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.LTSIl.lY, JAX. 15.

The r-illwav unifie tor till» «eek's supply shows a liberal allotment of micks on "all lines." Al IhmiL'h Iliieilnu coiislerninents aro of Moderate extent. .Noilliein illsttlots' ordcts «cie morn .tcncijllr supplied tor Mendigo market, inverina draft« ilhccle-el lo Newmarket cam« eli Inly ila Tociimiiiil, Wahgunyah, njii| Wodonga. The loan inn on unions lines comprised 60 Hucks Noith nuslcin and l.'iipet- jlitnav, CO lia border station* from Ni-«- Soulli Wales, 25 Xoilheni tlislikt, l.iO (¡milburn Valle}- (Including Mansfield line), l>0 ivcMuniii, Asooa, alni Xortli-Wwlein, HO Central distill!», hieltiiling many shoit-dlslaiioed consign mentí, and 100 from Oippslaml. Direct consign- ment to expoit »oiks Is r-tr-ntllly dccrcislng. Ilepol and «land-by orileis allotlcd lo speclnl country sales added a fair propoitloii to the full }.irdlug of stores. A special slorc sheep sale Is listed this week for Wednesday. HrecdliiB ewes due to jamb cnrlv arc now .coming forwatil in falily n-prvscir-jitltp lots, while leglstcrctl Hork sheep sales «'111 terminate tollards the end uf this mimili.

Desirable straight lines of caily shorn wet lien, i specially .lounir crosshreds noel comebacks, aie In Kooel general request, and for such llippsland buyers nie ticiiicnlly keen bidder» in the fat pens, though usually piefcnlng to obtain for wuiel conditioned sorts for topping-tip. SUno weiiner« still claim n full shares of nltenllon, e-Nrt'tii late drop, small soils, «hlch sold at lea sou-iliiy low figures.


Tuesday.-Miocp', ¡1S7 trucks, 2,000 by road: lamil«, 270 Hucks, 1,200 by road: stores, li« >urds allotted. The above outrj- Is equivalent lo all aggregate total of at least S20 Hucks fur Hie week's supply. . . ,

Wednesday.-Bullock«, 1,000: young callie and calves, 101 trucks. Special sheep sales,- S,000, . Thursday.-Cons, 1,5(10.


This Day (Weducsduv).-Hamilton-Strathkellar Ditato Cl.itlesdalc slml.

Thursday,-Healesville fortnightly sale, Beau fort-7,500 local sheep. Kyneton «eokly sale«. Kyabram-5,000 local sheep.

Friday.-Xnpnmlile slieep sale.

Monday, Jmiuaiy 21.- lloniaey-2,000 sheep, 200


* Fat Sheep.

The market «as fully fiippllcd, being repre- sentadle of all classe«. . In best closshred and e-oinebiick «citicis hotli late and cully shorn con- signments weie «eil distributed, and especially In this dilldoll the rchithe. value of pelt«, n» iigalnsl praetieaily half-uoollcd skins was readily determined hy the icspecllve difference in ptlees realised. Various dlnlticts contributed numerous pens of good merino «clheis, only a few* small lots currying, exceptionally good skins, liest ewes ivcie modérale]}- icprcscnlcd, middling and Infeiior ileicrlpüoiis Inrgclv piceloininuliug In this secllon. The iinuket o|ieuctl with a strong IOCII: Hade demand, which «us «eil sustain«!, ami prices iiile.l firm until towards Hie clune, »hen competition for ^wether» became «caker lind piiccs for such leeceled alionl-l/ a bend. i:\porters opera 1.-ii c.\clnslvcly lu fat ewes, which realised fully late rates. Stoic slieep «etc In spirited lequest, closing dciildedlv tinner.


Pilme- ctossbtcd ami comeback «ethel*,, fiom 23/

lo 27/.

Kalin inline, including enrly shorn consignments

of joiittg «ctlicrs,.fattened to heavy «eights, from 2SA to 30/. ' , ' Pi line hogget M ether«, medium «eights,- from 21/

'to 20/,

Store jurd sales of similar character crossbroda

,unel comeback»,, forward to good condition, willoh «ero sparingly represented, from 23/ to

Bo*t primo merino wellicr»,' from 21/ lo 25/0. A (ew to 27/il.

Goori merino «.ethers, from 21/ to 23/. Second«, from 17/ lo 19/, Inferior, from 11/.

Primo crossbred enes, aged, from IS/ lo 21/. Hilra prime and heavy, from 22/ lo 25/.

Ordinary ' mixed classes of aged fat ewes, from

11/ to 17/, -

Middling descriptions, horn.9/ to 12/. Iiidlflctcnt old -ewe» >nt low figures.

Mevino c»es, baiety represented, except In

sccondniy aged soils. >

llreedlng ewes, from 20/ to 23/, Special, from 27/0 to 3,1/.

Slote lambs, from 11/ to IS/. Kwe »Tailors, to 20/1.

Approximate quotations for best «ether mutton,'

ttom lil. to IR a lb.

liest hogget wether mutton, medium weights,

from Uti. lo <l}d. a lb. lleavv, at -Id. a lb.

liest ewe mutton, Irofn 3Jd. to Sid. a lb. Secondai}' soits, fiom 2}d. a lb.

- ? VVl'TIIBRf*. -

103 conn buck, J. Glenn, Tylden, «v. 29/1.

112 ciossbrcel, J. I.nivlnglon, «lag's Creak, nv. 21/. 1311 comeback, .1. Hayden, Millbrook, ov. 27/1.

112 ftot'ljifil, .1. P. .Macarthur, Keilor, nv. 21/3.' 221 mci ino, .1, Ti son. Hornsey, o v. 21/10.

1112 comeback, VV. 1!. Sargood and Sons, Quat

Quatia, av. 21/.

1G3 mci Ino, .1. J. Howler, Kinley, uv. 21/.

53 comeback, A. W. )L White, Wharparilla Kast, . at 27/9.

105 inclino, .1. T. Meurt«, Jeetho, av. 2S/7,

201) comcbncli,.Campbell Uros., llhldell, nv. 20/S. JIG comeback, T. llougtils, W'ooeMock, av. 2-1/5. mi ceinicbiie-k, .1. II. Glenn, Tylden, ot 2S/4.

112 crossbred, ,1. II. Scale«,-Nut -nnr-goon, av. 2.1'S. 112 inclino. .1. T. Lowlnirtnn. Itlgg'i» Creek, nv. 21/. 112 comeback, exors. T. K. XIcol, Parkside, nv. 29/1. 6S Cliis*brcel, W. llalph, Koriella, av. 25/4.'

20S crossbred, C1. Ki-ttlcssot!, Hornsey, av. 20/t.

528 mel Ino, l'ieicc and llatincl, llrlngcnbrong, av.


221 crossbred, K. F. Harrison, Hinders, ov. 22/3 223 conieliack, 1). A. McXlcol, llosedalc. nv. 23/4.

200 inclino, ,1. G. Itobertson, Mount Mitchell, av.

23/9. - '. . . . ? - . 111 comeback, J. Hemslcv.'Jtanslleld, av, 2.1/0.

103 comeback, J. Gillespie, Lang Lang, uv. 23/11.


Tlio bulk or Hie supply consisted of shorn con- signments, the greater portion being suitable either for local or export trado. *. Tile few out- standing consignments carried extra \-alue full* moiled skins. Comparatively, howeier, best horn lambs displayed a much better average of quality. GrarJers secured sundry oeld lots, and afforded initial assistance lo competition for medium-conditioned sorts. The demand «as animated, and general competition of both local and export buyers « »eil maintained through- out, closing a 6hado Armer.


Prime sold at fiqin 21/ to 20/.

¡*pecial pens, according to extra value of i»kins,

fiom 2S/ to 32/.

Good sold at fiom 21/ to 23/.

Shot li lambs- . Prime, fiom 21/ to 23/. l:\lni', fiom 21/ lo 20/0. G.iu.1, Irom lb/ to 20/.

Quotations for beti quality spiing lambs, fiom

Ojd. to 7el. a Hi., occasionally to "lil. a Ib.

to Oil.


110, Mctiopolilaii Konn, av. 21/11.

13», IÎ. -I. MeCobe, Cooiutuliene, uv. 21/10. 123, .1. Iiiilliwcll, Coilnella, nv, 23/5.

110, A. Mulqiiihoy. Tinigumah. av. 23/10.

SI, A. C. Klskcn, Lil Lal Kstiilo. av. 23/, 120, Husty Uro»., Kyabram, nv. 21/3. 255, .1. K. Skelly. Lchtioa, av. 20/S. 07, S. Pell. Kyabram, av. 20/.

57 (In «ool), J. Kell, .Mount Napier, av. 33/0. IIS (in wool), W. Rnllei, Wallan, av. 27/5.

120 (in ,i-ool),",M. ngnn, Ashburn, av. 20/4,' 130, Kennedr Ilios-, Kum Pint, av. 23/11. 110, A. Hoaiicn, Nathalia, av. 21/. 50, P. Needham, Mhboo, nv. 23/.

127, Minclici- iiios-. Tocumwal, nv,"24/3. 72, M. Ilynn, Dookie, av. 27/10,

51, K. C. Smllli. IJndeibool, nv. 21/1.

327, e\ois. W, I. Winter Irving, Tarrengower, ai.


70, c. Dowell, !'.clvuca, av. 25/3.


r. l:, 1 Helmeaelow Pty. Ltd. report for week enderi -Iniiuar} 15:-"llcof-l'rline bodies Si/ to All per lllOlli., litcelitiui .10/ to 37/; inline forceiuartors 21,; " '10/, nieellitin is/ to 25/: prime hlnelriuartcrs

4/. niediiim 4-2/ to 411/. islieeiv- Prime. 4-id.

1.',:-"lleef- Prime bodies Ubi

.ceiiinn .10/ to 37/; prime force.._._ .... 30/, nieellitin IS/ to 25/: I -rime hinelriuartcrs 50/ io :,\l. medium 4-2/ to 411/. Mie-cp- Pttwe. ",J '" t'.ad. lier Ib.; nictlitini, ¡iel. to 4d. I-anib- Prll. lo 7'*l. ter lb.; tncelititn. Gd. to ed. Prime Inrce sealers. Pjd. to 3d. per Ib.; medium latße lealeis, 3'i.d. lo iel.; nilme smill calve?. IA. to .V,;(l.; inidlum Mun II cnl.CK Jil. to ,V1. I'rilile small iwrkors. 1/ per III.: inceliiini sninll potker«. llel. t.. IlU-el-: pilme lame »il!«. Ill'ïel. to Hil.; meeliuiii Urse pic«. Blid. to lOtl. ; lineon piKS. Til. Io S'l- ; vUi for clioppiua,

¿d, to lid."


Trade lu lecetablc prixlueo »ns dull, beans nero overmpplle.l. mid priée« were ems. l.Ttwiri «-etc lata In clearing. Price* were ns follow:-Deans, kidney. Mi to 3/ pel elorcu lb. ; beetroot 2/ lo 37 per doren bundles; beet, nillir, 1/ to 1/0 do/.; e-alAnces, 2/0 to ti/ per doren; carrot», 1/0 to 3/ lier dei/eni bunches; i-iieuliibris. pilcklj, 2/l> lo I/O r-cr elo?.-n: irinllo. Sd. to 1/ lb.; I»ltitce .>l lo 3/0 l.r dozen: onions, dried, 10/ to 12/ ¡>-r cwt.. oul.,u... green. Sd to 1/ per eloam bun e-hc: pniniej. Sel. to 1/ do,: parsnips. 1/6 to 2 0 elo.: pen«, 2/(i to 4/ per do7en lb.; potntoe«, !*>/ to 11/ per cwt.: pumpkins. 11/ to S/ per eiozen: indl-ti, Cd. te. 1/ per dozen luinehci; rliulinrb. 1/d to '/li do.: »ballot*, 4d. to Gil. per Ib.; nnnncli. 1/6 lo ?Uti vt~ ''"".""'"". '" do.; .eaftnble


Fat Sheep.

Kort}-temi Uion-aiul eine liuntlieel nnel silt} two _ tercel, ceiuipilscil cf 387 trili ks and 25S"i bj lund Competition wits brisk, ami puce» ulled fill's « to the be«t ule« of ln*t market tor nil de-Mllptlou* until licier the ilo«e. the demand liecnnio llo htendy. mid nu en«lel tenileiii-s e-.ia upiurcnt.

Adams and Sewell solel:-S2l meniio weihen, John 'Ij'iin. Itoinsej. at 21/10: 25 crossbred e-wc». .1. Prüden. Moe. nt 111/. .

Australian Jlirrautilc I.nnil, nnel I; Inanco I ei. Ltd. lineeiriorntitiB J. M. Peek mid Mild; Wethcre.-112 ineiluo. ero-shred. und eninelia.K. J. I. U-wliwloii. lliES» ¡'reek, to 25/, nr si': <a evme linek nnel crossbred, hue T. I. Nicor, I'nrk slele. lei 20/11. ni. sji/l: CS cro-sbiul Imwets «. Ilnhh. Korlneiln. to 26/, nr. 23/1: 37 mernie, from

.ct-bre.l. A II. Dike-. Turnln Le

IS/1: .'* eoinelin k «ml eicsbiid W. l'iawlunl. Itoek Ville to 21/S. nv. 18/ÍI: 2S couiobnik and .Tusslireel V. Walsh. Ilnicelinru Pork: ->1 i-nim'bnck, - ? . . - tliboule; "' -.'--' "-?

. ... -. -. 23 belo, is/; 50 coincbi me-*«. Yniimlin.

Iiiilßcls mid i'o. Ltd. snld:-VVetli

ed r.porac ICettleeiell. Miinliiilt, - .. .

/ii. nv. »a.',; 52S incriiiii, lioeleen.. I'ltice. and

. Lower llrWenhroiw to 2Í/10, nr. 20 4:

-lire.l twt.-teiotll. t'olonel I.'. 1". Harrison ,1. i:. llii-tc. tiobur; 23 crentbml, t'. W. 'I eulorel.

... . 1s/, ,0 . . .... - ,,..


Isiéil"'"'(Jeortte1 Kcttlëw'êil." Siiinliiut.""ltóñiwr.' to ?'7/ii. nv. »a.',; 52S incriiiii, lioeleen.. I'ltice. an,' lliiutiel. Leite.r llrWenhroiw to 2Í/10, nr. 20 4 -"I e.brf.I twt.-teiotll. t'olonel I.'. 1". Harrison riiiulri-ie. ITInel.ra. to 23 7...«r. 12/3: 170 merino,. A M. Wupae. Ynlok». S.S.W., to S3/: 3f. merino, Uni iel »ill. Millan. Lismore, nt 2il/5: 4'! nitr'nii. it. Moftnlt. Toolern \ nie. Kwos-110 come haik It. Moffiitt. Ti* Ville, nt 25 7: 116 iris-breei. M. ll'Knne. .lutiRiimnh. to )t!/: 17 cr,me laek. II. Ilreiinle). 'Itiiijuninli. to li/: I'l-cninebn'-k. .1. r. Me>...l e, Aslilli-lel Mstulonsi »I lfl/7: 4'i leu.icii-icl.. Mit-hull 1111.1 Allen t'orown, at 11/1. ,

Henni« l.-i*celles Ltd. soIel:--VVftlier«-3."i2 nieihlo. A. ti. White'. Hillside- -Ml. Duneed. If)/«: 210 merino A. I.. Kaufmann, Htlneloll. Dunkeld, nt IV: 120. -I. «'. <'? Wall. I.bshc, to 23/10 »r- 22.1; 75 romclu'-k. O. IV. Ldwunls, Coolauiluidnli. Slln Imrjr. lu 21/11. ar. 21/5: 55 -nrrino. O. L. Iron. Haiisulc, Kiliuoie. lo 23/1, »'. S2/1: 30 comehac«; ami merlan. A. D. Kraser, Hill Grorc: 21 conic It back, I). Wluteioss. lleeae. nt 5C/P

o- l'l^kctl Itend. noel Co, sold:-wet hers-223 cctne

' back, V. .V. McXlcol. Kostdale, to 2«7S, »t.

-li. M merino John (, Itobrrlsm Pas Mumu ui Mit. tall ti MM a« »lu m reamba« k " 1. líemele«, Msni.ll«].I lo 21/11 al 2571. 10 imriiio 1. t 1 í-1-.kiu 1-nl lal Pilate al <\ 1(1. 4li ITO«, tr luil ant ..unlink 1. J Kilmore} «t L »VI lue«-T euslnl an I Hierin i II V\ li , A. limns Ililli Hills NSW 51 cornelia!» G J Olli !>' cir kilmore! at 10/1, «.

Kb u Sous, nnl r.nllnuiliio sol 1-Witliors-07 I ut nurino Vt Henderson »Illbilla, lünliaobli.o to, a. J!>/, nv 15/, «j, conichnik W Pnlrjmpt , t.Wanii (1 ni SS/0. 11 ! cr.ssbrcl and ramclitrk Clllddils Hros , I I

kel nug Last lo 22/2 nv. 2U/-I LJ ccissbml nnd, II lumiliatk from tllindnlc 112 merino, tieorjo t. <mMit Inka lloln« to 1W7, nt 15.10

Mntlilouli Davie« and Co slid -Mellier« 120 nitrino, t Jnikson lunn, to LLO/1 nv *~ ' 1.WIS-12S comibacl exurs Inle II 1 lieitir (.._. tirrill 1. lo 10/1 nv H/10 HOomclrot*, fvuro II«)

Dowd aul Son, Sale to f.1'5/


10/5.. Pi coliiobntk, M ïïeiJiiii* Mel«_

cciiiLhuek nml uicrtno, .. . ..._ _. tod/.'/ II luirino,'1 II 1 Ills, Vt Itcllseonibe nt £1/2/4 ¿I crossbred, from Phoenix Park I.

20 irosshrcd, S IM! k'nUrnm mid otlu

l.irca-l'iS cotnelinck nnl merino I

Is .ttltrllseombc lo 1C/S 10S crossbred Sife Hroi llmnctnor» IN S tv I Jo 11/7, ni IS/4. *,* crossbred Blul cimcliack Pullen Hros Min Jim ti 11/1 nv IS/, 5l| iiurlno G 1 ergiKon Charlotte rill, ni 18/7 51 eotnehnck Smith Hros limehill, IlniriiMlslt. nt 11/1/ 25 comeback, (I Ilirninm l,otniiin«lnle at 10/, 20 comeback S Pell k>ubrnni, at £i/n/| _^

McPhcrson, Thom and Co sold -tt ethers-102 comeback Vt I Hjrgood and Sons, Quat Ounttn l ovoii i IN «3 \t | to 21/7. »v 2t/ ia incvlno I I lloivler Plnli) ("NSW 1 lo 28/11, av 21/, 210 eoinibn.k. Jnmcs Solnirvl*lc S«n tlord House sandford to 21,2 130 imriiio t Mclntie*, Nortli i.ctloim Lwcs - uTî m«rlno, < I» Jackson, lliirn 1.05 merino A Mollinea, North üceloni!

rieoin.bnek. A I mil Woodlands leran», 8J merino, (Jordoti I^uio V iirokc to î(,/7 2S crossbred I riiQUipson i^ike Itownn 22 crossbred J J Ho«cler**Tllili) (N S W ) to 21/10

New /«nlnnd Ililli nnd VleieliitilQ tßiiley Com pall] limited sold -ttulltrs-1(15 cotnelinck I II < linn llaliicbni.1i Tilden at 2S/4, So incrluo, It 7* kelsnll Vloncn to 21/ r» 22/ 208 merino. P S I alklner and sons ltd llnonoko North Withrtcwa IN ** W I lo 21,10 av 10/ 17 merino jfarthi Dorio karalee Harston al 22/S 51 mer'iio \ 11 lli-od nilton Harrow Pm.s-14 merino It 1

kc'snl! Alonen 00 eomelmek exnrs late tt I Vi Inter Irving Tarrciiuiner leíate Swan Vlnrsli ni 17/1. 102 crossbred Hamilton Hros Mikado Park (..rruriil to i«/| nv IS/9

Power, Manson mid Co sold - Wethers-110 eotnelinck. It Moore I Inlijr £1/C/C 121 coinebni k t M Ln) lillian 12H merino A I Gilmour Chiltern, 110 merino V V Vlogg I mir Park (l/2/1, 112 merino 1) A VlcSleol llosednle £t/n/0 1 n es-152 crossbred, VV Ihnrbqii «jeld tolla. 210 comeback, G M Thompson Vtarerlir 17/8 21S crossbred, n Minore 1 ¡nie}, £1/1/1,

li! merino O !l Doolan Wuililo l'irk 10/S 120 crossbred Sir George j nilla. Heleura £1/0/4 li; cmsshrel J II 1 lint Avonlogh 10/11 111 come luck AM laj llsl'mi r2 comeback P Hnrils tn»o 17/0 0 croíSbred, G Hilliard« Nagambie

Powers llull.rfor.l and Co sold -ttelhers-ri crossbred CHclitora late J t'lke, Main Inrnpte Park MniislloU lo 21/2 av 2(/t 120 coroctneli 11 lted fern Homilo 11 mu to 21/1 nr 21/5 0 merino o»or« Into J (I llrlcll Pwcs-21.*" merino I» Mnnn Ormiston 2 i crossbred J -Malcolm tumbal. (N S W 1 102 comelinek t. S Clilrnsiile I .Ir to 18/ nv ]5/o KO eomelmek, t! T Wella Naringa IN S V, I, 110 comeback li Clirko llarmili (N R tt I to IS/, av 17/2 105 comelinek I (I lee Jamieson roil Mnnsltcl.l nt 17/1 It! merino J A Hlownrt Nnrnmid) 00 crossbred O Huckloy, Seven (Inks is/i, 71 comnbnek li Palmer Mnipcldl'nrk Maindample 18/0 60 conabaek C Lolch at li/. 50 comeback It tree at'l't/n comeback P killchcr. Barwite

tltx Scott mid Co PI» I.!d sold -Vt ilhers 112 eonicun.k J," Punió . (.len tlvfo, to 21/t 10. "",','!',,. ' '..ll'îlle '.?W Inns tn 21/0

8 KI!, 112 crossbred t, llogersiin Coldstream ... T-il0 'I' -'/s J" comeback It «june lixiiio to J,/I I iH-a-IM) (rossbrid It Milson »elinda

Shnokill White mid Lo I'll I til sold W Min ni-ki emnebuik A tt II Vt lillc. tillar ni illa I «mu 11 hum tit 27 9, .19 merino \ tt II Winn tlliarpnrlla llstuie I «huía 1 wes-] 17 «! " '. I'a.lnniplo (.untinutv, (8 Vincent and Wellman Dirham ,N s ti at 1(1/,, 2| I ««st ¡'.-ite'" "nt. -l",. V "lrl""' )lr"». k>alram nt.JO/7 ,.0 . \ A Milniics liiinboner nt 14/2

l-dwareT I reniliaid and to sold -ti cthit.-lo., nicrino J I Morris Wombolano Jeetho, lo i|/]i) ",' ti*'\. (top jnis-c. tor mcrlnoc*), Mt ininiliatk J 1 Morris, tt OmlKilailo. Joclho to 25/b 200 '.""US?.'* .""fcrosBlirwl ('amplíen Pros Illddcll *? xl!A "Î .20/, (.2 merino, II Nixon Vtuun« at ¿U/o "J.Ven-237 irosshml, exon Inlo II nnlson Old llnninwnrthu Wodunsn, 51 crossbml

I lorclinn Vit. Pleasant Carlsruhe nt 2]/(], >| .ras.sliral A shnw Wstherrwif .0 croisbitd I' Arelitiold ttjelieproof to 2V2

Victoriani Produeirs t o opirmivo Co ltd sold "-totllLrn-llO thomas Doliglns tt oodstock tt est to *;./.', "J. V.1'".! 14 " kralnnii. Joliiikton«tl|e io ¿y'}",P ', I»""« llonljmiir-id I'O, rta Kliueu

Si«'«1'1 '»»"*-110 I McDonald toiliikter t«i S'U«" 21<1',',7 J. ". ?»"? Dllkhun, (..iiKiirr. \1 -.V.L'"'^18.7 M ' ' u"10 I'lne I <xUe Soiilb «.' .*Vi0..BS.» \, lilanartln tinton to ll,/1u kjl

W,,« llirplfill Uitraont Pine I/nlgo Si urti to ¡WO «Iii« J' ,' " Ooorninlmt to *,(./, nr U/H 20 tt Spinks f.oornlnlint at 11

72 J Jones knlamnltli lo 14/1 ni ll/l, i>

I. ,ifl"V- """ílDimeail PO via Pollina to L'2/l M i, Í, î,ut,-îi Josees treck li 1«/, av W 41 It Hutlcr Newstead to 23/7 22, (' I Poole t.lrgnrro I a>t. at 21/7, 10 11 l.arïlier SI Hihope ?l .iï/hJ*!' ,' , ' " 1>',f.r ".li'inron Lelirani

to PI/ SO A I Larson t lnlort nt 17/

Wliinllold llewen mid < o. sit I-tttthi-rs-112 comeback and croertbreil J II SVnlts NaT uni K x " lo 2li/ln BJ i./s -.0 enwsliral and conn I nek I »! lord riiotpdiilc at ¿1/11 21 lomcliuk 0 Ilnllorin Hros, aiuum-pi-i« t nie Mausllet.l nt '1.

101 crossbred nul mci'tio V II Mbboti« Viirok«. to 21/1 nv 22/10 1 nop-1US eoiiicl alk ii Peirce Hoimcroo Coron i 18/ SI ircsHuid nnl iom«bnck 1 M MiCoiiillt« Albion l.roi« Nnrrnllderi 11/7 and iS/(. luj nienno John Hobliison Inijiihil, o7 eiossbred 1, C Nlehols(iif llllnmatmig ("uniwn

20/0 0 comeback A 1 Onrdlu

Wood nnd Co said 52 cives P Hlufst ... - io 17/1

**,_(. Jlamilloii and lo sold-ttctliei» - 101

M «.Ödland

_ _ _ . _ \ VIeVII.

lan ttaraimu, lo 20 I ai 2o/ J. D lllilcnut lied

at 20/

S 11 _

Ciwilnrr lo 17,

li (. Ilamill .- ._ merino I (.. DiltuurcMi Croidon klliuoi 21/2 ni 10' ¡A ui.iln i tt intuir H«.od

to 11/10 n» 22 10 TI comclma \ VIeMI!

.ui. «..iraima, lo 20 I ai 2o/ J. D lllilcnut lied lunn- at 21/ lw<«-(.0 ii.iueliack, Vite* liicmui. to 17/10 or 17/b J connbaik A MiMlllnil Wnrmnia lo 17/111. uv 17/ S inclino I. t, DumaiL II, l loyilon kilmore at 11/0

Gippsland and Northern Co-olnrntiie (o ltd .old*- Mellier*- «2Î comcbiek and cro-i-lircd tt t Sililcr llnmiah U»t, lo 21/2 al 27/10 210 buck Georg« llnje lootmric, to 22/1 av

"I irostliied, ti II 11 lillies llunimilk ni 2,/l 210 coinebiok I nnd I Street, lion Hun I ark lu 21/1 ni 22/1. 112 eoniebaik J 1 ocii-lo«, lo .2/1 ni 20/0 11Î comillie!! J

Siciliens Vncluililili.lnh lu 21/8 in .0/11, 101 t rossiniU and i.inehuk Mrs 7 si ,«el¡, Ushonie « lint lo 21/8 ir 22/5 77 caiiKluik mid crossbred M lji> tltllnu 10 «onieluek itn.l ctofsl red W lluntir, Meten CO en», bre.1 1 Nleholsou jimp 1 odm 00 .rcsslircd \ lleudo, looticlnc at *:2/'l 40 nilli. In.-l, I Alton* I allikiu 140 iris s brui mid i.uiebacl I! I.lltcrt (..«cn (.lill; to

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21/2. I we -211» crossbml

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I red uni mun bick t VI In), II ill ni 111.onie hnek S Itoluls Alma I nils 1|1 crossbred mid comelinek Ilr A Sleuarl Vlonckelln li V id

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Hownr.1 (¡ t" Cl/7/0 nv A.I/1./" 1S| cnmebiek 1 I VI«.! eod <lpniii.flct I lo ¿.l/b/S m l-l/i/l 170 «omiluck htm I Mcintosh liol lim to Cl/I/I « 1.1/2/1 Hil memo C S Ilawlilu.« Vvuiinlc, lo (,l/"/4 a« Ll/J S ltd cimebnek Mums Shields ln.kninninli lo Cl/t./ a« i.1 4/4 112 «omebnek J Melnun Iloehroik lo j.1 o S uv Ll/l/7 120 minni mid eoinibn.k II I

Viriler (.lincoe to 1.1/ /IO nv (.1/1/1 1.0 unrllio W t Debiun lull Hill to '1/1/ in JLI/J5 110 nonlircd und «rnitbuk I) tt li ml« tlniwool Pari lo Í.I/8/1 ,"r.. -.l/li/l ,12p,.,'"-lll1\ lame* Si men lit. Sinlfolt Hone i.l/1/ll] l18 comeback II HtibUlte looleiu ta'e to Li/ /I a«

il/l/ HO nitrinn t, t Mouc, I lilli 1 alk al Li T> 112 inrrlno 1 I lllolt llmaiifonl lo Çl/5'l a« .Í.I/1/7 SJ ennehack (.conn. Gnllllhs loii.tiilli»!

7*1 liieiliio II I ll.el) Creek toil >/10. in «1/1/ 70 cou tbncl 1 li eh ml« sirutli i ii«k to Ij/2/1. av < 1 /I/2,lw crossbred tt \ atid I VI IsMhiittlek »Toriiio West Slntloii llcnlll

«Ultu to Ct/li/ a» ¿1/10/ behm top liliee an 1 bi.hest ilirram ol lhc iilirtlit 05 molino J) 1

Inivicnec Hinksla ni ISA 41 merino I I'tdstnui SiUTir loaf ( ink uO comtbiek mid merino I! \!e»nndor Sprejdon I state nt 2C1(2 S 2o,",0'" bimi nu 1 merino Altin» Carter Spiliis V itle»

iSinlelt0/(.(iullnC 1OO/L 1/5n "aV* CI/i/7 2Jj..come

bick t It (jcllcil Coornilnda to "Ll/2/i, a« 10/2 180 cro3sbt«d and toiuelinek O S Itaivllntï« AT.Tn.lnlL lo 10/7 nr 18 7 177,comibiek I VV \ alienen, Wtllniiln 150 coiiiebiek t 1 Vtis «ii

li/iiien't'r'j \,,\rnV;ii^iLs,..e'to,?7}

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Hjaraics ttdlilliri ki «omet lek Vi I reine Carls liurc lo ¿1/1 > »v ¿,1/1/U I >^uiertno md c i roe bick \ s nation Shinli s ( leek t> C1 10 *oinilmik \t I Muhlebiili llclreil 1 ann nt Li 1/2 CO «oin bick 1 Srnrl» ltee«l> Creek -?-*-? bml D 1 I uren. llinksin nt 1.1/0 7 ii con, lue!, P Vlnhni.i f artl.ld, at U/2,1 1*1 eoniel ick It »Ila Mil to PI al 10/2 52 imsiirel Vt Snow Hld io to L1/2/J 16 <jr " bre.l I II Mm re 1 uro i it Li/1/2 1 « bilk 11 D Dlllll nr I irlsrulli nt IS/ ) 42 eo e luck It ( we tt.rrbe 7 .onicbaek II I nillir

cnifis to 10 10 ar lo 7 II «omebiek Thomas icolt Hie bus Mnrsh St em« I red »t I It.

VI kllpitml Moren «et Uclillituiin it, ,Ll 7 27 «omebiek It t lex nillir hnr«» Ion 1 sLit« '(.rant lledlie nul' Wcitir Pi) I td «old - Weth t«-i o < uniba.k md merino »V 1 ox Aaii

¿1/1 I 'Id ennuin k W (. Pronn i «* YS '0 mutuo Vt t Dehnert £1 "/ US c mebaik li I \nilcr"oii io il/l/' lllromelaek J Il»«n . V strm to C1/7II 10S merino Colt nros C rilRiebutii lill comiliel II Vh>on The l len Cl/2 8 10o.oroel.ick Normal]i Hanson I ho Hdnit to C1 1/11 72 merino Merino II wits 1 slate lo C1/0/10 70 cmnel ick and iirsslirc.I

T li Olive I hile', (o 11/1,1/5 »i .L1/J0/ CO

Vlorednn Hill l-slntc Snndfonl to J?l ,1 41 ce i" hack 1 I eifern* Honnie Doon 1 «es-loi ero v

I Siwser Bros l.lendaii Verum to C1. 1/

......... .??-irvine ia, comeback ^ "

111 I \ tn leis n ( ..

,, , . f hines to £1/1/10 r2 come Indi C Itedfern Houille Doon fO cornel ilk

Mnrlin kinlla Pnsl 1'1/S TO ,11, ,P W llllnr

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n.nel.iek 1 hn VInllie

I 1 1/J 216 crossbred

Inililili I. ¿l/>4 li' minni lUoikHfji Hrue VI n Held av Ll/|/t 1,7"i,oinel.iick 1. ( limul ei" 1 r«*«Iii t. 11' ir sir it. ltiekuls Ilio (.leneflrn 10 Li .10 l(s<io-.slr] II 1 Heinin 111 m I to

I nillir Vt nu loi ti N s tt to IO- a» LI/8/10 II«, corni buck 11 Dninllsm I nli.l« . » ,'ld's nv LI/4 II I'O loliielink 1 ort*. I Pros. Har! ira ti/" 11 101 cross-bred Innies 1 (nrinliliuil I ri tr 11 n il.h lo Ll/0/1 112 tiossbiel and conieontV. 1 l-iilii II u it Ile Mnislleld lo Ll/l/ av u/lll

IP cumble* eieinlors late Vt Htrmlslon Minio Pork, to ¿1/0/1 iv Ll/4/. "i eoinobaek (1. 1

l> «iillU ttiili'n.ilinle nt i.1/2/10 11* wft,'1

and merin i I tt < hamer. Iirlstmin to ¿l/"/4

SO eonirbncs P t Almond lionnlc Huon In, Li 2/1 » C1 V 03 comeback M V J Im,) I 'lan neill al i.t/11 40 emuebnik J Pio««l II illino D irn ul Li/'S li e" sslucil Sliuiahau Ilr

line t .1 7 s iv .'I 11/ 0 merin Munn r'unro'ili nt Ll/V ?.-.' I or nn I irbini at Ll/Vt,

riimrohli nt Ll/V . II

.... I irbini at Ll/s/t , "J m r"! ?len till »l onieliuk I, Mcrler lull ..,.,... ..««... . ... "-1 irrssi:....

I -k II I io" Dun!, a'dan 2 m crossbred a 11 i nulark I II II 1'r.wl Hei illa llletossbr. I nu 1 . mil irk P Plukirton 1 'Htruinoli to Li

1/10 220 eossbled II M (.nsor Nellie 1 n ti

? ll/l i]| .io* lml und crinelmek Miss II I'ntrck Snuer« Hi dte, to, «J/VI I*,*, <ro-i Int mil lombiik 1 »lel.wliinli Pine lilac to 17 | » in slit 1 an] eoniel nek It. bei! Humu lnlluri mil t) 17/10 lui merlin 7 ( Smltll SJ

An and TI comet ick 1 P Wo«; Çlcuro* to

¡1/' nv 17/f 110 crs-hrcl, 1 Hrodlt llnuisa Hulk 111 rrossbre.l mil .onielirl T Milnni Wooli

stoik 10H PHMbieil Mrs H leran»! Ilmiattoll nt

. I II I I ' .onidsik M A (lane) < lartmoiit ) 1=0 »v r/O lcrussbrel I- Hool cr Ilejcnlsll to

ila" li/l, ,1 en Tlr.d II J Munro Dunrobin nt Li (leressbitl I- Hooper l)evenisJi_to I,1,M/.

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41 cornel« ilk 1 lklcher 1 boolla. « neil "I I Vtc'hitiall


.p,,V|>""ilir)..'íln'iníc)ime "at 'jon

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kialiritu lo L.1/2/" ar

1(1/ >I ini'ltrd H I oit I nnnnibo I.) I"/ .1 errs-sbre.l II Newton '1 mon o3 en.L«bre I Simms Uro« Inkt dann to J.!'»/ av 10/10 .1 .ros

ifirvine* .-?> ,Z'?Tu}\?Wl HfÄ

s- L .»."""vtTn'mli^.nTro" p'fijlñ,ïk 4--l fthers

» -142 cumebíck O Jickcnno, 'rlcaden to (.1/2/2

oi AI/1 S IM crliiflae-k V hjlreatcr llcroii I t

le lull II (.1 0 I av CIVVi 220 liosshtf I V\ t \ Me 'I '" hi tillar I to ¿11/1» Jil ¿1/171 _1S »r er tslivel It «ntl Wolflu lark to i.1/7 a ¿1/1/7 117 cinelnk I Ulmrill* lloliejlll! , ¿1/ '1, 1 il merino I Tobin ljisweiod ll-l mi I I ml l' l Mlltrhenl Maliif rd In £1/10/ n


£1 S 4


conti back tell Mt Nap ¿1/1 i Helm .' ' " el lu Lal .bil

.b3 mel no. li uoi*on Kurratnonous 2 is conie bnk W P U Sulman 1 aulei \UIL. to li uv 11s/li, ¿.'li ero» bred \ M 1 aide Marilla lo ¿l/I/S ar ¿ltl/11 ¿.2ccuicbruk V M -.unison l.ltl Iruc, lo ¿l/U/11 al 17/7 21)2 merino I Drodlo turo« 220 citssbrexl, II IlMcomlo Uiver »k11 to tl/2/7 "0 er nbteel 1 t. encre»«, VI arra wee, to £1/2/7 nr ¿1,0/3 176 trouibmf J I)

Hunt, Vasniiibio to ¿1(1/7 «"U/l/2 107 e-ouu. laek M Munit) Ijnlong 131 crmsKled - V\ I Moiilgomrrj lle.n«ant. Hill to JLI/I/2 av £1/1/7 lit (nmbral from. tlio. Mallee no comeback J nuserald Shamrock V«le to ¿lji/7 ni 1-1 n/i

1111 iros-bteel li loleUw, nafannn Strathmerton lo iíl/l/7 arl 17/ Ills merino V\. Mcintee lou lah; uti erott'ivil I Quliitçll l'sale Point ill rre.«hreel M ltlthardson lllllrluw at ¿1/1/{ 1" J Vi (.rant, Arcadh, £1, 100 cioi hml litiiatrlck »ros. Clifnn l'art at c1 ": IOS merino V. M I n> Hallan f» irossbrcd I i Idol, llaifod j.1/4/ TJJ cioislreel. I Ii Ve'n

Panktiursl rcnaaln ni

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moitloir is'/il " 72 'irossbtisl,

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Vi atkin» luroa 17/0 oO «.mil nell J Mnikh..

. 17/ti 11 trail red I T lint» Inur1to1tlo.11 1S/0 72 crossbtoel. M Ho Ice, Inver «onion jfi, 43 in-brcei guli). Uro«, bnrinctleld to ,¿1/3/2,,, a. £1/1/, n, ¡ms-ircd 1 iJ"i",K ¡life, rd 10 e res-bred \ I iiy^tnl Numurkah .CI,1" ,.**« ¡-rouir«! .<. Gollan Tamleleh TI uerlilo M Hnrulw; kurrnmonnii« »1 crr.s«bred 11 Iliadej Cnoiailibal 40 irossbrnl «.loman Uros

irfiid 11/1/0 li irossbred Mrs 11 \dain» nrfoll 1,1/4/ .21 merino I T «ntl S li I.iv

W,",'>. -í-.<^<£,'l,re,, ' ,<."'», labba Nonli »t ¿1/1/1 Onlitteel from last weeks reixirt -5° 120 coinelia-k cues to ¿1/-/4 ar £1/3/1

Mnenrtlltir und Mu leo I soil -2a) crossbred i 1 Cibler Mewl urn lark Mnltrn nt £.1/1/11'.Jlrd .i»e» 1 Oilier Mowtibnni I nrk ". {.W^.V* ero«, bred, e io« I Glider, Mewburn {"irk Vnflrn nt £1/2/8 127 con twes J VcCuinjii Ktuliiinl ni il lo/U 112 comeback ewes

H,rr!n"l'ke!ll,( 'n?'«'/'"0 " í,fi"° Th»"»

«lAÎ"",,.S'"" .Smith and to Iii ltd sold Vlotrlers-216 .merino, S Coliman Ilaseldrne to £\ ./4 ni £l/l/â 1% cros.bteil mi] merino, JoTn laikcr Vnieiinoofj lo ,¿1/7/1. nv £1/5/5 1.0 c "'Jj?!1, *" "'""'no I ,S «custon Heathcote io £1/1/ 116 merino mil cr sslircil II L lui nilli, nmcelie fllsbonii toil/1/ av £1/2/ II enniihick I H eutlcrson 1 lie Orango to ¿I/o 7 1- ¿I/-./11 1 0 comelnck J Mllliril nil I Snui I bellen to cl/4/7. av "1.1/2/0 121 comeback nu Interino S J Mellara Toibornc t> el/"/' nv

C /¿/2 l20,«nuH,k Jniiioi ,VleI<u.«. lalhkfii to

ti £1/7,/! ,,

r.coiB 11 lu>

? " " "' ' 11_ ¿" ,

l«, au I Vi escott Tallarook I~îuV'Seymour" to"'£l 7/6 70 mer no O Li hill anl Son« line Ililli Henil emin D2 crossbred, M C II Ilrjanl Clunie I billilli to CI/7/4 Iii comelnck II Hamilton lootiee.1! to ¿1/1/6 2b comchick lames fnwnon lillie Hell I arm Hen ¡billilli, to £1/2/10 21 come back, W llrlnnt Ilomewooel ¿WfT/lO rwcs-210 iroasbnil Itlackhurn lires Handy iWsinç to t.1 1/S 2tS coliiebick I li Ucndersoii Hie Glen to Cl/l/S »v W7 230 merino, S Coleman Hurt lene to H/l/l ai £1/1/2 219 merino, S s s-mitli Coldstream m £l/f/I 200 erossbtcel I 11 Manu Hitambatoek to i.I/1/ 2i2comelick. I II

M Minni» lllscrslle M cerina. 2IC e omeluk nul merino It Lonorcail, Ile Wille Ms, 116 mer no nu I c mel lok 3 Mill ni an 1 Son« I'he Ulm to ¿1 1/7 ai Ç1/I/7 127 cro«»bril M Hall lUmoie 1222 c/inchick Vllrel lucken Helles 17S cr ss Heil II N liol I 1 1 ml meit to I'll HO eros

hml \\. Hard can I S 11« Mnuvelton to £1/2/7 II £1/(1/1 Uti ei «hi I nil cornel ick n , II II linker llarllKliup lo 11/1 11 . eros«!reel -nil come hiek II f vu ter. n Yei to IS/10, 111 merino l I Ihlrkell I 11k No k meiner Creek Hcnles lill, il/7/ll 111 c nieUck Jin Murmur lien oimfston North to £1/1/, nv in " 09 enmebnik C,eome II llnjes folunhl le to 18/11 7'1 cross I reel II C ( rlBi Ma li uri to £1/0/0 50 cross lrc I li I límenle Um eslnlc linthorne ir/11

-.Serssbrcl I Ilnll ( neusnlo Bl comihjck li

Mci a Heir Mnrroon 44 crossbrcl, Inmcs lawson

Hine Hell lanu lltniliriuln, lo ¿l/2/10"i5 c mt* I ick I s f lotnlcn, licntheoto 17/f 57, mer no 1 U irrigan Colitinbbin I nst 3.» crossbred I S ( reives I mia I-ini, n/7 li croisbred li 1 I irklnsoli lum. 1 ina 1S 4 21 conicbick li llmnt Hone» ni 17/1 ¿3 comeback M C II llrsint I luiile fin tin 10/f .

I Mncleol soil

. . . -schult? Hont l. - 11C loniiliek M nul (, SLOU Ilrm . £1/1/ nr C1/2/S lil conicbick Mr, lloll Tiaurlr to £1/2 I ui £l 0/1 70 coincl nek for! lo £1/1/ nr £1/2/8 111 conicbick " " "mi,, rly lo £1/2 I ui £l 0/) 70 com

Miller Vlexanln to U/i/4 as £1/1/4


V Dwi omH nek


«.-» .. £1/2/0 nv 16/11 5S comeback Sir

.dsirl Mlelfll Micelnn to £1/2/1 av £1/11 5 conebnek 1, Mor Vlesnndrn lo C1 III I 1 wen -II comelnck It II I hlllil I e Merribee to 1 l/l ., -- 1 rrsl and eoinehick C Kublel Merlon lo £1/1/11 n. 1S/2 "1 coincbnek T f

MUse, rtoeklnlik to If 11 nv lr/S Wlcro-slrrd . vin Lodi it.

I S Ooocll /O/l .,., _. . .... . ti Wctli t>- >1 1 to no1 nek an 1 inerli

Ml it-Vll iln Hlllesford to £1/0/1 ni II /I

' Innis in Slrettle ni 1 Co ' '- ' '

4.1/2/ nv |1 0 10ft eellleUck

TalBinn to Cl/l/is av ".J. T l Ollllnr lAlltelloll lo 1,1/Wl ni £ir/S I ineilno V Iloieilson Toi pila ntl-l/i I 1 es-101 crossbre I T Coites Iii llrniirtc to Cl/1/!, ni el/"/" Hi merl" ' I nnKlmrst louaals 111 cro«stireJ \. Hick

_ .... 4 1/0/1 nr 1 0 IS lYinolwck VI What (icll lls.1 Val el nt 1 I/O 27 console 1 D Vndct«un

Mistii latk at in/

Fat Lambs ¿

I hlttl four tlioitsjnl li lee linn lrcd mid tnerte) te ie I c 11 prised of 27ti trucks and 1 200 iii roid. II isilna eli tfls of hliuin The deni mel wn* ttool

lito ratet, til/ l)Lr head dearer, sal06 do*

'Viilïili aT isewcll told -1^ I f Tilt.

all c1 is«e^s ranaeil .ile» til/ tiLr . ? -

..Pi. aT . ... ..._ ."._

MIL Mnys to 2/1 nv . 22/1 27 T M Sivlae ' tstitt*.! 50 Heit bnllao Moe lo J 1 nielen

ie it,21/ HI I I tickner Moe at 21/4 21

Stlinilift. M L _* II Milite Moe

Vtl*ti lim Merenutile land and 1 ltulnco (o (Incnrtontliis J M leek and Sons! e-old -l~b \ II lljku larwhi Ija wooli} to 24/Í) 11

.1/1 slain li .1/ ni al/7 ]4li Melbourne mil ile tie I olll 111 Ho ml of Work* Mctronilltnti lnru «Lniui nt .1/11 119 V Cain bell linn I lal wo Us 2"/4 sl« ni 21 10 11O ! J McCain. I Lrunit um to 2(11 ai 21/10, 121 H llniliej linn lint lo 21 S al U/~ IJO n nolls) I II Minni I rile;.» lei lo 2o/ av H/7 IT J Colinen 1 to 27/1 ar 25/-i 109 J I Kerns lni-oiiLjah to, 22/1 1 17/11 ,10! J siiirlim lue**? la imbi 17/b 101 Ml \rni Milli, strm! I HIL h» M Criwlorel Ki* k11,le 10 2./7 at 2./1 7S C M Tvsford (1-1 to .1/ l ill. 77 initier Uros. I hu I irk 7b (woollsl M I nneksltank knmiaroo brontid it 17/ 1, H M ore Kilmore V It li Blick I unie 1 alriicw lark X1 24 1 V Cm!, K11

eui eli it 24/11

llileetj nu) lo It! sold ~H0 V Mulquinoj 1 lett I ii uah rune muh to 2i/ »r 2.1/IO lib let rilli« n une 111I1 lo 21/7 it !|| It B I Mons Mumbil Mi «I lo 21/ av ] !/h 140 I II Dnrd I Its lil t hnuiuont HatLSford to .0/1 ni II 90 I!i Gnarkeet to hil

14/ It* 1 1 M oelle. Vermeid Msnifoni 17/4 . ( nlm 1 1 ir I Ij I Id Hull nilen 11 ni 11/7 ii Mit bell anl lllon I ira«

den, llrew Ituaaiuali nt 2'/I ¡Hen I UII.HU iii «t, 20 ' " ... -u, Vii Saint« Mnliam

o' I I 1 nil 1st Inelrt...

nunn insidie* ni stn no 1 i i«m HJIISOI K1I111 11 li 21/ al ../I SI, I I

Milli Ineiluii lim LnilLilool lo 2/10 ni .1/1 ,2 II 1 Me.1 isue Minuncat ne t 2VI n .0/ al O 1 Iliket Ubi nu lia VI mangain

21 ti 21 II Mci Hiern!

lt,kin I carl nui l"i "lolsl-M V" C 1 Iskeu

^¿¡1/10. ai, .0. I

Lal J".'" ' '''''? 'ö"rO/l

llalli Hills IN s M T

K11« Sen* nul Hullliltluo sold-420 Vnstcj eis M Iltur Ivjallaul to .o/u as HU l_u W Diliisniple I louie to 21/10 ni 21/1

"I ko II I Uti mid co sold-Si C Ilrlcht

neilin to ¿1/2 J ni ¿l/O/'l

Mathia-an ' Uirl« and Co sold-_8S, Jin, 1 Ilpwu nnel -jon s"ie nt 17/10 41 1^1, iajlor Jilaacis lest to 1.1/1/1 av £1,30,0 Huntun lowunrr to íl/0/ll av ls/1 '

"MU eau, McK1.11/le and lo sold-SI John llwser calulu Itnishle to ¿1/2/ av ¿I/)/ Hj I V I ill strntle rsl to £1/11/1 nv £1 o/l, 7S I.LortjL Itctrsutnu. Conuindnlo at IS/7 Shotn-2,1

I 1 ikellj Ultucn lo i.l/"/10 li £1/0/8 li S tell ksnbrain to J.1/C70. nv ii/fl/, l«, V \ Lillicr Spniur Plains Min Mia lo £1/1/ CO t

I ress MonlM mci*, at ¿l/o/ 00 h Istitun Wer ? ii i.« a' L1/J7 JO V J Coi Ivjabratn nt

Mel berson riiom mid Co Boll -SI ,N Siniçns lik llownn nt l*/7 20 I J llowlcr linio

New '/c iUÜd I oan and Mcnautlla Vtcncs Co 1 Id soil-J' ciccittor, late VV I V\inter Irvine, r rtcniMWLr 1 tate hw in Marsh to .1/11 ni '1/4 10 It I I liddiard I) nnliicton I ita e ile,., lilli lo M/l, tv ./" 0 Mai un Uoile

k"i ilce""lWon 'ie. 21/1 a, »./li SO It Vin,

"l "'.-er'"M'U .on1 ^lir lo sold-110 lisa Vale

1 is inlillk Li 4/H Ob 1 M Pains Nieambie

'1/ li iii M l> Slilffr Stanhope "LI Vi, 40

C1 Klein stanhope, cl/b '. 31, I «". AT1

l'lfiA'le l'ml'Ä te.2/17 nv W 110 («UOMO 1 II Dunlns Mmstlell I .1/ a- l-l. S ¡

ila, .'i!3!!.»'iin .l.T-'Hkc"^ M^rrL Xnl

" Vlef -flint at d I 0 I is I Id «old -130 I'hornl . 1 ( 0III1.1« .l,hcil.Vt9l!.,ii0,s"./"

I til. sol I -,0

2 l\

vT H'"V«° lor? Oieriewton Ssdeuham at 2b74

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ÎU nfec II.ÏT to £1/4/10, ?fuel/»/4 13

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Mív II?ICH'L'ISC ni 1 lll-iiT Its 11 r «old -r"

Mriil 0 nunii stale llenls to ) 1 1/11 1"0 1 lestie I Illicit le t ¿I I 10 I"" J, Ins-ue N.irn 1 .1/12 1'12 lune« Isa I Inlrs. to

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1 lim*. Harston at ¿1/P/ 4S Sawscr Uro« f.leitlnra VctlnôV ti £I/i/4 4* I. J Tlielelt

CI/S/4 W TTlcai Clunes to ¿t/6/10., '

r» W lol ii ViTNaniira anl, Co. Tis ltd «old -

2 Muulls-jS Joseph Icll Mt ^apier, Hamilton,

li/lfh (be is ton price of market, CO J

. L1/Í7I nv £!/"/!, 24S

to U /IO/, av il/7/i

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US »l Hiller iV «linn lo Cl/tS/10 »T CI/7A lol J Cun mlns llonemlla, 1]. »turhurst Uro» l.leimiorc nt li 0 2 I.I I 'l nul S I Ii)

Hallan 87 J It (.runI), Wimmera Vat« lo £1 (l/8 nv Ll/4/1 OS Mars] all Uro« koo ive« rup Ll/l 1 4u 1 Hruoniflcld Childers aL ft/7 lil 40 'I Prescott Telford 14 r Viel ranc inn Numurkah £1/17 42 ( II Harvey Koo « e. ntl

to £l/d/4 av 11/4/1 II t 1-uMar.l, Numurkah £!/,!/ -' H L. Helson Mteioll Shorn-1Î2 J Smith mid Son tthi larra I aik to C1/S ü nv tl/S/4 (btllll. top aitracc ol tie mark t truck of s' -. aT ci/2, _.. . . ...

oHank.« Hros line 1/ l.e, ,, Ll .,, u. «., ,.<.

2IS ttnlson aud lloss, 1,1 ulule, to £1/1/ a« i.1 _/IO 29) I. Oolllll IsnilciiBli £1/1/ 1 " J L numil» Honccilla 1 II »omi. »lunik« 110 t lloalcli Nnlhnlia lo £1/4/10 a» £1/1

Hil kennel) Uro«, I mu lill lo £l/o nv £1 .1/11 J 21 V nlllinisn Vnrrmiian to £1/0/1

nv £1/4/2 1(2 ken Mikciiil.) Un Vale le £1/0/1 nr £1/4/1 10 A Ilr i II uri »[cathu l: £ 2/J ai £1/1/.*

112 V J L« les 1 Wiri I 1 siale to £1 b/4

ll/4/S 128 W Lluarls Situ to £1

£l/4/i 127 Minchin Hros peri i

£1/0/ ni £1/4/1 1211 VI J Hillier Dioulll lo £1 1/1,1 , or £1,2/1 1.0 »t M linns I'arecn lo U/3/Ç ar £1/2/ Hi tt Ills» Ungle* lo jj/o/ nv n/1/4 lie 1- T and S It La) Hallin «el II, llrnd), Gooriinlnt to £1/4/1 at £1/2/1 77 }? J,rentiço, Nunnirknh io £1/4/1, nr £1/1/1 71. I II »tritlit I lue Iodko to il'4/i a« £1/1/0 72 M Itjrnn Dookie at 11/7/10 13 T li 1-or.l

Vnbli North £1/2/2 CO V Needham Vllrlioo io L1/V10, ar £l/o/ 2 \ J ttrtaht Pine Iodsc ÎS.fl"/4 n.r £1/!'T -17 1 1.escott Telford nt n/S/, 30 li O Pnlikhivst loniialn al £1/1/ 1(1 Vin l Ho)il Killumi, nt £1/0/1 (I I

..»mir, tabla Norlli ni £1/4/7 l"fl John llurl-e lie Glen llnle» 112 Jonil ntirke, Hie Glen

J.. "Ij. .»"'.". «ulm H« ll/l/l I ,1 jonii mirri

lie Glen llnle» 112 Jonil ntirke, Hie Glen

?rlatril nnl Lo sold-17o (shorn

lliiliam to £l/"/S av 10/8 ** Ilnlnl Uos-iislTi to £l/o/10

- - -)(1Jn t) cl _

Hros V» nrrnivlns

I hUcy (omltleil from vcpo t last tvcek\

" 'Inlrn nnl Lo sold-17t

llnhtm to £l/"/S av 10/8 tninl Uos-iislTi to £l/o/10

£1/5 1 241 tlel liters Druinio)n li CW/IO nv « 1/0/0 004 (.borní Indi» Hros V» nrrnivlns

Dalton knrooln IfViei ]t I el]. nv Ll/o/o 224 (shorn) Inclls

to £1 7/1 ni £J/l7 101 It

lo ¿1/1/7 av ¿1/2/S 174 ..-.-ni « «... .,

Napier Station Hamilton to Ll/n/J, nv JLI 12 I being- easily the 'dullest aiernpe of Pie market fe tlic number ltO It tlexamlt Spr i Ino I state to £I/n/ av ¿l/2/1 ii» (shornl »1 II tdiit

0 eiihope 130 ishoml, 11 »tatt Glenavon lo £1/0/ nv ¿1/2/0 115 (shornl Doont 1 Storm lowlett Hher, to i.t/0/ll ii L1/0/ 112 Morn) l-rnnk tennbles nulli nulli ¿17 1 1,1 I I Coe Cooramulla- to e]/ll/l(l ot ei/s o 1*7 1 T (Icmcuts Vt irrntnli al il/8/U 12o J 1 Melool S| riiiBtlolrl no £1/,/S ni ¿1/1/2 ]2J Ishoni) Da«ls Uro« Dictéis' liest to i.I/4/7 nv JL.1/1/5 l18 («horn) I. I I nan, strath Creek nt 17/1 lit (shorn). II I «na«, (linr'ton to ¿-1/4/2 ni £1/1/ 112 I* llrnnl Cranbourne to, £1/10/2 ni ¿1/11/1 ]00 Ishoni). ttilfrcd Dise Intiftli) to£j/4/l IT ¿1/1/ 88 ? Millett -.uni no ti £1/7/1 ni £1/«. SI P Nelson Doreen to £1/1/ av £1/172 7> II * '- " se) io JL1/J S ni Ll/l 7 2 H

wariin UL £1/1/ Co (shrni) It), Hill nt i..'

Inrm to X-._.. l ett Vila Mia ,1 (shorn) O »I lohnslon 1 op nr Gioic to j.1/1/10 a» £1/1/1 50 Chonil t Ick! on Madilrn at 18/ 41, 1 bomas I'coot Hatclnt« VI |1 li tiidcrson Kilmore al £1/1/ 40 (slorii) Vt Wtllndscn Inlleo to £l M Mrs 1 t locke. Cimnnr-nlt nt £1/1/0, 11 W lordan Nort .Mlrlioo to Cl/11/, nr £1/10/4 »8. J P Small Stanhope at £1/7/4, 2.i W Snow Indigo 24 II D Dunbar Larlsnihe to Ç1/5/0 ni ,£1/5/4 "2 (shorn], t S Harton sheans Cieek at 10/í 2J II Williams Strath

Cieek to £1

Macarthur mid Vfacleod sold -1C5 V V T.obb lui une lionise) lu /"1/r/li nv «1/,/ 2' trom ltochfor.1 to c1/0 4 124 (-.horn and wooli») ícele Pros Murchison to £1/3/2 av IS/10 110 1 II nurrel Muimta n V lei Yan Venn to £1/1/ at £1/0/r 1)1 Dollen» Urn» Gisborne to 11/0/ nv tllvr 00 (shuni), I S Gooch Wheatsheaf »ti riallçsforl to £|,'S/1 av £1/7/1 I» Mrs 1

Innis Homewood lo £1/5/7 nr 1S/I 01 P lliv),r Treithnm to £l/rt'> nv £i/4/S 4b t kil|.le! Merton to £1/2/10 nv £1/1/10 41 (sliorn) ( ( relal toll Cobltr, at ]8/0 40 I G Vllssen Itoekhink to £1/8/10 nv £!/(,/(. 40, 1 V kord I lleriek llnlik Rullbur) nt El/O'll 17 It S Dr)«lnle lloneivooil lo £1/5 7 nv n/5 20 A Pun Is lloineitood to £1/5/7 ai IS/2

tilnm-on sir. tile an 1 Lo I li I 11 sold -110 «lorn - < ot-tcllo 1 mimili, to £1/./ av £1/1/11 1 0 I, Coate.« The '.rmso. to £1/0/., ar £l/s/4 (VI shorn Curtis Pros. Tommin to £1/2/ nv £1/0/1-, "1 »1rs North« Ilotlianca c? It VI Smith Doreen to Li 8/2 al ¿UT/7 i.1 shorn I (, tninis »Iistlelark to £1/7/0 av £]/, H 0' II (' I.ecs lletlianca to £1/4/ 41 Alec lohn sion lanecOell at C1A7 GO, II I ino; 1 anecOcI 1

to .L1/./0 ni £1/4/0, 11 V Ott, Iinccllell at Ll/8/10 l8 I » Piekllurtnn 1 Isli Creek at ¿1/4/11 21) V »In Smith Doreen nt £1/0/0« 13 P rn.ll Hros I ¡sli Creek nt £1 2/ 50 VI P Hr rell Hil. (reek at 17/C 10 1 1 icki irton I isli 'leek nt 10/1 fO 2tooths nnd Inmbs II keitinit raímala to Llo 011 ni £1/5/0 Si from Ilolarra to £l/2/,l "

'.andlloii an 1 Co sol 1 -100 t VltMIltatl

i» ¿21 10b Vltss Ingram Mnr li «on

( o 0| trune Co 11 1

North MniiMrellA In

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tll»it North

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21/ CO Gordon koeinn Mhb v. ... _. I 1 ric VI I ane Vlirl o

21/7 ni 2S/( Jo. H I Vt I Kommt IM k, slioni-l Stephens Vnekati lan lill lo 22 S nv li 11" V Paton an 1 sons Noorongong to 2 /I

Ol/- lui I« n lone I II) Isle lo 22/1 IT :

tt irrnivc .2/4 av £0/2 n Hros MoiiecVttu 124 I »lunn to 2I-/U ni C1 11 y North ti 2l*/S nv 2 /| li

- .- - / nv 21/. 100. I D, ?".."

2 /2 l^î tt lilies loobnni

21/- 100. ' D foelirniie Ilein . * /¿ IA tt Hues loobone to 22/s II VI n Cock 1 arn au 21 li ttaide in .>,./' '

Stoie Sheep

16 400 1 «nue l CulHpcUtlou was brtak thriiualioitt nL ]

4 mil li tooth V -4/10 74 conittrtk Vt M non! at - /J

»t DdDinple I Isli l

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nie«, toll lill li at -0/1 1 17 «ive veancrs nleo con tlltion cool in mt at pi/ 1 0 e».s weanei« nie c luliliui BOO! Iriincs at 18/0 121 wctJier weaners nice condition BOO 1 frames

count of th«. J re« Itr Vith ir Vt rh-s'teiiorth Uliarr)

1 Lo sol 1 -189 cro*«bred - ate Monro iduc lfiS fiboir II »I collits Moo

WI Infield llcivctt an 1 Co sol 1-120 cornel ni k ii cresline! mes C i ttats ii SL James ,, imebiek cives two tooth lines Lstate Dandt lianes ltoss an I Co soil- liS cornel aek cwts 11 mouths coo 1 frames late shorn c od condl m nt l-'W los roesbri 1 nnl comeback e\cs uni n n uhs medium frailes cool conlltfon cv«n t lite thorn at A.1/0/4 10 > red 1 n.rk at. £1/0/7

li i s I tate VIonroidu'

til crown earl« shorn, tood condition

nish nn« joined -"'.? - -

.l>2 eoniel »ck one line fa r frnnie* cool

tomiies Mnish nn « joined millie Decetibcr ..

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(nut llette ni d HUTCH ID III sold-] p eonclick util..» ««ais off nt 18/111 li .ross bri 1 Ininti« li bnik ewe« 2 « 1 red ctrt« full

lohn »li Nain ir. al ores I red weaners in I

ditlon l'l/i> 220 lll'l .-. icmber sliom mc ni ni «veil crown coo.1 Hen IS/11 10! emello! wellers mV I Into shorn sn lill li fian es fair c- «milli i 1 5 cmi-sbred i mels t liol su s, "u oui) atore con litio» 1,,/ 180, eoiiehaek

nhcl eves s,""li frai, trtr eui ililli 122 coinda k neilin* late l-l oin si nil fra toi litten 1 2 .21 t li el i 1 «velliti 1

Ion Siiflelk mis iiitied Ne "l, oi titk five« 1 jen

lit on (southdown ram

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¡Ition £1/1/1 1 2 c mi luck tie. sin Hum Ir lue« 14 S 11, eoniebatk Hellier« II frnint,. ii «1 inn minn 1 10 2' ",,-k «iii eros lue 1 Innbs mixt I sexes ns

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