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Death of thk Rev. W. a. Clayfikld.— The announcement in our obituary notice* of the decease of tois esteemed Church of England clerffvman will doubtless cause a varv

teeliDg of surprme and regret. The rev. gentleman died at the comparatively earlv age of 34 yean of congestion of the lungs, after a short illness, at Mount Pleasant, the head quarters of his parish, on Saturday night, September 12. it was only on the 4th iubt. that tbe deceased waa present at the induction of the Rev. F. S. Poole to the iixumbency of St. John's, Adelaide. He then complained of it cold, and it is supposed that, he not being of a strong constitution, the fatal disease fastened upon him before it seriously evidenced itself. When the news arrived on Friday last that alarming symptoms had set in, the Ven. Archdeacon Marryat left Adelaide to visit tho deceased and perform his duties. Oa Saturday the Vary Rev. Dean Russell re. ceived a telegram stating that the patient was bejond hope of recovery. Both Mr. Clay* field's preparation for and connection with the Church were entirely colonial. While engaged in the establishment of Messrs. Wills & Co. he became conuected with Uie Sunday-school of Trinity Church, tint as a scholar and afterwards in the capacity of teacher, and bis devotion to the work and consistency of character induced the late Deau Farrell to suggesthis settingbimself apart for the ministry. Hating accordingly offered himself for Holy Orders. Mr. Clayfield was sent (0 the Church J Mission Station at Puouindle, and placed trader the charge of the Bev, Mr. Hammond. After about four years preparation, be was dulj oroajned to the succes sive ofices of .deacon and priest Frem the first the dooaasod's laboucs Have been in the neighbourhood where he was located at the time ofbisdoata. LatUdy hWpari* extended oW about SO miles, oompnJMadiaf tbe Mount Pleasant. Mount Torres* ▼oedaMe, and Klen Valley Churches, fit the peepb of the district, irrespective of creed, be was mack resfeotoi. rnd ftmay safely be said that hb singleness ef purpose and unobtrusife demotion to has ''.wak! have be^n' productive of great good. By hk brother clergy also, without dfttfasfioa bf party, ' be was highly esteemed. The rev. geutUnan was uniiiarried, and his loss will fall heaviest upon an aged father, nU mother being dead. The loss the Church of England has so*- tamed by Mr. Clayfiejd'a death was made the auoject of comment in the City Churches on . Srnday, more topecially at tbe evening service in Trinity Church, Canon Farr bung the prdacher. The remains of the deceased clergy mas were interred in tbe Mount Pleasant Cemetery ; on Monday afternoon, September 14. In accor- ' dance »ith the. earnest wish of tbe deceased's ' parishioners tho body lay at the parsonage up %o tae time of burial, with a view of giving the j Lumber th?.t wfched it au opportunity of taking : a farewell look at the features of one who had ' resdercd himself dear to them. The church

was crowded with a congregation of over two hundred people during the ante-burial servioe. Archdeacon Marryat officiated, Dean Russell reading the lesson. Hjmns 161 and 191, from the Ancient and Modem Hymn Book, were beautifully sung bj the local choir. The re mainder of the burial office was read at the grave by the Arohdeacon, and the 169th hymn sung. There was a large eonooune of persons from all the surrounding neighbourhood, repre senting many different denominations. At the conclusion of the osremony the Dean appro priately addressed the assemblage. Telegrams regretting their inability to be present on the occasion were received from tne Revs. Canon Coombs, R. B. Webb, M.A., B. Reid, J. W. Oower, and F. & Poole, B.A. Among those present were the Revs. John Macbean, M.A., and J. H. Angus (rYeebvterisas), who have throughout evidenced the warmest sympathy with the parisbisasn k their loss of so truly farUrful a pastor. The Late Mr. W. Rounsevell— Mr. Wil- liaavBounsevaU, whose name will be familiar to most of our readers, died at ha residence, Qlenelg, early on Monday morning, October 5, at the age of 58 yean. The de ceased has been Buffering for a considerable time from a complication of diseases, caused by a general decay of the syctom, and his death therefore was not a surprise to his friends. We are : glad to know that although his illness was .so protracted, it was not aocosapanied by much pain. Mir. BounsevaU was an early colonist, having arrived here about 35 years ago. Be was a member of the staff of the South Australian Company, and afterwards held several offices in the Police Force. He resigned the charge of the police at Port Adelaide in 1852 to go to Victoria. He returned to Adelaide during the same year, and commenced operations in the livery and coaching line, which assumed gigantic proportions, as he had for many years the cjfttraats fer carrying nearly all the mails dispatched in the colony. He subsequently sold his business to the firm known as Cobb aha Co., and it is now carried on by Messrs. Hill and Co. Mr. Rounsevell retired upon the very con siderable property he had realized, and pur chased tbe estate of Glen Para. He wan an enthusiastic sportsman and a crack shot, both here and in England, and the interest he took in the pastimes of the field led him to stock Glen Para with various kinds of English game, which he has been very succesaful inacclimatizing. fie also acquired property at Gienelg, where be built a large house. Mr. Rounsevell paid a visit to England a few years ago, and since his return he has resided occasionally at Glen Para, but chiefly at Gienelg. The deceased was one of our very successful colonists, and it may truly be said of him that, although bis transactions were exceedingly large, he always gained the respect of those with whom he had business, and that while among bis friends may be included all those who knew him, he had not a personal enemy. Mr. Rounserell was some jean ago an unsuccessful candidate for a seat n the Legislative Council. He leaves a widow and two sons. Mr. John Rounsevell, the elder, who was formerly a member of the House of Assembly, has been largely engaged in Go. veroment contracts, and is well known in business circles; and; the younger, Mrd Benjamin Bounserell, is a sheepfarmer. The remains of the late Mr. Rouuaevell, 6en., were interred m the family vault at tha West-terrace Cemetery on Wednesday, October 7. The procession, which included four mourning carriages and a large number of private vehicles, came from Gienelg to tho burial ground. The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev. C. Manthorpe, of Gleoelg, whose church Mr. Rounsevell bid recently attended. Tbe Rer. J. Bickford stood at his side. Amongst those present we noticed Messrs. J. RoanseveU and W. B. Rounsevell (deceased's gone), Mr. J. Rouosevell, sen. (a brother), air. Turner (brother-in-law), Mr. Palmer (Mrs. Kounsevell's brother), Messrs. J. W. H. Roun ee'vell nnd J. M. Rounsevell; also the Hons. T. English, J. Crozier, W. Sandover, and W. Parkin, Messrs. W. Townsend, M.P..S. Tom kinson, A. Bonnin, E. M. Bagot, J. Victorsen, J. C. Chambers. JL W. Andrews, T. King, W. Rhodes, sen., W. Barlew, W. Coombs, Dr. Cawley, and others. We observed a large number of mafl driven who bad formerly been in the employ of Mr. RounMvell, and who doubtless deared thus to bhow a last token of respect for one who had been to them a good master. A handsome monument now being prepared at Mr. Herring s establishment will shortly be erected over the grave» ? s THE LATE MR. THEO. ROBIN.— We regret, to announce tbe sodden death of Uub gentleman at the comparative early age of 44 years. It is little over a week since the deceased was moving about the Port in the enjoymoat of his usual hearth, bat about that time a boil appeared on one of bis legs. To tbis he paid little attention; thinking it would disappear in a day or two; But symptoms of erysipelas soon manifested themselves, which increased in virulence and rapidly extended to the brain. Medical advice wu obtained at an early stage of the disease, and the best talent of the city was called in; but it was of no avail, and he died on Saturday evening, September 19, at his residence, at Woodvilie. The deceased waa a native of Guernsey. He arrived in the colony about 25 yean ago, and for a long series of veers carried on btuineag in Port Adelaide. He was tormerly in partnership with Mr. LeMeesurier, but latterly ue haa been the sole proprietor of the Saroia imiberyard, and at the time of his death had some large contracts in hand. The deceased interfered Tery little in politics or public iffaira, being moM inclined for scientific and literary pursuits. He was, however, an earnest advocate of tbe federation cf the colonies, fie was a memberof the Philosophical Society, audso recently as the 10th September a letter appeared in our columns from hi pen on the state of the Port Bridge. The deceased was a respected member of the Wesleyan Church, h whose pro* -raw he took a lively interest. He leaves a widow and nine children, the youngest being quite a baby and the eldest about 17 years of age. He was brother to Mr. James Robin, of Adelaide, and brother-in-law of Mr. Theodore Hack, of the South Australian Railways. The luneral took place on September '23, the inter ment being made at the Walkerville Cemetery. The cortege was a very long one, comprising over 50 vehidea. Amongst those present at the grave were Messrs. James Robin (brother); R. Robin and H. Robin (nephews), Theo; Hack (brother-in-law), T. and J. W. Hocart (cousins), J. B. Hack and C. Hack, the Revs. T. Lloyd, J. Y. Simpson, J. Bickford, G. W. Patchell, M.A., S. T. Withington, and W. P. Wells; Messrs. W. Townsend, M.P., J. Pearce, M.P., M. Salom, J.P., J. G. Boothby, H. R. Wakefield, W. Wincey, J. H. Kaines, J. Dunn, jun., W. H. Sharland, J. A. Hartley, B.A. (Prince Alfred College), D. Bower, R. Honey, Wishart. Beypolda, W. King, Jan., Arthur Cbapeuo, G.W. Cotton, J. Saxby, A. A. Scott, Phfllips, C. Farr, W. baker, H. Brown,; 8. Harvey, J. Lloyd, Adamson, J. Wflliaamn,' 6. W. Cole, Basley, Morris, W. PengeDy, W. R. Cave, sad Moody. Representatives of the Archer-street Wesleyan Sunday-school, of which the deceased was for a considerable time Super- intendent, were also in attendance. Tbe service; at tbe grave was taken part in by the Revs.; Messrs. Simpson, Lloyd, and Bickford, Mr. Lloyd delivering an impressive address. ; Dkath of Mb. J. GbowML -Great regret has been expressed at Port Adelaide owing to thej death of Mr. Jsat» Grape, who for many yean? oarrisd ob an eateasww bnsjmnss in that tows &n, a grocer and storekeeper, tie was at his place, of busiaess oa Saturday eveomg, September 12,1 aadayfeatwd in geod health; but on Sunday,' whilst at h» residence, at Fades, he was m4m! with an attack of paralysis, which, not with- ' standing tbe efforts of his medical attendants, coded fatally nine hears afterwards. Mr. Gross*. was * leading member of the Coogregatiooal' Ghurch, and for man/ yean sopennteniad taei Sabbata-Mhools ronneatsH therewith. Sosm years ago he wasin the Port Corporation, andoo : : wo occasions he contested the Mayoralty. He 'at left an only daughter, for whom much ftvmpathy is felt, her mother, having died a few years previously. The funeral of the late , Mr. James Growe. of Port Adelaide,, took place on WeJnoaday, September 16, at the Alberton Cemetery, and was very numerously attended by the principal residents and boonew people of the Port, as well as many merchants and other gentleman from the city. The Rev. M. H. Hodge officiated, and the Congregational Sabbath scholars, who assembled at the grave, sang appropriate hymns.