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Frocks, Coats, and Hats.


At Buckle} anil Xiinn's (Bouike strcctl nutumii anti winlei fn^Inon «lion, union

the newest flocks foi tinmine lieu nu* the nthci .«ci ci el} tmloicd dies«es Uhese mc tushionecl of satin in coloui«, a light sitni nbout, the weight of a good nene ile chine, as nell as m s eli et oi in neuen tweed the flocks, although sccie in genctn! eflect, mc beautiful!} cut, mid line an attiactne air One of black miilcml is finished with a n lute pique f i out, mid tolhr mid gai deina of white pique 'Hie collat s nnd cuñs of ii lute pique ot cream 01 pale coloured silk teeni to be popul i on those tailoictl dresses Patterned w*l\.

n D pen is to be emploi eil quite con«idctabl} for "pricticil" flocks, while chiffon lehct ii used ici} much foi for specnl occasions. -\n mteicstiiig coinbinutioii «cen at Buckle}'s is the suit with the i ehct oi *. eli oteen blouse and sknt oi Mtm Hie blouse is fashioned tight to the hip line finishing with i «itni bon and the combination gue» tho c'lect ol

a one piece flock Hie sknts nie pleitod, some being "pctalled" or scalloped at tin* bein Similai flock s aie fashioned m (oloui combinations, as nell ns in one tone effects Among the Hocks toi dinnci weil and part} nein, those fasli oncd ol «benillc Achct, gcoigcttc chenille, and pointed nu/ i eh et alo most piomincnl Ihe «hut leatuie of nil of these frocks is the fashion in II Inch ornaments aro used, c«ppcnll\

jewelled buckles Kreuch Ince Itimnimi,«. mound the necks and slecics aie used to idoin some of the di esses The new tiock^ .UP fashioned to suit all tipes ot figuio

but mc cspcciall*. adaptable loi niation s neal Woollen are a foattiic ol the fa«ibion show the Liiglish models m ? luding some with full lined skit ts mil with woiked html oi stitched ni blight silks of shades contiastmg with Hu frocks thcniscKcs loi flocks for af IPI noon Men ?woollen geoigette seems to be the mo«l popular mateiial Jn the dinnci conn« the IOIPIICH models hale «tleei ele«-, li idles

ol plain union with chenille oooigctte1 skills, the bodnc eo\eied witli i chenille

mit »»Uli long «.Ice»i« «Illili !?> lined »»lilli plain union to niitch the boilue

Alni» ot the jiiinpci-, Hld tlm.C]»ieie spoitb suits j-ttlUs. ii ii».»» noli in that tin» ne tniloiod MI tint tin.» lit 111 e a costumi

One of lit»» blue tint and sknt lind foi |

M cm with it i (II oi o I while mitin, i

hi.-ei Moil with in 1 ton M Hu Iii A nillir i ill mi 1 l| c-.ll! pitteiu 111 ik

up atti iitneli nine i i bin li ii mom mile du nu lue «h ni « rl blue fiom lulu to uni. I« iKo new mil cdcelne

\n illin ii ii i Hi n i til bimbel ju-1 Pt li » el jil«, I I ?«binn d like lill' is lini«liid with i "nodi belt nul it buttons ii)i ti the u ek Iel <\ wool au I Icithei iiiiiiin nr- Imc 1 smut itleet

SNOWS (Flinders Streut)

One uf the ilnef leatuie» of fellow s il Im deis -lint) nut um ii md winki show is the dening weil Hie ihiilon ichct tapes ire undo with satin linings of the same tone and upstmidiiig medni colhis J be ciening flocks aie fishioncd cither ni »ti light lines with illoict licid ti miming» oi milk bead p-ittciu« or tin\ mc m pu toi ned met li stuped ung \cliet with lone, dil) eiie«t iilhn" at the sides loi girls Ihe Hoiks ot tilfcti silk ni lili* with semi double «kilt« the top I illili), like a pmintci oui the undcislnt ne \ei} giaccful 1 hese hooks ne longer tlnn usual and teni to din towards the bick lins tot tils si term s wini mc \ci\ tin eil*, d} ed ml tiishtomil to nunnie the moic popular \ littles I wo skinned fueli nul uve mik i U b,n,j r peinlh notiioible Hie lut

Il «n it "-now s mc atti lettie mid leison ill. in pim Neu new nie the two t ne 1 telt» a long hancd one benu supci

nil !si I on i -liolt hniid tue with good efi it ^uiu being used m combination witli lcig oi finn with luown Ihcsp I Is au mel ith «unshed with i buikl

in I ti ii ot -ii!, it one suit I oi th

llipj i thrie w the bonnet-luipi d felt ni ill okuis ul"i 1 «ith i cUi-ham nbbon u I litu-li d with i bind ot the i ibbon I livliim 1 \i loin hits me ti mimed with ni binl- ii lelmt ni dilTeieiit tones ol llii ni ni H tin h it ot in dilfc entcolouis ni pinn limul- ci in designs Hie tuibau li t toi is notiinblc lashioned ol gcotg etti s" Ulled huh on 1 felt clown mid liiu-h 1 with n met ii pin tin list thioimh the f Id- »I tin -w idling Ihc Mont in ii ti o bcipt II hu h is in the stile wolli bl I u in h studput- is fishinnel of tilt mil luid to tin top ol the nowa tson)c ni the M loin hits ate linisliid with bind» of i ilf-1 ni mstenil of petptshim nbbon in* nuts displmd ne piictieil and at tun Un nul tho-c of wiitstcel m item! ale notire ibli nu then e\eel|piit lini-li ^cl\ct i- u-ed with fiuilnth ml« t ti linke it ti ii

tue c< ils foi MI n mci i ice tioil s \mong tin np\w-t mnteiiil -howii at Niow s ne Hie punted situi« uliuli mc ie*. risible

lliesp aie the n w sitins lol dips«p- M hu li ne \ei\ supple Inmv something the «fleet ot \PII ,-ond uepe de iliiiu- The} ne | lue hill mid UP ubi unible in ittiac

tin eol >ut -