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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, Hirth

Marriage, beith, and In Menioiinn notices must t>(í authenticated in some rej utnblo perdón te ensure (ht-ir insertion J

Birth, Marriage, Di lill, Bcroavrmint, In Slemo

riatn, and ¿Mineral ?»otlccs, up lo b lints, 3/

extra lines at Cd

To guard against error, advertiser* arc requcsicu

lo write all names clearly in block leticia


GLEESON (nee Eileen Mullaly) -On the 9th Jan-

uary, to Mr. and Mrs. T. Vincent Gleeson-a  


LOWSBY (nee Crowle)-On the 8th January, at Finchlea,

East Malvern, to Mr and Mrs. L. Lowsby a son (Bryan) McNAB- On the 7th January, the wife of L M McNab, Greengate road, Killara - a son

SCOTT-On the 17th December, at Merleswood

private hospital, Moorabin road Mentone, the wife of John H Scott, Venice street, Mentone

a son.


BRAZIER-On the 3rd January Amos William  

Brazier, MA , eldest son of the Rev Amos Brazier, husband of Maldon Brazier (State re gistered nurse), father of Elma (deceased), and Mary (Mrs. Winwood)

BROWN- On the 8th January, at her sister's resi-

dence, No 63 Pender street, Thornbury, Olive,     the dearly loved wife of William Brown, and loving mother of Nancy, aged 37 years.

Loved by all.  

CUMMING- On the 9th January at Tennyson  

street, Sandringham, Henry Leslie, the beloved husband of the late Sophia Cumming. (Remains At Sleight's Chapel. )

GILD-On the 7th Januarv, at prívale hospital,

Henley Beach road, Torrensville, Adelaide Sarah   Rebecca, the dearly loved mothci of Morris Gild

Deeply mourned

JOHNSON-On the 9th January, 1929 at Subiaco,

Perth, WA, Mary, widow of the late James Johnson, of Horsham, and loving and affectionate   mother of Belle (Mrs R McNair, deceased). James (W.A ), Mary (Mrs Wm Strong), Alex (deceased), William (deceased), Margaret (Mrs W A Melville), Charles, Clara (Mrs L J Heath), and Eileen (Mrs. E H Donnes, WA),     aged 80 years.

JOHNSTONE.-On the 9th January, 1929, at 15

Hawsleigh avenue, East St Kilda, Maggie, the   beloved wife of the late James Kerr Johnstone,   and loving mother of Alison (Mrs Love), Ellen,   Emily, Isa, and Robert, loved grandmother of   Arthur, Jackie (deceased), Harold, Alison and Normie aged 65 years, late of 42 Empress   street, East .St. Kilda

MOORE-On the 9th January, at the Melbourne  

Hospital, Harry S, husband of the late Elizabeth       Ann Moore (nee Day) of Caringa, 124 Albert street, 'Seddon, loving father of Harry, brother of George (Thornbury), brother in law of W H    

Day (Footscray), grandfather of Sylvia, aged 75 years.  

MULCAHY - On the 8th January,at the Alfred  

Hospital, Albert Edward (Bert), beloved third son of John Stephen and Margaret Jane Mulcahy, of 8 Victoria grove, Auburn (formerly of Clunes),       and loving brother of Jack, Charlie (Deceased), Edgar (Sydney), Horace (late AIF), Stella,   Hilda (Mrs P W Mason), and Gilbert (late AIF), aged 47 years, late of Victorian Rail ways and 58th Battalion, A.I.F.    

Thy will be done  

MULCAHY- On the 8th January at the Alfred

Hospital, Albert Edward (Bert), dearly loved uncle of Jack and Charlie, Merrifield, Osborne avenue, East Malvern

Peace, perfect peace

O CONNOR.-On the 8th January, at her resi-

dence, 560 High street, Northcote, Annie Maud, the dearly loved daughter of James and the late Mary O Connor, loving sister of May, Florence,     (deceased), Elsie, Alf, Olive,Lillie, and Bonnie    

Our dear sister at test

RICHARDS- On the 9th January 1929 at Stann's

private hospital, Yarrawonga,Thomas J   Richards, dearly beloved husband of Edith, also loving father of Margaret, Thomas, and Norma,  

aged 54 years

V long and patient sufferer it rc<l

SMITH - On the 9th January, at 95 Embankment  

grove Chelsea, Harriett E Smith, loving sister of William (Tasmania), Elizabeth (Mrs Morey),       Amy (Mrs Rogers), Louisa (Mrs Heaton), aged

63 years.

TOPE-On the 9th January, 1929, at her residence,

55 Carpenter street, Middle Brighton, Emma Mary, relict of the late John Richard Tope. (No   mourning, by request ) (l'iivalt Interment )

IN MEMORIAM. On Active Service

CLELAND -In loving nieinorv of our dear bus  

band and father, Driver Thomas Livingstone   Cleland, who died on ictivc scribe ibrnid, lanuarv 10, 1117, ilso his vountist brother, James died June L3, 1927

Twelve sears have pssscil dear father,

Hut numoiy's golden chain

Will Irak the memory of our love

Until we mret ac,iin

-(Inserted bv his loving wife and fanulj, Haw thorn road, Caulfield )

BRAY.-In loving memory of dearly loved daughter          

and sister, Daisy, who passed away on 10th   January, 1927, at Castlemaine. (Inserted by   her loving mother and sister, 300 Mary street,


BRIDESON.-In memory of a good woman,  

Elizabeth Jane, who fell asleep January 10,


Gone, but not forgotten.

CHISHOLM.- In loving memory of our dear son,

Henry Gordon, who passed away lanuary 10, 1927 (L. C. and A. S. Chisholm, Avoca, late

of Box Hill.)  

CLARK.-In loving memory of our dear son,

Cecil, who lost his life at Heyfield by drowning,

January 10, 1927.

Just when his das s were brightest,

Just when his boi es were IK t

JuFt bl the pride of lils ruinhood,

He was taken away to rest

Too dearly loved to be foigotlen,

lor true love never dies

The dearest spot on eirlh lo us

Is where dear Cecil lies.

-(Inserted by his loving father and mother,

Robert and Eva Clark.)  

CLARK.--In loving memory of our dear brother,  

Cecil, who lost his life at Heyfield, January 10,


Tteasured memories of one so deni Are often recalled bj a silent tetr

Bean r to memoiv thin winds mi till

Is the brother we let an I lou 1 s> well

-(Inserted bv his lovirg SIRIUS and brother", Jessie, Gordon, Beryl, and Neil )  

CLARK-In loving memory of otu ileir n phew,  

Cecil, who lost his life at IH}llelil by drowning,

Januars 10 1927

We cherish still with love sinceie

Beautiful memories of one so deir, Loved in life, treasured in death,

A beautiful memory Is all we bavc lett, -(fnserted bj J and A Clark )

CLARK -In loving memory of our dear pal, Cecil,

who sacrificed his life at llejfield on January 10,


Alwajs happv and cheerful,

T\ ith a heart that knew no fear.

Ile stood to fight life a batt!

Kora friend he loved so dear

In the bloom of life God called him.

In the prime of his bo)hood djvt., ?*ono knew bim 1 ut to trust him,

None spoke his name but in praise,

-(Inserted by Nell and George Wiltshire, Dande


COOK-In loving memory of niv di ir husband

and our dear father, who pisced away sudduilv at St Kilda, Jaruary 10, 1923

Lter loted and remembcied

EVANS- Tn loving memorj of my dear husband,  

John Evans, vvtio died Januars 10, 1923, ut Surrey Hills, late of Clive road, Auburn

A tender eboid of memory Is softly touthed to-dnv

HARRIS-in affectionate and lendei remembrance

ol Elizabeth Annie (Mrs. Colonel Harris), who entered her eternal rest, Jiniian 10, 192S, -ii sears a faithful officer of the Salvation Army.

(Svdnev, Brisbane, Adelaide, and I'erlb papers, 1 lease copj )

' Into Thj bonds, O Lord, I come

Life s Inttlcs ne o cr, the vii Ion is won. Into Thy hands through night to light, O Lord into Thy hands 1 come ?

-(Irscrted bv htr husband, son Ronald, Ade liide, and daughter Marie)

HILL-lu losing memorv of oin dear frbnd,

John Hill wbo died at Richfield, Korumburra, Janmrv 10, 192S

Honoured In life, remembered in di iib, \ beautiful memory Is all we have left

-(Syd and Ada Benwell, also Jean and Mamie ) HILL.-In loving memory of our dent friend, Jack

Hill, who paEsed away ou the 10th Januan,


One of the bert,

-(Mr and Mrs. J B Wheatland )

HUGHES.-In loving memory of our dear son and

frothcr, Robert John, uho passed away on the 10th January, 1928 i

Although bis volte ia silent.

And lils smile wc see no more; In our hearts bis memory lingen

Just &B fondly aa before '

-(Inserted hy hin loving father, mother, bro ther, and sisters.)

LYNCH -In loving memory of my dear wife,

Lucy, wbo passed avvay on tbo 10th Januars»

I often «it and think of >ou, dear »rife,

And think of how jon died, Monv a time I long for von,

And munt a time 1 ve cried

The Howers I placed upon sour guto

\U\e withered and deeaved,

Bit the love for vou who Iles beneath

vvill never fade avvav

Mthough four veara have passed awa>

^Inee my great 60rrow fell.

Still In mv heart 1 mourn the loss

Of the one I loved so well

In the lonely hours of the night,

When sleep forsakes nrj eves,

Mv thoughts are in the silent erase,

Where my dear wife lies.

~S!nwrtccJ by her loving husband, D. Lynch, Illeura, Donnybrook.)    


LYNCH.-In loving nvronrv (it mv dear mol

who pas»ed «way on (hi- 10th January, 11)23.

Just a token of affection,

Aral a mernoo fowl and true; Whatever else wo Lill In rta Wo alwajs think uf i«,

-(Inserted by her loving son and daughter in law, Osie and Ray, Illoura, Donnybrook.)

LYNCH.-In mommy of ni» d.rllng innllur, '

l'..«.d away .lamían Hi, 1KB,

A tender ihoul oí meium»

I« deeply tom in ii ioii.iv:

Ixi»Im; thought« of »on, dour mollior.

Will no»er tmlc.rw.it.

-(Inserted by her loving son, Smyth.)  

MARTEL.-In cvcrlmmg nicuuirv of o»ir dear

father, Nicholas Perrin, »»ho tnivoil n»»av nt   .Moonee ponds on lOlh J.inu.iiv, 1M1. (Ii,.; ried by his loving son and daughter, Perrin and Elize, and son-in-law, Les Kellaway.)

McMAHON.-lii Im lue mommy of mv dear hue

hand, John Patrick, ex-sgt police, who died Jan   ary 10 IMS. (Inserted by lil. loving t»ife al.,]

fainlly.) K.I.P.

MCMAHON.-In Invine memory of mv father, john

Patrick, who died Killi Januar}, IMS. (Inserted by his son, Thomas.)

MITCHELL-BURDEN.-Jn loving memory of our

dear mother, »»-ho passed a»vay on Januar}' 10, 1U25. (Inserted hy her daughters, C. Russell and

N. Munro.)

MITCHELL BURDEN.-In loving memory of our

dear mother and grandma, »»ho »»a« called home so suddenly, Junuary 10, 1!>25.

E»-er remembered.

-(Inserted hy hor son-ln-ln»», daughter, and grandchildren, A. and C. Russell, 12 The Ridge,


NORMAND.-In loving memory of my dear wife

and our dear mother, »»ho dlrd at Albert Park, January 10. lfffil. .

liver roincmliorcd. ' -(Inserted hy her husband and family.)

THAKE.-In Io»lng memory of my doar wife and

our mother, who pawn! aw.15 on J.mujiy 10, 1910,

Ever rememlicli'd.

-(Inserted hy S. Thake and family.)

WHITEHAIR-In lotlng memory of my biloved

t»ife. Amanda Haines Whitehair, who passed away at South Yarra, January 10, 1!)2S. Ouse ' by her husband, J. Whitehair, Hoddles Creek WHITING.-In lo» lug niemorv of nu- dear

band, Bert, who passed away on 10th January 1925.

E»*er rcmemlieied.


SEWART. -Mrs. ANNIE SEWART desires to  

THANK all kind frlrnd« and lel.itlons for ard«, letters, telegram», lloval tribute.-, and per- sona! expressions of Miuimthy during her Kid liercncmenr, »noolaII) thanking fir. Purler and sisters of No. :l and 1 Ward, Caulfield Militai» Hospital, for their unfailing attention; also stall* Metropolitan Hoard of Works. Will all please ariopl Hil. as a per-nnal aeknowledgmi nt of her deepest gratitude. 23 Loyola avenue, East Bruns




are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his dearly loved wife to the place of interment

in the Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from her sister's residence, No. 63 Pender street, Thornbury, THIS DAY (Thursday), at 3.30 p.m. ALFRED ALLISON. Funeral Director, Queen's parade, Clifton Hill. Tel JW1708

CAMERON.-Friends of the late Mr. WILLIAM

LEE CAMERON are Informed (hat lils re. mains »»ill be interred In the Springvale Ceme-


The funeral will move from the residence, of his son-in-law, (Mr. Thomas Everett). No. 70 Bayview street. East Prahran, THIS DAY (Thura, day, Jamiury 10), at 3.15 p.m.

II. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Toorak road, South Yarra; and at Caulfield._

CUMMING.-The Funeral of the late HENRY

LESLIE CUMMING will arrive at the Camper- down Cemetery THIS DAY .(Thursday, the,19th     January) at 2.45 p.m.      

A, A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD.. Brighton. SlllG.

KING - The Friends of the late WILLIAM ALFRED KING are respectfully invited lo follow hi* remains to the place of intornlent in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

His funeral is appointed to move from his late residence. No. 33 Munro street, Ascotvale, THIS   DAY (Thurulay), at 2 p.m.

ALFRED ALLISON", Funeral Director (estab. 1S3I), Mount Alexander toad, Moonee Pouds.

Tel. FUWC2.

MOORE - The Friends of the late Mr HARRY S MOORE are respectfully invited to follow his funeral to the place of interment, the Footscray Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to move from his son' residence,. Caringa, 124 Albert street, Seddon, To morrow (friday, January 11), at 2 o'clock.

WALTER A. WARNE, Undri laker, 291 Barkly t slreet. Footscray. 'Phone fl Footscray._

MULCAHY - The Friends of the late ALBERT EDWARD (Bert) MULCAHY are invited to follow his remains to the Burwood Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his parents' residence, 8 Victoria grove. Auburn, THIS DAY (Thursday, January 10), at 3.30 p.m. No flowers.

Le PINE and SON. Funeral Directors. Tel.


O'CONNOR. - The Friends of the late Miss

ANNIE MAUD O'CONNOR arc respectfully 'informed that lier remains will Iw interred In

the Coburg Cemetery.

The funeral will leave hor residence, SCO High ..(reel. Northcote. 1U1S DAY (Thursday, 10th

January), at 1 p.m.

JOHN ALLISON. Funeral Dlreclor. Uead office, Richmond (Iel. J1003).

PAINE.-Friend« of Mr. and Mr». STEPHEN J.

PAYNE, of Fairbairn road. Toorak, uro in- formed that the remains of I heir late beloved daughter, Caroline Ellen, will bo interred in the

St. Kilda Cemetery.

The funeral will moio from No. 108 Point Nepean road, Elsternwick. THIS DAY (Thursday. January


SMITH - The remains of the late HARRIETT SMITH will leave her residence, 95 Embank   ment grove, Chelsea, at 10 a.m. Friday, for In- terment at St Kilda Cemetery.  

TOPE.-The Friends of Mrs. EMMA MARY TOPE J- or" most respectfully Informed that lier private funeral will leave her residence, 55 Carpenter street, Middle Brighton, foi- interment ni tim Brighton Cemetery, THIS DAY (Thursday), nt 3 P'J!' MONKHOUSE and SON, Undertakers, Car- penter street, Brighton. 'Phono M16-.