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[From the OotenmaU Gmxttte, Bepfesmber 24.J


Mr. L. R. Hogg, fourth clerk, to be third clerk (5th class), v« Stephens, promoted to the Treasury. Mr. W. EL Petenwald, fourth assistant landing

promoted. Mr. Arthur Fearey, third boarding offioer, to be fifth clerk (6th class), vice Bennett, trans ferred. Mr. N. W, O. Bennett, fifth clerk, to be fifth locker (6th cUub). Port Adelaide. Mr. K. G. Hawing, second boarding officer, to be rixth locker (6th class), Port Adelaide. Mr. W. B. Slater, glut offioer. to be second boat ding officer (6th class), v-c« Homing, trans ferred. Mr. A. S. Fotheringham, glut officer, to be third boarding offioer (6th class), vice Arthur Searcy, transferred. Mr. J. A. Plint, second assistant landing waiter, to be sixth landing waiter (5th class). Mr. Alfred Searcy, third assistant landing waiter, to be sixth landing waiter (5th claas), vie* Plint, promoted. Mr. W. B. Squires, fifth assistant landing waiter, to be third assistant landing waiter (6th class), vice Alfred Searcy, promoted. Mr. G. E. C. Stevens, sixth assistant landing waiter, to be fourth assistant landing waiter (6th daw), vice Peterswald, promoted. Mr. M. J. Conlon, glut locker, to be fifth assistant landing waiter (6th claas), vice Squires, promoted. ; Mr. C. J. Blersbaw, indoor cadet, to be sixth assistant landing waitei (6th class), wrStevens, promoted.   REAPPOINTMEFT.   The Rev. Canon Farr, M.A., to be a Member of the Board of Governors of the South Aus tralian Institute.   APPOINTMENT APPROVED Mr. G. T. Hallett, as a clerk of the sixh class, by the Central Road Board. RESIGNATION. William Henry Bean, Esq., as a Justice of the Peace.   MARINE BOARD CERTIFICATES. Circular and enclosure notifying that the provisions contained in section 8 of tie Mer chant Shipping (Colonial) Act, 1869, ha^e been extended by Order in Council to certifiaates ef competency granted to masters, mates, and engineers by the Marine Board of South Aus tralia. DISTRICT OF PORT GAWLER.| Order in Council dedicating block of land in the Hundred of Port Gawler as a site jor the erection of a District Council Chamber. JURISDICTION OF COLONIAL COURTS. Circular despatch from Earl Carnarvonitrans* mitting copy of an Aet, 37 and 38 Victoria, cap. 27, which has passed the Imperial Parlia ment tkis session, intituled ' An Act to regu late the sentences imposed by Colonial ( lourts where jurisdiction to try is conferred, by Imperial Acts.' TENDERS ACCEPTED. \ Architect's Department— Strathalbyn, Goolwa, and Victor Harbour Tramway.— Cottagi for Stationmaster at Middleton, Samuel Trigg, tun., £300; North-terrace Esplanade— Fence from front of Government Domain Guardhouse Gate to Frome Bridge-road, David Hardy, £51; erection of Kingston Court-House, Cbirles Dover, £781 1 IMMIGRATION AND EMIGRATION. Return of passengers inwards and outwards at Port Adelaide for week ended Saturday, September 19, 1874: — Inwards, 60; (Jut wards, 51. I IMPOUNDED AT THE PUBLIC POUNDS. CANOWIE (nearest Post-Office, Canowie),' Patrick O'Donohue, Poundfeeeper).— One blick. horse, advertised in last week's Gazette, stkr, like aR or yC conjoined over O near shoulder, shows an indescribable brand like gcD conjoined over O near shoulder. Will be sold October 5, noon. — The old red bullock, advertised in la st week's Gazelle, branded like F8 off ribs, be h ears slit, appears to have like HA near ribs. Will be sold September 28, noon. CLARENDON (nearest Post-Office, Clarendon I, James Williams, Poundkeeper.— The grey how , advertised last week, brand like O, now appea r like c- near shoulder. Will be sold October U, noon. ] KINGSTON (nearest Post-Office, Kingston S. F. Nicholls, Poundkeeper.— One old bay mari blotched brand like O or C near shoulder, liki — over S off shoulder ; one brown horse, aged] heart brand near shoulder. Will be Bold Octobq 12, noon. j LEASINGHAM, William Haythorpe, PoundM keeper.— One bay saddle mare, star in forehead,! branded HH with — over and 3 under (the HE| conjoined) off shoulder, near hind hock white, j piece of rope round neck, very wild. Will be; sold October 26, noon. ! SADDLEWORTH, Section 2803 (nearest Post-Office, Saddleworth), Chas. Ansell, jun., Poundkeeper.— One old chesnut horse, large blaze down face, off bind foot white, if branded not visible. Will be sold October 24, noon. TEROWIE Section 158 (nearest Port-Office, Terowie), D. Mutton, Poundkeeper.— One light brindle cow, and calf about two months old, star, white belly, piece out of off ear, if branded not visible; one grey mare, collar-marked, brand on near shoulder indistinct, near hip down. Will be sold October 19, noon. ALMA, Section 603 (nearest Poet-Office, Stockport), W. Freeman, Poundkeeper.— One brown horse, star in forehead, near hind foot white, B near thigh, collar-marked; one bay mare, star in forehead, like MH near shoulder. WQl be sold October 19, noon. MELROSE (nearest Post-Office, Melrose), Charles H. V. atee, Peundkeeper.— One bay horse, star in forehead, branded likeIN Wnear shoulder; one black mare, a little speckled on back, branded like J H conjoined over j& and ?— over & near shoulder— no other brands visible. Will be sold October 19, noon. REDHILL, Section 259 (nearest Post-Office, Bed Hill), Jacob Bairstow, Poundkeeper.— One yellow roan bullock, white on belly and flanks, piece out near ear, L and C within C on near ribs, 0 near shoulder. Will be sold October 19, noon, — The retl steer, little white on belly, tail, and head, both ears marked, Q off rump, gazetted September 17, now shows Q or Q blotched off ribs. To be sold October 12, noon. POINT PASb (nearest Post-Office, Point Pass), F. C. Leditschke, Poundkeeper.— The chesnut cob, advertised on September 17, branded like G near shoulder, shows now like G3 near shoulder. Will be sold October 12, noon. CAL.TOWIE (neare3t Post-Office, Caltowie), J. C. Potts, Pouudkeeper.— One brindle and wkite spotted bi'llock, rope on neck, branded like AL or writing it near shoulder; one bay horse, streak down face, AB near shoulder, AB near rump. Will be sold October 12, noon. BLANCHE, Section 420 (nearest Post-Office, Mount Gambier), William Marks, Poundkeeper. — One red steer, blotch brand off rump, piece out of near ear; one yellow and white steer, strawberry flanks, branded like JU off ramp, piece out of near ear. Will be sold October 15, noon. WILLIAMSTOWN, Section 28 (nearest Post Office, Williamstown), Chas. Snellgrove, Pound keeper.— Two brindle and white spotted steers, about two years old, if branded not visible, tip off near ears; three red and white spotted heifers, each about one year old, no brand visible, top off near ears. Will be sold October 19, noon. NARRACOORTE (neatest Post-Offioe, Narra ooorte), Donald Campbell, Poundkeeper. — One li?ht bay mare, branded like SC sideways near shoulder. Will be sold October 19, noon. TAN UNO A (nearest Poet-Oftce, Tanunda), J. H. Walden, Poundkeeper.— One bay mare, blase down face, no brands viable. Will be sold October 19, noon. UULNARE PLAIN, Seetion 388; Hundred of Bundaleer (nearest Post- Office, Gulnare South), Peter Mathews, Poundkeeper. — One spotted bullock, piece out of near ear, like C off ramp, J near ribs, star, white spot on nose; one red bullock, top off near horn, off horn cocked, like O blotched near shoulder, «B conjoined off shonMsr, sear «ff ramp; one red bullock, yoke niarkaL kra horns, lit* ^otk HHfth* HH

conjoined) off shoulder ; one spotted steer, like CorO off rump, near horn broken; one red bullock, hoop hams, Bke C off ramp, F near shoulder; one spotted calf, yoke on neck, no brand visible. Wfll be sold October 26, noon.