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Berets and Toques.

Hats, p.>i-liii]is the most important arlU'los in ii woman's wurdiobc, certainly milong tlie mo>t ditlicult to choose, me thin se.-isoil of ii.-iilic-iil.-ii- interest by icuson of theil' dilTeient Htylc3. Jn the iiiiliimii and winter lnthiou shows which hnve commenced in most shops this week some of the now huts have been displayed. Jt is of inteiest to see how fashion pnys lief tributes to scientific achievements. Among the mont, popular style.» of huts this winter mc the "aviators'" liats. Ihcsc mo Bunill, close fitting "«kuli" hats of niuteriiils, cloth, silks, hatleis' plush, velvet, mill hue light fells, in.-nle very plninly with little or 110 triiniiiiug, the hut being euiried down in shaped pieces either to cover the ears ol- eóme in trout ol lliciu. Sometimes this piece is in one with the hut; sometimes it is ii simped piece added to the hat. An attractive hut in this style in one uf the hellt felts in black- had for its "car pieces" oak leaf shaped pieces of felt, 'these hats aie biiinless, or have n Bunill brim folded straight np ngninst the crown, the buck of the hat being cut sometimes to a point or curve nnil sometimes straight


Another popular type of hat is the beret, which is also fuhliionod from i» variety of materials, sometimes in combinations of two materials und/two colours, sometimes plain. Some of the berets ure very simple in style, not very full, finished just with a tussel or knot from the centre of the top or from one side, where the soft crown is pulled down and fastened. Other berets are moro elaborate, fuller in the crowns, which dip moie to tho side, and willi wider forehead bands, while some hnvc the tight

hltiiiL, foiehead li nuls «Hh u fliiicil effect m the ciowii jiboie YA It lie bionns blues tods, unit coloius mc populm in thee bl ni» is most in e\iilenie

line fatilchings und cmbioidci, .idoin

some of the um wintei li its, the tinbini

den being icn beautiful though simple in effecl liciets and toques ure tiimmcd in this fashion 'loques of difîeient niate nnls lie also among the new season's

buts felts silks a eh et« ind hntteis plush being employed ¡sonic of the toques bauld on bel et s «hile otheis ha\e tullian like effects Son» ne finished with solt bo« of ^phet, oIIilis «ith tin inntenal m Hinged m almost Bandanni like fashion lui those women «ho pi eli i the sottiiesS and shade gi\cn In a brim thoic aie some »ei\ biaiitiliil hills of fine felts 01 v elim s 01 combination < f ni iternl and felt 01 \eloui 01 hut tri r, plush with brims some quite «ide and otheis with in almost

cloche effect Hie bums m mun ot these bits dip to«-ntis the sides mid some me quite a lot willi l it the sides Otlici s ha\ . the brims tinned slnipl» up m fiont .nd dipping at the sides lcitnie-. of main of the wintei hits no the simplii it» of ilesi|»n, ami in nnm the imomit of line handwork «huh isreqinied foi imbioilei\ oi in the i is of «nine len atti nine hats tbo designs m dilîeiiiit colouicd linton ils «Inch me inlet ind sewn b\ li ind ncij finch "onie hits line di signs m pitch woik eiYei t otheis lime the ii owns stitclud ill met in vindjkcd designs A fin ill spiaj of font lu is is all that tunis some of the Rimplir hats line bimi winked into designs fashions some of the lunts

.u nttiactne one is of p-itihwoik piece« of lightweight \cloui stitt lied on to u light cim-is giound Sonic of the \eloin hats lune designs undo In piessing the \olotu flat J wo shades of the same colour me often emploi ed in li ¡nuning n hit in blues or reds and black mid white com binutions too semi popul ii

While the displujs if model fioiks i oats and milliiien are taking place the m« dicss miiteiials ino being unpicked in the depaitinents Among these mo -onie of the lie« pi un colouicd and pit

teined ung \chcts some \ei\ beautiful linscl biocndes foi budgi cmts \rn bi iiitifnl loo aie some of the von light »bonillo pattern«! geoi(.ottos windi aie used foi fashioning sonic of the imported o\ening flocks Ihm me aho n gleit laiiotj of now jelset c1 iths light «eight «aim t«oeds foi coils and costumes and Ililli woollen mutet als foi dusses