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First Day: Monday. May 21.

Stewards— Sir John Morphett, Hon. Sir Henry Ayers, KC.M.G., M.L.C., Hon. John Crozier, M.L.C., and Messrs. W. Cavenagh, M.P., and Philip Levi. Committee— G. Bennett, Henry

W. K. Simms, M.P. Judge— Mr. E. M. Bagot. Starters— Mr. Henry Hughes and Mr. G. Bennett. Clerk of the Course— Mr. J. Boose. It has long been a favourite practice of many in the Australian Colonies to run down South   Australia for the small amount of interest taken by her inhabitants in the first of British sports. And the imputation cannot altogether be denied. We ate a sina'l community compared with thoee of the teighbouring colonies. Victoria and New South Wales ma/ at least be mentioned as far in advance of us in many things, and, although we have supplied some of the best horses rhat have ever r..n under a silk j.-uket in what we hope some day ta call the AastralLrn Confederacy, we have not been able to give such an impetus to racing as it has received at the bards of sporting men in tho other colonies of the continent. Sunie at our foremo?t ports men tave left us to seek 'fresh fields aud pastures new,' and not only so, but to tottle down upon them, only returning to us at tones few and far between. Thus while cur 'emigrants' bavo added th-jir forca aud h flat nee tc those of others in advancing the Datiosal spcrte bejend our borders, ths raaks of tie fraternity htre have beea materially tLicD' -i. This stato of things was very notice acle a few years ago when even our Jockey C!'n —the only Racing Club in the colony— had to succumb to want of intercut in the turf; but of late a change for tte better has been observed. We have now had some good May meetings, aud the present bids fair we think to be the best that South Australia has seen. The attendance on the opening day was certainly far in excess of that of any previous meeting with ordinary rasing attractions, and was calculated forcibly to bring to remembrance that sf tho Duke's Day. Taking this fcet in connection vrith what hia baan dons curing the i»a&t year in the formation of a now racecourse, wa cannot help tbinkiug that the (port is becoming much more fashionable her.: than we have seen it, and taat wo may look forward to seeing m a very early future a Spring as well as an Autumn Meeting under the aurpices of tho Club, if they do not give tits public the additional pleasure of a good pro gramme with which to usher in each new ye ir. When such a fctat-i of thicg3 is recorded man tsho now see no field for racing at home wil: find it worthwhile to keep horses intrainii?, and those who have had to complain of siniil prices for the blcod stock they bring to market «P1 see cuch a change as will gladden their hearts, and send them on their racer-rai&Bg way rejoicing. The Queen's Biithday broke with anything but cheering appearance?. There was not a patch of blue sky to be seen, and a heavy mist lay arosnd tho plains apd up the slopes of tho hUfa. The ckuds, which formed a complete mass from horizon to horizon again, strongly betokened rain. It did not, however, come down, &zd dorirg the early hours of the fore noon there wera signs to be seen in every dires tion of what might be expected upon the Bait Park Liids. The fact of the day being a holiday of course increased the number of well dressed inhabitants about the streets; but in addition to the citizens who hurried to and fro many of our country cousins put in an ea-ly appearance, and wliiled away the time by vis't Irg the sporting localities and ctherwue occn pjicg themselves. The first raca was advertise.! for half-past 1, and for fully an hour prior to that t£mo a constant stream of sightseer.-, strag gling at first, but growinjr stronger as the tixe approached, moved from the city and surround fcg suburbs to the well-known pad Jock in the East Park Lands. We have no Vroad' here to describe, for there are so many different ways tadicg from, the city to the scene of amusame^t that the traffic is broken up into fragmsnts. Besides, the Baceconrse is so near to town, that the great majority we should thiak of those present must find their way to the spot on foot across the soft turf of our reserves. The Parks long before the opening start were dotted every here and there with groups of pedestrians on the move to the theatre of the day's operation*, and could all these have been been made to pay fcr admittance tha Club would have realized a very respectable sum oat of the takings at the gates. His Excellency the Governor and suite were present. They arrived on the Stand at an early hour, and did not leave till after the rac .s had been concluded, Under the roof with which the name of Mr. P. B. Cojlin, M.P., is nov ind»olnbry associated, the viceregal party was surrounded by a large and fashionable gathering. Ladies were there dressed in the sayest of colours and smiling the most bewitching, of em2eF, while their delighted companions of the masculine gender . basked in their fri.aad y glaaccF, drew: numerous sweeps for them out of inuamerab'e hats, took odds and evens wiji them for the winners, doubtless risked as miay boxes of 'kids' aa would have set up a lot . over ambitioui gJover*B establishment, and gene rally confused them with select and vatic 1 information in reference to the names, wsyht-, aadcokurs of the rider?.

Taking into consideration the fact that thh U the hut meeting likely to be run upon the Old CouTEe it is hardly worth while uttering a growl as to the deceptive character of the Stand for allowing all its occupants to see the races. When a crowd of visitors with tall hats have takea up a position at the southern end it is quite impossible for any person behind them or further along the Stand to obtain more than an occaaoaal glimpse of the moat important points. He may raise bis glass and cover the horses for a minute, but it is ten chances to one that the next instant some hat will tantaiisingly change itB position sufficiently to altogether shut out the view. We hope that such a stato of things may not be experienced oa the new South Aus tralian Stacd. The members of the ring showed up in the 'saddling paddock' in considerable force, though we missed the well-known features and loud toneBof the 'Leviathan' and one or two other betting men who paid Adelaide a visit last year. We have not before, except on the Duke's Day, seen such crowds outside the 'saddling paddock' as assembled on Monday; every fence was occupied, and while a large number of the spectators cho-e the inside of the Course as a camping ground, the slope to the north of the Stand, where the bxtths d d a thriving business, w-*s occupied by a large and promiscuous a«embly. The space here has lately be* n fenced iu, and a special iee required for all vehicles brought within the pale; and looking at the matter from a Club ttmdp tint tLii must be consul ered an improvement, as the Urge number of omnibuses and ail* which served as t'ahds here at former meddegs must have materially lessened the number who pjid to go upon the Stand proper. 3 he public seemed more than unusually anxiou* to iuvade the tunning ground alter every race, and consequently the troopers and foot police ou duty had a very arduous duty to perform in keeping all clear. They, however, did their work effectively, and apparently without any loss of good temper, though in this respect by tLe freaks of the larrikins and the foolishness of more respectable people in attempting to cross the course on the eve of the racd the guardians of the peace were sorely tried. There were many amusements to be met with in various portions of the ground, and while we are on this subject we must not omit to mention that a baud pLyed selections at intervals oa the Stand during the afternoon. The catering was carried out in a superior style. The racing was on tho whole goo-l, though there were cisappoin taints such as few rico days pass without recording. The field for the FlyiDg Handicap was moderately tbinnod, four of the entries being scratched! Among tha best of those thus cleared off wa3 Luoretia, who was reserved for the Leger, for which she m id 3 a hard fight. Barmaid was rather fidgetty, aad caused some difficulty at the start. WL*m the field got away she made the running, but before entering the straight gave place to Sir. Bennett's successful little filiy Ada— tho tiliy that woa the event last year. Only one — Barmaid — .vas out of the St. Leger, and as Lucretia was in nice foim and had been shaping ivs'l she had many friends. False Alam was abo looked upon with C3csidorn-!i favour, but Edith had the largest num^ar of backers, though when she came out she looked very shaky, Stella secured this race pretty easily, but we doubt if she will stand much chance in the Cup in her present form. The start was only a moderate one. Lucretia took the lead, *nd coming up the straight the first ticae was closely followed by False Alarm and Ivanhoe, the pair nearly collaring her passing the Stand. The winner was then well behind with Mr. Bennett's Edith. Mr. Hutchinson'a filly, how ever, came steadily up as they went round, and passed into the van coming down the hill to he straight The start in the Two-Year-Old Stakes failed to give general satisfaction. To owuers of youDg stock this is an important eve at, foreshadowing as it does the performances of the horses in the future, and it is therefore highly necessary that at the start th.9 fi?ld should be sent away on as equal terms as possible. When the starter dropped ihe 11 1 g ia this iootanca tae competitors wera vi a most UL.foituna.ta position, for while Defiance and Spark were all behind, and the test in a bunch, Improver tied Fratcr.itt were cleaily to bo tceu woil iu advenes Loquacity was look*! upon favourably, and with reason, in ;ba race, aud hid s'ie started ou ej ul terms with the Messrs. Kishsr's horses wo m:^-ht. have had a ciffc;ent tale to tell. Tht tasiVof effecting a gcod start did not app-nr frjin our standpoint an ea*y one, aa Improvar -.vaa very fidgutiy, but that consideration dojs :ut aittr the fact that the event was peculiar!) u&fortuEute. Glocm started the favourita ;c the Jockey Club Handicap, but af:er ko)pi-i-; a good prsition for the greater part of the race 'j« was pul 6d up and walkod in. Tue Doer b \c many fiiends, and proved the value of the tr-is-. reposed in him by winning easily. Mr. Bak?r'. Sir Richard won the Hack liace, which clooji iho events of tho day. TLe following are the detaUs of the running: — miNG HiNUlCAP. A sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, with 50 sore. addeJ. Three-quarters of a mile. Mr. G. Bennett's b.f. Ad-», 3 yrs., bv Lucifer — Zecobia, 7 st. 5 lbs. (T. Halo?) ' ? ] Mr. O. Liiingstoce's br.f. Barmaid, 3 yrs., 7st 121rs. (J. Enderson) ? 2 Mr. W. Uerrard's b.f. Wongalere, 2 yrs., 5&t. lOlbs. (A. Spooner) ? 3 Mr. P. McNamara's b.m. Euterpo, 5 yrs., 8 Bt. 10 lbs. (U.Webb). Mr. H. B. Hughes's b.c. Lygandor, 5 yr?., 8st. 21b3. (T. Hill). Mr. U. Crabb's b.g. Vet-, 6 jrs., 8 st. (E. Nunn). Mr. P. Farreily's b.f. Talk o' the Hill, 3 yrs., 6st 10 lbs. (M. Condon), 7 lbs. ovor. Hon. T. Elder's g.c. Tricotrin, 2 yrs., 5 at. 12 Ibp. ( J. Oliver), 3 lb.». over. Hod. T. Elder's br.f. Jessica, 2 yrs , 5 st 10 lbs. (E. Bancroft) Mr. W. John's br.f. Hypatia, 2 yrs., 5 at. lOst (C. Emerson). Betting— Even on Barmaid, 3 to 1 agsfc. Adi, and 6 to 1 agst. anything else. After a little delay the field got away, with Barmaid leading. About a third of the distance had been travelled when Lysander camo along side Barmaid, but gave way to Ada, who h;ui been well up during the whole of therunniu*. On comiug into tho straight Ada collared ttia filly and passed the Stand about tbre9 lengths ahead, Barmaid being second, with Wongalera a good third. Time, 1 mh, 24 eec. Hj-p.vb bolted early in the race and up?et her rider. ST. LEGBR STAKE3. A sweepstakes of 15 sora. each, with 100 added, for three-year-olds. Colts, 8 st. 10 lbs. ; nl ie.=, 8 st. 7 lb?. One mile and tbrexjuortcr.i and 132 yards. Mr. W. Hutchison's b.f. Stella by Little Fish-Satellite, 8 st. 7 lbs. (T. Hill) ... 1 Mr. H. B. Hughes'B b.f. Lucretia, by Leoai das, 8 st 7 lbs. (T. Enderson) ? 2 Mr. G. Bennett's b.f. JWith, 8 st. 7 lbi (J. Day) ? 3 Mr. A. S. Murray's b.c. False Alarm, by Lecnidas, 8 st. 7 lbs. (J. Jenkins). Mr. J. W. CJleeson'a b.c Ivaahoe, 8st. 101b?. (C. Webb). Betting— 2 to 1 against the field, Edith being most fancied. Barmaid being scratched broizbt out a fiel-I of five. There was a fair start, Lucretu leading, with False Alarm second, and Ivonhoe oa the oolt's quarter. They passed the Stand in thit order, with Stella goiug up. In the running opposite the Stand, Ivanhoa went to S3coad place, and Stel'a, overtaking False Alarm, then challenged Ivanhoe. South of the coarse Lucretia maintained the lead, with Stella and Ivanhoe close upon her, and Edith running neck and neck with False Alarm. Coming into the straight Lucretia's colours were still to the fora, with Stella, however, closely pressing her. In the run down the slope Stella secured the lead, and passed the Stand about a length ahaad of Lucretia, Edith being third, and False Alarm fourth. Time 3 min. 31 sec. TWO-TEAB-OLD STAKES. A sweepstakes of 15 sovs. each, with 150 added. Colts, 8 si 10 lbs.; fillies, 8 st. 7 lbs. No allowance to geldings. Three-quarters of a mile. Mr. C. B. Fisher's b.o. Improver, by Fire works— Crinotine, 8 st 10 lbs. (S. Davis) ... 1 Mr. W. Gerrard's br.f. Loquacity, by Talk o1 the HIU— Miami, 8 st 7 lbs. (T. Hales) ... 2 Mn H. Fisher's b.f. Fraternity by The Marquis, 8 st 7 lbs. (T. fnderson) ... 3 Mr. B. Dempsey's b.c Ignitioa by Lucifer— by Egremont, 8 ft 10 lbi. (Rowe). Mr G. C. Hawker's b.b. Figaro— Leonidas— Forlorn Hope mare, 8 «t. 10 lbs. (C. Webb).

Hon. T. Elder's b.c. Lorenzo, by Lucifer, 8 st 10 lbs. (T. Hill). Mr. J. Arthur's br.c Spark, by Fireworks — First Flight, 8 st 1') lbs. (W. Lang). Mr. A. S. Hurray's b.o. Pefisnoe, by Tregeagle -Zillah, 8 si 10 lbi. (J.Jenkins). Mr. G. Bennett's blk.c. Impudence, by Tre* geagle— Modesty, 8 st 10 lbi. (McEnhill). Mr. W. Gerrard'8 b.a Emuh»tion, by Conrad — Prf eerpit*, 8 st 10 lba. ( J. Day). Betting— 5 to 2 agst Improver; 4 to 1 agit anything else. Improver and Fraternity had a considerable advantage in the start, and got away with a good lead, the remainder— with the exception of Defi ance and Spark, who were left at thepost — bjing in a bunch. Improver and Fraternite* held tho running for about a third of the distance when Lorenzo drew out from the ruck, but soon gave way to Mr. Gerrard's filly, who collared Frator niit?, a»d then challenged Improver. On entering the straight Fraternity pulled on Loquacity, and there was an exciting race between the two titliea and Improver. Fraternite* gave way to Loquacity; but the colt obtained a safe lead, and pawed the Stand a length ahead, Loquacity boirg second, and Fraternity third. Time, 1 min, 25^ sec , S.AJ.C. HANDICAP. A sweepstakes of 10 savs. each, with 100 so%s. ad.ied. One mile and a half and a distance. Mr. 41. Mullins's g.g. The Deer, by South Australian, 4 yre., 8 st 7 lba. ( l\ Hales)... 1 Mr. W. Gerrard's b.f. Suntet, 2 jrs., feather (F. Bancroft) ? 2 Mr. T. O'Leary'd br.g. Darkie, aged, 7 st IOIop ? ... ? 3 Mr. W. Fiigate's b.g. Gloom, 4 yrs., 8 st. 12 lbs. (S. Davieh). Mr. T. Jordan's b.r. Ladv Forgusson, 4vrs. 8 st 2 lbs. (J. Day). Betting— Even on Gloom; 6 to 4 against the Deer, and 3 to 1 against anything e'ee. The flag fell to a fair start Lady Fergusson led, with Mr. Mullins's veteran second, and Gloom third. The Deer quickly assumed tbo lead, but on passing the Stand relinquished it to the filly, the two ctmogicg positions altenntdly till opposite the Stand, when Lady Fergussoa fell back, and was pass&d by Gloom, who theu collared the Deer. At South-terrace Sunset had come up into third place, while Lady Fergctsaou and Darkie brought up the rear. At the Mill the race was betvreeu Gloom and the Dear, Sun set being c'.ose up. On coming into the R'.rai^ht the familiar prey was let out, and he took a decided lead, Gloom pulling up at the foot of the slope, and waiking ia allowed .Sunset to take second place, two or three length s behind the Deer, with Darkio third. Time, -3 min. 10 sec HACKS. Fifteen sovs. Entrance, 1 cov; catch weights; post entrance. For all h,orses that have ueror won any adverted race oi the value of mom than 15 eovs. One mile and a half. Mr. J. Baker'a b.g. Sir Richard, 5 yra. (S. CrackceU) ? 1 Mr. A. H. Pegior's g.g. Rainbow, aged (J. Oliver) ? 2 M r. J. Hill's b.m. Mermaid, 3 yrs. (T. Hill) 3 Mr. W. Robertson's b g. Grenadier, 5 yrs. XT. E. Gough's b.g. Bchwatzer, 4 yra. Mr. J. i-mall wood's Speculation. Vr. G. C. Hawker's b.g. Count, 5 yrs. Mr. B, Eglington'a b.h. Rob Roy, 6 yrs. Mr. G. Bennett's b.g. Despised, 5 yrs. Mr. B. Melletfs b.h. Tally Ho. Mr. F. Jackson's ch.c. Lara, 2 yrs. The field got away to a middling Btart. Schwatzer preferred cross country work, and running off the courso immediately after passing the Stand negotiated the hurdle at tho northern end of the running and cleared it, but landing awkwardly came down and threw his feather weight jockey (Bancroft), who, however escaped uninjured. Sir Richard, Rainbow, and Mermaid made tho running, and came in at the finish in the order named. This event concluded tho day's programme, and the immense concourse of spsctitora then quickly dispersed. WnwKns of St. Leger. cc eo cc co a: cc oo oc oo oo ao qo oo 30 go co oc « oo 1 ?n »4-CCt£'S:00-IOVBl»-COtO--OiJ00^1Ci» 1 ? ^5~F.^P $'y~ S-S.^1 ^ P Pp ^r1.'3 .^ 2. r. ~- o ax; ?*? a. o ,t s a-~a a. z. P S = °* p-e&'-5-2.3 3.jri9 5 2.s» -- '2?f2r2.K||3a:(n3ofl;: - I? v\ cc iu rf- cc e- ct s« *» c. n ct « 'j\ » e* so ^ tn 3 ? Is. 2|| ^||:|3:||B54|3..? S ::::;:::::: o a b s § ? f: To-Day's PnooaaMifB. In addition to the big Handicap of the Meet ing there is a very fair bill of fara for this aftar ucon. The first thing on the list is the Muden Stakes. We have in it Loquacity, Emulation, and Defiance — three two-year-old?, which with a 'air start ought tj make a very good riea. Emulation is a smart little colt, but we wouM pin onr faith to Loquacity. In the Cap Lurline presents hereof as the firct and bait ohoice, and after her Nunnery and Barmaid .-eem to be tho most likely. Triton, if himsilf, seeing that he aomes frash to his wyk, ought to make the run a hot ono for anything ol-se in the handicap, but we do not expact t j see him all that he ought to be. E iith is not iu goal form, and we imagine out of the race. After taa New Zealand mar9 wo should take Nuanory, aad then Barmaid and Triton if ha ia right Wa dc cot think Fraternity in spite of her splendid condition, can go the distance a^ a two-yeir-old Echo, as we bavo already mentioned, ha3 bsen scra'ched. If we are to j'idga of B.ur.-n lid's paces by her performanco in the Flying Handi cap, Lurline and Nunnery should have moia rately e«sy work of it. It was a very slow rdca, especially when compared with such a grand ran as tho Kew Zaaland mare male ia the Sydney Gold Cup, under an impost of nine stone. The Deer if he goe3 in for tho Sailing Rtce ought to win it and to him and Darkle we look fo provi Je the winner. In the Selling Hurdles sbere ought to bo a good raca, and a fast one, too, between Norma and Tambourine. Of tho two we think the mare the safest There is a acid of excellent quality in the Shorts, and the public should witness a fast and exciting contest, always providing that there is a fuirly equal starfr. Improver, Euterpe, Tho Dj-jr, Ada, Ste'ls, Loquacity, Redgauntlet, anl L^iiition ire the best, and of those we profar Iaiprovor, Fhe Deer, and Loquacity. There was not much business doin^ at the Globe last night In the outright batting 6 to 4 is asked and taken &?ain at Emulation, and 4 to I on the others in the Mai Jen3, 5 to 4 baing offered and tiken on Lirlino for tha Cup, and 100 to 30 against the others with Ste'di for choice. Very littlo wagering is bain? done on the Selb'ng Race and Shorts. Ia the Selling Hurdles Norma stands favourite at even money. In the doubles— Maidens and 8teeplecha3e— 50 fo 5 is laid against Emulation and everything else, aad 4 to 1 about Emulation and Lurline in the Maii6ns and Ctip. The following is today's programma :— MAIDEN STAKKS. A sweepstakes of 5 sovs., with 50 sovs. added. One mile. Weight for age. Mr. P. Farrely'a cLf. Talk o* the Hfll, 3 yra. Mr. G. C. Hawker's b.h. Figaro, 2 yrs. Mr. H. Goldfinch's br.g. Paten, 6 yrs. Mr. J. Arthur's b.c. Spark, 2 yrs. Mr. W. Gerrard'u br.f. Loquacity, 2 yrs. Mr. W. Geirard's b.c. Emulation, 2 yra. . Bon. T. Elder's b.f. Jessica, 2 yre. . Son. T. Elder'o b.c. Lorenzo, 2 yrs. Sen. T. Elder's ch.g. Redgauntlet, 4 yrs. Mr. J. Baker's b,g. Sir Richard, 6 yrs. . Mr. A. S. Murray's b.c Defiance, 2 yrs. -, ADKLACDK CUP. Handicap sweepstakes of 20 sovs., with. .250 :ov&, and a piece, of plate valued at 108 soys. ' : ;1 ] ? '???; ? . , ?'?'??? ' ' ' ':

I resented by the Hon. T. Elder, M.L.C. Dii tsnee, two miles. tt lb. Mr. J. Watt's b.m. Lurline, 5 yrs. ... 8 10 Mr. W. Fihrate's br.g. Gloom, 4 yra. ... 7 7 Mr. A. H. Pegler's b.m. Ncnnery, 4 yre. - 7 4 Mr. B. B. Hughes's br.o. Lysander, 5 yw. 7 ' 4 Mr. A. 8. Murray's b.c. False Alarm, 3yra. 7 0 Mr. G. Bennett's ch.a Triton, 4 yra, ... 7 0 Mr. W. Hutcbioson's b.f. Stella, 3 yrt.... 6 4 Mr. G. Bennett's b.f. Edith, 3 yrs. ... 6 3 Mr. G. Livingstcne's br.f. Barmaid, 8 yrs. 6 0 Mr. J. W. Gleet on's b.c Ivanhoe, 3 yrs. 6 0 Mr. H. B. HugWs b.f. Lucratia, 3 yra. 6 0 Mr. H. Fishera b.f. Fraternity 2 yrs. ... 5 10 SELLKQ RAOB. A Ewecpstakes of 4 sovs., with 50 sovs. added. One mile and a half. Mr. S. Bradley's b.m. Norma, 3 yrs., £15. A!r. P. Farrelly's b.c. Blotdin, 3 yrs., £40. Mr. H. Goldfincb*3 br.g. Patch, 6yrs., £40. Mr. J. S. Solomon's g.g. Deer, aged, £25. Mr. T. O'Leary's br.g. Darkie, aged, £15. Mr. H. L. Roe's b.g. Aerolite, 3 yrs., £25. SKT.T.ISQ HUHDLK BACK. Sweepstake of 4 sovs., with 50 sovs. added. Once round. Mr. A. Tennant's b.g. Tambourine, aged, £50. Mr. A. H. Pegler'd ch.g. Not On, 6 yrs., £5u. Mr. R. Correll's b.g. The Hunter, 5 yra., £50. Mr. D. McLean's g.xc. Norma, 4 yrs., £50. SHOBTS A sweepstakes of 2 sovi., with 29 sava. added. Half a mile. Weight for ago. Mr. C. B. Fiaher's b.o. Iuiprover, 2 yrs. Mr. W. Johnu's br.f. flypatia, 2 yrs. - Mr. P. Farrelly's b.f. Talk 'o the Hill, 3 yrs. Mr. P. McNamataV b.m. Euterpe, 5 yra. Mr. J. S. Solomon's g.g The Deer, aged. Mr. W. Hutchinson's b.f. St6lla, 3 yrs. Mr. G. BennettV b.f. Ada, 3 jrs. Mr. J. Gilbert's b.f. Revoke, 2 yra. Mr. W. Gerr&rd's cb.f. Wongalere, 2 yrs. Mr. W. Gerrard's br.f. loquacity, 2 yrs. Mr. W. Gerrard's b g. DespLwd, 5 yrs. Hon. T. Eider's b.f. Jessica, 2 yrs. Hon. T. Elder's Redganntlet, 4 yrs. Mr. E. L. Koe'-s g.p. Rainbow, aged. M«, 11. Dempsey's b.c. Ignition, 2 yrs.