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ARRIVED. Sunday. Mat 10.

EESOLUTION, bngantine, 120 ton*. P. Le Gros, master, from Natal March 14. Gilbert Wood at-sct, To to and Port

PESUUl* *?;?'£'' '-*? ^na. *? *r. Hnewln, master, fro111 Melbourne, via MacDonnell Bay and Bob* G. Youag, agent, Town and Port. Pas*n*.--?rs— Mjss Livingstone, Mrs. Feuhert aad child, Sir K- D. Hanson, 8heriff Boothby, Hon. B. B. Andrews, Q.C., Messrs. L. J. Pelhain, Ben&l^ McLean, limestone. Hales, Munt ami son, in the cabin; and 14 in the steerage. BELLE, brigantine, 198 tons, A. Board, master, from Ljttelton April 17. J. W. Smitt, agent ? ABBTYED COASTWISB. Mosoat, Mat 11. CAPEIXA, ketch, 74 tons, B. Glenn, master, from Wallaroo. MAID OF AUSTRALIA, ketch, 45 tons, P«tereon, master, from Port Brcughton. PROJECTED DEPARTURES. LONDON— Lngar, Cotherstone, early. MELBOURNE— Penola, Aldinga, this day. POBT DARWIN-Jaaon, early. SAN FBANCIBCO-City of Berlin, early. ALGOA BAY— Japan, early. AUCKLAND— Oberira, early. FKEMA5TLE— Alexandra, early. CLEARED OUT. Mosday, Mat il. Ll'GAR, barque, 494 tons, Griffiths, master, for London. No passengers. May SAILED COASTWISE. 11— ENDEAVOUR, cutter, for Port Wake Etld. IMPORTS. ?.* A sp«cial charge in made on consignee*' ansancementa inserted under tie haai Imports. RESOLUTION, from Natal - 2,783 sacks rugar. BELLE, from Lyttelton— 2,404 bags barley. 112 sacks malt PESOLA— From Melbourne: 30 cases fruit, 23 loirs cedar, 21 cases sewing-machines, 26 pk^s. nachwrights' materials, 6 coil3 rope, 6 cases mineral water, 2 bales, 10 ba^s wheat, 1 case stamp?, 2 bales kangaroo skim, 5 paresis. From MaeDonnell Bay: 2.012 bags potatoes, 33 bales hop?, 1 -io. kangaroo skins, 3 trunks, 7 ca«s, 1 1 ui butter. From Robe: 1 cask lamps, 2 cart wheel*, 5 hi-k.i, 1 bale kangaroo £kin«3 2 kegs t;.tter, 1 box. Per Penola, from Melbourne— For TV. and T. Rhodes — 19 ca«es Singer's seeing- -machine', 2 do. Household Hand Lock stitch sewiE£-macaines. For Gilbert Wood— 70 tons Mount Gambier potatoes. Per Hesperus, from London— For W. F. Long — 6 cases rose, li±uouce, and crjsui jujubes. For Robin and Birks — 13 cases drapery. Fcr W. Hooper— 2 hbds. For Joseph Woodman — 3 cases pianos and harmonium*. For J. J. Green— 5 cases, 1 trunk, 6 cases, 6 pkgs. snorted shoe grindery. For R. and A. Longman, Hindmarsh— 59 pk^?. For \'rgoe, Son, and Co.— 1 piano, 6 trunks, 100 cases geneva. EXPORTS. LUGAR, for London— 2C0^ tons copp-?r, W. Morgan and Co.: 2,132 bags wheat, Kawlings aad Cave: 405 do. tiour, J. B. Raadell; Iu2 bales gluepieces, Brown Brothers and Co.; 5 cases gum, 2 do. wax, R. B. Lucas; 162 bags bark, H. Wilke and Co.; 51 pkgs. bones, &c, 3 bales cuttings, 2 do. leather, 52 do. wool, J and B. Taylor; 1,747 bags bark, 31 bale3 wool J. Stilling and Co.; 542 bags bark, G. Young. 288 do. do., 52 bales wool, W. Peacock and Son; 76 do. do., Cieiand, Mitchell, and Co.; 25 do. do., H. D. Dale; 1 -ir.-cask wine, B. H. Wrgg; 1 case furniture, W. J. Fullarton; 1 do. mer chandise, H. Sullivan.

MISCELLANEOUS. The Pefola, from Melbourne, ri MacDonuel Bay and Robe, anived on Monday mormng, having left on May 7, touched at Port Mac Docnell Bay on the 8tb, and sailed on the lOtb. Ueit morning the steamer reached Robe, and she left at 2 p.m. During the passage she ex perienced strong head winds with a high sea; accompanied by rain and hail squalls. The RESOunios drove from the bell buoy to a position about north-half-west of the Saniauhoro Jetty, in which she lay and rode out the rough weather in half three fathoms. Visit to the Hesperus.— Early on Monday a start was made from the Semaphore Jetty to inspect Captain Legoe's new ship. The wind was about west as we headed off, and even on leaving the pier the fine proportions of the ship loomed up as she rode as quietly as if in harbour. Having a good scope of chain she veered a good deal ; but her rise and fall were scarcely per- ceptible. She is built of extra stout plates, and being of 1,777 tons register, will, in the event of her loading here, take an immense cargo of wool. To the common observer she looks graceful enough ; but no one would imagine her to be of such great burden unless he boarded, and then the dimensions of the spars and gear are apparent. The mainmast, in accordance with modern arrangements, is an iron tube 86 feet long and 2 feet 8 inches in diameter; then the topmast, topgallantmast, royal skysail and pole together send the main track 160 feet towards the clouds. The bowsprit is 2 feet 9 inches in diameter and 26 feet long, and on the end are carried a jibboon and flying boom of great wooden spars. The square of her yards may be imagined when it is stated that the main and foremast are furnished with spars of precisely tbe same length. Thus main and foreyards are 89 feet, by a diameter of 22 inches at the truss. The lower topgallantyards are 61 feet 8 inches, the royals 43 feet, and the skysailyards 32 feet 6 inches. She has a long fine line entrance, with deep undercut run, giving a clean delivery aft. The vessel has a nice sheer, and the adorn- ments of her hull set her off to great advantage. The sides are painted black, with a white por- streak, and the cutwater is surmounted by a demi figure of a full grown Hespeiide. On a line with the 'tween decks are pierced fine circular ports for ventilation, and in the poop they are of extra size. The feature of striking interest on boarding is a spacious, well-appointed promenade, 8O feet long, extending from the ensign staff close to the main rigging. The skylights, companions, and deck gear are of worked teak, and on stepping over     to the mam deck a pretty view is obtained of the cabin front, which is embellished with gilt work and varnished mouldings. The interior of the saloon is in excellent taste, there being seen a skilful adoption of various woods. Teak, rose wood, oak, and maple, with Dantzic fir and walnut, are placed together in excellent con- trast. The pilasters are surmounted by gilt Corinthian capitals, and the ceiling is white, with gc!d mouldings. The centre has a long telescope table, and overhead an admirable skylight has swinging trays and lamps. Differing from most modern sbips, the stern is devoted to two spacious cabins, with a ladies' bathroom contiguous. The fittings and upholstery are choice, and voyagers must be fastidious if not satisfied with such quarters as are provided. The bed berths are so constructed as to be made single or double by a neat contrivance. In every detail the saloon, staterooms, and ap- pointments are nearly complete. The gourmand will be delighted to observe that attantion is devoted to the buffet, which is in the charge of a first-rate steward, who has already served in the Darra, of the same line of ships. Abaft the mainmast is the next deckhouse, which properly belongs to the officers, but under the emigrant regime has been made into a dispensary. In the immense deck room a house or two seems of small importance, so before the main hatchway is another built of teak, in keeping with the surroundings. Here are the realms of the chef de cuisine, one being set apart for the ship's company and the saloon passen- gers, and the other for the emigrants. Pots, coppers, and boilers here would reign supreme, but that in one comer there is a neat engine by Chaplin. It is of eight horse-power, and its duties are those of a general slave without grumbling. Sometimes it has to heave up an anchor or take a pull at the topsail haulyards;  

if a shroud needed setting up, this appliance is at the service of Mr. Begg; if the ship wanted pumping out, which she never yet has done from leakage, the engine is in use; and, finally, it drives a powerful steam-winch to discharge the cargo. Attached to the cook's galley is a condenser capable of working off 40 gallons of fresh water per hour. This is when in full blast, but on the passage it was seldom required, because of the great sea stock carried. Under the same roof is the second cabin, which is at present occupied by youngsters. A large dining cabin and several commodious staterooms are here fitted with a due regard to comfort. The forecastle deck is as long as many a thousand ton ship's poop, and in addition to covering the tars' quarters it has below a fine Emmerson and Walker's windlass, oneof those contrivances which saves the ship's owners money by doing away with much manual labour. No person touches the cable except perbaps a couple in the chain-tier to see it stowed. On board there are nine excellent boats. Two on the quarter davits are lifeboats fitted with Clifford's patant lowering apparatus, which, however, the captain has con- demned as useless. On the main skids are four boats, and on the fore deckhouse three, one of which is a dockyard cutter. A descent to the lower regions through the fore-hatchway shows a fine roomy compartment occupied by 115 single men. It is a matter for regret that the emigration officials under the new system have not recognised the propriety of putting the single men in hammocks — a course which would not only afford more space, but would be con- ducive to cleanliness. There appeared to be a lot of useful hands, who at the early hour of the   visit were scrubbing and cleaning according to the customary routine. The shifting tables, bunk-boards, mumbers, mess-kids, and all sorts of utensils were as clean as possible. The main hatch compartment of the 'tween-decks was larger than the before -mentioned space, but of the same height, there being eight feet clear from deck to deck. The children here appeared to be legion, of all sizes, sorts, ages, and both   sexes. Hard-handed sons of toil with their wives and daughters were looking as happy as if their new home had been explored and found equal to the anticipation. It was gratifying to observe the master, as he passed along through the family groups, interchanging friendly words with each. In this compartment were 233 souls, and although the examination was on a close, murky morning, the place looked thoroughly clean. In yet another space 67 single females seemed ready to take situations early. Apparently the domestic servant difficulty should be partly solved. Dr. Duncan was early in attendance to muster the people, and arrange- ments were made to land the single females by the Sophia on Tuesday. The Commissioner, it is stated, has given instructions that no single females are to be hired before they have been transported to the depot. The Hesperus, as she lies at the Bell Buoy, is one of the handsomest, if not the finest ship ever seen there, and when painted and in harbour trim Captain Legoe may well be proud of his craft. GLENELG SHlPPING. ARRIVED. M.-y 11— Pknola, steamer, F. P. Snewin, naster, from 3Ialbouine, via MacDonnell Bay md Robe. Si!SCELL-NEOr/'. The Ffxola f rrivci off GJenelg in the midst jf heavy squally weather, and was boarded by the Fa'ry, steam-launch, about 12.30 p.n». Tho prssige round hr ., besn far Lorn pleasant, and in Guichen Bay a lighter w?s with difficulty brought alongside. Pasiengers and cargo were slung on board with equal ceremony. The Ade laide mails and prssengers were landed iu Glenelgat 1.5p.nv CAPE JERVIS SHIPPING. May 11, 8 a.n\— Pfnola, tteamer, passed, from Melbourne to Port Adelaide. May 11, 4.30 p.nv— S^w, otig, pa^ed for Poit Adelpide. LACEPEDE BAY SHIPPING. Arrived. May 4— CEEST of the Wave, ketch. Mortess, master, from Port Adelaide, with cargo of rail way iron. Same day — Rambleb, schooner, Henderson, master, from MacDonnell Bay. Cargo — 132 bags potatoes, 5 do. flour, 16 do. bran, 10 pkgs... ll| tons stone. Same day— Asxib Tatlob, Evans, master, from Port Adelaide. Cargo— 706 iron rails, 1 piaro, 3 tors general cargo. May f— Resoldi*, [schooner, J. McLeod, master, from Poii Adelaide. Cargo— 15 loads timber, 1 dingey, 315 pkgs. May 6— Coorong, steamer, J. Doweli, master, from Port Adelaide. Several passenger?. Cargo — li-0 pkgs. May 9— Meteob, ketcb, from Port Adelaide, with railway iron. Sailed. May 6— Ramblek, for Port MacDonnell In ballatt. Same day— CoOhOSO, for Me bourne. Cargo —2 bales skins, 7 hides. For MacDonnell Biy — T#o passengers. Cargo — 14 pkgs. May 7— Cbest op the Wave, for MacDonnell Bay. In ballast. May 9— Akkie Taylob, for MacDonnell Bay. In balla&r. BLANCHETOWN SHIPPING. Abritcd. May 4 — Moolgewanke, steamer, Fuller, Master, from Wentworth. In ballast. May 5— Goolwa, steamer, Atkins, master, from Wentwortb. Cargo— U0 bales wool, 2cJ casks tallow, 107 hides and skins. Sailed. May 5— Prince Alfred, steamer, Oliver, master, for Wentworth. May 7— Jupiteb, steamer, E'rg, master. MELBOURNE SHIPPING. May Arrived. 10— Trader, ketcb, from Stockyard Creek. 10— DuVEj schoo.ier, from Wynyard. 10— Charlotte, schooner, from Western Port. 10 — Martin, schooner, from Western Port. 11 — You Yakgs, steamer, from Sydney. 11— City of Melbourne, steamer, from Sydney. Sailed. 9— Alma, barque, for Western Port. 9— tXPRkSS, steamer, for Warrnambool. 10— Restless, brig, for Newcastle. 10— Victoria, schooner, for Western Port. VESSELS IN PORT. ACTIVE, ketch (Br), 40 tons, Dalby, from Port Pirie. Company's Wharf. ADOSJS, hatch (Br), 50 tous, Aiglenov^tch, irom Pert WaVefield. Company's Wharf. ALABAMA, cutter, 15 tons. Kopff, from Por; Waketieid. Company's Woarf. ALDINUA, steamer (Br), 291 tons, W. McLear. from Melbourne. J. Darwent, Town, J. New man and Fon, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. ALEXANDRA, b.igantine (Br), 2SS ton*, The Fiaser, frcji Swan River. Dunnikier Slip. ALTERNATIVE, cutter(Br), 15 tons, C. Atkin, from Port Lincoln. In the Stream. AMOR, brigantine (Ger. Cou.), J. Hamann.from Natal. Hart and Co., agents. Port Company's Wharf. ANNIE WATT (Lr), 42 tons, Blanch, from Port Wakcfield. Company's Wbarf. ARR. barge (Br), 41 tons, Valentine, from Trou kriHge. Company's Wbarf. ALUMINA, barque (Br), 714 tons, H. Thomas, from Melbourre. Mir:heU, Fox, and Co., Town; Cleland. Mitchell, and Co., Port, agents. In the Stream. ARADUS, brig (Ger Con), 243 tons, R. Ahreni, from P«a-t Natal. S. Mocatta, agent Prince'* Wharf. AKMIDA, barquette (Nor), P. Werner, from Port NataL Rawlings and Cave, agents. Queen's Wharf. BELIE, brigantine (Br), 198 tons, A. Boord, from Lyttelton. J. W. Smith, agent. In the Stream. BROUGHTON, steamer (Br), 90 tons, Jeal from Pert Broughton. Company's Wharf. BUCK, cutter (Br), 20 tons, Spells, from Port Wakefield. Company's Wharf. CAPELLA, ketch (Br;, 74 tons, Glenn, from Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. CITY OF BERLIN, ship (Br), 1.011 tons, Robt. Warden, from London. Rawlings and Cave, agents. Company's Wharf. CLAYMORE, barque (Br), 287 tons, J. H. Pepper, from Newcastle. J. Bickers, agent. Company's Wharf. COORONG, barqpt (Br), 369 tons, Peter Slater, from Newcastle. W. Hamilton, Town ; E. D. Pale, Port, agents. In the Stream.

COTHERSTONB, barque (Br), 382 tons, J. T. Lawrence'son, from Port Louis.' Giles and Smith, agents. Port Company's Wharf. DASHING WAVE, ketch (Br), 45 tons, Garrick, from Port Wakefitld. Company's Wharf. EDITH ALICE, ketch (Br), 40 tons, Simmons, from Salt Creek. Company's vVharf. ELEANOR, steamtug (8r), 1550 tons, Craigie. In the Stream. ELMGROVE, barque (Br), 254 tons, J. L. Leddra, from Sydney. J. W. Smith, agent. Prince's Wharf. EMILY SMITH, brig (Br), 142 tons, William Davidum, from Albany. H. D. Dole, agent. Company's Basin. ELSIE, ketch (Br), 70 tons, T. Cheeseman, from Port Pirie. Company's Wharf. PBEEBRLDGE, schooner (Br), 96 tons, Mes servy, from Port MacDonnelL Company's Wharf. FOUR BROTHERS, barge (3r), 40 tons, G. Rubenicht, from Port Wakefield. Company'.-. Wharf. GAMBIER LASS, ketch (Br),50tons,Iveraon, from Port MacDonnell. Comoany's Basin. HENRY barge, (Br), 40 ten?, Rubenicht, from Port Wakefield. Company's Wharf. JAPAN, baiquette (Ger Con), 260 tons, Hugo Walter, from Cape To* a. J. 3Ulling and Co., agents. Prince's Wharf. KANGARCO, steamer (Br), 180 tons, Lockjor, from Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. LADY ST. AUBYN, schooner (Br), Samuel Bcsustow, from Poit Louis. C. Jacobs and Sons, agents. Coal Company's Wbarf LIEF, schooner (Ger Con), 170 tons, S. Meyer, from Mauritius. T. Graves, agent Queen's Wharf. LOTTERY, brigantine (Br), 150 top', John Gibson, freu Melbourne. C. Jacobs and Sons, agentp. Company's Bndn. LUGAR, barque (Br), 494 tons, Jcbn Griffiths, from London. Rawlings and Cave, agent?. Queen's WhpJ. LURLINE, ketch (Br), 70 toi-% J. Germein, frou Port P- :e. Companv's Y71' arf. M. A. DIXON, barque (Br), 415 tor', Robei; Dixon, froia Liverpool. P. Levi and Ca., agents. Levi's Wharf. MAID OF AUSTRALIA, ketch (Br), 45 ton?, Peterson, from Port Broughton. Company's Wharf MATILDA, cutter, 12 tons, Tairich, from Port Wakefield. Company's Wharf. MAYFLOWER, ketch (Br), 33 tons, Evans, from Port Pirie. Companv'p Wharf. MELROSE, barque (Br), 287'tons, C. McKinnon, from Newcastle. J. W. Smith, agent. Cea! Company's Wharf. MONEYNICK, barque (Am), 281 ten?, B. L. Marshall, from Newcastle. Captain Simpsc i. agent. Queen's Wharf. MONTANA, ternue (Am), 652 ton?, J. MudgeLt, from Port Ludlow, Pug6t Sound. P. Levi, Town and Port, agent. Company's Baeln. NAPPERBY, kfctcb, 70 tons. Hunter, from Poi t Pirie. Company's Wharf. NORMANVILLE, cutter (Br), 30 tons, Darkin, fiom Port Pirie. Company's W narf. OBERLIN, brig (Br), 242 tons, T. Anderson, from Newcastle. P. Manuel, ageni. Queen's Wharf. PENOLA, steamer (Br), 261 tons, F. P. Snewin, from Melbourne, Port MacDonnell,, and Robe. Company's Wha»f. RIPPLE, steamer (Br), 59 tons, W. F. Hardy, from Mauritius via King George's Sound. J. Stilling and Co., agents, Town and Port In the Stream. ROYAL SHEPHERD, steamer (Br), 24 i tons, W. Crocker, from Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. RUBY, ketch, (br), 33 tons, G. McKay, froia Port Wakefield. Ccrcpany's Wharf. SATTARA, barque (Br), 789tons, John Harri son, from London. P. Levi and Co., ag«nls. Levi's Wharf. SOPHIA, steamtug (Br), 35 tons, Joknson. Queen's Wharf. SPINDRIFT, ketch (Br), 70 tons, W. Krause, from Port Pirie. Company's Wharf. 8WALL0W, cutter (Br), 40 tons, J. LeRay, from Port Caroline. Company's Wharf. TITANIA, ship (Br), 87tf tons, John England, from London. J. Stilling and Co. /Town and Port, agente. Copper Company's Wharf. VIGILANT, barque (Br), 366 ton«, J. J. Wood, from London. Rawlings and Cave, agents. Company 'b Basin. YOUNG EDITH, cutter (Br), 15 tons, Buck, from Kangaroo Island. Company's Wharf. YOUNG ST. GEORGE, cutter (Br), 30 torn, A. Munro, from Yankaliila and Myponga. Company's Wharf. YOUNG SURVEYOR, ketch (Br), 29 tons, M. Irvine, from Oyster Bay. Company's Wharf. At Tb£ Anchorage. HESPERUS, ship (Br), 1,777 tons, J. Legoe, from London. J. Stilling and Co., agent'. METIS, barque (American), 626 ton?, James F. Kent, from New York. Harrold Brothers, agents. RESOLUTION, brigantine (Br), 120 tons, P. Le GroSj from Natal. Gilbert Wood, agent vessels expected, From London. BAROSSA, loading March 20. BELTANA, loading March 20. BUNDALEER, sailed March 10. CITY OF ADELAIDE, loading March 20. CLAUDINE, sailed February 6. CONDOREN, sailed March 11. C00NATTO, loading March 20. CRAIGENDARROCH, loading March 20. DARRA, loading March 20. GLEN OSMOND, loading March 20. GLENLYON, loading March 20. GOOLWA, cleared March 17. GATESIDE, loading March 20. LIMARI, loading March 20. LUFRA, spiled March 10. OUTALPA, loading March 20. RALSTON, sailed January 31. From Liverpool. AUSTRIA, loading February 20. GLOBE, loading March 20. From New York. BRITISH CROWN, sailed January 31. From Boston. MOUNTAINEERS. Fbom Bubbard's Inlet. CANADA