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Parara Mining Company.— A meeting of shareholders was held at the offices of Mr. L. A. Jessop, Exchange, on Tuesday, May 25. There were nine gentlemen present, and Mr. G.

Laughton occupied the chair. The captain's   report was read, and some discussion respecting the mine took place. Mr. Edward Parnell was re-elected Director, and Dr. Robertson was appointed to a similar office in place of Mr. Wm.   Bowman, who had retired.   The Virginia. — A meeting of this Northern Territory Gold Mining Company was held at Jackman's Dining Rooms on Tuesday evening, May 25. There were 73 shareholders present, and Mr. G. Wood presided. Mr. W. Barlow, the Manager, gave an account of the mine, and answered various questions. A vote of confi dence in Mr. Barlow was passed; also one of ' thanks to the Directors. It was decided to increase the capital to £10,000 by the issue of 3.000 shares of £1 each. | [From the Northern Argus, May 25.] Clare Copper.— The attempt to form a Com* pany to test the copper- boariag nature of Carter's sections adjoining the Stanley has revived the interest in this district in copper mining, and may eventually lead to the working of a country that has previously been considered good and yet abandoned. Many years ago lodes were discovered on Carter's property, but it wa3 considered too difficult to work to be remunera tive. The Burra Company were making a fortune out of their mine, it being then at its best, and they did not care to work country that would not yield a quick return. Sinco then a deal has been learnt in connection with mining; men go a different way to work, and with improved appliances mines then considered inferior will now pay. Captain Dunstan ha3 great faith in Carter's property, and is confident that with proper working it will be a splendid mine. He bases bis arguments on the fact that lodes having been discovered on the plain and large deposits of ore being found on the hills, that they would be able to tunnel the property, which is considered au inexpensive and advan tageous method. There are rioh specimens of ore to be picked from the surface of the pro perty. The Stanley, though stopped for the time, may eventually renew operations, for *e believe the property to be very valuable. Captain Dunstan was Manager, and judging From the rich deposits which were found in patches he felt confident that if a Bhaft of « sufficient depth had been sunk to reach T the settled country that it would hare been profitable. It is therefore possible that sinkings may be resumed on tho lower portions of the 8tanley, where a good lode Bight be struck. The tramway now in course ?A construction on Blyth Plains passes within a few mfleo of the mines, and would be very con venient for taking away the ore. It is the opinion of many that the whole of that locality ia rich in copper, and when once thoroughly tested will prove remunerative. If such is the sase we may have a mining population in the neighbourhood of Clare to add to its prosperity, [f the Company now about to commence opera* dons succeed it will give am impetus to mining here, and from what we have heard from practical men there is no danger of the thing burning out a failure if it is judiciously managed.