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SHOPS AXI) SHOPPING. On the Eve of Christmas.

There is probably no other celebration for «hieb we make suth preparations, com- mencing so long beforehand. From our earliest youth ive make plans to be cheer- ful and happy al this time, and so, with a zeal and energy that almost surpass com- prehension, practically everyone commences at least a couple of months before the fes- tive season to prepare not only for the en- joyment of other people, but to assure their own pleasure for the short period of a day

or two.

Even at this lato dato there is a surpris- ing variety of attractive small gifts at prices i anging from about 2/11 upwards. Pocket manicure sets, to fit in the handbag, can be obtained in small coloured galalith and com- position cases for a, very small cost. Moro expensive, but intriguing, are the small ».els made like miniature sets of golf clubs in minuto golfbags. The combination nail clipper, tile, and cleaner is a useful, inex- pensive present. Among the articles of line leather and hand-tooled leather there aro to be obtained some attractive presents. The small coloured stamp cases, made like miniature note eases with stiaps, of fine morocco leather, aro sold at 3/3 each in diiferent colours. At moderate prices there is a good range of pocket notebooks, with leather cases, and shopping lists and golf scorers, while there is also an excel

lent range in leather purses. At 0/11 each me -.mail einte» called "Waricul and Jlen ilem,'' wliieli hold on one side ii set of tiny I>egs mid u little line, mid on the other »lit ¡oient colomeil darning silks and needle«. At 2/0 each, are small leather cates, with a plait of iiiendiu*- ulk and needles. There ure two dllTrrent varieties of folding coat hangci's -.nuable for travellers or holiday iiiiikciK. while nt sninll cost cun be obtained sets of cojthangers enamelled iu gay

loloiiis. Picnickers will find the sets of drinking cups in leather eases useful, und milong these lather more expensive presents arc sets of folding knives and forks in leather cuses. \ ery attractive are the «.mull brushes for hats, with soft bristles at one end and stiff at tho other, joined by n tiny band of colout ed silk, edged with rib- bon flower trimming, which are sold at 3/6 each. In powder-puffs and powder com- pacts and puffeases there is again à wide


choice. Some delightful compact boxes are covered with a line felt, and tiny de- signs of flowers in coloured {cits are ap .pliqued. The prices of these range from 3/0 each. Very pretty, too, aie puffs of swansdown decorated with a _ spray of flowers in soft colours, in primrose yel- low, buttercup gold, mauve, and other colours. These.are sold at 5/ each. Bar- bóla work adorns a number oi other small articles, such ns the miniature matchboxes for smokers, ? book ends, mirrors, powder compacts, ' ends for bookmakers.

Sweets for Children.

To help fill the children's stockings there are some delightful chocolates and sweets made up. in novel ways. Bunches of grapes, pink radishes, onions frith brown skins, and red carrots aie 2/ a bunch in large size and Gd. in the Miiall size. Crates or oranges and lemons nre 1/ each. There are tool sets for small boys at 2/0 each, smokers' outfits ranging from 1/ to 4/0 in price, and boxes of cigarettes at 2/. Chocolate telephones are 0/0, and for small (-iris there ore kitchen sets at 1/, and van-

ity sets.

Christmas Faro.

3Iost attractive in appearance aro the willow pattern bowls containing Christmas puddings, covered with blue and white cloths, which arc sold at 4/3, 5/0, and 7/6 each. Among the Christmas fare aro big 21b. jars of mincemeat sold at 3/3 each. These aie made by "old" recipes, and aro supposed to be very good. At 10/0 each are obtainable cabinets consisting of three drawers, with almonds, raisins, French prunes, figs, and ginger. Boxes of almonds and raisins-cost 5/0. - Stem ginger can be obtained in cartons at 3/ each. Crystallised cherries are 5/ a box of about 50. Pre- served ginger range« from 1/0 a lb. in price, lichee nuts are 3/0 a lb. Mixed nuts. unslielled, nre 1/0 a lb. Boxes of mixed preserved fruit range from 3/ in price.