- mittee for 24 years, has resigned.    


In connection with the Echuca sewerage plan     the accepted tenders totalled £47,500/11/1, and the engineer's estimate was £47,014. The tenders   have been submitted for the approval of the State   Rivers and Water Supply Commission.  

Percy Parsons and Henry Parsons were charged   in the Echuca Court with having stolen groceries   valued at 27/, the property of Rueben Darlow,   of Echuca South. Both men, who pleaded guilty,     admitted previous convictions. The Bench im-           posed a sentence of three months' imprisonment

in each case.


The president of the hospital (Mr. R. Anderson) and Mrs. Anderson have given £100 towards the   cost of new fencing.  

At a meeting of landholders held at Brimpaen, it was decided to draw up petitions for presenta-     tion to the Minister asking that the blue blocks be thrown open for selection, that the head       works of water projects be nationalised, and   that no land other than that which received a         direct benefit be rated.  

Mrs. Hair, of Clear Lake, aged 92 years, and Mr. John Smith, of Gymbowen, aged 80 years,  

have died.


A queen carnival organised to place the finances     of the Kyneton Town Band on a firm basis and to purchase new instruments resulted in a profit of £592/9/9, of which £322/11/2 was raised by Miss Martine (queen of music), £206/12/9 by Miss Shilton (queen of sport), and £83/15/10 by Miss Till (queen of pleasure).

Thursday was the day appointed by the Depart- ment of Agriculture for the annual stallion parade at Kyneton, and four owners brought in horses. They were, however, surprised to find that no departmental veterinary officer was in attendance         to examine the stallions for certificates. One of these owners brought his horses from Trentham, a distance of 14 miles.  


Mrs. H. W. Raleigh defeated Miss Cahill for the women's championship of the Rochester Golf Club.    

The newly erected public hall at Strathallan was officially opened by Councillor Crowley, of Deakin  

Shire Council.


St. Arnaud High School scholars visited Mildura   and engaged in games and athletic competitions. Mildura won the aggregate easily.  


Sergeant Tracey, of Melbourne, has been ap-   pointed to succeed Sergeant Peel at Sale.  

The special trains run in connection with the Gippsland Football League matches so far this   season show a substantial loss.  

At a meeting of the committee of management of the Gippsland Hospital, Dr. Hagenauer was

unanimously re-elected president, and Dr. Mac-     donald and Mr. A. T. Wasley vice-presidents.  

SHEPPARTON.   The Department of Labour has notified the  

Chamber of Commerce that the Minister will not for the present take action against carters who en- gage in their occupation on Wednesday afternoons,   providing that those who do so observe half-holiday  

on Saturday.  

Railway revenue at Shepparton for July was £6,927, against £7,857 in the corresponding   period last year.  


The yearly reports of the Wonthaggi Miners' Friendly Society show a profit of £640/0/3. The       number of members at the end of the year was 1,790, an increase of 148.

A profit of £21 was made at the annual ball at Kongwak in aid of the Wonthaggi District Hos- pital.

The chicory harvest has been very satisfactory. Many of the kilns have closed.

Mr. H. F. McLeash has been elected president, Mr. H. E. White vice-president, and Mr. S.

Grabbam secretary and treasurer of the Kong-     wak branch of the Victorian Dairymen's Associa-   tion. The association decided that the Patterson plan was most acceptable to it, and also de- cided to use its utmost endeavours to have the Marketing Act placed on the statute book.



About 600 stud sheep were yarded at a special stud sheep sale, and the selection was one of the best seen in Albury for some years. Consider- ing the adverse season the sheep were in good con-

dition, being nicely covered and uniform in type. Taking everything into consideration it was a most successful sale.


Mrs. W. Heffernan has died, aged 74 years. Mrs.

Heffernan came to this district 34 years ago with her husband from Numurkah.

Shearing has commenced in this district.


The rushing of the sheep to the market has

almost ceased on account of the rain. Values are

hardening. Shearing is at a standstill. Agricul-  

turalists are fairly sanguine that the majority of the crops are not beyond recovery, and a fair   harvest will yet be gathered.

The proposal for the compulsory wheat pool in this State is not meeting with much favour in this   part of the Riverina.


Mr. G. Day, mailman between Yarrangobilly   Caves and Tumut, on his last trip, took five hours to cover the first two miles. Snow was up to 2ft. 6in. deep, necessitating shovelling away from the front of the car to clear a track along the

road. A distance of eight miles from the caves

took six hours.



Potato consignments for July total 4,033 bags.


A concert given by the Smythesdale Metho-   dist Guild Girls in the Cape Clear Hall, in aid of the Berringa Methodist Circuit funds, realised £12/9/.

Owing to the heavy frost and cold weather grass is very scarce. A number of farmers are hand-   feeding their sheep. A great number of lambs are being lost by the severe cold. Foxes are doing   much damage.    


An American tea in aid of the funds of Chil- tern State school on Friday realised £25.

Mr. J. Snow, of Indigo, sold his farm of 116 acres (30 acres leasehold) by auction, Mr. W.     Curtain being the purchaser at £8 an acre.

Mr. Lingford, engineer of Rutherglen Shire, has been appointed temporary engineer to the Shire   of Chiltern in place of Mr. Smalley, who has re- signed.


From the sowing of the seed, on and off, showers   have fallen, consequently crops have never looked   better, and the prospects of a good harvest are bright. Graziers have plenty of grass. The lamb- ing percentage is up to last year. The chaff- cutting mill has been working three shifts to cope     with orders from the northern area. Recent rains have increased the dairying industry very   considerably, and the output at the factory is

rapidly extending.  


Roads Board grants for this district are: — Yarra- wonga-Cobram road, £3,000; Cobram-Muckatah          

road, £2,000; Yarrawonga-Tocumwal, £2,000.    

Shearing is in full swing.


The death of Mr. Andrew de Beilac, aged 76   years, occurred in Melbourne. He is survived by a widow and one daughter. As a youth, he fought with the French army in the Franco-Prus-     sian war. He had been a resident of Cranbourne   for 12 months, and previously lived at Ascot-



Mr. Robert Kimberley, of Clunes road, North Creswick, has died.


The hours at the Cosgrove telephone exchange have been extended from 6 o'clock until 8 o'clock   in the evening. A request for a continuous ser-

vice was refused.

Mr. J. Laffin, stationmaster at Dookie, has re- ceived notice of his promotion to the charge of

the Yarrawonga station.    

Mr. J. A. Cheeseborough and Miss M. Quinane have been made life governors of the Mooroopna Hospital.


Following recent discussions and suggestions   designed for obtaining additional revenue and     increased accommodation and other facilities in connection with the Mechanics' Hall, members   of the committee of management have taken over control of the motion picture entertainments. The initial effort was successful.

At the meeting of the Heyfield and Glenmaggie   District Tourist Association preliminary arrangements were made for the second annual aquatic carnival at Glenmaggie Weir on Foundation Day.

The Progress Association is receiving the active   co-operation of the Maffra Shire Council in con-  

nection with a plan of tree planting in the town-    



At the annual meeting of the Hopetoun branch of the women's section of the Country Progres-   sive party, officers elected were: — President, Mrs. J. Sawtell; vice-presidents, Messrs. J. T.     Collins and H. Morris; secretary, Mrs. M. Giles.  


Mr. W. G. Gray and his son, George, were   travelling in a motor-truck near the bridge, on Wednesday afternoon, when the steering gear failed, and the truck crashed into a tree. Mr. Gray was severely cut about the head, and had his leg injured. His son had the main artery in   the left arm cut. The truck was much dam- aged.  

Messrs. H. W. Clapp, W. M. Shannon, and   T. B. Molomby (Railways Commissioners) and several officers visited the stations between Heidel-

berg and Hurstbridge on Thursday. Most of the   requests made were rejected on account of there       being no money, while some alterations in the   time-table will be considered when the summer       changes are made.


The Inglewood Boy Scouts have been reorganised

by the Rev. A. M. Perry.  

In connection with the proposal to make avail-

able for settlement Crown land in the Inglewood

district, the borough council has protested against interference with the privileges of eucalyptus

distilleries, and is urging that other land not at  

present in use be thrown open. Officials of the         Lands department have the matter in hand.  

Mr. R. Fitzpatrick, who is leaving Inglewood,           was entertained by district returned soldiers, and       presented with a tobacco pouch and cigarette    



The Public Works department has declined to     declare the Woodstock road a developmental one.          

The hospital ball realised a profit of £20. Dr.      

Small, of Broadford, has declined the appointment of honorary medical officer to the hospital. The   month's expenditure totalled £126/16/9, and the   receipts £91/3/3.    

LEONGATHA.   Onion crops are looking well.     The quantity of milk received at the butter

factory exceeds that of this period last year.    

LILYDALE.   Forty horses, 12 cows, and a number of sheep

have been brought to Lilydale from the Mallee    

by Mr. L. Poyner for grazing. Severe frosts have delayed the growth of grass at Lilydale.     This is the second occasion on which Mr. Poyner  

has been forced to bring sheep to Lilydale.  


Mr. D. Ryan, who has been a railway employee   at Litchfield for the last three years, has been   transferred to Muckleford.

Seven trucks of sheep were loaded for New- market in the week-end, principally stores, and   more will leave next week-end. Shearing will   commence within the coming week.


The Gippsland North electorate council of the    

Country party has decided to invite applications  

from persons willing to contest the Gippsland         North seat in the interest of the Country party.  

Mrs. Alice Margaret Phelan, wife of Mr. Wil-      

liam P. Phelan, of Mewburn Park, Maffra, has    


Miss Stewart died at Upper Maffra, aged 87 years.    


A request has been submitted to the Closer     Settlement Board by settlers from parishes of     Meringur, Karween, and Tunart that advances be   granted to pay the settlers' subscriptions to the   bush hospital. This has been declined.

The Melbourne executive of the Bush Nursing     Association promised £100 is the Millewa effort towards the building extension project totalled   £300. This amount is almost in hand.    

The Lands department will not survey blocks for sale in the Karween township area until it has been decided whether, and in what direction, the railway extension will take place.

Tenders have been called for the erection of the telephone line from Yarrara to Kurnwill.


Lamb marking is finished in the Millbrook dis-   trict. Mr. P. Sullivan obtained 100 per cent.


On Wednesday night four Border Leicester lambs were killed by foxes at the farm of Mr. W. Chapman.  

Potato thieves are active in the district, the chief sufferers being Messrs. McTigue brothers.         The thieves used a motor-car for transport.  


Mr. John Smith died in the Horsham Hospital.

He was a native of the Western district, and was a very old resident of Goroke.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Mahney and family have left Goroke to take over the property purchased from    

Mr. L. Brown, of Frances.  

Mr. G. Shannaughan, of Gymbower, has pur-   chased a property from Mr. Tansey, of Frances.    

Mr. J. Hole, of Frances, has sold his property    

to Mr. Lehman, of Horsham.  


Mrs. J. Coutts, of Prairie, and Miss R. Marney,   of Hyanmi, have died.


Representatives of mothers' clubs from Sor-

rento, Tyabb, Rosebud, and Somerville accepted             the invitation of the Mornington Mothers' Club to   hear an address from Mrs. Kloot, president of the Victorian Federation of Mothers' Clubs.    


The contractor has begun the erection of the     new cottage hospital at Nagambie. It is expected that it will be available at Christmas time.

A proposal was submitted to the Goulburn Shire   Council on Monday by the committee of the Mechanics' Institute and Free Library for the     taking over of the building and its conversion into     a town hall under certain conditions. The coun- cil deferred consideration for one month.

The Country Roads Board has allotted the fol-

lowing amounts for expenditure by the Goulburn Shire Council: — Maintenance — Avenel-Longwood   road, £300; Goulburn Valley road, £2,770; Mur-   chison-Shepparton road, £300; Vickers' road, £250.      

Joint Works — Murchison-Rushworth road (with Waranga) £50; Longwood-Ruffy road (with Euroa       Shire), £500. Permanent Works — Goulburn Val- ley road (parish of Wahring), £2,000.  


Deposits in the penny bank at Panmure school for the 12 months ended June 20 amounted to



Mr. W. Neilson, postal assistant, has been   transferred to the South Melbourne office. He was presented with a travelling case by residents,   and shaving outfit by the staff of the local office

before he left.

The Zenana Misson for Lepers held its annual   display in the Temperance Hall, when Sister     Louise gave an address. An amount of £5 was       collected to assist the object.

Beneficial rains have fallen, and the season's prospects should now be assured. Pea and onion crops will greatly benefit by the rain.


Sister Coffey, who has disposed of her private hospital, and is leaving for Western Australia, was entertained, and a presentation was made to her.      

It is many years since so many dwellings were being erected as at present. There has been a great scarcity of houses in the town for some  



Miss Davidson has been appointed assistant     teacher at the Red Hill school.

The Country Roads Board has granted the       money for another section of the Dunn's Creek  


A guarantee is being given by subscribers for an extension of the telephone service until 8  


Rainfall in July was 508 points.


Mr. Gordon A. Pickersgill, a member of the 19th (Skipton) Light Horse, died after a brief illness. The coffin was borne to the grave by a party of his troop mates, under Lieutenant McIn- tyre. Trumpeter Hills sounded the Last Post.    


Efforts have been made at various times to re- move encroachments on the front foreshore re-    

serve between St. Paul's road and the baths at

Sorrento. Mr. Bailey, when Minister for Lands in the Hogan Ministry, gave notice to persons  

encroaching to give up possession of the portions of the reserve enclosed by them, but this has not been done. The matter has been brought before

the Minister for Lands (Mr. Angus), who called for a report more than two months ago. No reply

has yet been received.


The first consignment of the new season's wool,    

consisting of two truckloads, was received from   Corop and despatched to Melbourne during the week.


A progress association has been formed at Tat- yoon, with Mr. A. McDonald president, Messrs.   J. Heard and J. Hamilton vice-presidents, Mr. D.  

Martin treasurer, and Mr. L. R. Lawrence secre-   tary. The secretary was asked to obtain informa-     tion relative to the purchase of land for a recrea-

tion reserve.

The balance-sheet of the Streatham Race Club showed receipts of £122/18/3, expenditure £105/6/, leaving a credit balance of £17/122/3.

The Mininera Tennis Club has been re-formed

with Mr. A. Hollow president and Miss A. Ryan


A ball held in aid of the Westmere Tennis Club realised £21.

The Mininera Cricket Club has been re-formed,   with Mr. C. Kinnersley president and Mr. E. Best honorary secretary.


The revenue from the telephone exchange has reached an amount that justifies the provision of     continuous attendance without additional cost to subscribers. The service commenced on August    



Half an inch of rain has fallen this month. Crops on fallow are responding well.

The annual meetings of settlers in the Fish Point and Tresco irrigation districts have been   held, and the following were elected to the district advisory boards: — Tresco District — Messrs. H. Malone, J. O'Connell, H. Martin, D. S. Norton,   J. Collie, H. Castles, F. May. Fish Point District (re-elected for the third year) — Messrs. E. Dun- stan, G. Hayes, W. Fletcher, A. Tripcony, R.



Mr. John Kidd and party, while returning in a car from Shepparton to Tungamah, became bogged   in a water crossing. While trying to get the car   out it backfired. This set the car on fire. The upholstery and hood were destroyed.


The Country Roads Board has granted £600     for the Warrandyte road, between North Ringwood and Warrandyte, and £2,000 for the Warrandyte road at Deep Creek.


Wool is being delivered to the station, and from there trucked to the city markets. Sheep are in fair condition, but there are some that will   not cut a great deal of wool.

About an inch of rain has fallen. Farmers are beginning to work up the ground.


A photograph of Mr. Thomas Jeffs, of Carra-  

jung Lower, who was the first white child born in Yarram, has been hung in the shire hall,   Yarram. Mr. Jeffs was born on January 5,


Messrs. A. C. Davis, C. Barlow, F. M. Corrigan,   and C. F. Mason were appointed as a committee   by the Yarram Traders' and Progress Association to inquire into the abandoned blocks at Black-



The Tarra River overflowed its banks on Tuesday. Children attending the Yarram school who live     beyond it were sent home, as it was feared the road would be impassable later.

Mr. G. A. Ross and his family were entertained at a farewell social gathering in the Alberton West hall, before their departure for Melbourne.

Mrs. C. J. Allin, of Yarram, has died.